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    Progressivism,Feel the Bern 2020,Lifelong Democrat from Vermont,Favorite President:FDR,Favorite TV Show:House of Cards,Favorite Movie:Forrest Gump

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  1. Coming from the guy who loves Warren and dislikes Hillary they are not.One is a genuine progressive,other is corporate politician.
  2. Rodja

    Harold Bloom

    Didnt hear about his passing.First heard of him through PI 2020 scenario that has him as endorser.Did my research and i respected him a lot.RIP
  3. Rodja

    Gabbard 3rd party

    It is not,he didnt say he would punch her in the face because she is a woman.I hate Tulsi too but i love and respect Warren,AOC,Nina Turner and many other female leaders
  4. Rodja

    Gabbard 3rd party

    Punch her in my name too.
  5. Rodja

    Gabbard 3rd party

    Tulsi is an idiot.I dont understand my fellow progressives that like this crazy narcissistic person.Shes nothing better than a female Trump.Althrough,i dont believe much of what Hillary says so i hope she is wrong this time too.
  6. I think these endorsements will help Bernie regain momentum i this race.There was a poll that said 25% of Democrats could be influenced by AOC endorsement(only person with more powerful endorsement was Obama).
  7. Bernie had a best night.Warren did great,i dont like Mayor Pete anymore since tonight but nobody can deny this was good debate performance.Biden was the worst,Tulsi just came off as a lunatic asking Warren questions like she is the moderator not a candidate.Others did ok.
  8. Economics:C Foreign Policy:E- Social Issues:F Upholding Oath of Office:F-
  9. 1.Bernie and Warren will be great in way FDR is as a transformational leaders.Buttigieg would be great in way JFK is as smart young and charismatic person with a problem solving approach 2.He could go down as one of 10 worst President 3.Warren would be better than Trump,W.,Clinton,HW,Reagan,Carter,Ford,Nixon,LBJ,Truman but wouldnt beat Obama,JFK,Ike and FDR
  10. And,it was just a stunt to make people talk about her
  11. I forgot to check Labor and Environmental activists
  12. I can assure that if you offered me a 100 million dollars to call other people demons,to scream in the studio and chase people i disagree with at the airports,i would refuse it.
  13. If he doesnt really believe the insane stuff he is saying but says it just to get attention it is a proof more of a mental disorder.
  14. I dont consider mentally ill fascists to be funny/
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