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  1. This is our inheritance: a world destroyed by greed, spite and apathy. I look at the future and see global warming, WWIII, unemployement, political unstability, poison in everything we eat, the earth and animals dying all around us! You know if you ask someone in the 50s how they imagine the future would be? The war hadn’t been over for long and yet it was all positive with like peace and flying cars and such. You don't get that nowadays; we all know we're doomed, and worse, nobody cares!
  2. Well... I mean, China are trying, for what it's worth. They're phasing out single-use plastics.
  3. The Doomsday Clock has been set to 1 2/3 minutes to midnight - the closest to midnight it's ever been. Increasingly likely threats of nuclear war, the end of the INF Treaty, increased tensions between the US and Iran, and no real attempt to combat climate change. Granted, it's not a massive step, but action must be taken now!
  4. I... don't recall ever seeing that option.
  5. Yeah - why give him an excuse to start WWIII?
  6. Well I know about that! But he'll very likely create a situation which will necessitate the use of nuclear weapons!
  7. Oh what, wasn't the Impeached's blatant strike on Iranraq not enough to convince you he's a cruel despotic warlord? One more rumble like that and the missiles are gonna start flying!
  8. It'll be a sham and a farce. The House will get the shaft from the Senate - provided they don't get incinerated in a nuclear war first!
  9. Please tell me there's at least ONE person running against him.
  10. It could work. I admit I'm not big on the prequels, but I guess we could put something together.
  11. Finally, a Star Wars based election! (Of course, I too would love to see an Old Republic scenario.) Although, I think you have the left- and right-wings of the issues the wrong way round, if you know what I mean. Is there a reason for that? Also, the Des Moines Register is still an endorser for some reason.
  12. I agree, even our elections in the UK have more oomph in them. With the US, one side wins, the other loses - that's it.
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