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  1. That's fair. To be frank, your cynicism was getting me down. 😕
  2. Wiw


    Holy crap, I didn't think they'd do it! But this is far from over yet!
  3. Wiw

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    What I'd like is to place text on the map with the mouse, rather than having to type in the coordinates.
  4. Wiw

    Trump Forum Approval Poll (May 2018)

    Why on earth would trying to start a nuclear war earn you a Nobel Peace Prize?! Blow that!
  5. Wiw

    Forum Political Compass

    You know, I thought I'd be further left than what I got.
  6. Oh... I read a bit of yesterday's Guardian Journal at the public library this afternoon. Apparently Macron's just as right-wing as the rest of 'em. I know, I was shocked!
  7. Wiw

    RIP Barbara Bush

    That's a shame, she seemed like the nice sort. Still, 92's not that bad an age...
  8. Wiw

    Updated 2020 Election is Here

    I think we all know that'll never happen.
  9. Wiw

    Anarchy in the USA! Scenario

    Thanks for playing it! I wanted to make some kind of political satire, and I had a lot to go on. The scenario itself went through several incarnations too.
  10. Wiw

    Online Privacy regulations

    Like you even have to ask?
  11. Wiw

    Cohen Raid

    Oh God, there's going to be a war with China on top of everything?!
  12. Wiw

    Cohen Raid

    It doesn't look like Mueller will be around for much longer at this rate!
  13. Wiw

    Zuckerberg and Facebook

    Oh, that's just great.
  14. Wiw

    Nefarious President Poll

    Alright, they're both as bad as each other.