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  1. Well... I think he'd have lost control of the codes before it got to that point.
  2. ...you really think he would initiate a nuclear holocaust if he loses in 2020?
  3. Economics : D- Foreign Policy : F Social Issues: F- Overall: F The fact alone that he restarted the arms race makes it worse!
  4. Even without that, I'm convinced he's sold out humanity's future.
  5. In fact, I truly believe that Trump will cheat again. And again. And again. He'll have repealed term limits by then, I'm sure, and declared himself dictator-for-life. You know he'd like to, and he'll certainly try!
  6. Finally, something we agree on!
  7. If Pence becomes President, I guarantee that the events of Rumsfeldia will become a reality.
  8. He'll win again, I guarantee it!
  9. Wiw

    Rating John McCain

    Well, as far as I can see, McCain did possess great pragmatism; he knew where to draw the line. He might've had a chance at the Presidency if he hadn't picked Palin as his VP, given how unpopular she is.
  10. What, so you can have a theocratic dictatorship? No sir.
  11. Enough of this! BOTH of you are being toxic right now!
  12. I've updated some of my answers.
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