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  1. not sure what you mean by Left Democrats here-- leftists HATED Kamala because of her criminal justice record, as well as her shifting positions. Buttigieg never really got love from the Left, and it really disappeared after he started trying to take up the moderate lane. If anything, the Left seems to be coalescing around Bernie now, with Warren having a good amount of moderate support in addition to a leftist base
  2. I think this has a large amount to do with it, but I'd think that would mean her withdrawal would've actually been smoother because it's a set deadline. Maybe we'll never know. Or maybe the campaign really was that disorganized that the withdrawal was too.
  3. I don't think so. I think it's going to be the four-way race it has been, with a strong possibility that Buttigieg is going to fizzle out. Iowa seems like it's going to come down to Buttigieg and Warren, with Bernie hoping for a strong third place finish. New Hampshire is likely to be Bernie v Warren. Nevada seems to be a three-way race between Bernie, Biden, and Warren. And now without Kamala's ground game, South Carolina is Biden's to lose (for now.) I personally don't see any of the top 4 dropping out before Super Tuesday. And Bloomberg is ignoring the first 4 states, so he's probably in for Super Tuesday. Not sure how it plays out from there...
  4. Do we think it was just this? It seemed SO sudden, to the point she didn't even have a video ready-- but a Medium article, which seems so last minute. Even the video she eventually did release seemed incredibly unrehearsed. I just have a feeling that something major happened behind the scenes for her to withdraw so suddenly and cut such a large staff + field team with no real warning.
  5. https://theintercept.com/2019/11/15/pete-buttigieg-campaign-black-voters/ Misleading "endorsers" is truly alarming and off-putting. the stock photos controversy is a bit overblown, but it's a bad look for the campaign to use stock photos from Kenya. Additionally, the campaign framed it as "400+ black leaders" when many of the endorsers were not black themselves. it's all misleading and i say propaganda in the same way that every campaign releases propaganda. The fact that the only thing you mentioned was the Douglass Plan, when there have been all of these issues around it, is telling. Beyond this, the entire manufactured controversy of "black voters won't vote for Pete because he's gay" rather than a genuine lack of connection is disgusting and erasive of the Black LGBTQ+ community too.
  6. yeah, i'm not a bernie fan but he isn't hemorrhaging support among nonwhite voters this time around (though i don't know how much support he can actually pick up.) Warren is also picking up Black and other nonwhite support. Buttigieg seems stalled totally, and doesn't seem interested in doing actual work to improve (his campaign would rather point fingers on false assertions and make misleading propaganda) which means I don't think we'd ever see him pick up support during the primaries. I have a feeling the strategy is to have enough white support to take it to a brokered convention.
  7. I think Harris is in through Super Tuesday. Her campaign sees SC as a two way race between her and Biden (I don't know how much I buy that) and then home state on Super Tuesday
  8. It's interesting that you ignored what I said about charisma not being something that can be measured objectively to then make objectively said statements. I was referring to the level of enthusiasm that people had towards her around 2016, her convention speech being a clear example of it. Frankly I didn't understand the enthused response she seemed to always get myself (again, subjective) but it's weird to me that that has been ignored or downplayed this election (weird, in this case, meaning very predictable because any time someone runs for office, especially women, the positives are downplayed and the negatives are amped.)
  9. I think it's crazy how, suddenly, Warren is considered not to be charismatic when in 2016 she was talked about with major enthusiasm constantly. (Also, she draws large rallies in this election too.) I think this is just another example of how the nebulous concept of charisma is not something that can be objectively measured but is often talked about as though it can be.
  10. in literally what universe is yang more progressive than warren?
  11. Totally agree. This is a really easy way out of a very difficult (but not impossible) race for Bernie. The ad buy cancellation seems like they may be aware of that. And even if they are "postponed," it creates the question of: did his campaign lack confidence that he would recover well? Yeah, I think it's unfair that people are going to judge his health for something that's pretty common and far from a life-threatening procedure. BUT... people are going to judge. And now there is a "Hillary has secret Parkinson's!" type of insidious scandal for the GE. People are definitely very much questioning Biden's health, but the focus is more on his mental health. For either of them, the question will be there.
  12. I actually support challenging the vape industry because it IS impacting young people, and flavored products are one of those tactics. HOWEVER, I don't support banning these products because I think all drugs should be legalized, decriminalized (including retroactively decriminalized,) and regulated.
  13. 1. No, and I think it's wild how people who were willing to cash into the "the DNC is rigged!!" propaganda are okay with this. 2. Theoretically, yes, for sure. But I don't always think so in practice. Having an ideologue driven purely by ego can cause massive damage that may not come from a place of seeking to do good the way a worthy challenge would. But I think usually it is good to have ideas challenged, so you go into a GE tested and prepared. 3. None of the challengers really have a chance to be the GOP nominee, but could use the coverage to hit Trump. They will do more by staying in the race as long as possible to use that platform, and maybe take a couple of delegates along the way (though it's doubtable.)
  14. Several candidates have one poll that has them at 2%, but not all of them have reached the donor threshold. I think Williamson is very likely to get into the October debate. It's going to be really weird when the Oct debate has more candidates than this Sept one.
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