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    cant update my pi/pmi

    If this is a matter of the fact its turned subscription based that'd be fine but I can't find anywhere to start paying for said subscription. @admin_270
  2. wolves

    cant update my pi/pmi

    says my email isnt on the system ­čśĄ someone @ anthony for me i forgot his user
  3. wolves

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    It's really cool you have people like Avenatti in the scenario. It's obvious he wouldn't run hes just looking for attention but it'd still be nice to see what'd happen if he ran.
  4. wolves

    Taylor Swift 2020?

    Yep. I threw the scenario up and just wrote the first post of it, it's on the first page. I would have him run in 2024 cause that's when he said he wanted to run.
  5. This will be a spiritual successor to my previous series, Sadly, I lost my premade scenarios for that one grr. So I gave up on it after I got a new PC. I'm hoping I can finish this one though, shorter time frame and hopefully I'll be more inclined to do it. This will also be, I guess more interesting. I can't wait to play some of these scenarios and script them out and they'll be done when I want but this won't take too long I can guarantee that atleast. I maaaaaaay play out the 2012, 2016 and 2020 presidential election considering we have good scenarios for it but please don't quote me on that haha.
  6. The Political Career of the 46th President, Kanye O. West - An Alternative History Senator Kanye West walking with his new-born son, Saint West in 2016 Kanye Omari West, Atlanta-born, Chicago-raised with a Black Panther father, he was destined to be political in one shape or form. Starting his career in the limelight as a musician and quickly ascending to stardom, West was considered public enemy number one by most of the media despite being revered and loved by society as a whole, his albums always selling enormous numbers and surprising the industry every time. In 2006, West made a foray into fashion, starting with announcing his Pastelle Clothing line and slowly building up momentum and hype for the fashion imprint before suddenly canceling it in 2009 after releasing his first sneaker in a collaboration with Nike that sold out almost immediately. By late 2010, after the release of his critically acclaimed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, West seemed to be on top of the world with nothing going wrong despite his constant, mounting controversies including his support for conspiracy theories surrounding man-man AIDS and his dislike of President Bush. During an interview on the Today Show with Matt Lauer, West looked stoic and calm and with a relaxing demeanor, apologized for his criticism of Bush, saying that he felt regret for saying that George Bush doesn't "care about black people." The apology generated negative responses from the black community. In the same interview, West declared he was considering running for the mayor of Chicago, saying "Chicago's been f*cked for so long. I was thinking I should come in and fix it. I don't know though." The line got a polarizing response on social media, people criticizing West and saying that his previous political opinions have shown him incompetent while his fans tweeted lines from previous songs in support. Former White House Chief of Staff and Illinois representive Rahm Emmanuel had already declared himself and it was a surprise to anyone that someone with such influence like Kanye West was considering running for the mayorship, especially with no backing from any party and being able to self-finance his campaign through his previous business dealings. The race wasn't at all tight with Emmanuel leading but whenever a poll included West, fellow candidates such as Gery Chico and Carol Braun got a huge boost in support souring to contest with Emmanuel. People considered West to not be serious but pollsters were having fun speculating a race with him in it. In November 2010, West declared he was going to run, specifying his opposition to gentrification done in South Side Chicago and his support for Barack Obama's media-named "Obamacare." Polls shown him securing a majority with black support in the city but most suburban, picket fence white people found him to be "inexperienced" and he was dead-last when it came to them. The lack of minority support Emanuel was supporting gave huge boosts to his competition and West was seen as the spoiler vote ruining what the Democratic establishment wanted. West's entry into the race made things erratic and contested and Emanuel's lead was decreasing everyday. By January 2011, West had secured himself ahead in the race but it was still close and in February, it was confirmed the race was going to become a runoff. West eventually winning overall and becoming the new mayor of Chicago. West's first term was littered with controversies around the language he used regularly, the release of his Yeezus album which was recorded whilst West was in office but due to his previous history as a musician, the move wasn't seen negatively by his constituents and his dedication to public education, public health and the attempted healing of the racial divide between North and South Chicago were seen as positives. In February 2015, West was reelected easily despite another need for a runoff and went into his second term with more political support than before. In Late 2015, West announced his plans to run for Senate following previous statements in public interviews of his disapproval of Mark Kirk and Kirk's "impact" on Chicago with his voting on national laws. The move was looked at negatively considering West previous election wasn't even a year ago but barely ten days later, seven-year old Laquan McDonald was fatally shot by authorities whilst walking away from the police and posing no threat to the police whilst legally open carrying a three inch blade. West's response to the shooting was an immediate call for a review of the Chicago Police Department, the release of the dashcam video and support for the Justice Department's investigation into the Chicago Police Department. The news overshadowed West's decision to run and instead bolstered his chances, giving him mass support as an independent and putting him around the generic Democrat and Mark Kirk in the polls. Mayor West during a rally in 2016, wearing his "Famous" merchandise After the March 2016 primaries were done, it appeared as if a peculiar situation was happening where incumbent Kirk, which was seen going in strong, was actually in third place and it was be Duckworth v West. West had spoken of his support for Duckworth previously and said that he wouldn't mind merging his ticket with Duckworth if he didn't have a strong dislike for the Democratic party. Kirk was