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  1. FloridaDemocrat

    Surrogates randomly being created?

    Hey guys, so when I play any random scenario, sometimes I'll have surrogates start randomly being created. Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. The game seems like when ever a candidate has a big lead, especially in the early states, by the time of the caucus or primary, they end up with like 1-20 votes, I don't think a candidate should go from polling 35% in Iowa to literally 0% every single time is realistic, will there be a fix to this?
  3. FloridaDemocrat

    Enquriry about the UK 2017 scenario

    I'm assuming because generally it gives momentum to right wing parties IRL. But I do agree, in reality it didn't give her positive momentum.
  4. FloridaDemocrat

    Prime Minister Infinity Help

    I noticed with the current polling for the 2017 scenario, it is incredible hard to win as Labour, no matter how strongly I campaign or run ads, the Tories always get 400+ seats and I always get between 192-214 seats.
  5. FloridaDemocrat

    PMI 2017

    I know it's the manifesto's but I don't think Farron and the Liberal Democrats are running a more leftist campaign than Corbyn and Labour.
  6. FloridaDemocrat

    Forum Trump Support Poll

    No, but the creator of this forum used to lock threads not about the games for this reason. I already belong to several political forums one of them being U.S Elections Atlas, why does this need to be turned into one?
  7. FloridaDemocrat

    Forum Trump Support Poll

    This is why this forum should remain ONLY about the games and nothing else IMO.
  8. FloridaDemocrat

    Who Would You Rather Have as President of the United States Right Now?

    Obama definitely, I was 14 when I volunteered on his primary and general election campaign against Hillary in 2008, and for Bernie against Hillary this go around.
  9. FloridaDemocrat

    UK General Election Poll 2017

    Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, and his vision for Labour is closest to my actual views.
  10. FloridaDemocrat

    How should US elections be determined

    Abolish the electoral college and have direct popular vote with two round system to ensure a candidate gets a majority of the popular vote, we have now had 2 elections in 16 years where the popular vote winner lost to runner up because of the archaic, undemocratic and asinine electoral college.
  11. FloridaDemocrat

    do you support the health care bill that passed the house today?

    No, I believe the ACA needs to be reformed, not in a more conservative direction, but in a more liberal direction with a move towards Single Payer.
  12. FloridaDemocrat

    Hillary BS in Primaries

    Usually the undecideds also decide on momentum, before a primary or caucus, I generally ad bomb and barnstorm for and against myself and an opposing candidate, respectively, and that gets me the W or tie.
  13. FloridaDemocrat

    Where are you on the Political map?

    The line between left and far-left, when I started my political awareness, I was center-left.
  14. FloridaDemocrat

    What's the worst you've done on President Infinity?

    I was Sanders/Clinton versus Trump/Cruz. Trump ran ad after ad on me and I was hit with scandal after scandal. I got 34% of the vote and 119 electoral votes to Trump's 57% of the vote and 419 electoral votes (I was playing a scenario [I can't remember who created it, sorry ] that had Maine and Nebraska's electoral votes split) and Trump won Maine's 2nd or Maine at large). I literally won California by 1,381 votes. http://www.270towin.com/maps/aNyod
  15. FloridaDemocrat

    Michigan called for Donald Trump on 11/28/16

    I'm actually not surprised that Trump won MI, when Bernie upset her in the primary, it should have been a sign of her weakness in the state among the WWC.