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  1. NYrepublican

    2020 Election Poll

    I find that suggestion about as likely to change anything as getting Jerry White on more ballots in 2016 would've improved his chances of winning.
  2. NYrepublican

    2020 Election Poll

    You made the claim that your system would prevent the post-9/11 abuses that flatly isn't true.
  3. NYrepublican

    2020 Election Poll

    They would expose themself to serious danger (electorally or physically) by doing so.
  4. NYrepublican

    2020 Election Poll

    Do you seriously think that an executive council would've helped post-911?
  5. NYrepublican

    2020 Election Poll

    That's what Congress and the Judiciary is for. If that's not good enough then I doubt that a council of executives will help.
  6. NYrepublican

    2020 Election Poll

    As opposed to numerous executive offices which has been the subject of so much abuse by so many egotistical, self-aggrandizing, malign, and corrupt figures whose offices empowered them to get away with horrible things more times in history than I possibly name. I think the weight of evidence is heavily loaded against you. You're "one anecdote debate victory" attempts have NEVER worked on me. Haven't you noticed?
  7. NYrepublican

    2020 Election Poll

    It led to instability which allowed Robespierre to rise.
  8. NYrepublican

    Israel 2015

    The Israeli PM election of 1996 did work.
  9. NYrepublican

    Map making offer

    It was an offer from a few months ago I make no promises for quickly fulfilling all requests at this time.
  10. NYrepublican

    Map making offer

    on my list as well.
  11. NYrepublican

    Map making offer

    Will try to do both requests soon as well as @NYConservative's one.
  12. I may be able to.(Depends on how my schedule turns out)
  13. NYrepublican

    Dr. Ward vs Judge Kavanaugh who is telling the truth? (poll)

    Whoa. This is a massive accusation against the media where you're evidence for it?