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  1. wolves

    A Frightening Vision Just Hit Me

    Scheer is just a diet-Harper and NDP hasn't got the expected surge from Jagmeet Singh. I do think it'll be closer this time round but I wouldn't expect a Trudeau majority. I actually hope for that. I just want Scheer gone tbh. Even as someone whos more centre than anything, I can't bare the idea of that man representing what is supposed to be a centre right party.
  2. wolves

    A Frightening Vision Just Hit Me

    The Ford's are definitely worse than Trump, atleast Rob Ford was. Doug Ford is just a big mouth populist but he does have """experience."""
  3. It is a fact but it's not something to be upset about. https://uk.reuters.com/article/health-testosterone-levels-dc/mens-testosterone-levels-declined-in-last-20-years-idUKKIM16976320061031
  4. wolves

    Question for Conservative Elector 2

    LOL Just realized this was the wrong thread. Either way, I don't feel like Trump has done anything catastrophic on the same level as an Iraq war or an Iran-Contra affair
  5. Sad that I didn't finish this because I ended up joining the military and have had zero time to myself until the past 2 weeks or so because I've finally got finished with some responsibilities I had. I've lost the original files to the story as I've moved and gotten a new computer since then. I plan to make a new story written in the same format because I did enjoy how much I fleshed out the premise of this.
  6. wolves

    Question for Conservative Elector 2

    Even though I am veering more and more to the centre as time goes on, I do find myself looking at Trump in a positive light. It may be because I am foreign + enlisted in a military and facing my own troubles at home with stuff Trump seems to be handling well but he hasn't really done anything bad yet, more or less just sitting as a lame duck passing reforms that really aren't making an impact on his public reception.
  7. I was shocked when I saw that poll! Especially as his popularity is dropping again after a very recent decline. Though, comparing his popularity to past presidents, he's definitely one of the most liked in recent memory and the French are hard to please...
  8. wolves

    Some amusing stuff

    literally love this word
  9. wolves

    John F. Kennedy vs Nixon

  10. wolves

    The death of ukip.

    David Cameron was the one who affected me mainly. I can't see the appeal in the tories.
  11. wolves

    The death of ukip.

    Leader is dumb and his selections for most cabinet positions are stupid but I'd probably vote for them considerably how the Conservative party messed up my educational life and doesn't do me any favors.
  12. wolves

    General Historical Scenarios Update

    Sort of dumb to ask but it'd be interesting if a few people could get together to start releasing scenarios based on foreign elections too. I find those a lot more interesting than US ones due to the lack of availability.
  13. I'm a huge follower of french politics (though even less nowadays as I've began to lose focus and interest in politics as a whole) and Macron has begun to win me over even though I disagree with his pro-EU stance most of the time. I was following these when they occurred (which was like, exactly tonight) so I think I can offer some input or atleast I'm interested in stating my opinion in this thread. En Marche has dropped a considerable amount in both of the seats contested tonight and Les Republicains had a surge which wasn't reflective at all of current polling of Macron's popularity (which shows hes not at any means a "popular" president but its definitely stable and a drop-off like that wouldn't make much sense with the current narrative.) Looking more into it Front National's polling in both seats have dropped and you can see that the right's tactic to pick up disenfranchised FN voters who have ran after Le Pen's horrible debate performance + the failure legislatively is working. Obviously I'm no analyst but I think Macron has something to legitimately fear about in 2022, even if he wins his reelection, I don't think he'll have a majority to allow his selected Prime Minister to push an agenda through, it'd be interesting to see cohabitation but even more if no one party has a majority which (early days I know!) seems to be a possibility. (Gonna have to wait to see the second turn results for these by-elections plus the ones in March for that one I think.) I guess we'll have to wait a while to get a solid answer on this but looks interesting!
  14. wolves

    Leader of the Resistance

    If you mean like a party where theres anti-Trump, sounds nice and fun to play as, all depends on how you poll them though.
  15. wolves

    Speaker of the House in 2020 Poll

    It'd be really nice if the Republican party modernized and kept their hard-line issues on some stuff such as abortion whilst not being absolute idiots when it comes to getting elected. They need new speech writers or something because I cannot find a single thing appealing about any of them, though I could say the same about Democrats in a way.