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  1. Spot on... I also have that fear too, that he won't actually make any progress cause people don't want to work with him. I definitely think on ideas like the Green New Deal though theres a lot of dems warming up to the idea of it but also is Bernie going to be too forceful or not? Will Pelosi work well with him as the president? Who will be Bernie's VP to validate his policies? So much still up in the air...
  2. How does this necessarily go against what I said? "Bernie has been ahead in Iowa or competing with Joe in recent memory" I wasn't putting stock into it, I was just quoting it as the most recent poll.
  3. I'd opt for two round voting, it helps third parties cause "oh you wanna vote for this party? well do it! I mean what do you have to lose, the GOP and DNC are going to the second round anyway!" and then I like the system for congress and senate, people from individual states voting in the interests of their constituents, at least that's how it's supposed to work. Maybe nerf the ability to gerrymander though.
  4. Aye, if Bernie wants to get anything nationally he needs to establish himself as viable, it kind of sucks too that Warren has basically tanked herself in the last few weeks, all her supporters have all of a sudden become staunchly anti-Bernie because of this and will then progress to voting for someone far from her progressive arena cause of it when she possibly drops out. That being said, what happens in the first three states is what's crucial here to people jumping on the bandwagon, cause that makes him look more like he can beat Trump.
  5. Single poll? I'm talking about the most recent one, Bernie has been ahead in Iowa or competing with Joe in recent memory. The difference here is that in 2016, a time where Bernie lost by 0.20%, he didn't lead in a single poll, he has led consistently in many polls. And recent polls show black voters flocking away from Biden to people like Bernie and Warren, pretty sure in a recent morning consult poll, Bernie led all POC (except asian-americans which is always contested) and was only 10% behind on black voters. I think it's undeniable that momentum is picking up.
  6. That's remarkable... I remember about 3 months ago when I wrote him off entirely, Warren got her boost, was never much of a fan of her, Kamala had her boost, not a fan of her either but I'm very pro trans rights so. I don't know what has helped Bernie achieve this momentum in the past month or so, is it the fact Warren tried to pick a fight with him to leech his voters and in turn made herself look not viable? Is it Bernie's ad campaign (which is brilliant if I may say so myself) which points out that Biden is very much lost in the times, with his views on everything from healthcare to cannabis legalization being very 1980s? Either way, 7+ ahead in Iowa according to the new NY Times poll, apparently according to Nate Cohn, he leads EVEN WHEN you remove 18-25 year olds from the equation and previous caucus goers he in the lead with too, the only people he doesn't lead with, are boomers. In NH, well Biden has no chance there, if anyone has a chance of dethroning Bernie, it's Buttigeg, but he's not going to get it and if he is somehow able to pull off a win in Nevada, that's a three punch combo. That kind of momentum is ridiculous, makes him look electable and makes people want to move from Warren, Yang, Gabbard to him. What do you think this means for the rest of the race? Excited for the Iowa Caucuses?
  7. I must ask, has two round voting been expanded for PI?
  8. Just rebought the subscription, accidentally sent it to the wrong email, can you fix it for me? (sent you an email)
  9. I am an old buyer of the game from like 2015. I didn't play for a while and it moved to subscription based, I didn't end up reupping my subscription, I said I would when I got paid but life caught up as it does. Anyway, I looked at it recently and it seems to be back to being bought-only. Can I get a update of my old versions or do I need to rebuy again? I already spent $50 on 270soft products. (PMI UK, PMI Canada, PI) Question also: Did run-off/two round voting finally get fixed and are other electoral systems available yet? Havent played in a long time as I said.
  10. Silly. Ridiculous, why is he doing this? Run for senate Beto. Your home state needs you. You clearly care about El Paso enough and you want to heal whats happening at home, what is this going to do? Start small and then run for president again in a few years if you're really in it to help people cause you're not going to win in the DNC primaries and another Trump supporting GOP senator is still senator.
  11. Great. Got little time to speak last debate but did well, maybe the bump wasn't really there but he's qualified so can we really complain? Roll on September!!!
  12. I'm going to tell you right now, no one has an answer to this question until the first debate. The smaller candidates haven't had the chance to refine themselves to the broader public and the big two (Biden and Sanders) are both just hanging onto their strength in the base that they have accumulated over the years, I'm surprised Biden is still doing so well considering his prior positions on most things and his sexual assault allegations but it probably gives him a sense of superiority and I can't wait for his bump to decline and Sanders, well, he's never been an aggressive one to say the least and he watches his words very carefully all the time. I also don't think he's much of a great debater and he was outmatched by Hillary's buzzword's last time (even though he did incredibly well for a long-shot, especially coming close in California and Illinois as well as Iowa.)
  13. If this is a matter of the fact its turned subscription based that'd be fine but I can't find anywhere to start paying for said subscription. @admin_270
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