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  1. Senator McGovern joins Senator Bobby Kennedy in Madison Wisconsin, where the Senator unites the Left

    "I have a few very important announcements to make. I will be withdrawing from the Democratic Race for President. This campaign has been a truly wonderful experience and I have learned a lot about our youth from it. I also know that some hard choices have to be made in order to better our country. I wanna thank each and every one of you for your kindness and all of your support. And I'd like to announce that I'm endorsing Bobby Kennedy! Bobby has a vision for our country, a vision where we will not be involved in the war in Vietnam. A vision where we all are equal under the law. He wants to better our country. He's done it as a Senator and now he'll do it as President!
    Thank you all and goodnight!"

  2. Schmooze

    McGovern is out West again where he will meet with Arizona Democratic member of Congress Mo Udall, they talk about the Vietnam War where McGovern commits to ending as President as well as committing to environmental conservation issues if he is elected


    McGovern stops by his home state of South Dakota where he meets local voters and talks about the issues of his campaign


    McGovern is back in Wisconsin this time in Madison where the Senator holds a rally and talks about his commitment to ending the Vietnam War and having unions have a larger role in the economy

  3. George McGovern was in New Hampshire this week where the Senator made his case as to why the granite state should support him RALLY
    "Hello New Hampshire! What a fine day it is to be here in the Granite state! My friends, my campaign is not about me or my generation but it is about changing our country for the better! We have seen the errors of the Vietnam War and as good heart Americans we must recognize that President Johnson has failed us. It is time to bring our troops home and to provide all Americans the health care and income they deserve. We must not be afraid to continue to increase our safety net! Too many of our youth are being jailed because of marijuana possession, too many of our youth are not getting the education they deserve, too many of our youth are getting killed in Vietnam. Women are having backroom abortions! It is time for a change! I will work hard to end the Vietnam War as soon as possible, establish a basic income for all Americans, regulate abortion and increase our social safety net by establishing a universal health care plan for all Americans. Please, I ask you all to support my campaign. This movement is not about the present but it is about the future. The 1970s is a time for change! Thank you all!"


  4. Sen. George McGovern is enjoying his time in the campaign trail, a well received opening week has boosted morale and McGovern was in Wisconsin this week where he held a rally in the state capital where he talked about UBI and mingled with the crowd

    "What a week it has been I can feel it in the air my friends! It is time to make sure the American Dream works for all of our citizens! 1000 thousand dollars a moth to all our citizens, that is what I am proposing! Americans can be able to use this much needed money on anything that is essential such as medical services, childcare, medicine and food for the working family. All Americans will prosper under our grand safety net! And I  hope that you all will join me into making our country better."


  5. Rally
    Sen. George McGovern announces his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States in New Hampshire

    "Friends, family and my fellow Americans we have had quite the four years under President Johnson. Not only have we boldly gone forward on civil rights, the war on poverty and in protecting ourselves from the Warsaw Pact but there is still so much we can do!

    McGovern immediately criticized the Johnson administration's stance on the Vietnam War and proposed his own stance.
    President Johnson's actions in Vietnam have slowly turned our country apart and divided our nation regardless of political affiliation. Countless American lives have been lost and it has all been for nothing. This war is not a war of capitalism vs communism but it is a war of national liberation vs western imperialism.
    On day one of my administration, we will withdraw from Vietnam and pulled all of this excessive military spending into the Great Society while maintaining our commitment to fighting the spread of influence of the Soviet Union."

    He announces key proposals he'd implement as president
    "We will legalize abortion and regulate abortion,legalize the use of marijuana, increase spending in our safety net and guarantee the American dream for all Americans. A basic income for all of us!"

    Sen. McGovern will meet with key labour unions in New Hampshire, citing his "New ideas" platform of protecting the American dream through a universal basic income

    Sen. McGovern will attempt to win influence of key state party bosses in New Hampshire, citing his commitment to expanding the War on Poverty

  6. SDLP slams the DUP and UUP as the parties that will maintain the status quo by potentially propping up the Tory Government in the situation of a hung parliament

    "We want change. We want devolution! The status quo continues with these two!"

    Plaid meets rural voters encouraging them to potentially vote in favor of the party so that the people of Wales may have a bigger voice in government, criticizes all the parties for not putting the interests of Wales first

    "Plaid will put you first! We will put our interests first."

    SNP campaign brainstorms through rural Scotland

  7. SDLP campaign brainstorms in rural Northern Ireland, meeting voters and encouraging them to vote for change in the general election

    SNP campaigns in Southern Scotland, hoping to build up support while criticizing the Tories and Labour

    Plaid campaign hold various meet and greets where they encourage voters to vote for Plaid as they are the only party that is in favor of Devolution for Wales

  8. SDLP campaign distributes leaflets, reminding voters why they are the best choice for Northern Ireland, while criticizing the UUP

    Plaid campaign holds series of meeting voters where they take questions about devolution

    SNP campaigns in Southern Scotland where they talk about why they are the best party to serve Scottish interests and how they will work to get a environmental bill passed with the other parties

  9. SDLP campaigns in Northern Ireland, criticizing the UUP

    "This is why we need devolution my friends. The status quo of the UUP is more years of Conservative rule! The SDLP will work to deliver change to Northern Ireland."

    SNP throws shade at all Major parties as not giving Scotland a voice as they have been excluded from the leaders debate

    "They don't want to hear from Scotland! They don't want us to tell them how much we want our voices heard! It's time to change that! The SNP will put the people of Scotland first!"

    Plaid campaign goes around Wales focusing on education funding and creating a bilingual society for the Welsh

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