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    Become President Game

    This seems like a Politician Sims game and that is really cool but also seems really difficult to make-- I do think that one way this could work would be to perhaps start as an election sim (like the ones we have) where you then go into office and govern / prep for the next election-- or, if Anthony continues to grow the roles for Not Seeking/Undecideds, having an easy path to be able to endorse future candidates as you leave an office. I wonder if centralizing it just around one form of political office (likely an executive office like president or governor or mayor) would be the easiest way to start this in what we have already.
  2. lizphairphreak

    House of Cards

    Your opinions regarding acting are your own and are justified reasons to not like someone in a show, so I won't challenge you there. I will say that Claire wasn't supposed to have the same strengths as Frank; he could be charming and funny and bombastic, as well as threatening. He could use his ability to present extreme emotions as a way to manipulate others. Claire, on the other hand, stays cold and doesn't show her emotions to that level. She uses the coldness as her way to manipulate others, which doesn't play out as entertainingly on television, but doesn't negate the character. What I will say, though, is that throughout the entire show, Claire's character is able to slowly and quietly steer the direction, as well as slowly and surely build herself in. I think Season 5 jumped too fast to her being the lead in power, but it's been moving that way for a while.
  3. lizphairphreak

    House of Cards

    The show has been about Claire since at least season 3, though I would argue that season 2 also had quite a bit about her and even a little bit season 1 as well. Frank was an unbearably 2-dimensional character by season 5. I'm excited she finally gets to be the lead and I think she would've been by now regardless of real life.
  4. lizphairphreak

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Maybe we can already do this and IDK how, but I think being able to have Endorsers/Surrogates as VPs would be interesting, and a good way to alter the game a bit (for example, having a candidate tap one of their surrogates who are their spouse/relative, or tap a celebrity endorser.) This could also cut down on potential overlap between endorsers and vp candidates.
  5. lizphairphreak

    Cynthia Nixon victory for New York governor

    Is there a version of this campaign that has her and Cuomo in a primary as it is in the real election? I'd love to play it in that case, since she won't be on the ballot for WFP without having won the Dem primary
  6. lizphairphreak

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Sorry to now be the most recent comments in a row here. Something I was thinking about was that "Experience" could be done differently to have more impact, by separating it into categories. For example, Executive, Legislative, Domestic, Foreign, or something like that... Then there could be candidates who may have a ton of legislative experience in both domestic and foreign issues, but no executive experience; candidates who have a ton of executive experience and domestic experience (like a governor), adequate legislative experience, and no foreign experience. I suppose this could be made even more complex by then having issue categories, so maybe this entire concept is overkill... But it could be interesting to have more attributes to highlight or attack. And then the potential in how debates could go, or policy speeches...
  7. lizphairphreak

    Political Influence Points (President Infinity)

    You use them to make deals with other candidates or pick up endorsements. I've been wondering what "not seeking" and "undeclared" candidates could do too, but I don't think that you can use PIPs much as undeclared.
  8. lizphairphreak

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    A few things I've been thinking about: 1) Potential for joint rallies; like the leader and vice leader or a surrogate could do a joint event that could boost the power, etc. I know you could feasibly do this yourself by having a leader and the VP/surrogate do activities in the same region on the same day, but I think it could be interesting to have other bonuses or something for a joint event. -- Another possible way to use this would be to test out potential VP candidates before the convention. I know you can look at the assets but I think this could be an interesting way to see how those assets work practically. 2) Option to "threaten" candidates and endorsers; in this case you can wield your influence to drive someone out of the race, in one direction on an issue, or to endorse you. My thinking in this is that some politicians will use their intimidation skills to gain influence, so that could be one way to get momentum here. And then it could also increase the likelihood of scandal or other negative things, etc. 3) More of a role for undeclared and "not seeking" candidates... I think being able to do more behind-the-scenes with offers and issues would make being an undeclared candidate a really interesting twist for the gameplay. What I mean here is that you could work behind-the-scenes with candidates to get them to give you cabinet positions, the vp slot, etc, as well as be able to get them to change their issue position (in this case, another addition that would be cool would be if you could pick which particular issue you would want a candidate to move on.) The other thing is that I think giving undeclared or not seeking candidates the option of barnstorming and giving speeches (if not rallies) would be a good way to get them to have a bigger impact on the race. Overall, I guess what I'm suggesting here is the option to play as a Not Seeking candidate and then have an option to use them as a surrogate or an influencer would be a really interesting gameplay mechanic 4) Many others have said it, but more cross-party opportunities (though I have, once or twice, been able to become a VP or recruit a VP from a separate party)
  9. lizphairphreak

    2018 NY Gubernatorial Election

    I'm so glad this was made! I did notice, though, that Cynthia Nixon is only in the WFP when in real life she is challenging Cuomo in the Democratic primary. Is that a part of this campaign or will it be at some point?
  10. lizphairphreak

    Does anyone have a good NY State map?

    Thank you for this!
  11. Hi, I'm quite terrible at map making (and, like, visual arts in general) but I'd love to play a NY 2018 gubernatorial scenario, considering Cynthia Nixon's run. Also, having NY State as a map in the reserves could make for fun custom scenarios too. If anyone has one they could direct me towards, I'd be grateful! Thanks.
  12. lizphairphreak

    "Not Seeking" and "Undeclared"

    Hi all, I haven't played in a while, but I was playing a primary in PI the other night and started my candidate as "Not Seeking." I was wondering what the difference between "Undeclared" and "Not seeking" was. Additionally, I was wondering what kind of tasks a candidate could do as either of these categories. For example, I was wondering if there is a way to make offers/deals with other candidates even before entering the race. In this, it would be, for example, offering yourself as a surrogate to another candidate if they move their issue position, etc. Anyway, really what I'm asking for is, is there a breakdown of what a player can do as an undeclared or not seeking candidate? Thank you!
  13. lizphairphreak

    Issue Playing Custom Scenario (Help Appreciated!)

    Hi Anthony, Sorry-- I sent this in a few days ago and forgot to respond here. Thank you so much for the help and a great game!
  14. lizphairphreak

    "Constituency Form already exists"

    I am having this same issue.
  15. lizphairphreak

    Issue Playing Custom Scenario (Help Appreciated!)

    Hi, thanks for the response! My town is a town manager & committee system, but the scenario I made is one I simplified: rather than trying to do committees or anything, I just made it a simple town manager election (which is not how my town actually runs, but this makes it simpler) so that it would be one leader and one vice-leader, but 4 different parties (social groups, in my town.) So, just in this case it's a more straightforward mayoral-style election. Thanks!