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  1. Trump Poll

    No debate here, just a forum poll
  2. 10 Political Questions/Your 10 Answers

    1. What is the difference between a "liberal" and a "progressive"? I see Liberals as valuing more social issues, while Progressives seem to value economic regulations and consumer rights. 2. Can a "conservative" also be "progressive"? Yes. It is possible to have a mixed agenda, and to support both Conservative and progressive causes. 3. How do you view the "Necessary and Proper Clause"/Elastic Clause and how do you interpret it? Congress has the power, “To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper" I see it as giving Congress the power to keep the nation running even if the specifically delegated powers do not allow them to make necessary laws. 4. How do you view the "General Welfare Clause" and how do you interpret it? Keep the nation and it's occupants safe, and, where possible, encourage their health, wealth, and happiness. Congress has the power to "lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common defense and general Welfare of the United States." 5. Is military dominance, including the on-going interventions, Cold Wars, and nation building required for American greatness or any nation's greatness? No. Absolutely not. No. Our level of Military spending runs up massive debts, international resentment, and high corruption among contractors. 6. Name a few things that Democrats do right, and a few things that Republicans do right (no snarky comments) D: Social Issues, welfare systems R: Campaigns. Seriously. Economic issues up until W. Bush. 7. What can both parties learn from the Libertarian Party? We need at least one party that takes the debt seriously, as neither party cares anymore, opting to cut taxes and increase spending. 8. What can both parties learn from the Green Party? Not a ton, their platform is similar to the Democrats on many things. 9. In general, would a trend towards billionaire presidents be preferable to party politicians? No. Billionaires may know how to run business, but, as Donald Trump is proving, government is very different to business, with separate and difficult responsibilities. 10. What is ONE single issue that needs to be resolved for America to be greater than it currently is? The deficit and debt. Seriously. At least Sanders had a way to pay for his ideas. Neither party cares about it yet, until Young Americans are stuck for the tab of wasteful spending on the military and inefficient insurance based healthcare to keep wealthy friends rich, and tax cuts for the wealthy that don't trickle down.
  3. Human stupidity

    I can actually tell you, seeing as I'm a norse mythology buff, that in the Pre-Nazi days, the Swastika, or, as it was known in english, the sun Star, was seen as an old norse symbol of peace, and stability through strength, and hass popped up in various cultures worldwide. Then the fuckin Nazis took it and attached a permanent stigma to it that the symbol itself doesn't deserve. Nowadays it's meaning has changed somewhat (lol, somewhat), into literally exactly the opposite of what it meant 600BC-1933AD, into a symbol of hatred, war, violence, and genocidal hatred toward other races. The question here is more, How does a Norse symbol of peace, brotherhood, and stability get picked up by a regime that values none of those things, damaging the symbolism of the sun star beyond repair? Does this answer the question?
  4. Patriot Act poll

    Interested to hear what @Conservative Elector 2 has to say on this.
  5. romney

    I'm going to ignore him, since the republic was young and he was kinda a gimme.
  6. romney

    Better than Reagan in '80, '84, Clinton, FDR, JFK, Nixon (Presidency not included), Obama '08, and Teddy?
  7. CIA oversight act of 1977 poll

    This is now mathematically impossible to fail.
  8. Marijuana Poll

    They'll figure it out, or lose their seat.
  9. Alt history discussion

    Fair. Gross oversimplification on my part.
  10. Alt history discussion

    In the year 1776, the king actually listened to the American colonies and reduced taxes. No revolt/revolution happened, and instead we took a more moderate path to citizenship. Discuss the repercussions of keeping a nation this large a colony longer. History gets more changed the longer this goes on. 1st. No Napoleon, the timing of his rise to power would be thrown off by France not throwing money toward supporting American Independence, so Napoleon never would have happened, Norway may still be a Danish Territory, more gradual Indian Removal. The US (once it finally separated), would likely have a parlamentary system. Democracy would still be widespread, since intellectuals like John Locke were still around, the Allies would've won WWI more easily (Stronger France, America in war from beginning), leading to a less harsh peace agreement, and less in way of chemical weapons. A softer peace agreement would give the Weimar Republic more credibility with it's people, and more economic stability. This doesn't bode well for far Left and Nationalist Far Right parties, which suffer. Without WWII, technological growth is slower, and the Atom Bomb is never developed (High cost without a war large enough or enemy dangerous enough to justify it.) A quicker and softer WWI leaves a weakened and embattled Russian Monarchy fighting to keep power, but gives the White and Red Russians less of a case once peace is made (Possibly a different Russia than today). This leaves us at a crux, with less in terms of technology today, and a far greater chunk of the globe under British control (No Destroyers for bases agreement, favourable trading agreements still in place). The UK and France would likely still be enemies, and The US, once it emerged, would likely be merged with Canada, with common culture, history, etc, and would be a lot weaker and less multicultural. Pros: No WWII, Atom Bomb, Softer Great War, More Cons: Significantly slowed Tech development, with no WWII or Cold War to spur government investment in tech, (the UK/France/Germany rivalry might take it's place, but doubtful). Way more colonialism in the modern day. Analys
  11. The United States is a....? (3)

    In the EU, flags are made from fire retardant materials, so I mean There are alternate histories regarding this. I intend on starting a discussion.
  12. Marijuana Poll

    I see no real downside to legalization, as it frees up law enforcement officers to enforce other laws more stringently, reduces the massive strain on our court system and prison system.
  13. The United States is a....? (3)

    America is a good nation, but faces some competition for best. We (as a nation) have aged, and others have overtaken us in terms of economy, education, personal liberties, etc, but what we have going for us is our military (easily the largest and one of the best trained), and the fact that we were the OG, when only the Dutch, a few outposts, tribes, and philosophers had experimented with Democracy. We were Democracy's first big success. Love it or hate it, there is, and always will be, room to improve, but If we ain't the best, we ain't far behind.
  14. Integrity Poll

    Wondering why Trump on this one, seeing as he's lied several times, bragged about sexually assaulting women, made racist remarks, including claiming that an American born and raised judge wasn't qualified to try his case because he was hispanic, and has been accused of housing and renting discrimination since the '70s. Love him or hate him, I really don't see Trump as a man high on integrity, since his platform seems to change weekly.
  15. Combatting Fake News With Fake News