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  2. Sorry for the break. Starting in the First week of November. I dropped the ball.
  3. I hope not. I really like Jimmy.
  4. I want one, so I'll keep looking.
  5. Reform polls (National) Donald: 31.7 Powell: 27 Ross: 25.8 Pat: 15.5
  6. SNL Debate Special Featuring: Allen Genericson as the Moderator: *Walks in with Boxing Gloves on* "Who wants some" Donald Trump "I really don't like debates, so I'm going to have a press conference instead" Colin *Dressed as teacher* I don't Like your tone, Donald" and Ross Perot *Breaths in* *Tape fast foward effect comes on until nightfall, at which point everyone but a bleary eyed moderator is asleep "Thank You" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mod: Time to start out with rough questions about genocide and Vietnam! Who wants one? *Donald Raises hand* *Debate tape* What would each of you do in the case of war crimes being committed by US soldiers in similar cases to some that happened in Vietnam. Would you qualify them as being worthy of respect, or throw the book at them? *Crickets chirp as each candidate looks at one another* Colin: While I respect our boys in uniform, I don't support Genocide Donald suddenly shakes himself awake "Oh, uh, well I DO!" Mod: Do you even know what you just said? Donald: I totally do, believe me, I know the meaning of everything I say, believe me. Mod: So, can you clarify it for me, because I just heard you say that you support genocide. Donald: Ya know, I really didn't practice for this, but I'd be the best president, believe me, the best. Mod: I really don't, but okay. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ross, Colin, and Donald are in a fist fight. Mod: *shouting* ARE YOU SURE THIS IS A GOOD IDEA, SOMEONE COULD GET HURT. Ross, Colin: Sorry, just trying to debate. Donald: *shouting* IT IS A GREAT IDEA. Mod: Presidents don't act like this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mod: ..On a better topic: Balance budget. Donald: There is no balanced budget. Mod: what. Donald: You leaders are lying to you: Mod: You know I did the math right, it adds up. Donald: No it doesn't, believe me, these folks will do anything to keep power. Mod: Like balancing the budget? Donald: Yes. Mod: Well, there we are. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actual tape of Donald walking out, and swearing at the Moderator. A random guy walks across the screen. "We at SNL couldn't top the real thing. Just watch it. Holy S*$T
  7. Hello I am your Host, Allen Genericson, lets get this underway, shall we. DT: We shall, thank you for having us, and especially, me, here tonight at this debate. Colin Thank you, Allen. Glad to be here. Mod: Before we start, I'll go ahead and try to give your opening statements some sort of steering. This is the first third party primary debate to be televised live, nearly forty years after the first major party debates. How does that make you feel. Colin: Hello Allen, thank you for hosting this debate on such short notice, and I'd like to extend my thanks to Mr. Perot and Mr. Trump for attending. This is an important event in our country's history. We have a greater chance than ever of making it into the general election debates and winning states. But my candidacy isn't about that. I'm not running to get us 5%. I'm not even running to get us 15%, or to get into the debates. I'm not running to send the election to the House. I am running to be President of the United States of America, and after 35 years serving my country, I am ready to be Commander-in-Chief on day one. That's what my candidacy is about. Thank you. Ross: Thank you Allen for hosting this debate for the Reform Party. I would also like to thank Mr. Powell and Mr. Trump for showing up. Like I have been saying for years now, it is important for the people to hear the opinions of all those who are running. Only then can a truly informed decision be made. In 1992, I received the privilege of participating in the general election debate. In 1992 and 1996, I received more than 5% of the vote, and I wish to build off of those performances. Now, there is an open election. There isn’t an opponent that is a popular President. This is a great chance to expand the vote of the third parties. Because of this, I am working towards a people’s coalition which will unify the third party voices in an attempt to take down the 2 party system. It feels great to be doing this debate because it is essential to taking down the 2 party system. This debate will help give this campaign traction. My campaign is about bringing the people’s voice back to Washington. It is about ending the corruption and making sure that the government is of the people, by the people, and for the people once more. Donald: Thank you Allen for hosting this, honestly, thank you. This debate, is going to have the biggest ratings of all because of me, believe me. I'd also like to thank Mr. Powell, and three-timer Perot for being here as well, but I hate to say it, I honestly do, but, oh well, they're not