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  1. First post-stabbing poll puts Bolsonaro up 8% from before
  2. Usually stuff like this are surprises that sway undecideds to the populists camp. He's also always head in first round polling he just needs that extra bit of support.
  3. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-45451473 Welp. He's definitely gonna win now.
  4. wolves

    Beto O'Rourke

    gonna be interesting, democrats have an issue with turnout though
  5. wolves

    Top Three

    I don't disagree at all. That's why I'm only really tracking two elections this cycle. There's nothing really interesting about a two party system with candidates who aren't really that different from each other when it comes to governing.
  6. wolves

    Top Three

    We sadly don't have devolution on a large scale in a state like system in the UK (despite Blair's attempts in the early 2000s) so theres not much I can vote on..
  7. wolves

    Top Three

    FL-Sen - Even though the governor race seems a lot more interesting in terms of setting milestones and pushing boundaries, the senate race is going to be amazing to watch. Trump popularity there is actually still decent which favors Scott, plus Scott ended his term with gun control reform which was perceived greatly and hes a popular governor. That being said, Bill Nelson has held that seat since 2001 so clearly Scott's name holds a lot more weight than I personally thought it did for it to be 50-50. Tex-Sen - I don't know how to feeeel about this one. Though I find myself moving more and more left wing ECONOMICALLY, I still adore Cruz's social policies. I feel like O'Rourke is definitely a great public speaker but I can't support him, doesn't feel real to me. Gonna be fun to watch though, Republicans on this forum probably hoping it ends up like the Kentucky race in 2014 where McConnell was barely leading in polls before securing a 10%+ lead. Ma-Gov - I just wanna see the margin Baker wins. lol
  8. wolves

    PM USA - Massachusetts State Election 2002

    I left John Kerry out of the picture entirely. I mainly focused on people who were lauded to run for governor between the late 90s and the early 2000s. I originally had the Liberals and Labour in a coalition but this seems like it makes a lot more sense due to the fact that the Conservatives in New England states would be more liberal. This actually makes the scenario a lot easier because I've tried to be (somewhat) realistic with the seat count so I do find myself losing a majority of the time with the Conservatives unless I pile billboards ads which I'm considering etting rid of through editing the text documents cause of that. I'll have a read through your timeline shortly. Hoping you like the scenario enough to let me make ones for other states such as California. (I was originally just going to go ahead with my own canon but I enjoyed how much effort you put into yours.) FYI, I called this a "state election" cause I noticed thats what Australia does and they run a system similar to Canada in terms of devolution. I did realize in your original scenario you labelled the constituencies as "ridings" akin to what Canada does. I was just wondering if the states are now referred to as provinces alike Canada or am I using the right terminology? (May be a useless question but I'm just hoping I get this 100% right.)
  9. (I hope this doesn't anger @RI Democrat, especially as I've done a good 50% of this already and its taken me atleast 5 hours. I doubt he cares very much but it'd be nice if he wants to pick up the scenario again.) This scenario is basically an expansion on RI Democrat's Prime Minister USA, a sadly unfinished but very ambitious scenario that has a bit of alternative history added in (obviously) where the USA takes a similar path to Canada in that it is a Westminister democracy with a Lieutenant Governor. The idea is based around the 2002 gubernatorial election in Massachusetts where Mitt Romney becomes the premier in the State following a very contested state election. In RI Democrat's scenario there's a split between the left wing with a more centrist liberal party and a more traditionally left wing with centre-left tendencies in the Labour Party (a bit like Ed Miliband era Labour Party) and as such it was much harder for me to create a specific backstory for this scenario because figures like John Kerry (who is an MP in this story and goes on to lead the Liberal party) and the Kennedy's are huge forces within the Commonwealth so the Liberals can't be written off of course. I'd really like RI Democrat's assistance so I can help realize the alternative history story he was originally preparing to create using the 270soft engine. (This is kind of why I've picked something not referenced in the 2008 scenario. I do have something written but it may need expanding.) It's around 50% complete, I have a few regions left to complete but it's at a pretty fast pace and should be around 80-100 seats after all the regions are complete. I have done all the flags, parties and leaders (unless I want to add more later) and I need to finish issues (as is usual.) Debates and endorsers too but that shouldn't take very long at all. I should have it done by tomorrow OR the day after unless RI Democrat wants to give some output. I'm definitely not a New England politics junkie so any assistance would be grand. I wanna make this a bit more expansive, on the same level as say, the Confederacy scenarios from about a year ago which chronicled atleast 50+ years.
  10. wolves

    Blue Wave vs Red Wave

    It's obvious democrats will win the house and Republicans will keep the senate (mainly because its just a good year for them in terms of seats.) I can say thats the best possible outcome for me personally, would make congress a lot more grid-locked and stop Republicans whispering in Trump's ear and manipulating his inexperience from continuing having it so easy
  11. wolves

    Blue Wave vs Red Wave

    Sitting presidents generally see their party lose seats or control. It's just something that happens. I feel like Americans have some kind of need for change all the time
  12. wolves

    France 2017 Presidential (WIP)

    I have one I created a year or ago. I'll play yours and then I'll see if my one is ahead or not then I'll give you the files to go off.
  13. wolves

    Trump and Obama by the Numbers

    I mean if he didn't make such comments he would have never been elected. He didn't really had a good start in the white house anyway with how polarized the electorate is towards him. His first two weeks iirc were full of executive orders that were actually received positively but Trump was still in the negatives for popularity. He never had a chance.
  14. wolves

    Trump and Obama by the Numbers

    Most accurate post in this thread.
  15. wolves

    Big scandal in Pennsylvania

    Good grief. Once again, we're let down by the role models within our own community. This will obviously continue to stroke hatred against Catholics.