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  1. Oh... I read a bit of yesterday's Guardian Journal at the public library this afternoon. Apparently Macron's just as right-wing as the rest of 'em. I know, I was shocked!
  2. RIP Barbara Bush

    That's a shame, she seemed like the nice sort. Still, 92's not that bad an age...
  3. Updated 2020 Election is Here

    I think we all know that'll never happen.
  4. Anarchy in the USA! Scenario

    Thanks for playing it! I wanted to make some kind of political satire, and I had a lot to go on. The scenario itself went through several incarnations too.
  5. Online Privacy regulations

    Like you even have to ask?
  6. Cohen Raid

    Oh God, there's going to be a war with China on top of everything?!
  7. Cohen Raid

    It doesn't look like Mueller will be around for much longer at this rate!
  8. Zuckerberg and Facebook

    Oh, that's just great.
  9. Nefarious President Poll

    Alright, they're both as bad as each other.
  10. Thank you gun control lobby.

    Aaaaaaaaaaand Presidentinsertname comes in to piss on the parade as expected! I knew it was too good to be true!
  11. Nefarious President Poll

    While Trump is the weakest integrity and most scandalous, I wouldn't exactly say he's as corrupt as GWB was.
  12. Zuckerberg and Facebook

    I'm sorry, what'd they do now?
  13. Wtf

    Alright, I'll try to curb it as much as I can.
  14. Wtf

    I can put up with a lot, but I won't stand for veiled insults against my country. Not that I'm nationalist, but it is a personal thing.
  15. 2020 Playthrough

    If that was necessary, I'd get someone else to do it for me.
  16. 2020 Playthrough

    There's no way he can be stopped, no way, no how! The only way to avoid it is a coup d'etat!
  17. Wtf

    Besides the fact that he gets his stories from a fascist website, I think he's just looking for reasons to hate the UK! That's not on, at least we've got gun control!
  18. List of 2020 Election Scenario Events

    Next thing you know, he'll have repealed the 22nd Amendment and created a dictatorship!
  19. Wtf

    Oh wow, and some people wonder why I continue to attack you publicly every opportunity I can? This attitude of yours is disgusting! You think I'm going to stand for your xenophobia, from you OR your... Nazi... scumbag friends?!
  20. North Korea war

    I'm willing to bet he's turning the other cheek, as it were. Had a change of heart.
  21. North Korea war

    What are you trying to do, make us all sick with worry? Your attitude and behaviour have been terrible!
  22. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    You don't understand anything, man. Keep your STUPID comments in your pocket!
  23. You'd think someone would, when schools are up in arms about it! February 14, 2018, seventeen teenagers are gunned down in a building meant for education. What's the government doing about it, and all the other gun-related incidents? Nothing, not a thing, because they cling so dearly to their Second Amendment. Well, from a country that actually HAS gun control, I don't like it. I don't like your policy and I don't like no-win situations. Especially situations that innocent citizens are getting butchered in. Don't you want to stop this madness? Don't you care about what's happening over there? Because I do, I care a lot! Someone wrote an essay on the issue that sums it up a lot better than I can. http://archiveofourown.org/works/13861056 Of course, this being a totalitarian leadership, I don't expect much to change.
  24. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    I thought you said the country wasn't under tyranny?
  25. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    I've had enough of this! Just repeal the Second Amendment!