going to win. They are too weak and inexperienced for this type of position, believe me. I've been a big and successful, very successful, businessman, and I can turn this whole mess around. We're going into debt, our country is in a crisis, we need change, and I am that terrific, wonderful change that we need, honestly. It's a privilege to be here tonight, honestly it is, and I'm glad that the 3rd Party candidates are actually getting airtime on national Television. I am not running to get to a certain percentages, I'm running to become President. Geezer Collin and three-timer Perot, they've had their shot, and they couldn't do anything, believe me, honestly it's awful we have people like these running for the Presidency. Ross: Before we move on I would like to say something about Mr. Trump's language. Collin Powell deserves our respect. He has served this country well during his time in the armed forces. Those who fight for our country deserve the respect of those who enjoy the freedoms of this great country because of the sacrifice made by members of the military. Donald: *mumbles under breath* Yeah..yeah... go on with that bullshit. Colin: Thank you Mr. Perot. Let's keep this civil. Mod: Mr. Trump, please remember that you have a microphone, so we can hear those little comments. Moving on along those lines, What would each of you do in the case of war crimes being committed by US soldiers in similar cases to some that happened in Vietnam. Would you qualify them as being worthy of respect, or throw the book at them? Colin: From my years in the military, I know that no one who commits war crimes is someone I can call worthy of respect. No matter whose side they belong to and which country they call their own - an American soldier that commits such atrocities no longer deserves the honor of being considered an American soldier. Donald: Our wonderful soldiers, who fight daily for our freedom, must be respected and honored no matter what they do, honestly. Anybody that has the views of my weak opponent Powell, is not, but any means, qualified for the Presidency. In order to be president, you must, really honestly, respect the military, believe me. Mod: That is an answer sure to raise eyebrows, Mr. Trump, so you would even respect a soldier after killing of civilians, defensless women and children? Donald: If it helps our war effort, I do. Colin: I cannot condone war crimes such as killing of innocent civilians. Nothing is gained for any side out of such a horrible act. Mod: Very well, i suppose it isn't my right to judge you, Mr. Trump. Sorry not to give Mr. Perot a chance to respond, but Time presses me to move on. Now both of you, Mr. trump and Mr. Perot, are independently wealthy, what kind of fundraising efforts are you going to undertake to overcome the gap between your wealth and the two major parties? Ross: I agree with Collin on this point. There are cases where soldiers open fire on civilians. That is obviously wrong. But, incidents must be properly investigated. We cannot jump to conclusions. There are casualties of war that cannot be avoided. During World War Two, there were cases where civilians were caught between the fighting. While a horrible tragedy, there was nothing that could have been done. But, if we target innocent civilians without mercy, then what is the different between us and our enemies. Also, isn't ironic that Mr. Trump claims to respect the military but insults Collin Powell, and American hero? We cannot trust him with this party's nomination. Mod: Ok Ross, thank you for answering the previous question, now please answer the current one. Ross: I am committed to putting my own money into the race in order to advance the coalition that I am building. But, I will also rely on grassroots donations from the people. I won't take any money from foreign entities like mainstream politicians do. Instead, I will be financed by the people who I will represent. This way, I will be accountable to the people who will elect me. This is the only way to bring the government back under the people's control. Mod: Foreign entities? That amounts to treason, and is very much illegal. If you have a case to make please do so. Law enforcement would very much thank you. Donald: Well, I plan to invest over 200 million dollars of my wealth into my campaign. Along with that, I will only accept money from the people of the United States. I will not accept money from lobbyists and the Washington Insiders. On the other topic, someone said that I do not deserve to get the nomination of this party. Let me assure you, I will go independent if I lose the nomination. Mod: Mr. Trump that is a rather bold statement. What do you intend to do if you win the nomination. Where is your platform, as it stands? Donald: I intend to run a great, and believe me, a tremendous campaign. A movement that nobody has ever seen before, we, and I will, and believe me when I say it, win the Presidency. My Presidency will be about and only about the people of our land. I can do something that three-timer Perot can't do, and that is