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  1. I have a Yahoo account if that helps? Or I can even use my University email too.
  2. Agreed. Just think of the potential scenarios we can all make if we had alternative voting systems besides FPTP. sigh Someday! Hopefully.
  3. Hello everyone, I am looking for some President Forever (2004) scenarios. The ones that are highlighted are the ones I am most intrested in! Especially the Canadian leadership ones @admin_270 you should really fix the broken links, it is rather sad to see all those scenarios lost. They must be preserved for future generations! @Patine Help “Third Party Battle” – 2004 “Perot’s Return” – 2004 “Dean The Independent” – 2004 “Iraq and the Economy” – 2004 “Defer’s USA” – 2004 “America Decides” – 2004 “AGS2” – 2004 “Fair” – 2004 “Celebrity Challenge” – 2004 “The Bush Bounce” – 2004
  4. The SDLP makes the case in tour through Northern Ireland as to why the people should vote for them. "A vote for the SDLP is a vote for freedom and Devolution. It's a vote against this government that will need the support of the UUP in order to maintain its majority! Vote SDLP!" The SNP campaign stops in Edinburgh, calls for Devolution in order for the people of Scotland to have control over where their tax dollars go to "They'd rather invest in weapons of war instead of our glorious NHS!" Plaid campaign holds a rally in Cardiff, reminding voters of the failure of Labour a
  5. Well this is why I stopped making Australian scenarios but in seriousness, Breitbart is a yikes in my book. I wouldn't be one to cite in a paper
  6. SDLP holds rally in Belfast where leader John Hume talks about the need for more devolved government in order to allow the people of Northern Ireland a greater say in government SNP leader Alex Salmond brainstorms in Scotland, talks the need for Devolution so that the people of Scotland can take matters into their own hands and go over Westminster on the environmental crisis facing the Union. Plaid Leader holds a public forum, stressing the need for a assembly for Wales so that that Welsh culture can be preserved.
  7. Alliance for Devolution? That's what the media is calling it! Leader of the SNP Alex Salmond, Plaid Cymru leader Dafydd Wigley and SDLP leader Mark Hume announce formation of a new political Alliance. The Alliance as they call it is so that the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can have self determination through devolution. The leadership of the party heading into the general election is currently a co-leadership. The leadership points to the Tories lack of care for the environment as another driving force as to why they are seeking more local control as well as devolu
  8. 1. Social Democratic and Labour Party 2. Scottish National Party 3. Plaid Cymru
  9. What's the point of this poll? Is it as a joke or serious?
  10. O'Toole with the win! RIP Mackay. Sad to see him lose but it was a great race! I think the Tories just might pull it off in the next federal election!
  11. MacKay for PM! It should have happened in 2004 damn it!
  12. How excited am I as I live in a swing state? Very Biden/Harris is a ticket I will be supporting. I would have preferred Duckworth but this is better than nothing.
  13. Bill Weld withdraws from Presidential race after health scares, plans to support the Libertarian nominee In a video today, the former Governor of Massachusetts announced his withdrawal from the Libertarian nomination. "I plan to support our nominee in November whoever that may be. Thank you all for your support."
  14. Very good scenarios! They are really fun to play! Both leaders of the Independence Alliance in the Nordic Union have the same leader portrait. Other than that good job!
  15. Bill Weld visits California, makes the case for the Libertarian Party in 2024, criticizes both Democrats and Republicans "Republicans talk about freedom for all Americans and yet they choose to restrict a Woman's right to choose or LGBTQ rights. Rights which are guaranteed by the constitution. Democrats talk about freedom and yet they want to over regulate our economy. This is not freedom my friends. This is the broken system that has been around for too long. The Libertarian party is the only choice that can change American lives for the better. Under our party, the government
  16. I stopped watching the news since Jan of this year and bah gawd is my life cheerful. Plus I don't really have social media so life is good.
  17. I actually started a United Commonwealth scenarios of my own but I haven't finished it yet.
  18. I disagree. She still managed to distance herself from the administration as well as distinguished herself as UN ambassador.
  19. Nikki Haley could be interesting
  20. 1st: Moderate 2nd: Agrarian Democrats 3rd: National Democrats 4th: Progressive Democrats
  21. Bill Weld announces campaign for the Libertarian Party's nomination In a video released on YouTube, Bill Weld talked about why he is running for president "The Republican Party has lost its way. Gone is the party of liberty for all and of fiscal responsibility. It has been replaced by something that is unrecognizable to all liberty loving Americans. That is why the Libertarian party is the party I am seeking its nomination from. The party represents the values of all Americans that love our freedom of choice. I hope that the delegates and voters will give me the opportunity to b
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