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  1. Polls show that Biden Supporter's second choice candidate is Bernie. Same for Warren Supporters. Sooo... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/12/02/surprising-second-choices-democratic-primary-voters-upend-political-cliches/%3foutputType=amp https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/hilltv/what-americas-thinking/430261-sanders-biden-seen-as-most-popular-second-choices-for-dem%3famp
  2. Democratic Party Primaries Please note that most of the Schweitzer victories are close margin and is split with many candidates. Texas was split between Schweitzer and Booker. Oklahoma with Warner, Virginia with O'Malley and the rest are with Biden.
  3. Republican: 51 % / 308 EV President: Gov. Jeb! Bush Vice President: Sen. Joni Ernst Democrat 47.9 % / 230 EV President: VP Joe Biden Vice President: Sec. Ken Salazar Closest States Republican New Hampshire (4 EV) Bush 0.1 Oregon (7 EV) Bush 0.2 Nevada (6 EV) Bush 0.4 Colorado (9 EV) Bush 0.6 Wisconsin (10 EV) Bush 0.6 North Carolina (15 EV) Bush 1.2 Iowa (6 EV) Bush 1.4 Virginia (13 EV) Bush 1.5 Democrat Minnesota (10 EV) Biden 1.4 Michigan (16 EV) Biden 1.8
  4. I played the 2016 Scenario from the primaries with the top 2 candidates on 2016 turned off. The Republican Primaries started very chaotic with numerous "frontrunner" emerging. However after Super Tuesday and subsequent primaries, many candidates dropped out. The Race settled on a three-way race between the Establishment Favorite Governor Jeb! Bush, outsider and Businesswoman Carly Fiorina and Popular Senator Marco Rubio. John Kasich also stayed on the race but withdrew after placing last place on the Indiana Primary. Rubio would also withraw after Indiana. After Fiorina's victory in California and New Jersey, it became apparent that the RNC will become contested. In the end Rubio became king-maker and endorsed his fellow Florida-man Jeb!, and though he would've been a great VP choice, the Twelfth amendment makes Rubio a bad choice for veep. Bush would choose Iowa Senator Joni Ernst as his VP, becoming the Third woman to become a Vice Presidential Candidate of a major party. The only people that posed a challenge to Vice President Joe Biden were Gov. Brian Schweitzer and Gov. Martin O'malley. After winning the Early Primaries, O'Malley would become considered the main anti-Joe candidate. However, after the surprise victory of Schweitzer in many southern states on Super Tuesday and O'Malley's abysmall performace, O'Malley became sidelined and would later drop out after receiving only 2 % in Wisconsin. Schweitzer would also dropout after a series of landslide loss in Wisconsin, New York and the Acela Primaries which was the turf of the Delaware native Vice President Biden. Biden would choose Former Colorado Senator and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar as his VP. Salazar became the first Hispanos, a native of the Spanish territory of what is now today Southwestern United states. Though Salazar claims to be Mexican American.
  5. You're such a troll. Lmao 🤣
  6. EHH, you play Crusader Kings 2!!
  7. Considering he is polling the lowest, he has nothing to lose. It might've been a low blow, but I think he got some attention to his campaign. Unlike Beto, who is trying so hard yet hasn't yielded results.
  8. The margin in Illinois was very close, only below 1 %. Had Clark carried it, he would've been reelected.
  9. 1920 United States Presidential Election Republican Party: 48.3 % / 288 EVs President: Sen. Warren Harding Vice President: Sen. Robert La Follete Democratic Party: 48 % / 243 EVs President: Pres. Champ Clark Vice President: Vice Pres. Woodrow Wilson Socialist Party: 3.7 % / 0 EV President: Mr. Eugene Debs Vice President: Mr. Seymour Steadman
  10. Republican Party Convention Gen. Leonard Wood - 294 Delegates / 31.4 % Sen. Warren Harding - 284 Delegates / 27.6 % Sen. Robert La Follette - 176 Delegates / 19.4 % Mr. Herbert Hoover - 109 Delegates / 9.4 % Mr. Nicholas Butler - 96 Del egates / 6.8 % Sen. Hiram Johnson - 22 Delegates / 5.6 %
  11. I don't really know. My knowledge regarding American Politics and Foreign Policy is very limited. And I don't I'm intelligent enough to be able to theorize on what Clark would've done. Hell I don't think I'm intelligent enough to dwell into alternate history. I just enjoy maps and elections.
  12. United States Presidential Election 1916
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