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  1. NYrepublican

    California and Wyoming Imbalance

    Why does it being in place mean you don't have to justify it when challenged exactly?
  2. NYrepublican

    Project Israel

  3. NYrepublican

    California and Wyoming Imbalance

    I see we can not and should not ever consider changing our laws apparently, because it's "already law".
  4. NYrepublican

    Project Israel

    I'm updating Israel 1996 in light of the new features
  5. NYrepublican

    Bernie is running.

    Inflation is close to 1,000,000%. If that's not superinflation then I don't know what is.
  6. NYrepublican

    Bernie is running.

    I'd like to see @WVProgressive's evidence.
  7. NYrepublican

    Who "won" the shutdown?

    I meant to click Trump whoops.
  8. NYrepublican

    Cool Electoral Map

    Wyoming would be swamped out of a say by the Bronx alone.
  9. NYrepublican

    Interesting 538.com personality quiz

    Notice how I score the lowest on Extraversion on this forum.
  10. NYrepublican

    Interesting 538.com personality quiz

    Here's what I got Openness to experience46 out of 100 Agreeableness50 out of 100 Conscientiousness33 out of 100 Negative emotionality25 out of 100 Extraversion8 out of 100
  11. NYrepublican

    Interesting 538.com personality quiz

    What website are you using?
  12. NYrepublican

    Don't fall for Tulsi Gabbard

    It's also very possible that I was secretly the president of the US 10 years ago and that there was a conspiracy to eliminate my name from all President's lists,media etc. Seriously evidence PLEASE.
  13. NYrepublican

    It’s Official

  14. NYrepublican

    Late December Trump Poll

    Where did I say any such thing. I demand to know.
  15. NYrepublican

    No Outrage Over the Net?