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  1. Rodja

    Preferred 2020 Democratic Candidate

    1.Bernie 2.Warren 3.Biden 4.Booker 5.Castro 6.Harris 7.Gillibrand 8.Hillary 9.Avenatti 10.Trump
  2. Rodja


    I just took the 8values test today,and i wondered have the people on forum took it and if they did what are your results. Here is mine
  3. Rodja


    For some reason i thought you are more right wing than this.Must be an avatar.
  4. Rodja

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    @NYConservative LOL,havent mentioned it until now.Thank you.
  5. Rodja

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    I see @WVProgressive already picked Bernie for 2016.So i will go with Al Franken 2016 and Warren 2020
  6. Rodja

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    Sanders 2016,Warren 2020
  7. Rodja

    Primaries. Which side is fairer?

    As a lifelong Democrat it is really really painful for me to say this but Republican 2016 primary as ugly vulgar and racist as it was was way more air in terms of delegates,convention than the Democratic one which was basically rigged against Bernie.This is a painful truth.
  8. Rodja

    Top Three

    Well,i dont have anything to say against Graham and would support her if she won,but yes Gillum has a bigger chance of winning because he motivates massive voter turnout.Alexandria is like Bernie but female and 50 years younger,in about 15 to 20 years i hope i will be able to proudly call her my President.
  9. Rodja

    Top Three

    1.VT Governor,my home state plus we could get first transgender governor in history! 2.NY-14,i love Alexandria almost as much as i do with Bernie. 3.FL Governor,Andrew Gillum is a great progressive and a potential first black governor of Florida
  10. Rodja

    US Senator Poll

    Bernie definetly deserves to be in top 20 senators because his legacy is much much deeper than the legislative one.He helped awake and get in the political process the whole generation of young people and significantly change the Democratic Party(could you ever imagine them getting rid of superdelegates and support Medicare for All if there was no Bernie 2016?!)
  11. Rodja

    RIP John McCain

    Great man,hero,a legend.One of rare Republicans with a spine to stand up to this wicked charade.RIP.
  12. Rodja

    Alex Jones Poll

    -Yes. -Of course not. -No.
  13. Rodja

    2020 Democratic Poll

    1.I am torn between Sens.Booker and Merkley 2.Bernie definetly,but i also love idea of Biden running. 3.Obama by FAR.
  14. Rodja

    House of Cards

    So the finale of HoC is coming this November 2. This has been my favorite thing on Netflix since 2013 but now i am skeptical what its gonna look like with no FU(not justifiying Spacey he is pedo rapist). What is your opinion?Do you watch HoC?What do you expect from Spaceyless season?
  15. Rodja

    Become President Game

    I would definetly love this game!But there is a suggestion i would if you or anyone else on this forum or even Anthony himself decide to develop it: -Add more depth to all offices,lile manage a city as Mayor and vote on and propose bills as Senator also when you become POTUS let us run the country and also go through post-presidency years. Someone please develop this game or i will have to buy programming book.xD
  16. Rodja

    Trump Poll

    -I dont think he personally colluded but he was aware so he is guilty. -Yes.He blackmailed and fired Comey -Yes.
  17. Rodja

    Russia Lawfare article

    #5 definetly
  18. Rodja

    House of Cards

    She never had the charm and wit of Francis Underwood.He was truly unique character i loved and loathed in the same time.This is just like Sopranos with no Tony or X-files without Duhovny.And btw i never really liked Robin as an actress except as Jenny in Forrest Gump.
  19. Rodja

    House of Cards

    This absolutely sums up how i feel too.
  20. Rodja

    LeBron James vs Donald Trump

    I am Sanders/Warren wing Democrat and i would vote for Kasich over both Trump and Clinton in 2016.
  21. Rodja

    Top 5 Presidents Of All Time

    Do you still have that autoranker?If so,can you send it to me because i would love to test on myself.
  22. Rodja

    IQ Poll

    -130-140 -Work
  23. Rodja

    LeBron James vs Donald Trump

    Lebron definetly.My favorite NBA star.
  24. Rodja

    Top 5 Presidents Of All Time

    Ill give you my top 10 instead: 1.Lincoln 2.FDR 3.LBJ 4.JFK 5.Obama 6.Ike 7.Carter 8.Clinton 9.Truman 10.Teddy Rooswelt