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  1. Getting back into PI over the winter break, and decided to switch up my usual routine of playing Dems by running as Mitt Romney in the 2016 GOP primaries. I did pretty poorly in the early primaries and held a steady 2nd place behind Trump for much of the race, but made up significant ground in the second half and ended up in a virtual popular vote tie with Trump with a slight delegate lead. I knew from the start that the convention was going to be contested, so I managed to snag most of the endorsements from Bush, Christie, Rubio, Paul etc, who all withdrew (Cruz stayed in until the very end). I ended up winning the convention, and chose Gov. Martinez of New Mexico as my running mate. Hillary won the Dem primary and chose John Kerry as her VP. I held a moderate lead in the popular vote (2-3 points) for most of the general election. At my peak, I was projected to win 300-330+ EVs, leading in all the sunbelt states (plus NM, AZ, NV, CO, etc), the midwest, and within striking distance in Illinois (!). However, the election became pretty volatile in the final month, with Hillary projected to win almost 300 EVs at one point. Florida, Pennsylvania, NM, NC and the rest of the Midwest kept flipping back and forth. I held a pretty solid 290/300+ lead going into election night. I managed to hold onto most of the Sunbelt but narrowly lost most of the Midwest. I narrowly lost Washington state after it kept flipping back and forth and appearing as if I'd manage to squeak by. With everything else holding steady, I was anticipating being declared the winner with exactly 270 votes once Alaska and Hawaii tallied their votes when Montana suddenly flipped blue and left us tied. The House voted for Romney, so I ended up winning. This was a nail-biter!
  2. Decided to play as Ted Kennedy in the 2000 Dem Primaries, not expecting to get very far. I started out probably in 5th place, with Gore, Bradley, and Clinton in the top 3 respectively. In a matter of weeks, I quickly climbed up to 2nd/3rd and stayed there for much of the period between July 1999 and January 2000. I was way behind in a couple early primaries (~20 points down in IA and NH) but managed to build up some manageable leads in some large states (especially TX, CA, MI, PA, and FL, with NY constantly fluctuating between Hillary and I). Much of the first month or two of the primary was pretty swingy, and I was in a near tie with Gore for a while (separates by less than .2% nationally, and less than ~100 delegates). By Super Tuesday, I built up solid leads across a lot of key states and was projected to win a close but comfortable majority of delegates. My lead stayed consistent and expanded pretty quickly after Super Tuesday, and I practically had the nomination locked up by the end of March/Early April. Almost all of the other candidates dropped out of the race by the end of April. Upon formally clinching the nomination, I chose Russ Feingold as my running mate. Around that time, the Democrats held a ~300-360 EV lead vs the GOP in the general election. I had a lot of consistent momentum throughout the primaries, landed a majority of endorsers (including some unrealistic GOP endorsements, my favorite being Jeb Bush endorsing me over his brother), and built up my ground game in time for the general election. My lead remained pretty consistent for much of the general election, expanding to around 400 EVs and fluctuating from the low 400s to around 460/470. Most of the swing states were solidly red states that I was close to flipping, although Iowa, NH, FL, among others, were in the mix. With most of the momentum on Kennedy's side during the final weeks of the election, I figured that I'd probably cross the 60% popular vote threshold and maybe even break 500 EVs once the undecideds voted. As you can see, the end result was a very comfortable landslide. I've included the map on the eve of the election, the final results, and final results of some of the closest states. I found it pretty interesting that Kennedy somehow managed to win 69.5% of the vote in Texas yet barely squeezed by in New Hampshire. Overall a very fun and interesting round.
  3. Decided to have some fun with the 1952 scenario and played as Eleanor Roosevelt in the primaries. I started out in a distant third place, but after a lot of endorsements, rallies, and ads I managed to scoot myself up to first, although I was either ~10 delegates short of the 533 I needed or just barely past (~536) for much of the primaries. By the time the final primaries rolled around, I was projected to win close to 560-580 delegates and seemed confident in my chances. However, a couple of upsets cost me enough delegates to bump me down to 524.Thankfully, I won the second round of voting and avoided a nerve-wrecking contested convention, as I wasn't successful in gaining endorsements in time. Sam Rayburn was my VP. For much of the game, the Democrats were slightly ahead of Eisenhower in the polls, but during the general election I built up a solid 300+ EV lead by mid-september and maintained a 8-10 point popular vote lead well into election day. On the eve of election day, I was leading 347-162 and 53-44. The 3 tied states were Arizona, Delaware, and Connecticut with many other states within single digits, although I had almost enough (269) solidly blue states + some solid leads in slightly blue states to win the election. I ended up winning all 3 swing states and flipped Oklahoma (I was trailing by just 1% I believe), defeating Eisenhower and electing Eleanor Roosevelt!
