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    How do I make the game more difficult?

    This is also something I've struggled to understand~~
  2. lizphairphreak

    2018 NY Gubernatorial Election

    Yay! I'm excited. If also a little excited to then add myself / friends in, as I am often wont to do haha
  3. lizphairphreak

    2018 NY Gubernatorial Election

    Sorry wow, I did not mean to discount your work or insult the scenario at all! Totally get that, being busy-- one reason why I rarely make scenarios that take a lot of editing.
  4. lizphairphreak

    A Few Random Questions

    Hi, just a few random questions I've had: 1) What does the new "Ambition" trait do in game? I haven't played in a little bit and last time I checked the editor I saw that and didn't understand it's effects. 2) Is there a way to have your candidate not go to a debate (I know that they're set by polling, but I mean like an option to just not go even if you're polling above the threshold?) Also, is it possible to attack candidates who aren't in the debate, i.e. a candidate in a different party when you're in a primary debate or a candidate who hasn't formally entered the race yet? 3) Is it possible for someone to be both an endorser and a potential candidate (i.e. a senator that may also be Not Seeking or the like)? Thank you!
  5. lizphairphreak

    2018 NY Gubernatorial Election

    Same! I totally get that it's easier to make and try to run some models, parricularly when you can make stark ideological differences, but it just was so out of left field to see a NY scenario with no mention of the MTA haha, and then to also see that the candidates were basically made to hold the same ideological standpoint on every issue (Nixon was all "Far-Left" and a few others were just given one spot.) I could adjust as necessary but not when there were a ton of other issues with the scenario to fix too.
  6. lizphairphreak

    2018 NY Gubernatorial Election

    Sorry for the delay, yeah I'd like to play it! I was just going to edit the original myself, but there's no straightforward way to move a leader to a different party (I was going to move Cynthia to the Dems) and then the issues for this were completely pulled from the original game and not NYS specific.
  7. lizphairphreak

    2018 NY Gubernatorial Election

    Oh sorry, I meant the gubernatorial where you added Nixon into the primary
  8. lizphairphreak

    2018 NY Gubernatorial Election

    @NYConservative do you have a scenario finished that I could download? Want to re-live this campaign vicariously and try to see what I can do to change the results haha
  9. lizphairphreak

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Sorry, didn't finish a thought. The idea of "corporate donations" in the game could mean that a candidate could take in larger amounts in one shorter time, but it would create a larger possibility for negative stories / scandals. Also, giving endorser organizations (at least some) some funds to donate could be a way to make this even more realistic.
  10. lizphairphreak

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    I was thinking a lot about fundraising due to the NY gubernatorial primary this week. I think it would be interesting if fundraising was more complex, and that there were different types of fundraising. What I mean here is that right now, more and more candidates are refusing corporate donations and so bolstering their appeal to some voters but also limiting the amount of funds they take in. I think that would be an interesting level to add to fundraising. As well as the potential for digital fundraising (which could be done in a similar mechanism to ads in the game.) For me, this would add a really interesting layer to the game which right now acts as though fundraising is as simple as just going to a place and having an event, when it has in actuality become a much for intricate process.
  11. lizphairphreak

    Top Three

    I don't think Molinaro really stands a chance against either Nixon or Cuomo, unless Nixon decides to run on the WFP line and play spoiler (which would be bad) or if Cuomo did the same thing on the WEP line (which would be bad and... so stupid.) But I think Nixon would win because Williams would help her get more votes in the city and she would carry Syracuse, Buffalo, Albany, Rochester, etc-- particularly if she would be able to beat Cuomo in the primary.
  12. lizphairphreak

    Top Three

    NY Gov / Lt Gov / AG-- I think the potential for Nixon, Williams, and Teachout to win is a lot higher than we're realizing (I also live in NY, so I'm watching the state senate race in my neighborhood too as a former-IDC member is being challenged and Gillibrand endorsed the challenger) TX senate, albeit not watching super intently CA-25, mostly because Vice News is doing a multi-part documentary on that race
  13. I typically max out debate skill and issue familiarity, so then I can win debates and use my spin power to boost those stories. Also then cut ads on Issue Familiarity (and barnstorm/rally on it) to bolster a debate success. Sometimes, target other candidates and go negative after a debate win to push them out. I also gradually build out Ground Strength, but you have to remember that footsoldiers and organizational strength only boost you if you build up both. I also do rallies and barnstorming but don't really quite grasp how to maximize them, or how the potential power of one of these events can vary so greatly.
  14. lizphairphreak

    Beto O'Rourke

    He's polling within the margin of error of Cruz... Maybe it's time for some of you to learn who "this person" is.
  15. lizphairphreak

    Become President Game

    This seems like a Politician Sims game and that is really cool but also seems really difficult to make-- I do think that one way this could work would be to perhaps start as an election sim (like the ones we have) where you then go into office and govern / prep for the next election-- or, if Anthony continues to grow the roles for Not Seeking/Undecideds, having an easy path to be able to endorse future candidates as you leave an office. I wonder if centralizing it just around one form of political office (likely an executive office like president or governor or mayor) would be the easiest way to start this in what we have already.