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  1. @admin_270 how goes the port update? Any major struggles? Any setbacks or delays? Any new ideas?
  2. Endorsers from Idaho, Illinois, Idaho, Indiana and Iowa
  3. I'm doing my online courses as well as working on my alt-history 2020 scenario. I've gotten a lot done for my 2020 in terms of endorsers I've also been spending time with my dad.
  4. Update: California has 81 ex Representatives that are still alive. This is gonna be some work on my part
  5. Update: I decided to add Former House Representatives that are still alive to each state. So I will be updating the endorser list accordingly.
  6. Of course! But right now I am working on the endorsers I will be posting candidate primary and general election blurbs soon
  7. I believe some states have mail in voting. Like here in AZ if you sign up for it, you can vote by mail. I've been voting by mail since 2016 It really saves time.
  8. When did Biden say this? Was it before the endorsement or afterwards? I hadn't heard of it until now frankly.
  9. It could be worse It could be a brain in a jar or a extremist which would be yikes.
  10. Here is the first set of endorsers from California
  11. Some people just like to see the Trump family involved? I'm not one of those people.
  12. No he'd actually be a good age but I didn't really think of him as a potential candidate
  13. I actually do have Trump planned as a what if. I plan to also add Sarah Palin and a few others as well.
  14. You have a point there Maybe I should change it to McMullen winning
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