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  1. An Electoral History of the United States of America

    This would be cool. What do you think about Torres @NYrepublican (also those obviously aren't photos of Jones and Torres in the 2050's and 60's, I assume they'll age at some point in the next half-century)
  2. An Electoral History of the United States of America

    @Reagan04 I'm using a picture of Mike Rogers (R-AL, 3rd district) for you in the Presidential gallery. If you have a different photo you'd like, let me know.
  3. An Electoral History of the United States of America

    Epilogue, Part Four: Beyond Bennett (this is so far into the future that I really can only speculate on what the policy issues of the day were. Thus, I'll be general.) Vice President Fischer and his running mate, Michigan Governor Jewell Jones, easily won the 2044 Presidential election against Sen. Tagg Romney and Gov. George P. Bush. His administration was successful in reinforcing the progressive policies of President Bennett and introducing a few on his own. He emphasized nuclear disarmament, environmental conservation, and fiscal responsibility. In 2048, America hadn't had a conservative President since 2021 (1989 if you don't consider President LePage conservative). Fischer was popular, but America was ready for a change. Fischer netted 42% of the vote, paleoconservative Alabama Senator Jacob Taylor got 37%, and moderate Sen. Mia Love ran an independent bid, getting 21% of the vote. Taylor narrowly won the Electoral College, however, as centrists left Fischer for Love, which caused a lot of vote splitting in what had previously been solidly Democratic states. Taylor was not terribly popular, and there were mass demonstrations from minority groups across the nation for the entirety of his term. He was not able to get much passed through Congress, choosing instead to rule by executive order. Republicans lost big in the midterms, rendering him a lame duck for the rest of his term. Fischer/Jones came back and handily beat Taylor and his running mate, VP Bob Dole. Their second term was mildly popular, enough for Jones to win two terms of his own afterwards. So I guess that's it. FIN
  4. An Electoral History of the United States of America

    Here, the US and the USSR (which still exists, it's like IRL China) never ended the space race. The government broke ground on a lunar base in 1985 and finished in 1987. By 2017, there are a few thousand permanent residents on the Moon (almost all government scientists, though private scientists were allowed a few years ago) and the first manned mission to Mars happened in 1999. The first human settlement on Mars was finished in 2013. And yes, there is the understanding that the Pluto mission would be one-way. Even after 80 years of a high NASA budget there's no way to put enough fuel on a spaceship for a return mission from Pluto. In the 2100s and beyond (which I'm not going to do) I assume there could be refueling stations on various celestial bodies throughout the solar system but that's far in the future. Oh this doesn't look great anymore ick Mine too, I'm not crazy about Emanuel. He seems to have his priorities out of whack.
  5. An Electoral History of the United States of America

    Yes, and the idea for Chance the President from this recent-ish Ebony cover story: I don't expect him to actually become President but people are trying to get him to run for mayor of Chicago in 2019. Again, I doubt he'd even run for that but I guess we'll see.
  6. Sessions is finally doing his job.

    IIRC, only the President had the power to stop it, so even if Secretary Clinton decided to vote against it, it still would have gone into effect.
  7. 1988 Roleplay

    I'm reading occasionally. Rooting for Ferraro/Gore vs Thurmond/Robertson
  8. Historical Scenario Commission Election Updates!

    2008 is the first I remember any of, 2012 is the first one I had any opinions on, and 2016 was the first I truly cared about and invested myself in. I clearly remember my mom telling 8-year-old me during the 2008 Democratic primaries that the next President would either be a woman or an African-American man; even though she was a Republican (who eventually, I recently found out, voted for Obama), she had little faith in McCain, it would seem. I remember thinking that comment was cool. As a kid, I felt the same way about Obama that you seem to have felt about Jesse Jackson (who I think would have been a good President too). He was a very good speaker and had the "cool" factor due to his youth. This appealed to me even as a child who didn't care about politics.
  9. I smell bullshit

    No, my point still stands. Ever heard of Occam's Razor? That's generally how I approach things, including this matter.
  10. I smell bullshit

    Ah I did mix it up, but that reinforces my point that ideology has nothing to do with the claims of sexual assault. Corfman is a Republican who voted from Trump.
  11. An Electoral History of the United States of America

