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  1. Dukakis in Iowa meets people struggling with addiction, asks them for their ideas to combat addiction Michael Dukakis: "... It truly amazes me how strong each individual could be. Addiction is a disease and the day we start treating it like a disease is the day we will make some progress. The War on Drugs is not the way we need to go. We need better solutions, we need to get people into the workforce rather then putting them in jail, that is not the help people need. We have so many people incarcerated in this country for the smallest offense. Now I'd like to go around the room and
  2. You could always be a made up political commentator
  3. Dukakis in Iowa, addresses a crowd of people, slams Sen. Gore "Gore can't balance our fed budget" Michael Dukakis: "...Senator Gore has made some good points. But it is not just about winning the South in this election. It is about taking ideas from all parts of the country and bringing people together. I believe Senator Gore does not have the experience to balance the budget of the United States. As Governor of Massachusetts, I have balanced the budget ten times. I have made the tough decisions. I know how much it could impact everyone. "
  4. Dukakis to Democrats: "time for a change" says let the voters decide who is the best candidate to win the 1988 election. Michael Dukakis: "...the Democratic party must look into the future. We should work together not divide ourselves through this primary and caucus season. I know we have several candidates running and we should hear their ideas and let the voters decide. It is a long way before we even have the general election but we must start looking at who would be the best candidate that will win."
  5. Micheal Dukakis announces bid for the White House! Mike Dukakis: Today, I shall officially announce my candidacy for the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States. It'll be a long road of primaries and caucuses for us but I believe that together we will overcome whatever challenges may come. I am a capable, pragmatic leader who will bring the Massachusetts Miracle to bear on a national scale. We will move past Reagan's scandals and into the future. As Governor of Massachusetts, I have led a capable administration of that state. I will take this to the national level and und
  6. Thanks again. I'll update the scenario soon. I really appreciate the feedback.
  7. The primary cycle goes as far back as Oct 1st 1987. I'll add the Feb. 16 '88 when I update this. Thanks again @Patine
  8. Update: Events are done. Here is the scenario. United States - 1988.zip
  9. Update: Endorsers are done. Just need to add the events and then this scenario will be complete.
  10. Update: I am almost done with the endorsers. Next thing after that will be the events. Would anyone care to make a list of what could be a event for that time period. Oct 1. 1987 to Nov 8. 1988, it would help a lot and it'll make the process easier.
  11. Update: The Republican and Democratic Delegates have been updated. I am currently working on the Endorsers, I am adding Senators from each state, Editing the Governors, ETC
  12. Thank you very much! I very much appreciate it!
  13. Update: Percentages are set for the general election. Also added a few % bonuses for certain VP candidates. For ex, picking Dole as your VP gives you a 10% bonus in Kansas. And picking Jessie Jackson, gives you a -15% in all the South. Should I change that? Any ideas for% bonuses?
  14. Update: I sort of manged to figure out how to work the percentages. Here's how it looks, but I'm still updating the % Also I'm still looking for Republican Delegate numbers.
  15. Update: Just finished adding the delegates of the libertarian primaries. As I thought would happen when I added the Libertarian, New Alliance and the Populist party, the percentages are all over the place. I think this is where I'll need help.
  16. Update: Just added the Populist Party. I am struggling to find the Republican Delegate count for the primaries but the Democrats delegate numbers are done. I put the correct primary dates for both parties as well.
  17. Haha It's a long way from being finished. However, It'll be out soon.
  18. No I'll take a look at yours and get the dates from there.
  19. Anyone know the delegate numbers per state for the Republican and Democratic primaries? Also does anyone know where I could find the primary dates.
  20. Update: Third parties created and candidates added.
  21. Update: Republicans are done. Third parties are next.
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