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  1. Wiw


    You know what, never mind, forget I mentioned it.
  2. Wiw


    Never mind, forget I mentioned it.
  3. Wiw

    Convince Me!

    Quite simple. It's good PR, and it makes the owner a nice wad of money.
  4. Wiw


    Well, we're all friends here...
  5. Wiw

    I'm not dead

    Well I hope you're right!
  6. Wiw


    Something is very wrong here. According to my sources, Corbyn had spoken with the PLO and Hamas in the interests of peace and aid to the Palestinians, not supporting terrorism or being anti-Semitic. Besides, wasn't he campaigning all his life against racism?
  7. Wiw

    The US and carbon emissions

    Really? I'm under the impression that the US is doing the most carbon emissions. Would any other source corroborate this?
  8. I keep asking myself that question, but I don't know the answer.
  9. Wiw

    Personal 2020 Election Play by Play

    I don't see how the two events relate.
  10. Wiw

    A Nightmare Scenario

    I'd have to flee the country.
  11. Wiw

    Total anxiety.

    No, it definitely is. Fascism is taking over, it even got James Gunn fired for things he said long ago! At this point I think to continue searching for solutions to the world's problems are in vain. The madmen are pressing ahead with their insane dreams.
  12. Where's the New California Republic?
  13. Wiw

    Trump and Obama by the Numbers

    Nice to see that employment and GDP is up. Of course, I'm sure Big D had nothing to do with it.
  14. Wiw

    Are you renewing your PI subscription?

    Subscription? Is that such a good idea?
  15. Wiw

    I fear for Americas future as a free country

    Now you see, anyone who calls the BBC or Reuters "fake news" is clearly a power-mad conspirator. Which rather explains a lot! (Now, where does The Sun fall on that chart?)