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  1. God I hate Twitter Liberals who swoon over ads like these. Yeah it's effective, but it's from a right wing angle. And Reagan is Responsible for the AIDS Epidemic being worse than it had to be.
  2. The WHO is appropriately dubbed CHO, China Health Organization.
  3. I misgendered the Jo Jogersen woman. I apologize.
  4. This!! My country is directly affected by Reagan. He supported a Dictator in my country, which led to many deaths and Human Rights Abuses. Reagan's Support also meant more Corruption in my country. And arguably, his support of the Dictatorship had opposite effects. Communist Party members and New People's Army increased in numbers. Due to this, we still have a strong Communist insurgency. FUCK REAGAN. FUCK CONSERVATIVES.
  5. My answers will be long to provide context. Sorry for my English btw. I hope you read this. 1. This question is hard to answer because almost all Presidents in my lifetime has been mired in Controversy. Admittedly, you know close to nothing about my Country. But I'll have to pick the Liberal Party Nominee and 15th President Benigno Aquino. Yes, his cabinet was severely inadequate during the Super typhoon, during the Zamboanga Siege and the SAF44 ambush. But I attribute it to his Elitism (being son of a President and a Senator). His elitism led him to appoint a fellow son of a President and an Elite for the Interior Department, which ultimately led to the lackluster response to the aforementioned disasters. But overall, he steered the Country's Economy towards prosperity. We feel his policies and contribution until now. And he was OPEN to many Leftist points of view, that is very unpopular in a Conservative Country. And he introduced K to 12, which I personally think introduces many opportunities for the youth. 2. The current President, Rodrigo Duterte. Blatant disregard for Human Rights. State sanctioned Murder of Drug Addicts. Lack of Respect to the Church (ironically I'm an atheist, and this bothers me), giving a platform for his INCOMPETENT lackeys (his Executive Secretary and his Police Chief of both when he was Mayor and President became Utterly Useless lapdog Senators), his Covid Response, his State Sanctioned murder of Activists and Leftist Leaders (I have a "peasant" leader friend who died), and worse of all his LOVE of China. His love of China led to many deaths. Despite clamor to ban Chinese Travel on JANUARY, he said he wouldn't because it would and I quote "Hurt Xi's feelings." 3. Ramon Magsaysay, Man of the People. Man who gave land to the landless. Man who hated Nepotism and Corruption with a fury(which was rampant). I'll let Wikipedia continue with the talking. "Magsaysay's administration was considered one of the cleanest and most corruption-free in modern Philippines history; the period of his presidency is often cited as the Philippines's "Golden Years". Trade and industry flourished, the Philippine military was at its prime, and the country gained international recognition in sports, culture, and foreign affairs. The Philippines placed second on a ranking of Asia's clean and well-governed countries. " 4. Ferdinand Marcos. One word. Dictator. 5. Ferdinand Marcos and the Current President 6. Benigno Aquino, his controversies overshadow his MASSIVE achievements. Also his Mother, President Corazon Aquino. Underrated, but I still hate her. 7. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. I don't wanna summarize such an amazing woman. I suggest you look her up and you'd be amazed. Epitome of what it means to be a Strong, Independent and Competent Woman. 8. We don't have a concept of Nomination. Either people run as Independent or are choosen by Party Leaders. Political Parties are very fickle here. 9. I hope the Current Vice President (president and vice president are elected separately) runs for President in 2022. Her Covid Response is one of the best in the country. And the BEST Covid Response is to the next Person I'd wanna run. Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto. He's a young leader who has shown himself VERY CAPABLE and Humble as a leader in his FIRST term as Mayor. His relevant previous experience is as City Councilor for 3 years. I don't foresee him running anytime soon due to his age (30) but in the future, he'd be a great President. 10. Bernie Sanders. He is one of my life's biggest influence. I became interested in International Politics because of him. I became interested in compassionate policies, because of him. And it's because of him that I no longer view some of my previous dangerous opinions. Such as support of the Extra Judicial Killings, the War on Drugs, Death Penalty and support of my Current President.
  6. It's a nightmare when Centrist Rachel Maddow is considered Hard Left. Lmao. Where I'm from, Bernie would be a member of the Liberal Party. And people like Clinton and Maddow would be members of the Right Wing.
  7. A vast Majority of Mainlanders are supporters of the CCP. A vast Majority believe that my Countrymen are inferior, are less than them. And a vast majority of them believe that OUR territory is theirs. You wouldn't understand since your country isn't being invaded by LITERAL outsiders. Not Paying taxes, exploiting our Women, Receiving Special Treatment from our President and acting like they own the place. Chinese Media calling the Philippines a province of China is not just a slip of the tounge. By all intents and purposes, we are a Chinese Province. And I fucking despise both the Government and the Vast Majority of People who agree with that.
  8. Patine. You're brutal lmao. I know many people like him, mostly from Reddit
  9. It's not racist to call it Kung Flu. It won't hurt anyone, other than the feelings of Mainlanders. Fuck China, fuck the Chinese who used my country as an evacuation center. Anyone can attack America as "obese" or whatever stereotype you have and yet no one will attack you for doing so. Knowing Trump, Kung Flu is probably one of his shenanigans and jokes.
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