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  1. Gov. Parish's Announcement At a rally in New Hampshire, "As I am watching the election cycle unfold, I have come to realize that the two party system in America has poisoned democracy. Both sides have polarized voters to the point where party lines are more important than governing. The time has come for a third party to help balance out the other two the same way the three branches of government balance each other. I have decided to drop out of the race for the Republican Party's nomination and to switch to the Linertarian ticket. Conservatism, Liberalism, they both have their merits. But at the end of the day, government's purpose is to serve the people, not obstruct their lives with large interference. George Washington warned against the influence of political parties, and in an ideal world, they wouldn't be necessary. But in the global-industrial reality of today, they are a necessary evil. A fresh perspective is needed in warshington. As you consider who you vote for this election year, consider this: are you comfortable with the same two parties doing the same thing for the next four years, or do you want real change of leadership. Vote libertarian this year. Vote Parish 2016." After the speech there was murmuring among the crowd, and the governor stayed behind taking questions and speaking with local constituents about his ideals and his political platform.
  2. Facebook post made by the governor: This holiday season, many families nationwide are feeling the economic effects of the last 8 years. The slow growth can no longer be tolerated. A return to bipartisanship is needed. Political squabbling is fine and good, but when the lives of the American people are at stake, political gridlock only harms our constituents. A vote for me is a vote for the Rebith Republicanism. #Parish2016
  3. Gov. Parish's Speech in CA Arriving in Palo Alto, CA, Gov. Timothy Parish gave a speech at his Alma Mater, Stanford University, to local citizens and college students alike. "The astronomically high costs of college in our country make getting a higher education harder now than ever. As such, I believe we should lower the interest rates we charge for student loans to be 1% above the inflation rate of the American dollar. This would enable the next generation to pursue higher education and better themselves without forcing them to empty their wallets to do so." Those students among the crowd seemed relatively pleased with the governor's commitment to higher education. "As president, one of my main focuses would be on the education system as a whole. Common Core has been a failure in many states, and politics have been wreaking havoc on the development young minds everywhere. The epidemic of standardized testing has forced teachers to spend less time teaching information and more time test-prepping their students with a barrage of any and every testing technique known to man." After meeting with individual students following his speech, Gov. Parish spoke with individuals at a local diner where he expressed concern for balancing the budget, and for the future loss of jobs due to advances in robotics allowing for less and less positions needing to be filled by humans. He spoke of a grand workers plan, where people on welfare would contribute some form of work for the government - whether it's working on crumbling infrastructure or cleaning up highways, and anything in between. Doing this would benefit those on welfare, as they have a renewed sense of moral after being repeatedly told they're not good enough for the workforce, as well as provide them some experience and a better use for their time than sitting at home without work. "Such an action would allow us to repair our nation's cracks - the highways and schools and buildings - for mostly the same cost as welfare. The workers would be those economically disadvantaged, and this influx of money could jumpstart their consumption of products. Doing this would help save money and balance the budget. Welfare and other programs can be merged so that we can pay for two services with one check. Everyone - even those on welfare who are disabled - can be given SOME work to do, no matter how menial or mundane it seems to the average American." After concluding day 2 of his campaign, Parish took to social media. "Thanks to all who came and spoke with me. Everyday Americans deserve to meet who they elect, no matter where they live. My campaign platform is simple: Liberty, the economy, democracy." "Next stop: New Hampshire. #Parish2016"
  4. Timothy Parish's Presidential Bid A late arrival in the Republican Primary, Gov. Timothy Parish of Utah decided to put up his bid for the presidency today. Speaking on the steps of the State Legislature, Parish announced his campaign amidst a crowd of fans. A local favorite of Utah and the surrounding states, his name carries a lot of weight among several demographics in the American West. "The United States as of late has become a nation more closely resembling Rome in the days of Julius Caesar than the greatest nation to ever grace the earth. The same nation that won two world wars, was and is a beacon of liberty, and became the most powerful military and economic superpower ever known to man has become corrupt and politically divided to an unhealthy extent. While our leaders once were filled with integrity, honor, and diligence. Today our politicians lack these qualities on a scale as unseen since the gilded age of the late 1800s. Now, more than ever, our public servants need to be reminded of their job description: officials appointed of, by, and FOR the people. The American people are upstanding, hardworking, and intelligent. We owe it to them to get our act together, and be the politicians they deserve. As of today, I am running for the office of the President of the United States. If you the people give me the privilege, I swear to make America of, by, and for the people again now and forever!" Following the speech, his first stop was a political rally in Las Vegas Nevada, where he spoke with local politicians - notably Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nevada) - about the importance of a flat tax and repealing the Patriot act, in addition to reigning in the collection of data from American citizens, which Parish described as an infringement by the government on citizens' rights to privacy. His use of the internet and social media in his campaign, seems to target younger audiences, as older demographics seem favorable to him if his record in Utah - the conservative state and home of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormonism) - is to be an indication. At the end of the rally, he announces his upcoming tour plans. Next on the list is a stop in California, then it's off to Iowa and New Hampshire. Either way, the unexpected introduction of a new candidate into an already competitive race is sure to shake up the political dynamic even more.
