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  1. North Korea war

    I'm willing to bet he's turning the other cheek, as it were. Had a change of heart.
  2. North Korea war

    What are you trying to do, make us all sick with worry? Your attitude and behaviour have been terrible!
  3. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    You don't understand anything, man. Keep your STUPID comments in your pocket!
  4. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    I thought you said the country wasn't under tyranny?
  5. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    I've had enough of this! Just repeal the Second Amendment!
  6. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    Are we not picking this up again?
  7. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    Well ok, I'll give you that. But this time I'm not blaming Trump, I'm blaming the rest of the government for not taking it seriously. We all knew the score, and most of them weren't interested!
  8. You'd think someone would, when schools are up in arms about it! February 14, 2018, seventeen teenagers are gunned down in a building meant for education. What's the government doing about it, and all the other gun-related incidents? Nothing, not a thing, because they cling so dearly to their Second Amendment. Well, from a country that actually HAS gun control, I don't like it. I don't like your policy and I don't like no-win situations. Especially situations that innocent citizens are getting butchered in. Don't you want to stop this madness? Don't you care about what's happening over there? Because I do, I care a lot! Someone wrote an essay on the issue that sums it up a lot better than I can. http://archiveofourown.org/works/13861056 Of course, this being a totalitarian leadership, I don't expect much to change.
  9. Calling for someone to bug fix a lost election game.

    Why not ask the creator himself?
  10. Net Neutrality

  11. Political Party BOARD Game

    To be honest, I don't know. They pretty much work on similar principles.
  12. Which of these states will elect a Republican senator in 2018?

    Yeah - but who's going to organise it?
  13. Political Party BOARD Game

  14. Political Party BOARD Game

    I might be able to fashion a VASSAL module of this.
  15. Which of these states will elect a Republican senator in 2018?

    Based on observations, I can tell you right now that TX, UT, WY, NE, TN and MS are safe Republican spots. At the moment, Arizona and Nevada are still up in the air as to whether they'll elect a Republican senator or not.