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  1. West Wing Style RP

    I wanna be Secretary of State,Speaker of the House or Senate Minority(Democratic)Leader.
  2. CIA oversight act of 1977 poll

    OOC:Am i doing something wrong or noone wrote anything on main topic for really long time?
  3. CIA oversight act of 1977 poll

  4. US Senate RP

    OOC:Are we going to be able to run for other offices like Presidency?
  5. US Senate RP

    Sen.Duppstadt on President Carter "I want to say loud and clear that i applaud to the great leader of this glorius nation James Carter for pardoning draft dodgers from Vietnam.I think that Vietnam War turned out not to be something we expected but a terrible bloodshed.I also call on President Carter to apologize to Vietnamese people for their suffering from our illegal occupation over the years!" Sen.Duppstadt Cosponsors Gay Rights Bill Sen.Duppstadt on Sen.Fischer Proposal "My colleague from Maryland made several good points in his proposal.War is an awful awful thing.But today is simply not the right time to be abolishing the concept of the draft.First i agree that concept of the draft takes many lives off some times for a no reason.But today Soviet threath is increasing,it can be question of time when they can take some serious military action against one of our allies.It is not a time to be acting weak!" Sen.Duppstatd on Sen.Marino Proposal "I do definetly agree with this proposal!Transparency is the most important thing!thank you Senator!" Sen.Duppstatd Cosponsors Sen.Marino Proposal
  6. US Senate RP

    *76 Name:Hector G.(Gonzales) Duppstadt Born:1936 State:California Party:Democrat Senator replaced:Republican Hayakawa defeating him in 1976. Platform:FDR style Economic policy.Moderate Liberal on social issues.Uncompromising Pro-Union.Anti-Communist,but for some sort of a deal with USSR. Backrground:Born 19 March 1936(Age 40) in San Francisco.In a middle class Catholic family.His mom was Latina and his dad is Irish.He doctorated at Harvard.He participated in MLK's March on Washington.He ran against Hayakawa in 1970 but lost.
  7. 2000 RP

    Ok i see Trump is already taken than i want to be John Kasich in Republican Primary
  8. 2000 RP

    I want to be Donald Trump in Republican Primary.
  9. Crush

    I buyed this game yesterday and always whatever candidate i play as it crashes in early April.Anybody else having this problem?