win the election. Mod: *Dumbs down the question* That is lovely, but should you win the presidency, what do you intend on doing? Donald: I will make America Great Again. We will slash regulations, lower taxes, and in all, ensure more Freedom for our citizens. I will also withdraw us from the worst deal I've ever seen, the pathetic NAFTA agreement. We need to pull out of it. Mod: Do you have any particular regulations or taxes in mind, or just across the board? Donald: Across the board slashing of taxes and regulations. Mod: Very well, Colin, Ross, any comments on this? Ross: I agree that taxes and regulations must be cut in order to keep American businesses competitive. The corporate tax rate is the main one that needs to be targeted. We also need to make sure that we don't build up a huge deficit again. My 1992 campaign had a huge impact on how politicians looked at the deficit. It generated momentum behind balancing it. We cannot afford to go backwards in this aspect. Moving on to a threat made by my opponent Mr. Trump. Donald threatening an independent shows that he will do anything to get elected. That is what Washington insiders do. Mod: So you're accusing Mr. Trump of being an insider? Colin: (Completely unaware of Ross and Donald's bickering) We should focus our tax cuts on the middle class, who have a burden far higher than those who are much more fortunate than them. We must be careful to pay off our debt before investing heavily in expensive projects that might not offer a return on investment. Fiscal responsibility is a necessity. Mod: Alright. Moving on to an issue that has divided us long before Roe vs. Wade 28 years ago, where do each of you stand on abortion. Starting with you, Colin. Colin: I am pro choice. Women, and all people, have the right to do what they want with their bodies. It is their choice. If they do not want an abortion they do not have to get one, and the federal government should not be telling them what they can and cannot do to their own bodies. Mod: Many would say that the fetus is a life of it's own and therefore needs to have it's own rights. How would you react to that, Colin? Colin: Abortion is not something I endorse. But why should the government force mothers into a birth they do not want or cannot support? My wife would never want an abortion. But the people who do know exactly what they are doing. The government has no right to interfere in this matter. Donald: I say that it should be overturned, as abortion is a really awful thing when you think about it. Especially partial-birth abortions, they are awful, and ugly acts against God. Secondly, I am only running for the interests of the American people. If I feel that this primary was rigged or cheated against me, I will run as an independent for the American citizens to get someone they deserve to be president. The only reason your running is because you have nothing better to do, so please Mr. Perot, shut up about me being an apparent 'insider.' Because I am not one, before this campaign, I was not involved in politics. Mod: Moving on. Mr. Trump, over the years the US has run up some mighty debts, and right now we are finally able to repay some. Under your "Cut taxes" doctrine, we would once again start to run up debt. You're a businessman, so you know the effect that debt can have. Why, with the economy ticking smoothly, would you favor a large tax cut? Donald: Well, we will remove wasteful spending, while cutting taxes. There are millions of people suffering from these taxes, we change change, we need it now, we will lower the amount of spending and lower taxes. Mod: Moving on. What are your takes on the War happening in Yugoslavia right now? Donald: It is an awful thing, and honestly, this is an unneeded war, and an unneeded waste of money. Mod: You do realize that there has been evidence of genocide of Albanians in Kosovo, and that NATO as a force has decided to end it, correct? Colin: The atrocities committed in the war are inexcusable and as the leading force of the world it is imperative we end this blatant genocide. The UN peacekeeping force was ineffective, and while NATO finally mostly put an end to it, it took far too long. While I support the idea of the UN, it is currently unable to do its job to keep peace and prevent further genocides like this from occurring. Now is not the time to be frugal when it comes to saving the world from the hell of genocide - the UN needs additional resources to ensure that things like this never happen again. Donald: What I'm saying is, due to our awful leaders, the whole war turned into a awful chaotic place. Meaning that we took too long to put an end to it. Ross: Like I have previously stated, we should have developed a plan before committing to military force. Look what happened in Vietnam. The US committed troops before we knew what we were up against. As a result, we got caught in a long, drawn-out, and unpopular war. It divided this nation in ways not seen since the Civil War. Going in without a plan caused the action in Yugoslavia to take way too much