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  1. LokiLoki22

    Bush Dynasty

    No worries, good to see you back
  2. Voted against Kucinich. Sorry, but Schiavoni made a much better impression. I agree with him and Cordray more than Kucinich anyways. He was also, from what I hear from my father, a very poor mayor of Cleveland. Side note, I find the Ohio campaign to be surprisingly good, despite it's "In development" status
  3. LokiLoki22

    The resistance game

    They're both free, open source.
  4. LokiLoki22

    Which current a historical politicians do you respect?

    Whoa, Clinton in 1998 is not Clinton now. It's been twenty years, she was a first lady then, and a first rate one at that.
  5. LokiLoki22

    The resistance game

    It almost reminds me of LCS in it's premise, which is a game that (to me) got WAY funnier after 2016.
  6. LokiLoki22

    Which current a historical politicians do you respect?

    That's fair, but I find many of his beliefs so deeply flawed that I cannot bring myself to have a true respect for him like I do for, say, Ford, Reagan, or H.W. Bush (Whom I still disagree with, but recognize them as good people nonetheless, despite their flaws). The thought that modern conservatism may be based in his beliefs makes me shudder, but it does make a lot of what is going on now make a startling amount of sense. Also, this. https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/daily/may98/goldwater072894.htm . It's old, but it might make some like @Reagan04 Rethink their love of him, or his older positions, whichever. I suppose in his later years, he slid to the left.
  7. LokiLoki22

    Which current a historical politicians do you respect?

    I want to hear the defense for Barry Goldwater.
  8. LokiLoki22

    New Historical President RP

    Probably. If we couldn't change characters, we'd run out of people sharpish.
  9. LokiLoki22


    The statements on both sides were for domestic consumption. They want to appear strong. I don't want to go to war, since I've already signed a contract with the Navy. I wouldn't run if we did, but I would be very displeased.
  10. LokiLoki22

    Cohen Raid

    Of course, it would take a considerable amount of time to sift through said files and flag any (if any) of note.
  11. LokiLoki22

    Cohen Raid

    Off topic. On B. I find it difficult to believe that the Trump team isn't well armed with lawyers. Look at some of what he's gotten away with over the years. If needed, he'll ditch Cohen for someone who can actually handle his cases. Again, a raid indicates nothing more than probable cause.
  12. LokiLoki22

    New Historical President RP

    I'd be interested in helping with alt history. I may also run ASP
  13. LokiLoki22

    Cohen Raid

    This is big news. I know that nearly everyone here has seen it. What are your thoughts in terms of A. What it signifies in terms of the President. B. What it is likely to do electorally in 2018, 2020. C. What (if anything), it will change on the various scandals currently engulfing the president. I will be keeping an eye on things to make sure this stays in hand.
  14. LokiLoki22

    Moderated debate

    I don't have much in terms of facilities for a voice chat. Anything? Everything? Current events? I don't have much. It'd vary per week.
  15. LokiLoki22

    Moderated debate

    I am thinking of starting a moderated debate, any thoughts? Points would be awarded, logic is appreciated mandatory, and unsupported opinions/random spoutoffs will be noticed, but not in a good way. Proper, civilized, non-personal, debate.