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  1. Anyone else think the polls are gonna start tightening soon?
  2. Rand Paul runs scathing TV ads targeting Paul Ryan and Curt Schilling in Iowa! Taxes and ecology a focal point of campaign. A new series of TV ads have arrived to Iowan televisions this weekend as Senator Rand Paul has begun running state-wide attack advertisements targeting Paul Ryan and Curt Schilling. Rand Paul, who has made ecology and taxes important issues in his campaign, has also made them the center point of these attack ads, hitting Paul Ryan on the fact he wanted tax cuts for the petroleum industry, his belief that climate change is fake and isn't real and that he supported drawing back tax credits for environmentally friendly firms, a stance that the Rand Paul campaign has taken quite seriously, supporting the notion that tax credits and tax cuts to renewable energy industries will create jobs and spur creativity and production of clean energy. A second series of ads targeted at Paul Ryan compared his record to Senator Paul's, saying how Paul Ryan says he supports less spending, less debt and less taxes but all of the three increased while he was the speaker of the house, how Paul Ryan failed as a speaker of the house but for some reason thinks he will be a good president and how Rand Paul has ALWAYS stuck up for his constituents and will do even better as president. The ads against Curt Schilling focused less on arguments about policy and more attacked Curt Schilling directly, saying he hides behind Trump's shadow and has no real policies and that he will doom this nation whilst comparing him to Rand Paul who will bring "integrity and honesty back to politics." Rand Paul's latest focus on the environment and his attempts to move his wing of the Republican party to a more environmentally friendly stance is an attempt to court younger Republican voters who support more green policies than the older Republicans.
  3. position whoever would face Trump in 2020 to win
  4. They, like the GOP when impeaching Clinton, knew that it wouldn't lead to anything but it was just simple political positioning for an upcoming election. The house is irrelevant but the Senate wont let Trump postpone the election.
  5. You are very blind if you think the house wanted Trump to be removed. They just wanted him impeached, Biden vs Pence would have been a death sentence for them, Pelosi being president even more so.
  6. Lowkey tho the delay should happen I mean it cant be constitution but if there is no vaccine or there is a vaccine ready by say, November, then in an ideal world a delay to January/February time would be better
  7. DMR: Rand Paul meets voters in Council Bluffs, Iowa with State Sen. Dan Dawson Senator Rand Paul has canvassed personally in Council Bluffs, Iowa today with State Senator Dan Dawson from the 8th District, which is Council Bluffs is within. Council Bluffs, on the border with Omaha, Nebraska is a target region for senator Rand Paul who reportedly, according to sources from his camp, began to transition towards targeting more conservative and libertarian rural voters rather than moderate suburb voters in the cities who he believes will fall to either Paul Ryan or Dan Crenshaw, if the latter decides to run. Paul's camp has not given up on the cities though as evidenced by his recent rallies in Sioux City and De Moines and an insider has told us he is attempting to target both sections of the party's base with a special focus on the more rural areas of the state. Alongside his canvassing, the Paul campaign has put out a small newspaper advertisement to run in Council Bluffs local newspapers and adjacent areas which highlights the dangers of a Schilling presidency and more Democratic dominance in legislative elections. Paul and Dawson canvassing and took questions from voters for a total of five hours whilst it was snowing in Council Bluffs, Dawson's endorsement of Paul came out very strongly as he worked with the campaign to spread its message in Iowa with Paul expressing a possibility for Dawson to take a larger role in Paul's campaign if his responsibilities allow it. At one point in the evening, Paul got into a heated debate with a young moderate Democrat who said she was considering voting for Paul Ryan to stop his "radical plan" to destroy "what makes this country great" which Paul scorned back with "You know what makes this country great? The first amendment? Do you know who endorsed jailing flag burners? You know what also makes this country great? The fact that we are the biggest power in this world. China, Russia and the EU are all giggling at us while our deficit increases, our debts raise and we cannot recover from a recession they all steadily recovered from a while ago. Do you know who, despite promising with all his heart to not allow it to happen, let the deficit increase substantially whilst the speaker of the House? Yes, exactly. Vote for someone fiscally conservative for a change who actually has a history of caring about what is in your pocket." We were also able to ask Senator Paul about the latest developments in the race on both the GOP and Libertarian party side, he said he respected Bill Weld for dropping out and his lifelong commitment to "common-sense politics" and hopes his supporters will go for the real unity candidate, when asked about the Steve King endorsement of Curt Schilling, Rand Paul laughed and said "I am not surprised that a racist has decided to endorse another racist. I would never accept the endorsement of a man who said racial profiling was necessary. I can't imagine Mr. Schilling thinks THAT is a good representation of our party."
  8. Like Scotland in the UK, the fear of separation means they'll get everything given to them. The SNP would effectively give Scotland a recession by separating but they love to put their fingers in their ears and go "La la la la". The UK economy and taxpayers from other parts of the country like me prop up their ridiculous spending and then we're told by the SNP that we don't give them enough lol, all while having a deficit 7x higher than the rest of the UK despite a tenth of the population. Their deficit and debt is worse than Greece and Spain was at its peak recession, that is how bad it is and then in 2014, the SNP actually said they subsidized us lol. I say let Quebec separate if they want like how Scotland wants to separate. They can face the repercussions if they want.
