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    PMI, PI, and CI Full Scenarios

    Well, sure, I guess, but...
  2. Wiw

    PMI, PI, and CI Full Scenarios

    Wouldn't having a whole bunch of parties and candidates slow the game down massively? I mean, we're talking, for example, nearly 70 different parties for the '17 UK election alone.
  3. Wiw

    Moving Forward

    Well, I won't be joining these debates any more, either. I am somewhat sick of all this rubbish. It's bad for my mentality, it's all a mess - as you've seen!
  4. No, you're right. I'm sorry if that's the message you got. But... I get very paranoid, very easily...
  5. You see what I said about the far-right taking over?
  6. I would! He must NEVER come to power!
  7. Wiw


    Never mind, forget I mentioned it.
  8. Wiw


    You know what, never mind, forget I mentioned it.
  9. Wiw

    Convince Me!

    Quite simple. It's good PR, and it makes the owner a nice wad of money.
  10. Wiw


    Well, we're all friends here...
  11. Wiw

    I'm not dead

    Well I hope you're right!
  12. Wiw


    Something is very wrong here. According to my sources, Corbyn had spoken with the PLO and Hamas in the interests of peace and aid to the Palestinians, not supporting terrorism or being anti-Semitic. Besides, wasn't he campaigning all his life against racism?
  13. Wiw

    The US and carbon emissions

    Really? I'm under the impression that the US is doing the most carbon emissions. Would any other source corroborate this?
  14. I keep asking myself that question, but I don't know the answer.
  15. Wiw

    Personal 2020 Election Play by Play

    I don't see how the two events relate.
  16. Wiw

    A Nightmare Scenario

    I'd have to flee the country.
  17. Wiw

    Total anxiety.

    As you can imagine by this point, I'm super paranoid and sick of the thought of whatever might happen next in the world. I feel totally off my rocker and incapable of thinking straight. Knowing there's nothing I can do just suffocates me in the hopelessness. I really, honest to God, hope this isn't forever.
  18. Wiw

    Total anxiety.

    No, it definitely is. Fascism is taking over, it even got James Gunn fired for things he said long ago! At this point I think to continue searching for solutions to the world's problems are in vain. The madmen are pressing ahead with their insane dreams.
  19. Where's the New California Republic?
  20. Wiw

    Trump and Obama by the Numbers

    Nice to see that employment and GDP is up. Of course, I'm sure Big D had nothing to do with it.
  21. Wiw

    Are you renewing your PI subscription?

    Subscription? Is that such a good idea?
  22. Wiw

    I fear for Americas future as a free country

    Now you see, anyone who calls the BBC or Reuters "fake news" is clearly a power-mad conspirator. Which rather explains a lot! (Now, where does The Sun fall on that chart?)
  23. Wiw

    If i were President

    Is it too late for me to join the party? Form: Party: Cyber Party - social democracy and digital rights Domestic Issues: Healthcare: Push for the creation of a Federal Health Service. Ensure that all healthcare is at least accessible. Education: Free online textbooks for all! 10-year forgiveness on student loans. Support the public school system but modernize it a bit: they're schools, not boot camps! Immigration: Ban detention camps. Do not separate children from their families. Otherwise it should be fine. Also, tear down that bloody Wall!! Taxes: Raise taxes on the rich, reduce taxes on the middle class, and reform the corporate tax system, eliminating loopholes. Jobs: Make sure everybody who wants a job has a job. Trade unions are okay. Discourage corporate mergers - they destroy jobs. Environment: Our very future is under threat! Take emergency measures to counter global warming! Ratify Kyoto, large national park schemes, all that! Military: America should reach out to other nations in friendship and charity while drawing down military spending. Abortion: Support Roe v Wade. Increase funding to Planned Parenthood, but otherwise keep abortion as it is, safe, legal and rare. SCOTUS: Appoint a moderate, non-partisan judge to the Supreme Court, who will unify everybody and appeal more to the mainstream. Foreign Issues: Russia: Try to patch up relations with them, but ensure they don't actually invade the Baltic States. Combat their hackers. Coup only as a last resort. ISIS: Islamofascist militarism is a threat to liberty everywhere. Subsidize the effort to drive them out, and organise an extensive educational system to deter others from entering their creed. China: We have to pressure the Chinese to not manipulate currency, and to discourage expansion, but not in a way that will create a trade war. EU: The recent Article 13 fiasco has proven the EU to be a bureaucratic nightmare. However, ensure that Britain gets a fair deal in their ongoing secession dialogue. NATO/Allies: Strengthen our alliances within NATO. North Korea: We do NOT want a nuclear holocaust on our hands. Push for a SALT-style disarmament treaty. Iran: We still need further information on the Iranian nuclear program before we consider any sort of measures. UN: Maintain presence. They have their headquarters on our turf, after all. Besides, they were an after-effect of World War II, so I say it's largely thanks to them that we haven't had a World War III yet. Israel: Create a homeland out of some of Syria or Egypt's land (if they're willing), rearranging Israeli land on their border, to settle the Palestinian problem. Reduce financial aid until that happens. Trade Deals: Fair, free trade for all.
  24. Wiw

    Is Democratic party becoming too liberal?

    I don't see what the issue is with being liberal.