constantly trailing and the Republican Party's constant focus on the concurrent presidential race led to him getting no support in the state, something that just made the gap larger. West had proposed himself to be a buffer for Trump, someone he considered a friend but said he disliked the ideas of and said that if Clinton was elected he'd attempt to shut down any economic proposals that would harm African-Americans. His ideas were wildly popular in Chicago and fellow counties that were majority black but weren't supported by Democrats in smaller counties until his endorsement of Bernie Sanders and his showing at a Bernie Sanders rally, calling Sanders the closest thing to a "f*cking good president." The move converted a lot of Sanders primary voters to West's cause and the subsequent piles of support given to West made him shift his economic platform more leftward, saying he'd vote on single-payer healthcare and possible free college. Canvassing his supporters and fans of his other ventures to vote Sanders. The move was political genius for West who needed left, working class support. He was able to leech more voters from Duckworth and he finally moved to campaigning out of Chicago, knowing that due to the split in the race he was not going to win just off the power of Chicago alone. He attempted to pick disenfranchised Republicans and Democrats who never voted and when November came, West won in a close contest that could have easily gone anyway. West becoming a senator was a big step for him and was near revolutionary considering West's commitment to continue releasing music (releasing The Life of Pablo during his run for Senate.) His Yeezy fashion line was very popular and it wasn't uncommon to see someone wearing his sneakers. West had almost fully funded his 2016 senate run based on money he had made from his fashion line and from The Life of Pablo's sales. West was a pop culture icon and a politician that actually had a youthful wisp to him. He went to senate as the only independent that didn't caucus with either party and voted based on his own convictions, despite how controversial they were. In 2017, West also made the statement during an interview with the fashion blog, Vogue, that he was planning to run for President in 2020, saying "I was considering running in 2020. I was serious when I said on 'Facts' (a song on The Life of Pablo) that we're gonna run the whole election." In 2018, West created a social media storm after wearing a Colin Kaepernick sweatshirt in clear support of the national anthem protests and then a week later, wearing a Make America Great Again trucker hat, popularized by Donald Trump. Senator West wearing his custom "MAGA" hat while at Harvard The following month, West revealed a purple Make America Great Again hat in support his future 2020 presidential election. The day after the reveal he did an impromptu speech in a Harvard class, standing on a table and shouting "I told y'all I was serious about this! Love everyone. There should be NO hostility! This nation is too split!". The speech was received negatively, with Democrats saying that West was implying that he was putting the DNC on the same level as the GOP despite the GOP's attempt to remove human rights from trans people and healthcare from poor people and Republicans saying that West was just attempting to make a public stunt and wasn't acting at the professional level expected of a senator. West lauded his critics on Twitter, calling them sensitive and saying how he wasn't scared to say what he thought. In 2019, West said that he was no longer running in 2020, saying that he wanted to fully fulfill his duties to the people of Illinois and was instead going to run in 2024. West was silent for the following years, not endorsing anyone in 2020 and staying out of the race, not even commenting on his silence. As 2022 began to approach he campaigned more and more and easily won reelection despite the forever shifting state of the senate, though he was endorsed by the Democrats and instead served as a candidate for himself and the Democrats, feeling like West had voted more in line with them than with the GOP. In his victory speech, West stood side by side with his wife Kim Kardashian, his children and proudly spoke about his chances in 2024, saying how he wasn't going to run again in 2022 but he felt as if the people of Illinois would be couped by either party if he wasn't him. Senator West meeting with his campaign staff in his home studio, 2023. West served most of 2023 diligently, talking mostly about his chances in 2024. He said how he felt like he could crush the status quo and that he was getting too old for music. As the clock began ticking down more and more, people on the Democratic and Republican side announced their representatives, West clearly looked like he had a chance to shoot up in the polls if he began to campaign early. The presidential candidate was hovering around 14-15%, an unprecedented amount for a third party candidate aside from Ross Perot in 1992 and the Republican and Democratic candidates were taking clear blows from West's economically leftwards and socially liberal policies, his willingness to commit himself towards single-payer healthcare and ending things such as ICE and restricting the powers of police officers. Ideas often seen as radical, West's campaign had the making of a dark horse, mainly due to the popular positions being pushed. West said that he could propose what he wanted and in an interview with The Fader, he said "You see, the difference with me, is that I ain't got 50 white men telling me what the f*ck to do. I don't have to deal with that sh*t. Any black people who want to vote for either of these parties needa understand that they're just helping the white man out." The line was seen as racist by most of the GOP but in an America that is shifting demographically and had a majority of non-white voters by 2024, West's words were seen as a unraveling of an unspoken authority within these parties that favored themselves more than the people of the nation. Labeled a demagogue, Senator West had high hopes coming into the election. Sitting in his Forest Glen home, surrounded his equally as rich wife and his biracial children. He had the american dream "on lock." Coming from a splintered household with a mother that worked tirelessly to give him a middle class upbringing, becoming rich off his own talent and art and eventually running for the office of the most powerful man in the world. The whole globe was watching this election. State of Washington during´╗┐ Kanye O. West's political career Key: Republican´╗┐, Democrat, Independent 44th President: Barack Obama (2008-Present) VP: Joe Biden (2008-Present) House: ´╗┐ Democrat (2008-Present) Senate: ´╗┐ Democrat (2008-Present)
  7. wolves