  9. Julian Castro definitely wasn't the best choice, the best choice she could have made for VP that would have amounted in bringing out working class voters and younger votes as well as independents + those people who slid to the greens was Bernie Sanders. I think Julian Castro should run for a senate seat or governor of Texas if we're honest he took care of SA very, very well but in that election he doesn't have the name recognition or "history" to purposely counteract Hilary's issues with attracting the rural or poorer vote, especially as he was the mayor of a huge city, a member of the Obama admin and could be associated with the establishment that those blue-collar workers hate so much. Sanders wasn't anything near the establishment, that's what they loved about him. You cannot use the establishment as cannon balls cause it doesn't affect him. I wish I could give you more names but it's really funny to me how Democrats have been fighting against working class interests since 1984 so heavily that the only person I could name in 2016 that was a popular, well-known Democrat with a strong working class base that can incentivize them as well as offer the party with a future is Bernie Sanders. That's obviously going to be different by 2024 with all the progressive Democrats coming into the house but 2016 was a real turning point for that party and you can see it right there.
  10. So Kaine was a better choice? If the Democrats screeching about the Greens was correct, then Warren would have possibly brought progressives to her side and won MI, WI and PA.
  11. The Florida Times-Union: Rand Paul hosts gigantic rally in Jacksonville, Florida with former mayor Lenny Curry and Joe Walsh Jacksonville mayor Lenny Curry speaks at a rally for Rand Paul's presidential campaign Republican and Libertarian presidential candidate Rand Paul held a rally in Jacksonville, Florida today, his first campaign stop in the sunshine state. Following an endorsement on social media by former congressman, Trump dissident and once-libertarian-conservative starlet Joe Walsh, he was billed on as a guest speaker alongside former mayor Lenny Curry who won multiple times in a city that is polled as D+7 most of the time. The rally was held outside in a large open space near downtown Jacksonville. The space was almost full and led to traffic in the downtown region, most likely due to Curry speaking there and his popularity with Republicans in his state as once-Republican Party of Florida chairman and also mayor of the city until a year ago. Walsh was the first guest speaker of the evening, introducing himself as the opposition to the current presidency, a tag the Paul campaign wants to run with. Walsh spoke on issues important to him such as abolishing estate tax and his disliking of the welfare state but the majority of his speech was focused on Donald Trump. "I ran against Donald Trump four years ago, I felt the visceral his supporters had and saw them throw absolute hatred at me cause they somehow decided they worshiped a man that was nothing more than skin and flesh, the same as you and me. On this day right here, Donald Trump has a negative approval rating nationally that is disgustingly low, he is losing Republicans to the Libertarian party and he is only held up by those same cult followers who would rather follow his destructive, violence seeking road then seek a new direction for our nation. The reason I endorsed Rand Paul is because he isn't going to drive this party or this country towards the radical left, he is going to unite the right wing, the libertarians and the conservatives and he is going to give us real, rational lawmaking that is going to grow businesses alongside the average Joe. We need someone better, we DESERVE better. Donald Trump is not that and Curt Schilling most definitely isn't either." The second guest speaker was Lenny Curry, someone who aligns with Trump regularly, it was a far shout from the anti-Trump wordings of Joe Walsh and spoke more to the unity that Rand Paul was encouraging. Curry, a Republican mayor in a city that routinely supports Democrats and is the reason Duval County is a swing-county, is someone that the Rand Paul campaign has needed the support of. A Republican often included as possibly a runner for the Florida senate or Governor seats when they become free, he is favored by not just the Trump-wing but also the moderate and libertarian-wings of the party. It was no surprise to anyone when Curry's speech was focused around unity. "We are divided. A country and a party. We have no core identity. We are in an identity crisis. These are things that we are not facing alone, the Democratic party is fighting the same battle. The moderates fight with the conservatives just as their moderates fight with their leftists. I have been a member of this party my whole life, the chairman of it in this very state for four years and it's voice in Jacksonville for 8. I led the fight to get another Republican elected after me and we won. Do you know why that is? Because I know what this party needs. I know it needs Rand Paul. It's needs someone who will bring us all together and show that we are better than the Democrats. We are better than infighting and we are better than lying down and letting socialism take hold of this great country!" Rand Paul thanked Lenny Curry and met him on stage and shook his hand, the crowd was cheering at the same time as he thanked them all for coming. "Thank you Jacksonville!" He shouted, "I want to say thank you for the incredible donation numbers we get in this area. You guys are blowing it out of the water." Paul spoke for a while, mainly touching on how he plans to help with the Jacksonville economy, still suffering from the botched attempt to save Florida by Governor DeSantis. Paul made a very focal point of his rally law and order and spoke to Jacksonville residents about how under him, Jacksonville would lose the moniker of "Murder City." "Whilst in the senate, I have attempted multiple times to push laws that help with rehabilitation of repeat offenders and that give them a real way to give back to society than resorting to criminal activities. I have personally fought with not just congressional Republicans but also congressional Democrats on my proposals. We often highlight Chicago which sees so many deaths over the weekend that it is sad. I have met with Chicago mothers that have lost their children. Jacksonville