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  1. Religious Protection Laws/ LGBT anti-discrimination Laws

    If a business refuses you to buy their product or offer their service why would you force them to do that? I mean, I am a homosexual as well, but if ever a business refuses to do so I would respect their decision and right to do so. Why not find a business who's willing to sell and offer their service?
  2. Politicians you've met

    I have mixed opinion on duterte. His progressive stances appeal to me . Like his stance on homosexuals, though he was and still is crticized for his inflammatory speeches on homosexuality, he believes in civil union for us which may rven be considered radical here in my country. Though I have mixed opinion on his war on drugs, lately the police have been abusing power more than they did before duterte. That doesn't personally affect me nor would I care if that were to affect them, but the image that presents in the international community is what worries me. He may come off as a 'rude' and 'brash' person based on what you see in the news but when I met him he was very kind and down to earth. Duterte is a real progressive, he once said "I may not agree with what you say, but I'm willing to die to defend your right to say that" I suggest you read about what he did during his state of the nation, about what he did to the protestors and the way he did it.
  3. Politicians you've met

    I've met the president of the phillipines during a rally last year (election campaign)
  4. Personal 2020 Election Play by Play

    The conservative and anti-clinton votes must have been split.
  5. How Impeachment Really Works

    Thought this might interest you.
  6. An Electoral History (1812-present)

    Monroe: 34.6 % 161 Electoral Votes Jackson: 41.2 % 54 Electoral Votes Crawford: 24.2 % 46 Electoral Votes
  7. An Electoral History (1812-present)

    Election of 1824 This election saw the downfall of the Federalist Party. The Democratic-Republican has been divided into three factions and are running three candidates in the general election. With Tompkins refusing to run for a second term, his Vice President James Monroe Has Decided to run and has managed to somehow convince the anti-tompkins Speaker of The House to be his VP. Andrew Jackson, A General from Tennessee has been tapped to run and has decided to do so, choosing Senator Martin Van Buren to be his VP. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams has decided to sit out this election. And so Secretary of Treasury William Crawford has decided to run with Adams declining. He Chose Former Senator William Crawford. Vice President James Monroe. Gen. Andrew Jackson Sec. William Crawford
  8. An Electoral History (1812-present)

    Tompkins: 64.7 % 162 Electoral Votes Marshall: 32.4 % 70 Electoral Votes Clinton: 2.9 % 0 Electoral Votes
  9. An Electoral History (1812-present)

    Election of 1820: Vice President Daniel Tompkins ran and won, though he faced a token opposition from Secretary of State James Monroe who he chose to be his VP Eventually. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall is running in order to save his failing party. While once again DeWitt Clinton is running for president. Democrat-Republican: Vice President Daniel Tompkins. Secretary of State James Monroe Federalist: Chief Justice John Marshall/Amb. Richard Rush Independent: Gov. DeWitt Clinton/Amos Ellmaker
  10. An Electoral History (1812-present)

    Madison: 63.5 % 154 EV Webster: 25.1 % 34 EV Clinton: 11.4 % 29 EV
  11. An Electoral History (1812-present)

    Election of 1816 President James Madison, seeing the weakness of the opposition Federalist Party Decided to run for a third term and was renominated without problem. Daniel Tompkins, Governor of New York Ascended to the Vice Presidency after Elbridge Gerry's Death. A First Term Representative from Massachussets lead the effort to maintain his Party's Figure as a national Party. He Fails miserably for He and His Party is only strong in New England. Mayor DeWitt Clinton is running again. Clinton Choose a Judge and an influential Politician from Pennsylvania. Republican: President James Madison/Vice President Daniel Tompkins Federalist: Rep, Daniel Webster/ Former Sen. John Eager Howard Independent: Mayor DeWitt Clinton/ Amos Ellmaker
  12. An Electoral History (1812-present)

    Some election dont make total sense, and most of these cases I'm unaware. Whenever something Impossible,unfathomable or idiotic happens kindly inform me
  13. An Electoral History (1812-present)

    Tell me, should I use this (Mapchart) template or use the Interactive 270towin Electoral College map?
  14. An Electoral History (1812-present)

    Election of 1812 Democrat-Republican: Pres.James Madison (Choosen by Congress) Vice President Daniel Tompkins (Choosen by Senate) 39.2 % 100 Electoral Votes (109 needed) Federalist: Amb. Rufus King Rep. Daniel Webster 25.2 % 29 Electoral Votes Independent: Mayor DeWitt Clinton Judge Amos Ellmaker 35.6 % 88 Electoral Votes
  15. Samuel Adams' America

    Thank you