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  1. TheLiberalKitten

    1988 Roleplay

    Same here!
  2. TheLiberalKitten

    Alternate US Presidential Elections 1788 - 2016 V2

    Great series! I really enjoyed reading it with every election.
  3. TheLiberalKitten

    Question about Congress Infinity

    Update: I actually figured out why i got the error message. I had removed Al Franken's name from the incumbent and didn't replace it with anything. After editing the scenario, I re added him but instead put vacancy and retried the campaign and it worked! It is possible to do a single senate seat race!
  4. TheLiberalKitten

    Question about Congress Infinity

    Here's the error message as I stated.
  5. TheLiberalKitten

    Question about Congress Infinity

    Well I tested it out and it indeed caused a error message.
  6. TheLiberalKitten

    Question about Congress Infinity

    I was wondering if it was possible to make a Senate Scenario where only one seat was up for grabs. Sort of like the 2017 Special Election in Alabama. Because I know it's possible to set which seats are on/off for custom scenarios. So I would set the 99 Senate seats off and leave only one seat up for grabs. Could it be possible to create a single seat race or would the game cause an error?
  7. TheLiberalKitten

    2016 Senate

    Check out the updated 2016 Senate I put together. It includes a four way race for Alaska's Senate seat. http://campaigns.270soft.com/2018/09/13/2016-senate-updated/
  8. TheLiberalKitten


    Thanks for the response! I was going to put the issue in the scenario because the Republicans ran with it but it didn't really go well for them.
  9. TheLiberalKitten


    Scenario has been uploaded to the campaign site, but without the Clinton Impeachment Issue
  10. TheLiberalKitten


    I'm going to start making a 1998 Senate Scenario and I want to include the Clinton impeachment as a issue. But I'm stumped on the issue positions Any suggestions?
  11. TheLiberalKitten

    RIP John McCain

  12. TheLiberalKitten

    RIP John McCain

  13. TheLiberalKitten

    RIP John McCain

    Honestly I'm unsure at the moment. I can't really think of anyone at the top of my head. Maybe my Governor will appoint someone that is less critical of the President. But we'll have to see, the next Senator will have big shoes to fill.
  14. TheLiberalKitten

    RIP John McCain

    John McCain was my Senator. I didn't agree with him 100% but I always respected him. May he rest in peace.
  15. TheLiberalKitten

    1988- Playthrough- Democratic primaries

    Update: I've decided to redo this playthrough after my computer erased my data. I also updated the scenario somewhat. stay tuned!