is not Chicago. It is its own beast. Chicago gangland killings see a massive decrease in the winter meanwhile in Jacksonville, it is all year long. There are ethnic minority children in Jacksonville right now being indoctrinated into gangs that are terrified of even walking into specific neighborhoods. Think about it now if you cannot put yourself in their shoes, would you like it if your child had to walk an extra forty minutes on his way home from school because if he stepped in the wrong neighborhood he would be mugged for everything he owns and told to never come back, in some scenarios even facing death. We do not have to imagine it, it is going on right now. I don't plan to stop this by locking everyone up, they will just get out in five years and cause chaos again. We will rehabilitate them, we will get illegal guns off the streets and we will strengthen educational opportunities in the poorer neighborhoods. Children need to see that making all their money legally and being productive is possible, it isn't just the dream of someone born in the suburbs." The Jacksonville turnout was a delight, according to insiders of the Rand Paul campaign. He was hoping to drum up support in the state despite his propositions of reforming the welfare state therefore effectively kneecapping social security and other benefits for elderly people. Following the rally, one of our reporters spoke to Paul about his opinions on Representative Crenshaw setting up an exploratory committee. "I think Representative Crenshaw would be a great president but it is just not his time yet, what voters need is someone that is going to introduce a coalition between our Grand Old Party and the Libertarian Party which I doubt Crenshaw, Paul Ryan or Curt Schilling could do. That is all I have to say on that. Me and Representative Crenshaw do not have any bad will." When asked about his attempt to reintroduce the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act into the house, Paul left a short answer "This is not the time for political positioning or attempting to push a law that won't touch the floor. Representative Crenshaw knows what he is doing."
  12. Would we possibly be able to get an Iowa poll for the Republicans? I see it wasn't here...
  13. I am going to just go out and say that nominating Kamala Harris or Val Demings will not generate an Obama-like effect for black and hispanic turnout like the Democrats want and if you were thinking "well duh wolves, they know that!" please look at the fact whenever anything goes right for the Democrats they try to replicate it until they figure out it doesn't work (example, Bill Clinton politics)
  14. If I'm going to be honest, for me I am skeptical of a Biden win cause I know how gaffe prone he is and I think the probability of one of those scandals actually hitting the front page and becoming something for Trump to rally on is high. I also think Trump's ads are very effective from the ones I've seen and the fact that polling is so close in Ohio. Perhaps the end of its perfect record since 1968?
  15. Rand Paul gives a speech in Nashua, New Hampshire with frmr. Rep Jim DeMint about the federal reserve In Nashua, New Hampshire today, Senator Rand Paul gave a speech with former South Carolina representative and tea party favorite Jim DeMint about taxation, inflation, the economy and specifically, views on the federal reserve and the IRS. Rand Paul called for a complete audit of the federal reserve, marking that it had been able to effectively go so long without oversight because politicians are too scared, the inflation rate and exchange rate needs to be looked into and the federal reserve's part in both is very important. Rand Paul also talked about defunding the IRS and lowering taxes to an all-time low, specifically when it came to the middle class and working class. "I believe the issue with this nation isn't that our economy is stagnant or that all the money is pooled to the 1% but because we allow the money to go to a small part of the population. I may be Libertarian, I may be Republican, I may favor less big government, less taxes and more growth for business but I am not blind and nor are any of my Republican cohorts who pretend it isn't an issue. We do need to distribute the money but not through communist or socialist means, not through taxing the rich until they leave us for Canada, the UK, France, Mexico or Japan and most definitely not through raising the minimum wage to ridiculous amounts. We need to lower the taxes on the working and middle class, we need to put more resources into making sure jobs are available in inner cities and I'm not talking about Amazon, our working class deserve to have better jobs. No. I am talking about giving huge tax breaks to the ecology sector, supporting them with the proposition that they train this new generation of working class workers that have been let down by the system, be it the federal, state or even local government. I have argued against subsidizing energy companies, this is true, if we subsidize them they will crawl to us and lobby us and eventually money will never leave politics and it will remain a swamp but we can go the smart way, we can give them tax breaks, we can give richer people more of a reason to buy them and that will keep the people who are going to benefit from this scheme a job." Jim DeMint spoke for a short while too, also endorsing Paul's suggestion of defunding or at least slashing the budget of the IRS in half. "When I was in congress, the Tea Party movement was new and we were fighting for lower taxes and less government. The Obama administration attempted to cripple many Tea Party affiliated groups and businesses by using the IRS to attack. The IRS served as an arm of the Obama administration. This was unacceptable now as it is then. The IRS is nothing more than an organization that stifles small business, goes after people who miss small tax payments and is out to get theirs before they give you anything. I agree with Senator Paul's plan on his website to slash the funding for the IRS and reinvent it as another agency. I was there when Rand Paul joined a lawsuit on the IRS for how it taxed Americans abroad, how it monitored American's bank accounts and how it was overreaching. He is a man who will not just say what he wants. He will actually do it and that is rare in politics."
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