    Epilogue, Part Three: Take a Chance, America! Tom Cotton, the Vice President of the United States, was a hawkish conservative hardliner who was ideologically very different from President Stefanik. He was also much less popular. Nevertheless, the GOP nominated him for the Presidency and Sen. Justin Amash for the Vice Presidency. The Democratic primary was crowded, but whittled down to experienced ex-musician Chancelor Bennett (known as "Chance the Rapper" until 2019) and Maryland Governor Bruce Fischer. Bennett started off as a candidate in the 2019 Chicago mayoral election, as he had become extremely distressed with the actions of then-mayor Rahm Emanuel and his fanbase convinced him to run. Bennett won that election and instituted police and education reform in the city. After leaving office in 2023, having not run for reelection and not planning to run for any other office, he was convinced to run in the 2024 election for US House (IL-1) as a Democrat. He ousted Rep. Bobby Rush easily in the primary, and ran unopposed in the general election. Rep. Bennett was unsatisfied with the legislative branch, and did not seek reelection in 2026 (Rep. Rush came back and won that election). Instead, he ran for Governor of Illinois, and won. He focused on uncontroversial issues like education when possible, and, being widely popular, won reelection in 2030. He was courted by the DNC for both the Presidency and Vice Presidency in 2028 and 2032, but declined. Instead, he decided to run in 2036. Fischer started out as an election judge for the 2018 midterms, when he was just 18. Then, after graduating from UMD in 2021, he ran for Mary Ann Lisanti's seat (she was vacating to run for Congress) in the MD House of Delegates, and, with her endorsement, won. He served a term there, and then won the 2026 election for the Harford County Executive's office. After a term there, he ran for and won the 2030 governor's race, becoming the youngest governor in Maryland's history. After winning reelection in 2034, he decided to run for President in 2036 as a solid liberal in the strain of the Kennedy Presidents. Bennett and Fischer virtually tied the primaries, and Bennett won at the convention and chose Fischer as his running mate. The two beat Cotton and Amash in the general election, narrowly. Bennett/Fischer: 50.1%, 289 EVs Cotton/Amash 49.5%, 257 EVs Others: 0.4% President Bennett immediately went to work enacting more stringent regulations on the use of automated labor, and also raised the "robot tax" and used the extra revenue to create a universal basic income for all Americans making less than $100,000 each year. The unemployment rate dropped to 27% and stayed there, which became the new standard for low unemployment. Bennett also got Congress to pass tuition-free college at public colleges and universities, which had long been a pipe-dream of liberals, but President Franken, in his words, "forgot to do that during my term, but it's great that Bennett's doing it." Recreational marijuana became legalized in 48 of the 51 states (only Alabama, Mississippi, and Wyoming restricted to merely medical marijuana), and so Congress passed a law recognizing these laws and made it legal nationally (which had been the de facto policy during the terms of Presidents Franken and Stefanik, but not de jure) Bennett was reelected in a landslide against Sens. Justin Amash (R-MI, former) and Mia Love (R-UT). Bennett/Fischer: 68.2%, 464 EVs Amash/Love: 29.3%, 82 EVs Others: 2.5% Bennett's second term saw the establishment of the first non-government settlement on Mars, the establishment of laboratories on Ceres, Io, and Titan, and the first manned mission to Pluto. Bennett 2041 budget saw the first time defense spending had gone below $200B (in real-life 2017 dollars) in as long as anyone could remember; Bennett pledged to pour all that money into social services and education, which he did. Bennett left office incredibly popular, which may have rubbed off on his VP... (while I like Chance's music I don't expect this to happen, obviously. If he decides to hit me up for VP I'd say yeah tho)
  12. Flat Earth Poll

    Um actually earth is a hyperbolic paraboloid. Duh. #PringleEarth
  13. I smell bullshit

    Even assuming Breitbart is telling the truth (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and she worked for the DNC, WHY WOULD SOMEONE SUPPORT A CANDIDATE WHO MOLESTED THEM? It would make sense for her to work against Moore's election if these allegations are true. If I were in that situation, I would do literally everything in my power to support Doug Jones, the DNC, whoever would keep Roy Moore out of power. And shame on you and the vast right-wing conspiracy for using the timing of these events as a reason to doubt the women. If they happened, they're extremely, extremely painful to relive. It's possible that they didn't want to come forward because they thought no one would believe them, but now that three other women have shared similar experiences they feel like they will now be believed. The women who accused Trump did not stop after the election. They feel that they've been forgotten, but are still trying to get justice. In fact, many have continued to speak up, especially after Weinstein.
  14. I smell bullshit

    I was about 95% sure that's what you meant & that you were being sarcastic but you never know these days Also is it even possible to have more than 1 purple heart? IIRC you can only have one and then you get a branch for each thing you do that would merit another. Maybe being born in both South Bend, IN, and Plains, GA simultaneously allows you to earn 2??
  15. I smell bullshit

    Both of them are verified WaPo reporters, which is different from some random #MAGA troll (even verified ones like that one guy named after the dessert)