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  1. I have more scenarios already made but I haven't posted them.
  2. Bill Clinton! We had a surplus under him! His policies are primarily the reason as to why I picked him. Currently I would say Donald Trump. He's madr me want to become a Canadian citizen which I plan to do whenever I get the chance His rhetoric is primarily the reason as to why i picked him. He does not attempt to unite our country. Best President would probably be George H.W Bush. The man was a compassionate man and helped the world by seeing the end of the Cold War. Plus he was a pragmatic leader. James B. He didn't do much. Ronald R. I think Goldwater was better but keep in mind I'm from Arizona so I'm biased. Gerald Ford. The man led us through a tough time and did his best. Sure his pardon was controversial but it was for the greater good. Michael Dukakis. Dukakis would have been Bill Clinton except without the charisma and more integrity. I'm a big fan of Joe Lieberman! Sad that he didn't win in 04. He would have made a interesting president.Im I'm not sure to be honest. Charlie Crist anyone? I'm a fan of the following! Kevin Rudd, Vicente Fox, Tony Blair, John Major, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Theresa May, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Joe Clark, Peter McKay, Jagmeet Singh, I miss Jack Layton, Tom Mulcair(great leader of the opposition but a bad campaigner!) But out of all of these I'll pick Jean Chretien! He is a inspiration to me and I believe he was the greatest Prime Minister of Canada or maybe that honor goes to Kim Campbell
  3. I saw that AMLO was mentioned and I will give my two cents in His administration's handling of the pandemic has been rather bad However, his policies especially in terms of grants to students, raising the minimum wage, and raise pensions have helped the population of Mexico and were all promises he made. He reminds me of President Cardenas except Cardenas didn't have to deal with a pandemic and was a lot more interesting to read about then AMLO. ( I took Mexican history and followed the 2018 election closely if anyone is wondering. I also made a 2018 Mexico scenario if anyone is interested)
  4. Crist campaigns in the Southwest (AZ,NV and CO) Mary Landrieu campaigns in the South (Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia) Joe Donnelly campaigns in Indiana
  5. (Replace the second event Greg Orman and Heidi Heidkamp campaign in The Plains states where they talk about giving a voice to the independent minded voters, Orman focusing on Kansas while Heidi is focusing on the Dakotas with this) Crist responds to coalition offer "We are not looking for a coalition at this time but we will consider the offer after the election. (So don't bother sending any offers until then )
  6. Joe Donnelly campaigns in Indiana, talks about how Indiana elected him to the Senate in 2012 and he's asking his fellow independent minded citizens for their support Greg Orman and Heidi Heidkamp campaign in The Plains states where they talk about giving a voice to the independent minded voters, Orman focusing on Kansas while Heidi is focusing on the Dakotas Crist and Mary Landrieu campaign throughout the Southern states where they hold a major Rally in New Orleans "Hello New Orleans! God bless you all, thank you all for coming! For years I was your Senator and I'm asking you to give our Bloc a chance. Now here to make the case is my friend and our party leader, Charlie Crist!" Crist comes on stage "Thank you Mary! Hello my friends, I'm here to tell you why you should give us a chance on the upcoming election. For years Republicans and Democrats have made promises and they have not completed them. The Bloc is different my friends, we won't promise anything that can't be done. We'll put the interests of the people forward. We'll work to getting quality health care to Americans, respecting our environment and most importantly improving our economy and balancing our budget. Give us a chance! Let's change America for the better! God Bless you all!"
  7. Angus King campaign for the Centre Bloc in New England, talks bipartisanship and how the Bloc can best represent the values of New England Heidi Heidkamp campaigns in the Plains states stopping at Wichita, Kansas; Lincoln, Nebraska; Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Fargo, North Dakota alongside Joe Donnelly where they talk about the Bloc being the party that a majority of Americans can support Crist and Bill Nelson hold rally in Miami, Florida "Hello Florida! God bless you all for coming out here to come and support the Bloc! I was your Senator for many years and Charlie was your Governor for 4 years and now we're asking you to give us a chance to make our country work for the people. Now give a hand to my friend Charlie!" Crist joins Nelson on stage. "Thank you Bill for that kind introduction. My friends the Bloc is party that represents some of the values that everyday Americans share. We have leaders all over the country and we are a movement that everyone can be apart of. But we need your help! We need as many votes as we can get and I'm sure we'll be able to hold all the parties to account. Thank you all! God bless you and the United States!"
  8. Charlie Crist launches campaign in St. Petersburg, Florida for the Centre Party "Hello my fellow Floridians and Americans. Our nation is at a crossroads. We have come a long way since 1776 and now we are at a point in which we can say no the same old politics of yesteryear. I ask you all to support our party as we will put forward the interests of the people. We're the party of the people and for everyone that is tired of D.C. Thank you all, God bless you! Greg Orman campaigns in the Plains states for the Centre Party, talks about changing D.C and getting all parties to work together Michael Bloomberg launches nationwide AD about key platforms of the Centre Party such as being Fiscal responsibility and Socially Liberal
  9. Some of my thoughts! Great scenario! Perhaps add a Turkish relations issue, especially since the events from that year involved Turkey. Also Terrorism would be a interesting issue. Great scenario! It certainly gave me some inspiration for scenario making of my own! Good job!
  10. @JasperdeGroot I can make the logos for your scenario look somewhat official as I have experience with making them look pretty. I am about to test your scenario.
  11. I'll give it a test run! 2002 and 2010 are two years that I am interested in
  12. Alternative electoral types would certainly help scenario creators a lot! I have so many German, NZ, Dutch, etc scenarios that I want to make if we will ever get these options!
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