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  1. Religious Protection Laws/ LGBT anti-discrimination Laws

    The problem I have with this is that it would also rule the civil rights acts unconstitutional. The government cannot force you to provide service, right? I think that businesses are not people, and thusly do not have equal rights to people. We have already established that if your religious practice breaks the law, it is still illegal (cite: Native Americans and Peyote, other drugs, let alone when it is not only illegal but harms others. There is no legal precedent for business to have greater religious rights than people have civil rights, and this is a school of thought that I find to be flawed.
  2. Pure Class

    Agree or disagree with him, Joe Biden is a classy individual. Good person. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-42351576
  3. Al Franken Resigns

    Hell, I'd vote for a decayed goldfish, can't actually hurt anyone.
  4. 1988 Roleplay

    I researched it for the 1988 scenario I started, so I'll pass that info along
  5. 2016 House: The Sequeling

    No, but Hillary Clinton wasn't running, so that might have something to do with that :-Þ
  6. 2016 House: The Sequeling

    Consider it done. Lotsof attack ads on Dems, positive campaign right before election to pick up the ~75% or so undecideds. The Democrats form a minority coalition with the Greens, Independents, Reform party. The Conservatives work with the Republicans.
  7. Al Franken Resigns

    Ah, well churches would have reason to support him with his views on separation of church and state, religion in gov't, etc.
  8. 1988 Roleplay

    Don't worry, I have plenty. (I have vintage logos for each News source except Fox, which didn't exist in '88)
  9. Al Franken Resigns

    What exactly would you consider Credible? I have seen no conclusive proof either way. A group tried to get the Washington Post to post a fake story on it, but it didn't get past the fact checkers. I think Roy Moore is an awful man regardless of whether this turns out to be true or false, and hope he is laughed out at the polls, because I hope to hell that he doesn't represent how Alabama actually is.
  10. 1988 Roleplay

    Breaking News from the Soviet Union! Riots and Chaos envelop Sumgait, Azerbaijan, in the Soviet Union. Just now we have enough to broadcast, A small contingent of Soviet soldiers have entered the city to attempt to quell the riots, as of now, 17 ethnic Armenians have been killed by Azerbaijani rioters, and they seem to be the obvious targets. Local police have been described as apathetic at what has been described as a "Popular Genocide" by the Premier of the Armenian SSR. The Soviet Union seems to be entirely unable to keep control of all of the Soviet Socialist Republics, and the riots are ongoing. So far, Rape and Murder have been reported to be widespread in the City of Sumgait, and we can only pray for the futures of those at risk. Many ethnic Armenians have been reported as arming themselves with improvised weapons and barricading their homes in an effort to protect themselves from the ongoing Riots. Armenian Genocide has happened before, in 1915, and many are rushing to compare the current events to those of 1915. On February 27, Soviet Deputy Federal Procurator, Aleksandr Katusev, announced on Baku Radio and Central Television, that two Azerbaijani youths, Bakhtiyar Guliyev and Ali Hajiyev, were killed in a clash between Armenians and Azerbaijanis near Agdam, apparently sparking the riots. Many of the weapons used by the Rioters appear to be handmade, suggesting at least some preparation. Soviet Military sources report that Alcohol and Narcotics have also been brought in by the truckload distributed to the crowds by Azerbaijani forces. The Soviet Politburo has been slow in reacting, apparently hoping to avoid the issue, however martial law is on the table once again as the Soviet Union hopes to quell the Riots with a minimum of bloodshed. MVD Soldiers have already entered the city, armed with riot gear, and blanks. These soldiers have been reported to be maimed with steel objects, and several Armored Personnel Carriers, or APCs for short, have been disabled by flipping or Molotov Cocktails. The last report suggests that the MVD has been driven out in disarray, with over a dozen injured, though the Soviets have released no official figures.
  11. 1988 Roleplay

    I intend to let @RP Overlord decide the results. I'm here to add flavor, experience, and maybe moderate debates here and there. I look forward to getting to know you, and I appreciate the concern. @RP Overlord is still the final word on anything, and I reserve for him his right to still moderate as he sees fit. I am just an assistant.
  12. Co-GM Results

    I can roll with that. I'm preparing logos for news stories rn.
  13. Al Franken Resigns

    That would be an interesting independent run to see.
  14. Co-GM Results

    What exactly are my duties as CO-GM?
  15. Al Franken Resigns

    I heard this from the local Democratic party in my area when I was helping file records. I hope for Brown's sake it's just a rumor, but Kasich could win.