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  1. TheLiberalKitten

    1968 Bobby Vs. Rocky Vs. Wallace

    Very cool!
  2. TheLiberalKitten

    West Wing 2006 Campaign RP

    Sorry. I'm not interested.
  3. TheLiberalKitten

    Massachusetts 1994 Senate Election what ifs poll

    Oh no! I've been found out lolol
  4. TheLiberalKitten

    Massachusetts 1994 Senate Election what ifs poll

    No problem! Glad to help!
  5. TheLiberalKitten

    Massachusetts 1994 Senate Election what ifs poll

    You save the campaign into a zip file, or export it using the game. Then in the campaigns page you make an account and upload it from there. I hope that makes sense.
  6. TheLiberalKitten

    Massachusetts 1994 Senate Election what ifs poll

    You should definitely add Dukakis
  7. TheLiberalKitten

    French Revolutionary Scenarios

    Very cool! I look forward to this. It'll be interesting!
  8. TheLiberalKitten


    @Patine I think I won't be needing party logos as I managed to create some for the 2000 election. Thank you for offering to help. it's much appreciated. If anyone wants to use them here they are. They're not all of them that i plan to make but they are for the 2000 Mexican presidential election. DEMOCRACIA SOCIAL.bmp PAN.bmp PARM.bmp PRD.bmp PRI.bmp
  9. TheLiberalKitten

    Kennedy vs Romney '08

    That's what I thought! Lolol
  10. TheLiberalKitten


    It definitely would be useful! especially for scenario creators as it'll allow for more then just elections that are FPTP
  11. TheLiberalKitten


    President infinity would be best for the presidential level, while the others would vary.
  12. TheLiberalKitten


    That would be useful as well!
  13. TheLiberalKitten


    I would appreciate it! It'll be a big help! If i do start these making these scenarios, I'll definitely work back to more historical scenarios.
  14. TheLiberalKitten


    Does anyone know how to make any party logos? 😂 I'm honestly terrible at making them. Candidate images I can probably make as we actually have a tutorial for that.
  15. TheLiberalKitten


    If I do make these scenarios I might add a few what if candidates.