time. This meant more money used and more casualties. Now, Collin has proposed giving the UN more funding, but that is not a good idea. They have been very inefficient with that money, and the US hasn't lived up to its contributions that are already on the table. Instead, the US should use that aid directly. Eastern European countries need the US's help in rebuilding from the Soviet years that still scar those nations. The US would be a lot more efficient with that aid than the UN. Colin: Of course we should have developed a plan. I agree the UN must be more efficient with its money, but to say that we must go it alone is ridiculous. We need a multi-nation coalition to properly handle these things. As a single country, we can't put enough pressure and sanctions upon the regime there. But with many countries working together there would be a more significant impact. The UN peacekeeping force was ineffective not because too many countries participated, but because too few did. Mod: Now recently we have seen Republicans breaking the "Reagan Rule" and going after other Republicans. Should the Reform party have a similar rule, after all, it is so small that infighting could kill it. Donald: No, we should not, and believe me when I say it, but I am running to serve our country, and I feel this party best suits me. While this party is good and all, we shouldn't, and believe me, shouldn't resort to bullshit political correct arguments against each other. I'll say it how it is, and you'll just have to deal with it. (was he going after the Moderator?) Colin: I think these debates are necessary to have. While I avoid personally attacking anyone, no one is immune to criticism. It's our right as Americans to say that someone has a bad idea and tell them why. While some other candidates are more... vociferous with their criticism, the right to speech and discussion is one that millions have put their lives on the line to protect. And in an ideal party and country it will not be abridged. Donald: Also, believe me, my tremendous numbers in Iowa show that I am actually, in fact, doing a very very very good thing with my campaign style against my weak and informable opponents. Colin: That's the nicest thing you've said about me today, Mr. Trump. Thank you. Mod: So you keep mentioning how your opponents are weak. What makes you say that? Donald: Because they are too afraid to do change, they are the typical politician, weak. They are too weak to tell people the truth, too weak to lead, and honestly, too weak to say it how it is. Mod: You say this about the men who are well known for unpleasant truths. Donald: They don't tell the truth at all, believe me. They are weak pathetic liars who try to benefit themselves at the expense of other people. These are weak people, only weak people do this type of thing. Colin: Mr. Trump, I've devoted my life to my country, selflessly to protect the lives and freedom of hundreds of millions of Americans. If that is weakness to you, then so be it. Mod: Can you give me a single example of this? Saying believe me doesn't cut it in the big leagues, and you want to punch with the heavyweights. Donald: Look, it isn't your place to get into the debate, Allen. And Collin, you used to be someone I admired, and now you aren't. You used to care deeply about our country and our military, and now you mock it. Many people have been saying that, by the way. Mod: Mr. Trump, I am the moderator, and I am asking for just one example of lying to prove you're the right man for the job. Donald: Sir, you were trying to step into the debate, and I am quite angry about that, believe me. Mod: I am the moderator. It is my JOB to step into the debate. If you don't like this, then maybe politics isn't for you. You are going after me instead of answering a simple request for a man like you. One example. Donald: He's such a big liar, believe me, okay? One minute he says he supports the military, the next, he stated that our great military committed war crimes in Vietnam, and anybody who fights in wars like that should not be respected. He's a total lightweight, a liar. Mod: He never said that anybody who fights in wars like that shouldn't be respected. He said that anyone who murders defenseless women and children shouldn't be respected, though there is room to interpret that. Any responses from the other participants? Donald: The way, in which my highly educated self interpreted it, he was attempting to, believe me, insult our troops. Mod: I don't believe you, but I'll allow both of you to clarify your answers to the previous question. Colin: I never insulted our troops. I simply stated war crimes are war crimes no matter who commits them. Why do you intentionally misrepresent my statements? Donald: *leans into mic* Wrong. Mod: Mr. Trump, what was your response to the question? Donald: Repeat the question, please. Moderator: Would you respect an American soldier who committed war crimes, such as killing civilians, or surrendering enemies. Donald: Well, uhm, I would respect them only, and if ONLY, they were following