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  1. Bill Weld withdraws from Presidential race after health scares, plans to support the Libertarian nominee In a video today, the former Governor of Massachusetts announced his withdrawal from the Libertarian nomination. "I plan to support our nominee in November whoever that may be. Thank you all for your support."
  2. Very good scenarios! They are really fun to play! Both leaders of the Independence Alliance in the Nordic Union have the same leader portrait. Other than that good job!
  3. Bill Weld visits California, makes the case for the Libertarian Party in 2024, criticizes both Democrats and Republicans "Republicans talk about freedom for all Americans and yet they choose to restrict a Woman's right to choose or LGBTQ rights. Rights which are guaranteed by the constitution. Democrats talk about freedom and yet they want to over regulate our economy. This is not freedom my friends. This is the broken system that has been around for too long. The Libertarian party is the only choice that can change American lives for the better. Under our party, the government will stay out of your bedroom and the market will forever be free. No longer will we have to choose between the lesser of two evils. The Libertarian Party has the best of both parties!"
  4. I stopped watching the news since Jan of this year and bah gawd is my life cheerful. Plus I don't really have social media so life is good.
  5. I actually started a United Commonwealth scenarios of my own but I haven't finished it yet.
  6. I disagree. She still managed to distance herself from the administration as well as distinguished herself as UN ambassador.
  7. Nikki Haley could be interesting
  8. 1st: Moderate 2nd: Agrarian Democrats 3rd: National Democrats 4th: Progressive Democrats
  9. Bill Weld announces campaign for the Libertarian Party's nomination In a video released on YouTube, Bill Weld talked about why he is running for president "The Republican Party has lost its way. Gone is the party of liberty for all and of fiscal responsibility. It has been replaced by something that is unrecognizable to all liberty loving Americans. That is why the Libertarian party is the party I am seeking its nomination from. The party represents the values of all Americans that love our freedom of choice. I hope that the delegates and voters will give me the opportunity to bring our message of personal liberty and fiscal restraint to the voters. Thank you."
  10. I would like to play as Bill Weld running for the Libertarian Party
  11. Yeah I took a break from the scenario but I still plan to finish it eventually.
  12. Go go go Patine! You can do it! We believe in you!
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