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  1. Senate Scenerios for Congress infinity

    Updated the 2004 Scenario. Senate - 2004.zip
  2. Patine Current Planned Scenario Queue

    Mexico 2000 is one I look forward to as we studied it in my class recently
  3. Senate Scenerios for Congress infinity

    I'll consider adding them if I update the scenario.
  4. Senate Scenerios for Congress infinity

    Updated the 2010 Senate Scenario, It now includes Lisa Murkowski as a write in and Governor Charlie Crist as a Independent. 2004 is next. Feedback is always welcome. Senate - 2010.zip
  5. Senate Scenerios for Congress infinity

    I have updated the 2008 Senate Scenario. I'm currently working on the 2010 Senate Scenario I made. I would appreciate some feedback on this scenario. Also does anyone know the political positions of Charlie Crist? He's going to be apart of the 2010 scenario so It would be useful if I knew them before adding him. Otherwise I'll just make him a centrist. Senate - 2008.zip
  6. List of 2020 Election Scenario Events

    It's alright. It happens. I just knew because I live in Arizona.
  7. List of 2020 Election Scenario Events

    Correction: Flake won't be a Senator in 2020. He's retiring this year.
  8. Senate Scenerios for Congress infinity

    I do plan to do historical Senate scenarios as well actually. I just started backwards because I thought it might be interesting to do a few modern scenarios done.. But I shall definitely do historical scenarios when I can.
  9. I'm creating Senate scenarios for Congress infinity. I have a few done such as 2010, 2008,2006,2004 but I need some ideas for events and descriptions for each scenario. I also need helping in making an image like this for each scenario. Any help would be appreciated. scenario.bmp
  10. Senate Historical Scenarios you'd like to see

    I could do 1980
  11. I'm thinking of creating more Senate scenarios for Congress Infinity. Does anyone have a certain Senate scenario they'd like to see?
  12. 1988 Roleplay

    Well he could if he wins. Plus we'd have to know how the House and Senate results go as well
  13. 1988 Roleplay

    (I definitely look forward to '92 it'll be interesting :D)
  14. 1860 results

    Check the result out. results.csv
  15. Senate:All time Senators election

    This sounds great