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  1. Only in the US can the leader have senile dementia!
  2. Great, he's just handed the election to Trump twice over.
  3. Then why would he, for example, say he'd nuke a hurricane, of all things?
  4. Look, point is, NOTHING can stop him from launching nukes! And anyone who tries gets forcibly removed!
  5. Since that will never happen, a coup d'etat is the only viable solution.
  6. Look, I'm sure he was being speaking figuratively when he said that. Now, let's go the other way, shall we? So, you're going to trust the security of the world with a man who's actively provoking a war with China?
  7. Well, yeah, I have some of that, but it doesn't make me feel secure.
  8. So what, you're going to trust it with a man who's actively provoking a war with China!?
  9. Wiw

    The Trump Hail Mary

    It can't go wrong - you just have to BREATHE on someone and they're infected!
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