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  1. So this is what we end on? A theocratic dictatorship?
  2. Feature You'd Most Like to See

    What I'd like to see is favoured positions for VPs, like endorsers.
  3. Catalonia Independence Referendum

    I fully anticipate a civil war before next week.
  4. Trump Forum Approval Poll (October 2017)

    Ok, I'm now convinced he'll start a nuclear war before Christmas. I can't believe we're living in this nightmare.
  5. Catalan Independence Referendum 2017

    Is this even a legal referendum?
  6. The King of Spain talks.

    Oh, this could be bad...
  7. 1968 freezes before election night

    When will that be?
  8. 2020 Playthrough

  9. 2020 Playthrough

    That I'd be open to.
  10. Anthem Protests

    ...NFL anthems?
  11. 2020 Playthrough

    I say "go Warren, go!"
  12. Donald Trump Forum Approval Poll (September)

    I was rather hoping that was the case.
  13. 1968 freezes before election night

    You know, I've completely forgotten. I don't think it really matters, it just froze as soon as it got to election night.