  4. Decided to play the default 2008 scenario as Al Gore in the Dem primaries. I turned on a couple of default off candidates in both parties (Al Gore and John Kerry on the Dem side and Newt Gingrich, Jeb Bush, and Condoleeza Rice on the Rep side) and played as Al Gore. I was in third place for the first couple of months but eventually pushed past Hillary and came into second place for much of the primaries. There were a lot of upsets, namely California which I was within single digits of but ended up losing by 20 points due to a surprise upset by John Kerry who took all the CA delegates. Hillary dropped out fairly early with only 190 delegates, and John Edwards, Biden, and Kerry et. al dropped out soon after with only Obama and I left by April/May. I had made endorsement deals with almost everyone who dropped out - I was at around 900+ delegates to Obamas 1600/1700, and knew none of us would get a majority on the first round. I secured what I thought was the most crucial endorsement of all - John Kerry, as he had the third highest # of delegates. As the convention rolled around, I was prepared to win the nomination after several ballots, only to realized I apparently forgot to win John Edwards endorsement, who put Obama over the top (he chose Reed as VP). Had I known, I would've made a deal to continue as Obama's VP, but decided to continue playing as him. On the GOP side, the primaries boiled down to Rice/McCain with neither of them having enough delegates to win on the first ballot. After a couple rounds of voting Rice secured the nomination and chose Romney as her VP. The general election was painstakingly close for much of the campaign, although I always held a slight popular vote lead as Obama and at a couple of points held a 290 EV lead, but never more. By October, it was clear that Nevada and Colorado would decide the election. There were very few undecided voters both in the pop vote tallies and in the swing states, and no matter what I did I couldn't bring myself to flip any of the slightly red states, including many states like NC that I was within 1% of winning. Right before election night, CO and NV were both essentially tied, with Obama holding a very slim lead in the polls in CO and Rice holding a very slim lead in NV. I poured all my final efforts into NV, CO, and NC in hopes of barely clinching victory by flipping NV. I held a lead in the popular vote going into election date. Election night went pretty much exactly as the polls projected, with me winning CO but Rice winning NV - both by very very small margins. Rice won exactly 270 EVs to my 268, but I won 3 million more popular votes. This was an interesting nail biter.
  5. So out of all the incredibly weird (and fun) results I've had while playing PI, this has to be among my favorites. I added Oprah as a candidate in the latest 2020 scenario (her overall platform was center-left) and ran her in the Dem Primary. The game began with Warren in 1st at 17.7% with Oprah a very close second at 17.2%, and much of the map in white except for Booker's strongholds. Instantly after a couple turns, Oprah's popularity started surging and she soon commanded the field with about 30% of the vote. She had a very large lead in Iowa, New Hampshire, and a couple other early states that came before Super Tuesday but her support suddenly collapsed in January (though she more than made up for these early losses with her large margin in most other states). She did a decent sweep of Super Tuesday, although Cory Booker came in with a great deal of strength in a respectable number of them. Most of the map was colored in her favor, although several states swung to (and stayed with) Booker. By March/April she had close to 40-50%+ of the primary popular vote estimate and by the end of the primaries she accrued about 2500 delegates (2300 ish was the majority needed). I wanted to have Booker as her VP because he had very large margins in some key states in the midwest and mid-Atlantic (and even Texas), and wanted to solidify the Dems. Booker stayed in after the last primary and it took three rounds of offers to finally get Booker to accept the offer. She started the general hovering around 360 EVs, and by October she was above 50% of the popular vote with 400+ EVs. With the exception of some small moments where the race "tightened" around August, the race mostly consisted of Oprah maintaining her consistent lead. In the final month, when her win seemed almost certain, I decided to make a play for some of the few states that managed to remain red (OK, LA, ID, among others). I managed to flip a few. Election night, as you can tell, went heavily in Oprah's favor with her winning just shy of 60% of the popular vote. She also snagged almost all major endorsers. Final Results: Winfrey/Booker: 482 EVs / 59% Trump/Gingrich: 56 EVs / 38.8% The closest states were Tennessee (0.3% 9775 votes), Idaho (0.5% - 3301 votes), Georgia (1%, 40K votes), and Montana (1.6%, 8001 votes)
