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  1. Veganism is a weird example to use because there ARE people who are vegans in modern times...
  2. I think there could *technically* be a local / hot seat multiplayer, just by assigning more than one candidate as "Human" and then passing a computer back and forth. If only any of my friends ever wanted to play with me lol
  3. I don't think he'll drop out, but the fact it's not out of the realm of possibility is telling. I wouldn't be opposed to him announcing a strong VP and then taking a one-term pledge. Beating Trump is important to Dems, but telling people to vote for Biden despite having assaulted women is extraordinarily triggering and unfortunate. A one-term pledge could soften the blow, and setting up a strong campaign for a woman VP in 2024 could soften it even more. If he does drop out, I think it'll go to the convention. No chance they'd just hand it to Sanders-- especially after he really under-performed in this primary. I doubt the Dems would hand a nomination to Hillary either. While she is beloved by many still, tons of people who enthusiastically supported her in 2016 have backed off a bit. She'd be so far from a "safe choice" that I don't think they'd do that. As for Cuomo... I think we're a short time away from his implosion. People are getting tired of him cutting into national news every day, and his record is beginning to catch up with him. He didn't actually handle this crisis well, especially compared to other governors, and I think people outside of New York are beginning to pick up on that as he sucks up all media attention day after day. I think the most reasonable thing to do would be to nominate whoever Biden picks as VP, should he drop out. And then consider opening the convention to have delegates vote for that person's running mate.
  4. Interesting! This was fun to read. I was wondering what would happen if Iowa (or other states) ended with every candidate under 15%... what happened with the delegates with that?
  5. Autosave really does help in moments like these.. at least for me! still very annoying..
  6. The first one, but mainly just because I think that having the system (that Jefferson changed) be that a first place finisher becomes president and second place becomes VP may have been better to handle partisanship... who knows.
  7. True, I'm knocking on wood. The worries aren't of a huge death rate but rather cases spiking too high for our healthcare system to handle, like what's happening in Italy. Everything is shut down, basically. Not sure if that's true elsewhere but it's really major.
  8. This is partially because they are severely restricting testing.
  9. yeah, definitely not. But I think it works to play for a candidate's life cycle so long as you don't accelerate to the presidency super fast (it took me four presidential elections to get there,) but I know more is coming, including significantly more legislation and events, etc. That game is still in its "first look" stage, so I'm actually impressed by how much there is. Excited for more. Your experience with the other game is like my experiences with Democracy. I've tried some of the geopolitical simulator games but they're always so buggy.
  10. I agree that I got a bit bored of it, but not nearly as soon as you did. I started at age 18 and am now in my 60s and just entering my second term of the presidency (it took four tries.) I do respect that the developer is adding more and communicates updates well. I don't consider it competition for PI or anything, because the election systems don't make sense or have anywhere close to the same level of complexity. I think once it adds mods or ability to create more (which I hope it does) then its replay value will go up. It's so weird to me because the game is so detailed at the county level but then doesn't make sense at the state level. I was the sitting minority leader for the Dems with a 70+% approval rating in the US Senate, and then lost to a significantly less popular and less progressive primary challenger in Massachusetts. The campaign system needs an overhaul, or made more complex and have a stronger relationship to the policy work you do. Political Process really does have that Civ feel of "one more turn." I feel like because it's a simple enough interface, I trick myself into playing for hours at a time.
  11. My idea for a game does follow in what The Political Process on steam is trying to do, but expanding the creative options for it-- maybe even having a full country editor, with events, etc, and then a bit more strategic options like warfare, diplomacy, etc, while having the simulator aspects already present + how 270 games tend to work too. Not sure if this is making sense. I guess... a more political/policy oriented grand strategy game with modding/creative capabilities.
  12. they tried it in iowa
  13. I think Warren wins MA, squeaking by. I don't think she'd be so adamant about staying in if internal polls were dire. Warren will stay in if she comes in strong-ish second in most states, if she turns out mostly 3rd place finishes, I think she drops by the end of the week. No endorsement.
  14. I thought a few of these were true actually, lol. Or at least partially true but maybe simplified, not sure. Love the representation for Hussein's secret stargate, one of my favorites. I'm also partial to "the moon is a hologram that the government is hiding something behind" because it makes an outlandish claim but then stops short of making a full conclusion. Unsure about the grouping of "genocide theories," there's the white genocide nonsense, but then there have been real instances of eugenics and ethnic cleansing even in recent years. Maybe I'm overthinking it. This was fun, though.
  15. Shocked to just be finding out about this game-- looks so good. Now I'm excited to play! Also looking forward to the next updates on PI
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