orders from their Captain. Otherwise, no, I wouldn't. Mod: So you are okay with officers ordering the slaughter of civilians? Donald: It honestly depends on the situation, you know, personally, I'd hate for women and children to be killed. If it was an honest mistake, a lapse in judgement, or an order, uhm, that came from confusion, while I condemn it, we shouldn't punish them. Mod: So you talk about the others saying things that contradict, then you say that you condemn slaughter, but that it should go unpunished. Please god clarify this. Donald: Accidental slaughter, should go unpunished, a rouge troop, or slaughter of civilians on purpose should be punished. But believe me, while it's awful, accidents happen, but not all the time they are incidents. Mod: So accident forgiveness is what you are advocating? Donald: Yes, that is what I'm advocating. Colin: Mr. Trump, the rules of accident forgiveness belong in insurance companies and school playgrounds. Not when we're dealing with war crimes. Mod: Mr. Trump, another question for you, this one a bit more open ended. What do you think of the current situation where we have a balanced budget? Donald: *mumbles under breath* Fuckin' dumbass, go along and charge innocent men. Mod: Mr. Trump, please at least try to stay on the current question. Donald: Well, to be honest, the whole balanced budget deal is a huge lie, in fact, believe it folks, we are in a deficit. Our leaders are lying to us about this so called 'balanced budget' in fact, I have the numbers, and we currently are running a 104 billion dollar deficit each year, that is not a balanced budget, believe me. Mod: Bipartisan lying is a big claim Mr. Trump, seeing as the math seems to all add up. Donald: Look, the two parties work together to ensure that the two party system stays. They'll do anything to keep power. Mod: Anything. Like actually balancing a budget? Donald: Yes. Mod: So you just said that to keep power, our leaders might actually *fake gasp* run the country properly? Donald: They keep the illusion of doing it, when in fact, all our government is, is infact, and believe me, all our government is, is a government ran by backroom deals to ensure they keep their position in Government. Mod: Okay. But why? You sound, no offense, like a man that wears a tinfoil hat. Donald: You know what, fuck this, fuck you, Allen. I'll go to the people, not to the elites on this stage to talk about my policies. Thank you, god bless you all, good bye. *starts to walk away from podium* Mod: *Before Donald gets to the exit* If you can't answer simple questions from a moderator, how will you answer tough questions from our enemies, Donald? Ross: If we are done with giving Mr. Trump a one on one press conference during this debate, I would like to answer the question about the Reagan-rule. Criticizing a bad point made by someone in your party or outside your party should always be allowed and encouraged. This is the only way that the people can hear true conflicting opinions. If people running for office are afraid of attacking a bad opinion, then it just allows the 2 party establishment to further entrench itself in the political system. This is what the 2 party system wants. If there is no vocal decent within the parties, then it strengthens those who wish to keep the current corrupt 2 party system in place. I have criticized both Collin Powell and Donald Trump for positions and comments made by them. I have criticized people from both parties for the same reasons. I will continue to criticize opinions and comments that I believe are wrong for the country regardless of party. Debate is needed to make sure the public knows each candidate’s opinions. This allows them to make a proper decision when voting. This is why we are having a debate right now. Donald: *walks back into the stage in a seemingly happier mood* I'm back, for real, believe me. Colin: Have you had a change of heart, Mr. Trump? Donald: No, geezer Collin, haha, believe me, I wanted to finish this debate, so let us continue. Mod: Thank you for that, Ross,Welcome back, Donald, care to continue? Donald: Of course. Mod: Alright, we've reached the point where I will allow each of you to ask the others questions. Whoever cares to do that, go nuts. Donald: Three-timer Perot, you obviously aren't able to win a General election, believe me. So what don't you just drop out? Ross: Building up a coalition that can take on the 2 party system takes time. Over the last 2 elections, I have built up a solid base of support. This base has become the Reform Party. We helped Gov. Ventura in Minnesota get elected. We have started making progress cracking the 2 party shell. This election, I am seeking to expand this base of support by getting more third parties on board. If I drop out of the race, then I am abandoning the people who I promised to represent. That would be a betrayal. Also, my experience in elections against the 2 party machine will be an advantage. I have gone up in debates against the 2 party candidates. Many people have shown confidence in my leadership