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  1. Rodja

    Politician Respect Poll

    Respect: John McCain Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Cory Booker Rand Paul Susan Collins John Kasich Barack Obama Joe Biden
  2. Rodja

    2000 Election: Poll

    -John McCain,Al Gore in general -Yes to both. -Yes
  3. Rodja

    1996 Election: Poll

    -Bill Clinton -He did nothing wrong -Democratic Bias
  4. Rodja

    1992 Election: Poll

    -Bill Clinton -That is his job! -No!More jobs for Americans!
  5. Rodja

    1976 Election: Poll

    -Jimmy Carter -I am glad Nixon is out. -No.
  6. Rodja

    1972 Election: Poll

    -Hubert Humphrey -No.They are communists. -I disapprove.
  7. Rodja

    1968 Election: Poll

    -Bobby Kennedy -Keep the war further with no escalating -No.People shouldnt be forced to sacrifice their lives.
  8. Rodja

    Preference Poll (either/or) #1

    1.Intellectuals 2.Atheists 3.Billionares
  9. Rodja

    New Historical President RP

    Name:Reginald Borty Party:Republican State:Georgia Position:Senator Platform: War of 1811:Try and find peaceful resolution for conflic that is exhausting our nation! Foreign Affairs:Go on with war and fight alongside our French friends.Stop paying pirates! Trade:End the Tarrif.Make trade more free
  10. Rodja

    Political Would you rather?

    1.Relatively unkown challenger. 2.Parkland kids 3.Base
  11. Rodja

    Trump Forum Approval Poll (May 2018)

    1.Only his foreign policy 2.No. 3.No. Not enough
  12. Rodja

    New Historical President RP

    @vcczar Should i make a fictional VP or should it be other player from the RP
  13. Rodja

    New Historical President RP

    Frederick "Fred" Wiliams announces running for President again! State:Massachusets Political Party:Federalist Current Proffesion:Revolutionary War hero and freshman Senator from Massachusets Issues: Military Strenght:Make our army stronger by expanding it to 15.000 from current 5.000 and navy to 5 ships. Foreign:Take France away Most Favored Nation status and get closer to Britain. Military:Harshly prosecute Fries rebels! Economy:Make moves to spread industralization to South.
  14. Rodja

    New Historical President RP

    I havent been here one day and all this happened?!This getting messier than Trump WH
  15. Rodja

    New Historical President RP

    OOC(out of character and out of curiosity):With no George Washington around how will our Capital be called?