    Taylor Swift 2020?

    funny but interesting idea i made a scenario where Kanye West was running and I was gonna make a large play-by-play starting from Chicago Mayor to presidency but uh, I lost motivation making it. might pick it up again
  8. wolves

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    Pelosi is loved by the elites of the Democratic party, which, despite what its supporters might tell you, is just as bureaucratic as the GOP. She will never lose her position unless she personally steps down or retires from running. It's sad though, a party who's base is becoming gradually more progressive is stuck with the same neoliberal, boring, old people who don't really want to change away from being Republican-lite aside from liking gay people and thinking that poor people should get a tiny bit more rights instead of giving them what they deserve.
  9. wolves

    2020: Trump vs. US Reps

    I don't know enough about any of them except O'Rourke to make a choice. That should say enough about the current field in 2020 though, haha.
  10. wolves

    2020: Trump vs. US Reps

    Depends. If he announced soon, he'd definitely get enough momentum to be leading but with big names like Joe Biden, Sanders and Warren being considered and propping up potential runs in their own right, he's probably going to be swamped. O'Rourke would be a solid pick though, southern Democrat with a lot of support in a state that is stereotypically very red with left wing but popular ideas, he'd be the most viable choice next to a Biden or a Booker.
  11. wolves

    Momentum is OP

    Momentum generally has zero affect in PI for me, PMI though.... that's another case. Make a few billboard ads, let them run and you'll win in a literal landslide. I think that billboard ads should be decreased in power or atleast give less momentum.
  12. wolves

    Independent Texas - A PMI Scenario

    That's a very interesting idea actually. My only issue when it comes to making up stuff like that is that I don't really know too much about Texas politics I'm well read but obviously a native Texan probably knows a lot more than I do about it (as to why I posted this so early, it'd be nice if I got slight help on things such as logos or information, aswell as feedback from Americans on the idea.)
  13. wolves

