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  1. wolves

    Independent Texas - A PMI Scenario

    That's a very interesting idea actually. My only issue when it comes to making up stuff like that is that I don't really know too much about Texas politics I'm well read but obviously a native Texan probably knows a lot more than I do about it (as to why I posted this so early, it'd be nice if I got slight help on things such as logos or information, aswell as feedback from Americans on the idea.)
  2. wolves

    Independent Texas - A PMI Scenario

    I uh, don't own CI 😓to answer that first part. I can try to edit the text files and stuff to transfer it over from a West Minister type system and I've done that before but it was a bit of a hassle. And yes I know, to be fair I'm taking inspiration of this from France as to why there's a prime minister and a president. The socialist party there aren't technically socialist but they're branded as such, the green's are a lot more left to almost every other party and I needed a name to give them cause I didn't really like the name for the greens. I'll probably go back to change that but as I said they're not socialist they're democratic socialist and they're just viewed as that due to Texas' aggression political climate.
  3. Independent Texas - A PMI Scenario In 2016, there was a scenario "series" based around the confederacy and if it remained an independent nation. It was interesting because seemingly every month we'd get a new addition that moved us another four years into the time-line and was accompanied with a long description telling us everything that had happened in between. The scenario eventually disappeared though and so did the user that made these scenarios though I have always felt inspired by it. I started making this independent Texas scenario in 2017 and I wanted to make it unique in the way that it wasn't based on house congressional districts or I wouldn't write up my own constituencies but every single county is its own independent constituency so that the map instead looks a lot more appealing. There's also 254 counties in Texas which would most likely work out well in a parliament/legislative chamber alongside the inner city seats I'm gonna add. My issue as of right now is the backstory, I want to kind of make it start around either Clinton's win in the 2016 election (as it would be fun to make an independence referendum) or I'll just go from where it was supposed to succeed into the United States as that will give me a bigger playing field. Either way I'm gonna have a lot to figure out to make it seem atleast slightly coherent and as of right now I'm going with the Clinton backstory as it allows me to use figures relevant to right now. I hope to release the Texas Legislative Elections and Presidential elections aside each other. The Presidential elections this time around are one round only but that may change due to the third parties at play so we'll just have to see what the parliament does. The Presidential elections take place in November 2018 while the Legislative elections are in December 2018, there's a months difference (its alike France) so whoever wins the presidential election gets a huge surge of momentum coming into the legislative! Parties - Texas Conservative Party - A continuation of the traditional Republican Party, a lot of the politicians within the party are remnants of the Republican Party that decided to accept the Democratic vote of the Texan people (who voted by a 0.3% margin to succeed Texas from the union.) They currently control every part of government including the presidency and assembly, which they have a super majority in. Governor Greg Abbott who was able to guide the state through its independence which it still hasn't fully rectified is a favorite in the polls, mainly due to his splendid handling of the situation and his attempts to bring in support from the people who voted to remain in the union through his constant attempts to keep Texas within the American sphere. Former senator John Cornyn is the parliamentary leader and Abbott's "prime minister", someone who campaigned against leaving the union (as did most Texan politicians), he has often made the transition period stressful and nearly faced a leadership battle but it simmered down quickly. The Conservatives go into the presidential election expecting a landslide though they may get snuffed out in the legislative if they are pushed below a majority by other right wing third parties. Texan Democratic Party - A continuation of the traditional Democratic Party, even in name. Lots of Democrats refuse to accept the result and campaign on a possible second referendum though the house leadership doesn't condemn or endorse these views. They currently are the largest second party and are expected to pick up a large amount of seats in the inner-cities and southern Texas. The party leader currently is former San Antonio major Julian Castro, someone who said that he would consider running in 2020 if Trump had won the presidency. Originally considering a run for the presidency of Texas, Castro instead opted to run for the leadership of the Texan Democratic Party, mainly because of polling suggesting he would have no chance against Abbott and Democratic party leadership telling Abbott he would give the Democrats a strong-hold in San Antonio, generally a swing-city, in the legislatives, alongside with much of El Paso. The party currently doesn't have a candidate for the presidential race, mainly because its an ongoing primary full of a field of candidates that they are not currently focusing on. They are going into the legislative elections with polls balancing out and they party catching up as urbanites and cities are becoming more democratic and demographic changes are leaving the nation a lot more liberal and left wing. Reunification Party - The "dark horse" and a split from the Conservative Party, they currently hold no seats in the parliament due to being a new party though they are readying up for a competitive election which could see them being them being the tie-breaker in the assembly. Party leader, George P. Bush, son of Jeb Bush and nephew of United States president George Bush, leads the party and has said that he would be okay forming a coalition with the Democrats under the condition they would act as an obstructionist and work towards a second referendum, the same conditions for Conservatives aside from being an obstructionist government. Bush has faced a lot of backlash from Texit voters for his hatred of "democracy" in their words, though Bush has said himself the vote wasn't democratic due to what he calls "outsider influence" and "ignorance." Texas Libertarian Party - A remainder of the right wing and freedom principles of a previously very red state, the Texas Libertarian party isn't seen in a bad way and is only looked down upon due to its inviability when it comes to the election, with a few irrelevant seats acknowledging them that would have previously not been tossups. This has led to the leadership of the Conservatives party attempting to caucus with the Libertarian party in hopes that following the election they will have their support, though due to the Libertarian party's support for a free Texas and the "people's vote", it has been a long and straining process that seems to have no end and will only get worse if the Conservatives need both the Libertarians AND the Reunification party. Socialist Party - Led from the former Green party, the Texan Socialists are democratic socialist in policy, though if you were to believe the media and the Texan Fox News, they're socialist. They're seen as irrelevant, not viable and will pick up no seats, if anything they will split the vote with the Democrats in some places though they're not seen as a threat. As of right now I'm working on the legislative and the presidential hasn't even crossed my mind. Sadly, due to the fact primaries are not popular vote, I'll try to make individual scenarios as primaries (that are optional, I'll also add primaries within the main presidential scenario.) I'm hoping the legislative will be done by hopefully next month because I'm giving myself a lot to do with planning out these constituencies individually. Hopefully I'll have this all done by the start of 2019 and all the links in this thread. The state will also be split into 4 or 5 (haven't solidly figured this out yet) provinces that will themselves have elections alike a governorship. I also wanna do mayoral elections. All of this is just plans for the future. I hope you're looking forward to it and anyone who knows Texan politics more than me please add some info or recommendations in the replies.
  4. wolves

