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  1. Which of these states will elect a Republican senator in 2018?

    Okay. I feel the opposite, TN is less of a state in my eyes due to her. She brings Tennessee closer to the backwater stereotype that many hold of the south.
  2. Is there an adult in the room?

    I am beginning to regret making this, but I will say that it is truly the gift that keeps giving.
  3. Bush Dynasty

    How about HW from 1980, 84, 92, 96, and W from '00, till '08 and Jeb! onwards.
  4. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    Nobody should've brought up Gun Control. Everybody has strong opinions. Nobody will ever change their mind. What we've been doing since Columbine (Holding our hands over our ears and pretending there's no issue) CLEARLY isn't working, and we're the only nation that has this problem. We should start from the start, least intrusive measures first, and see what has an effect on murder rates, mass shootings, and work from there. Clearly banning all firearms like Australia isn't an option with how heavily armed the populace is, and how difficult it would be to enforce. Also, Firearms are an important chunk of the culture here in the states, and people won't appreciate any look at it otherwise. What I hate is how many folks, and the NRA, view any attempt to look at the problem in a levelheaded manner as an attempt at a "Gun Ban", even if it is simply a five day waiting period. I see no reason to not require licensing on firearms, seeing as they are as dangerous at least as cars are. Remember, cars don't kill people, people kill people.
  5. Can you draw a Congressional map?

    Meet Wisconsin WI-1 D+16.36 D64.0% WI-2 PVI R+1.73 Avg R52.9% WI-3 PVI R+7.34 Avg R56.1% WI4 PVI R+5.51% Avg R56.1 WI-5 PVI R+6.17 avg R59.1% WI-6 PVI D+3.39 Avg R51.0% SWING DISTRICT WI-7 PVI D+7.04 Avg D50.4% SWING DISTRICT WI-8 This map seems pretty fair, but actually gives Republicans a sizable advantage. PVI R+7.95 AVG R62.5%
  6. Ferraro-Kennedy 1984

  7. Presidential Ranker Excel

    I suppose, I have him 20th, but my ratings are slightly different than most. Washington is first FDR 2nd, Lincoln 3rd, Teddy, Eisenhower, Jefferson, Truman, JFK, LBJ (divisive), Obama, Monroe Polk Clinton, Jackson, J Adams, Madison, Reagan, HW Bush, Wilson, Carter, McKinley, Cleveland, Q Adams, Grand, B Harrison, Hayes, Van Buren, Ford, Garfield, Taft (fat), GW Bush, Nixon, Taylor, Arthur, WHHarrison, Hoover, Fillmore, Tyler, Harding, Trump, A Johnson, Pierce, Buchanan.
  8. Presidential Ranker Excel

    Man, you brutalized Carter. -5 for moral authority? -5 gut feeling, foreign policy? I disagree.
  9. Trump tariff poll

    So.... We are theoretical opposites socially...... but I agree. As a gunowner, I believe that the correct amount of control is waiting periods. from there, it gets slippery and fast. I am more of a Rockefeller Republican (and not in the sense that I've been dead for thirty years) on trade. The more, the better. Trading won't happen in a free market unless both sides gain value from it. That much is basic economics.
  10. Trump tariff poll

    So we do agree on something. I'll be darned.
  11. Can you draw a Congressional map?

    Also, I don't have time to do forty odd districts. please let me skirt out of this.
  12. Can you draw a Congressional map?

    is it just me or are my districts getting more... nihlistic. Like the Kansas state legislature realized how pointless it is, and that they shouldn't even bother. There are three safe Reps with a single swing/leans rep. Those are very sad looking borders. I spent more time seeding out weird pointless 0 person districts than drawing them. BONUS ROUND: Depressing NH. District 1 is +1.46R and 2 is +1.41D Both are considered to be toss ups.
  13. The other 2020 candidate

    http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/UnNews:Carter_considers_2016_presidential_run He isn't dead yet. Can reality mimic comedy? https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2018-02-20/trump-carter-and-democrats-2020-prospects https://www.quora.com/If-Jimmy-Carter-and-George-H-W-Bush-were-to-become-the-major-party-nominees-for-the-2020-U-S-presidential-election-who-would-win-and-why No country for old men? ALL COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. http://www.breakingburgh.com/jimmy-carter-reluctantly-agrees-run-2020-put-end-nonsense/ Also, friendly reminder that Jimmy Carter is still a carpenter who does his work for free https://www.ajc.com/news/social-media-sends-serious-love-jimmy-carter-after-hospitalized-canada/luguBfpmuUzEpQP70iHepO/ Reminds you of another "JC"
  14. Civics education sucks

    I'm from Ohio (North of Cincinnati), and we had to take classes on Government, and got Civics drilled into us. Our districts must be rather different.
  15. Can you draw a Congressional map?

    Also, if we can redistrict every US state except CA(uses nonpartisan redistricting) we could really change the complexion of congress.