over the past 2 years. And, if I can assemble the coalition of parties, that number will grow. In fact, we would be in a position to win electoral votes. Votes needed to win the Presidential race. But, that won’t be possible with you, Donald. You would destroy the progress that has been made in the last 2 elections. Donald: *leans into mic* Wrong. Look, last election you got 6%, and believe me, that is not higher than 19%. Three-timer, step down now, okay? You're weak, you're polls are low, and you can't win. Trust me folks, he can't win. Colin: If I may interject briefly here, they both have a point. We can't keep running the same people over and over and expect different results. And we shouldn't pick someone who cannot win. I have the experience and record needed to stand up to the two major parties and win the election on November 7. That's why I'm running. Thank you. Mod: Time to end this. Closing statements? Ross: First off, it was 8.4% not 6%. This showed that almost 9% of the electorate has solidified their support behind a Ross Perot candidacy. In that election, I was up against an incumbent who, according to opinion polls, was very popular and unbeatable. But, I still ran a solid campaign because I wished to give the people who were fed up with the 2 party system a voice. Now, there is no incumbent. This means that the race is wide open. This wide open race opens up a lot of potential voters that can be picked up by the people’s coalition. But, we need a candidate that can win. Donald Trump would lead to a reduced vote total and would fail to pick up those voters that are up in the air right now. He has already made insulting comments to Collin Powell, an American hero, and has supported crimes against humanity if it helps out militarily. This is not someone that we can afford to have leading this great country. This is not someone who we can afford to have as the candidate for the people’s coalition. Donald: Thank you all, including my opponents for this nice and fair debate. Through some rough times in the debate, I've shown that I am able to endure the political landscape. I am able to lead our country, and I am able to lead it efficiently, you've seen it through what I've presented throughout the debate. Through the lies Collin Powell, and three-timer Perot has said, I've endured, and I've proved them wrong. Times are rough in America, but we'll get through it, if you elect me as President, and if you choose me for your nominee. I can win multiple states, bring new faces to the Reform party, unlike Ross Perot. Thank you, and I hope you choose me to be your nominee! Ross: First, I want to thank the viewers and the candidates for participating in this debate. I hope to do this against. We have seen the candidates give their 2 cents on some of the keys issues before us in this election. Now, my opponents claim that I shouldn’t run against because I did not win in 2 other elections. But, they do not know the difficulties of running a campaign against the 2 party machine. Donald Trump is not qualified to be President based on some of the comments he has made today. Collin Powell, whom I respect for his service to this country, doesn’t have the experience to compete in a general election against the system. When you are submitting your vote, remember the success that I have already had in chipping away at the 2 party system. Remember how I was the first 3rd party candidate to participate in a 3 way debate. Remember how I am working to unify the people who are fed up with the corruption of the 2 party system. And, remember how this coalition that I am building will work to bring back a government of the people, by the people, and for the people once more. Colin: I'd like to thank the viewers, Allen for hosting this debate, and the candidates for showing up on such short notice. This debate was an important one to have, as the first ever nationally televised third party debate in American history. I've fought in the battlefields of Vietnam, Desert Storm and the Persian Gulf War. I've served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under two Presidents. But now I'm fighting in a different battlefield entirely: the political battleground to become President of the United States. And we will once again have a President that the country can be proud of. Thank you.
  8. I managed to with as the Republicans in 1960. I like to try and pull off upsets.
  9. Polling. IA Schlalallal leads all competition overwhelmingly, with 56% of the vote. the nearest candidate there is Dan Quayle, with about 23% Dennis has about 36%, Gore has about 30, and Richards has 22%. Carter falls below the threshold in NH, both Shlafly and Stassen pull negligable amounts of the vote. Quayle leads gingrich Dennis pushes ahead to 40%, while Gore and Richards both pull 24%, while Carter collects the rest.
  10. Sorry for being away for a few days. Work flared up. It is now Sep 30
  11. Okay then. back to RPing
  12. Okay, that earned you half of his brownie points.
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