    My Initial Midterm Reactions

    Yes. I mean that entirely. I'm not saying felons shouldn't vote. I'm saying the opposite. The USA's legal system is built on money and trying to attain more of it, they don't care about anything but that.
  5. wolves

    My Initial Midterm Reactions

    I actually was hoping Gillum would win so that in 5-10 years time we could see him running possibly for president, a younger less radical version of Sanders. Very sad but hopefully he goes for senate next time with the felons being able to vote
  6. wolves

    Your Senate 2018 predictions (Relates to CI :) )

    Republicans pick up one, maybe two in the senate. Probably in Missouri, ND or Florida. Nevada is a possibility too but I see them losing that by 4% cause of latino turnout. House solidly goes to democrats and Republicans have a strong showing in the gov races as per usual
  7. They're trying to create the narrative that Bolsonaro did something corrupt using the messaging service Whatsapp. I don't support him but it doesn't take an idiot to see this is the oppositions attempt to create a narrative where Bolsonaro is the corrupt one and Haddad is the innocent one who did nothing wrong and his party weren't involved in one of the largest political scandals in Brazilian history just two years ago. It's not working though, Bolso is up 7% in the recent second round poll and is expecting a sweep. Luckily for me I'm not Brazilian. Also lucky for me I get to watch total chaos unfold without actually being affected by it.
  8. Yep, and it seems to be better for him in the second round too. Brazil legitimately could have a very very far right leader
  9. First post-stabbing poll puts Bolsonaro up 8% from before
  10. Usually stuff like this are surprises that sway undecideds to the populists camp. He's also always head in first round polling he just needs that extra bit of support.
  11. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-45451473 Welp. He's definitely gonna win now.
  12. wolves

    Beto O'Rourke

    gonna be interesting, democrats have an issue with turnout though
  13. wolves

    Top Three

    I don't disagree at all. That's why I'm only really tracking two elections this cycle. There's nothing really interesting about a two party system with candidates who aren't really that different from each other when it comes to governing.
  14. wolves

    Top Three

    We sadly don't have devolution on a large scale in a state like system in the UK (despite Blair's attempts in the early 2000s) so theres not much I can vote on..
  15. wolves

    Top Three

    FL-Sen - Even though the governor race seems a lot more interesting in terms of setting milestones and pushing boundaries, the senate race is going to be amazing to watch. Trump popularity there is actually still decent which favors Scott, plus Scott ended his term with gun control reform which was perceived greatly and hes a popular governor. That being said, Bill Nelson has held that seat since 2001 so clearly Scott's name holds a lot more weight than I personally thought it did for it to be 50-50. Tex-Sen - I don't know how to feeeel about this one. Though I find myself moving more and more left wing ECONOMICALLY, I still adore Cruz's social policies. I feel like O'Rourke is definitely a great public speaker but I can't support him, doesn't feel real to me. Gonna be fun to watch though, Republicans on this forum probably hoping it ends up like the Kentucky race in 2014 where McConnell was barely leading in polls before securing a 10%+ lead. Ma-Gov - I just wanna see the margin Baker wins. lol