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  1. 1988 Roleplay

    Dukakis's message to the rust belt states "A Al Gore administration will work with Republicans and Democrats to get things done. It will negotiate fair trade deals and manage environmental protection with business concerns. We will try to get more of our children educated and get them job training that they need to get good jobs."
  2. 1988 Roleplay

    Dukakis campaigns for Gore in Wisconsin, talks bipartisanship Dukakis in Ohio, talks trade deals and Al Gore's position Dukakis in Michigan, talks about the environment and how a Gore administration will balance business concerns with environmental protection. Dukakis in Wisconsin, talks about tax reform Dukakis in Pennsylvania, talks health care
  3. 1988 Roleplay

    Sure thing I won't be able to post much as I started classes again but I'll try to post whenever.
  4. 1988 Roleplay

    Dukakis addresses Democratic Convention as VP Nominee Dukakis steps up to the podium and then smiles at the huge crowd. "Thank you. Thank you all for your support. I want to thank the delegates, the voters and the DNC. My friends, a year ago I was thinking about running for president because of the failures of the Reagan administration, I ran a campaign that focused on the issues facing the middle class and all Americans, and while I didn't win the Democratic nomination I am proud to be here as your Vice Presidential nominee. Cheers erupt as Dukakis smiled at the crowd. "Several months ago, when I withdrew from the race and stopped campaigning I had three decisions. I had the choices of endorsing Sen. Al Gore or Rep. Geraldine Ferraro or to stay in the race as a candidate to take votes from either candidate. I stayed neutral until I decided that the best candidate was Al Gore. You see I didn't really know Al before 1987, and as we both campaigned for the nomination I got to meet him and we both became very good friends. Al has a vision for America and it is better then the vision the Republicans have, I mean just look at where Ronald Reagan has gotten us, a huge deficit, wasteful spending and years of making the middle class poorer and the rich richer. The Democratic party is the party of the future, we are the party with an open tent. We want to make a economy that works for everyone not just the wealthy and corporations.Al Gore has a plan! And he and I will come up with bipartisan solutions for all the problems facing our country. We are going to reform our education system, hold teachers accountable and try to improve public education. I hope that you all will support us and that you'll campaign for us as it'll be a tough campaign season. Thank you everyone and goodnight."
  5. 1988 Roleplay

    ( Sounds good to me! Just let me know when I speak )
  6. 1988 Roleplay

    (It definitely does. Glad to see you again @Somberg. Hope you're enjoying your holiday)
  7. 1988 Roleplay

    (Well that escalated quickly )
  8. 1988 Roleplay

    Dukakis in West Virginia, asked about who he'd support Joe Manchin or Denise Giardia "You know I would have to think about that, I know Joe's policies and positions but I would love to hear Denise's positions before I would make an endorsement." Dukakis is then asked about Robert Bryd "The Senator made his choice and we must respect it, but we should remind everyone that the Democratic party is open to everyone, if your ideas are moderate, conservative or liberal. I hope that he'll continue to work with us even if he switched parties."
  9. 1988 Roleplay

    Dukakis in California, campaigns for Gore "You know, someone has been campaigning against Al Gore, saying that his environmental policy could lead to job losses. I don't see how expanding National Park services could lead to job lose. I don't see how monitoring air and water pollution could lead to job lose. There's nothing wrong with protection of the environment, we should be trying to protect the environment and leaving it healthy enough for future generations to enjoy." Dukakis campaigns for Gore, talks about the Democratic ticket "This campaign ticket is perhaps the most diverse. We are committed to working with the Republican party in the House and the Senate to come up with bipartisan solutions that everyday Americans face. A Al Gore administration will balance our budget, reduce wasteful spending and curve our deficit."
  10. 'Tis the Season :S

    Happy holidays! And I hope that 2018 will be a great year for everyone.
  11. US election playthrough

    Just started off in the general election. And campaigned from there. The percentage seemed to favor the Democrat.
  12. 1988 Roleplay

    Upon hearing the news of being picked by Al Gore as his running mate Dukakis called him and thanked him. "I'll give it my all." Dukakis makes his first campaign stop in Boston, Massachusetts. "My friend's who would have thought that the son of a Greek immigrant would have been given the chance to be the Democratic party nominee's running mate. I gladly accept Al Gore's offer to be his running mate!" Cheers fill the rally as Dukakis smiled. "This ticket is the most qualified and bipartisan ticket that we have had in a long time. We will work hard with both parties to get things done and solve the problems facing our country. We will cut wasteful spending, balance our budget and we will try our hardest to give children the health care they deserve. I look forward to seeing you all at the Democratic convention and I wish the Republicans luck as Democrats are united under our great ticket!"
  13. US election playthrough

    I know huh!
  14. US election playthrough

    Here's 1908. Taft defeated in landslide. WJB is president. Played as Bryan. 1908 results.csv
  15. 1988 Roleplay

    Dukakis endorses John Kasich "I am here to endorse John Kasich. A man who has the integrity and is perhaps one of the most bipartisan members of Congress. I'm sure he'll make a great Governor. I hope that my endorsement shows that Micheal Dukakis doesn't care about party but rather the individual who is the most qualified to run." Duakakis campaigns for Al Gore "Al is the candidate that will try to work with the Congress. He'll compromise on issues that face every day Americans and will be a great president if he is elected."