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  1. @Patine Yes I did exagerrate a little.
  2. When have they done the same thing? Also, many of your posts indicate you have an extreme allegiance to the Progressive wing of the Democratic party.(This assumption may be incorrect but it does sound that way)
  3. He'd definitely be an amusing character at a debate.
  4. The 2008 crash was caused by the Govt. ensuring everyone's losses so no one was careful with how their money was spent. In 1929 Hebert Hoover tried to engineer a labor-business solution to fix the economy, we all know how well that turned out (more details here:Text of telegrams relating to these negotations) Scott Walker only wants to roll back "protections" that are not protections but just constitutionally dubious laws like forced union membership, ridiculous requirements to fire teachers etc. (some more details on ridiculous requirements to fire teachers here:NYPost article about ridicolus "protections" for teachers) Trickedown economics works and it worked very well in the '80's, in fact income from taxes actually increased during the '80's (NYtimes who paid the most in taxes in the '80's). Unemployment also decreased under Reagan (Pew Research study into unemployment under Reagan) Can you give an example of this please? ... And he conviently ignores countries that have capital punishment applied for various crimes and who's crime rate for those crimes is lower than the U.S like Japan.
  5. @Patine Details please. Like what parts of the Republican message do you believe to be "short-term, highly-flawed, short-sighted, regurgitating old talking points many younger voters don't know personally don't work and are grave mistakes, is a desperate reactionary last gasp of death throe of many old social ideas"
  6. I'd consider it.
  7. LOL He lost Massachusetts
  8. It's nice to know that my generation is a natural Republican constituency http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/07/the-post-millennial-generation-should-worry-democrats/
  9. What happened to this
  10. If Mickey Mouse was mayor the crime rate would still have dropped it had nothing to do with De Blasio
  11. @lolandrewlmao I am
  12. @Patine Michelle is quite personable much more so than Secretary Clinton
  13. @vcczar There is a chance that Cuomo may run especially if he doesn't seek a third term If De Blasio goes back on his campaign promise to serve out his full term he may run.
  14. When can we expect incumbency feautres? @admin_270