    Independent Texas - A PMI Scenario

    I uh, don't own CI ­čśôto answer that first part. I can try to edit the text files and stuff to transfer it over from a West Minister type system and I've done that before but it was a bit of a hassle. And yes I know, to be fair I'm taking inspiration of this from France as to why there's a prime minister and a president. The socialist party there aren't technically socialist but they're branded as such, the green's are a lot more left to almost every other party and I needed a name to give them cause I didn't really like the name for the greens. I'll probably go back to change that but as I said they're not socialist they're democratic socialist and they're just viewed as that due to Texas' aggression political climate.
  14. Independent Texas - A PMI Scenario In 2016, there was a scenario "series" based around the confederacy and if it remained an independent nation. It was interesting because seemingly every month we'd get a new addition that moved us another four years into the time-line and was accompanied with a long description telling us everything that had happened in between. The scenario eventually disappeared though and so did the user that made these scenarios though I have always felt inspired by it. I started making this independent Texas scenario in 2017 and I wanted to make it unique in the way that it wasn't based on house congressional districts or I wouldn't write up my own constituencies but every single county is its own independent constituency so that the map instead looks a lot more appealing. There's also 254 counties in Texas which would most likely work out well in a parliament/legislative chamber alongside the inner city seats I'm gonna add. My issue as of right now is the backstory, I want to kind of make it start around either Clinton's win in the 2016 election (as it would be fun to make an independence referendum) or I'll just go from where it was supposed to succeed into the United States as that will give me a bigger playing field. Either way I'm gonna have a lot to figure out to make it seem atleast slightly coherent and as of right now I'm going with the Clinton backstory as it allows me to use figures relevant to right now. I hope to release the Texas Legislative Elections and Presidential elections aside each other. The Presidential elections this time around are one round only but that may change due to the third parties at play so we'll just have to see what the parliament does. The Presidential elections take place in November 2018 while the Legislative elections are in December 2018, there's a months difference (its alike France) so whoever wins the presidential election gets a huge surge of momentum coming into the legislative! Parties - Texas Conservative Party - A continuation of the traditional Republican Party, a lot of the politicians within the party are remnants of the Republican Party that decided to accept the Democratic vote of the Texan people (who voted by a 0.3% margin to succeed Texas from the union.) They currently control every part of government including the presidency and assembly, which they have a super majority in. Governor Greg Abbott who was able to guide the state through its independence which it still hasn't fully rectified is a favorite in the polls, mainly due to his splendid handling of the situation and his attempts to bring in support from the people who voted to remain in the union through his constant attempts to keep Texas within the American sphere. Former senator John Cornyn is the parliamentary leader and Abbott's "prime minister", someone who campaigned against leaving the union (as did most Texan politicians), he has often made the transition period stressful and nearly faced a leadership battle but it simmered down quickly. The Conservatives go into the presidential election expecting a landslide though they may get snuffed out in the legislative if they are pushed below a majority by other right wing third parties. Texan Democratic Party - A continuation of the traditional Democratic Party, even in name. Lots of Democrats refuse to accept the result and campaign on a possible second referendum though the house leadership doesn't condemn or endorse these views. They currently are the largest second party and are expected to pick up a large amount of seats in the inner-cities and southern Texas. The party leader currently is former San Antonio major Julian Castro, someone who said that he would consider running in 2020 if Trump had won the presidency. Originally considering a run for the presidency of Texas, Castro instead opted to run for the leadership of the Texan Democratic Party, mainly because of polling suggesting he would have no chance against Abbott and Democratic party leadership telling Abbott he would give the Democrats a strong-hold in San Antonio, generally a swing-city, in the legislatives, alongside with much of El Paso. The party currently doesn't have a candidate for the presidential race, mainly because its an ongoing primary full of a field of candidates that they are not currently focusing on. They are going into the legislative elections with polls balancing out and they party catching up as urbanites and cities are becoming more democratic and demographic changes are leaving the nation a lot more liberal and left wing. Reunification Party - The "dark horse" and a split from the Conservative Party, they currently hold no seats in the parliament due to being a new party though they are readying up for a competitive election which could see them being them being the tie-breaker in the assembly. Party leader, George P. Bush, son of Jeb Bush and nephew of United States president George Bush, leads the party and has said that he would be okay forming a coalition with the Democrats under the condition they would act as an obstructionist and work towards a second referendum, the same conditions for Conservatives aside from being an obstructionist government. Bush has faced a lot of backlash from Texit voters for his hatred of "democracy" in their words, though Bush has said himself the vote wasn't democratic due to what he calls "outsider influence" and "ignorance." Texas Libertarian Party - A remainder of the right wing and freedom principles of a previously very red state, the Texas Libertarian party isn't seen in a bad way and is only looked down upon due to its inviability when it comes to the election, with a few irrelevant seats acknowledging them that would have previously not been tossups. This has led to the leadership of the Conservatives party attempting to caucus with the Libertarian party in hopes that following the election they will have their support, though due to the Libertarian party's support for a free Texas and the "people's vote", it has been a long and straining process that seems to have no end and will only get worse if the Conservatives need both the Libertarians AND the Reunification party. Socialist Party - Led from the former Green party, the Texan Socialists are democratic socialist in policy, though if you were to believe the media and the Texan Fox News, they're socialist. They're seen as irrelevant, not viable and will pick up no seats, if anything they will split the vote with the Democrats in some places though they're not seen as a threat. As of right now I'm working on the legislative and the presidential hasn't even crossed my mind. Sadly, due to the fact primaries are not popular vote, I'll try to make individual scenarios as primaries (that are optional, I'll also add primaries within the main presidential scenario.) I'm hoping the legislative will be done by hopefully next month because I'm giving myself a lot to do with planning out these constituencies individually. Hopefully I'll have this all done by the start of 2019 and all the links in this thread. The state will also be split into 4 or 5 (haven't solidly figured this out yet) provinces that will themselves have elections alike a governorship. I also wanna do mayoral elections. All of this is just plans for the future. I hope you're looking forward to it and anyone who knows Texan politics more than me please add some info or recommendations in the replies.