  5. Name: Timothy Parish Age: 52 Party: Republican Home State: Utah Ethnicity: White Previous position(s): Salt Lake City District Attorney (1990-94) Salt Lake City Mayor (1994-98) Utah Senator (1998-2004) Utah Governor (2004-present) Claims to fame/description: Born and raised in Utah, Timothy parish went to Stanford university for his undergraduate education, and would go on to graduate from Columbia Law school. After college, he returned to his home state and worked as a lawyer from 1998-1990, when he won the office for the district attorney. His campaign centered around his accomplishments as a criminal prosecutor, notably his breakthrough case wherein he successfully convicted the leaders of the biggest crime syndicate west of the Mississippi for their actions - ranging from the case instigating assassination of the lieutenant-governor of Utah, to criminal actions at casinos, to drug and human trafficking, to bribery. As district attorney, he won a reputation for his incorruptibility and moral upstanding. When he ran for mayor, he was an easy choice for the locals, and ever since he's been the prodigal son of Utah. Now, in 2016, he's decided to throw his hat into the ring, despite the election being crowded with many strong candidates. Some key political point of his platform include: -Abortion: should only be allowed within the first trimester, or in instances wherein the birth stands to harm the mother -NSA/Patriot act, etc.: the government serves the people, and as such their illegal spying on the American people should be stopped unless warrants have been signed by a judge for a specific instance of suspected criminal activity/terrorism -Taxes: equal taxation for ALL. One flat tax rate, no matter the income level. Some tax breaks can be kept, as in for people under 30K being completely exempt from taxation, but otherwise the flat rate is 9.5% businessea who produce in America and start new factories here will receive a 50% tax cut for 10 years of they majority of their products are made in America - the specific "majority" being so defined as 66% of a given company's goods or components of goods being made in the United States. -Foreign policy: Russia's actions of expansion are not to be tolerated, but the key is diplomacy. Putin is only acting out of desperation, and if a deal is made he can be brought to heel. China is a powerful trading partner, and but we need to work together to accomplish our goals safely, as opposed to the current model of Chinese politics. Cultivating our relationship with Southeast Asia and India are especially important, and helping their economies and governments develop will help them grow into powerful allies as developed nations. 2nd and 3rd world countries need help developing properly, and often are still dealing with the ramifications of poorly executed decolonization. And country wanting aid is welcome in a new program of government assistance to other nations. Improving their nations and polulace's quality of live will make new economic possibilities available to the US. -Terrorism: radical Islamic terrorism is a threat to liberties worldwide, and must be stopped properly this time as opposed to the previous war on terror's methods. Arm the locals to fight back, increase action from military advisors, Spec. Ops., and strategic bombing. Use coalition diplomacy to get local nations to fight for themselves. When the war on terror is completed, the local ethnic groups will gather and determine the new country borders in a political conference hosted by the United States, involving all local tribes of the Middle East, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other stable countries in the region. -2nd Amendment Rights: Gun ownsership is fundamentally protected by the Bill of Rights, but convicted felons should not be allowed to purchase one. In addition, gun shows should not be allowed to continue to sell guns without background checks. A greater degree of psychological evaluation may be necessary to prevent shootings from continuing.
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