  6. Decided to play the 2008 scenario as Al Gore in the Democratic Primaries. I initially started out 3rd behind Clinton and Obama, and maintained a steady but growing spot in third place up until late December when I bumped up to second behind Clinton. I won Iowa, New Hampshire, and several other early states and went on to do a nice sweep of the Super Tuesday states. Around/a little after Super Tuesday, I bumped up to first place with around 30-32% of the popular vote. I maintained front-runner status for the rest of the primaries and held comfortable leads in several states. In a couple of states, the polls would show me ahead by a comfortable margin yet Joe Biden would unexpectedly win on election day. He ended up amassing about 230 ish delegates, as did Obama (244). A lot of the candidates dropped out around February/March, and Richardson, Obama, and Biden dropped out fairly soon after. I capped out at around 1800-1900 delegates, with Hillary at around 1200. I knew from around February that the first or second rounds of voting would be contested, so I quickly snagged endorsements from Obama and Biden immediately after they dropped out, which put me over the edge. I started campaigning based on the General Election map soon after March as the GOP primary remained a close race between Romney and Giuliani. Hillary campaigned against me right up until the convention in late August, when I officially secured the nomination. I had intended to pick Obama or Biden as my VP, but noticed that the swing state map overlapped well with the states Hillary won (specifically the Virginias, Dakotas, and a couple nearby states). I ended up choosing Hillary and had a rather anticlimactic general election campaign as the map was pretty stable, with the Dems hovering around 360-380 EVs (although I was on edge quite a bit as we were hanging onto a significant number of states by only 1-2% points). I decided to make a very last minute play for Texas in the final two weeks of the election (Romney lead Gore by around 9 points prior to jumping in), and it paid off quite well. Final Results: Gore/Clinton: 419 EVs / 54.1% Romney/Brownback: 119 EVs / 45.9% Attached a final map as well as some of the closest states.
  7. Curious to know if anyone could create a 2018 Texas Gubernatorial scenario. I have no clue how to create the map and scenario from scratch so I thought I'd float the idea on here.
  8. I started out in the Dem primaries as Hillary (went up against Gore and Bradley). Rose up to a close second slightly prior to the Iowa caucus but I could never move past 23% support in the general rankings. I had brief leads in New York, Minnesota, Arkansas, and Georgia but by mid-March I was about 20-40 points down in all of them. Interestingly, the scenario had Bill automatically endorsing Gore over Hillary. I waited until Gore secured the nomination and had initially planned to drop out and endorse him in exchange for the VP position, but felt like changing things up. I decided to get "revenge" against Gore for completely defeating me in the primaries by making a deal to drop out and endorse George W. Bush in exchange for the VP position. Immediately after Bush officially chose Hillary as VP, the GOP was nearing 400+ EVs and a 10%+ lead in the popular vote in late April. This lasted until mid-summer, when the election started becoming pretty volatile. The map would swing back and forth between the Dems and GOP, but eventually stabilized after both conventions with the Dems holding a growing lead in the popular vote but the GOP maintaining a slight edge in the electoral college (mostly thanks to California and Pennsylvania leaning red for most of the time). States like Florida, Georgia, Kansas, and West Virginia (?!) became solidly blue fairly soon after the convention and Ohio, Louisiana, and New Mexico ended up being the final swing states with the EC still up for grabs despite a significant popular vote advantage for Gore/Dean. The final results were super interesting: Final Results: Bush/Clinton: 275 EV/43.9% Gore/Dean: 263 EV/ 52.3% This is definitely one of the few incredibly odd results I've had while playing President Infinity. I usually have pretty realistic and plausible outcomes but occasionally things get super weird.