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  1. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    McKnight: Our agriculture's good. If we can, we'll introduce more crops and materiel so we don't have to rely on imports so much.
  2. Jones won

    Why, this could prove a very fortunate turn of events....
  3. Are you having a laugh?
  4. Net Neutrality

    Then what are we supposed to do - give up our liberties?
  5. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    OOC: Yep, that's about the size of it!
  6. Net Neutrality

    People! If the FCC goes through with this you will lose your internet. All of it! Give them this message: we want our internet - if not, it's all-out war, we riot on the streets!
  7. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    McKnight: The McKnight Party is the only one that can restore our national pride and establish order. Our chief concern is defending the privacy of our citizens under all circumstances and standing up to those who mean to destabilise us. Our government will run the military, the police, and the courts - I will take care of the rest, cut out the middleman, all that. There will be no corporate influence, because my corporation is the ONLY corporation. And let me tell you: we have no bias!
  8. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    McKnight: I wouldn't be too sure. Give him enough time, he'll repeal the 22nd Amendment, and - well, don't say I didn't warn you! Oh don't worry... you'll get autonomy under me - just not from government subsidiaries.
  9. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    McKnight: America is led by a tinpot dictator that threatens our way of life! I would disavow any relation this base has to his administration. And if he tries to influence us, we'll go to war! We'll overthrow him! We'll smash them all!!!! We don't gotta take what they throw at us, never did and never will. We'll run the station from unaffiliated associates, I know a few. (pause) Much of NASA trusts me. The Democrats trust me, because I used to be one of them. Any scientist who does not have faith in me, well, they won't be sitting at my table. And I will find more to break you free of your chains...
  10. UK RP Poll

    Well if it's to be 2017, I'll form my own party.
  11. Al Franken Resigns

    In short, open revolt and exile is the only hope for change?
  12. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    McKnight: Ladies and gentlemen, when you dabble in nuclear physics like I have, you learn a thing or two about the way the world works. For starters, democracy has failed us all once too often. That capitalist swine up there [on Earth], I never liked him, I never trusted him. For all I know he had his powers set up and had us all wrapped around his fingers. But that's history. I'm here, he's not. I can give you much more scope for your needs and aspirations than he ever could! All I need... is a regime with broad powers.
  13. Disgusting Manipulation

    Even I wouldn't do a thing like that! (Accuse Sanders of assault, that is.)
  14. Al Franken Resigns

    That may be difficult, considering they're crippling the economy to their favour.
  15. Al Franken Resigns

    Why not? That's clearly what is happening.
  16. 1988 Roleplay

    Hall withdraws from the campaign due to lack of party funds.
  17. Al Franken Resigns

    The US government means to destroy us all!
  18. Name: Lance McKnight (I'm likely the only one who'll get the reference) Biological Sex: Male Age: 42 Type of Researcher: Nuclear Physicist Political Affiliation: Independent
  19. Al Franken Resigns

    You'd think he would by now, being the tyrant he is!
  20. Trump jerusalem decision

    That's the key word - we're going back to the Bush days!
  21. Net Neutrality

    Our freedom and liberties were safer under GWB than they are right now under Trump. And he was the one who put the Patriot Act into motion!
  22. 1988 Roleplay

    Hall outlines campaign platform in New Hampshire "I believe in free essential services for all - that includes water, electricity, and healthcare. The corporates who own these services are corrupt institutions that only perpetuate oppression. Their lies and manipulations must be stopped!" The crowd cheers. "The Republicans are the biggest obstacle to the proletarian revolution, and must be destroyed! Communism is the way to a prosperous and just future for the United States! True democracy can only be achieved through a proletarian state; Reagan's regime was a tool of the wealthy!" The crowd cheers. "Furthermore, I guarantee, if elected, that a massive socialist project will be developed to nationalize the means of production and empower American workers. From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. For the Union!"
  23. Net Neutrality

    Right, well that's it, the nation is being run by anarchists.
  24. 1988 Roleplay

    Gus Hall enters campaign with a speech in his home state of Minnesota "For many years now I've lived among you as a fellow comrade. Four of those years America has lived under the oppression of President Reagan and the Republican Party. As I made clear in the last four elections, I refuse to stand idly by and watch as you stumble into the madness of a future ruled by capitalism. With the recent affairs in the Soviet Union, it is more than ever necessary that we make peace with our Russian comrades. And so I've come to a decision. Effective today, I am running for the fifth time for President of the United States."