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  1. Potential candidate to add for 2020 Scenario

    So, he can try.
  2. England 1640

    That being said how's the Reichstag scenario going?
  3. Israel would probably be the last mildly stable country in the region.
  4. England 1640

    @Patine I'd like to see this one.
  5. Maybe have current DNC Vice-chair Grace Meng run in 2028?
  6. That's what got me thinking of it.
  7. I wasn't meaning to respond to you, I accidentally quoted you. I was just mentioning that.
  8. Potential candidate to add for 2020 Scenario

    Rep. Tim Ryan-OH, age 44 Sen. Chris Murphy-CT, age 44 Rep. Krysten Sinema-AZ, age 41 Rep. Joe Kennedy III-MA, age 37 *Rep. Tulsi Gabbard-HI, age 36 Jason Kander-MO, age 36 (narrow loss in MO in 2016 Senate race)
  9. I remember reading an editorial in the Daily News awhile ago talking about how to repair damage already done by fossil fuels.
  10. NYC City Council poll

    All this when it was supposed to be fixing up the transit system but apparently that's more important.
  11. NYC City Council poll

    Maybe one can be If the MTA should use the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" on the trains. The MTA has banned their use under threat of firing (yes they're actually hiring people to ensure compliance) of train conductors.
  12. NYC City Council poll

    yes I might update it with more issues soemtime soon I didn't get around to doing it then.
  13. NYC City Council poll

    I chose to keep those because the mayor is a national player.
  14. NYC City Council poll

    Have you played yet?