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  1. My version of the scenario has the New Alliance
  2. You're right. Harper did have the longest minority government though 😛
  3. How dare you destroy Mulcair! 😛
  4. Bahaha! I'd vote for him if we got MMP 😛
  5. @Edouard I played as the Liberals It was really fun! results.csv
  6. I'll give it a test run when I get on my computer!
  7. @admin_270 I was wondering if it would be possible to add an option for endorsers to have a image option, similar to how surrogates can have a surrogate image. Especially since most endorsers have a surrogate.
  8. I think it's an interesting idea. It reminds me of when John McCain wanted to pick Joe Lieberman as a VP but he didn't. It also reminds me of when John Kerry considered John McCain as a potential VP. I think it might be a mixed bag as it could draw independent voters to the Democratic ticket as a Republican as VP could be seen as a unity ticket. But on the other hand the Democratic base might not approve and stay home and not vote.
  9. 1.Biden 2.Buttigieg 3.Sanders 4.Warren 5.Klobuchar
  10. The NDP is optimistic of the exit polls as they have shown where the parliament might go but it looks forward to seeing actual numbers as those are more important than polls.
  11. Merry X-Mas and happy holidays! Here's for a great 2020
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