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  1. I've been following Bernie since 90s and there is no way in hell he said this.Warren is such a disappointment, i liked her and even considered voting for her at one point but after this it is clear she doesn't care about progressive ideas or movement,she is an opportunist that only thinks of herself.Im done with her.(I will still vote for her if she is nominee,but with no excitement).
  2. Rodja

    Booker is out

    He would be good at HUD i agree with @vcczar.I personally would most like to see him as HHS Secretary or Attorney General(id prefer Kamala as AG though).
  3. Rodja

    Booker is out

    https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/cory-booker-drops-out-presidential-race-n1114426 I liked him a lot.He became my No.3 after Pete abandoned M4A and became a centrist.I think he deserves a place in next administration(hopefully Sanders administration).
  4. Rodja

    So Long,Marianne

    Did you mean Bolsonaro?Im not aware of Bolisario
  5. Rodja

    So Long,Marianne

    I never took her too seriously.She was entertaining to watch,the memes were funny.Thats it PS:Special thanks to her for dropping out because she reminded me of a great song by late Leonard Cohen.
  6. Rodja

    So Long,Marianne

    Marianne Williamson is suspending her campaign! https://abc13.com/marianne-williamson-announces-she-is-suspending-her-presidential-campaign/5834629/
  7. My gut tells me it has something to do with Be President game Anthony talked about few years ago.I have no information about it just my gut.I would be very happy if it is true.
  8. Suleimani was evil,but just killing top military official like this when we are not even at war with his country is a war crime and hawkish provocation.
  9. IA 1.Buttigieg 2.Sanders 3.Biden 4.Warren 5.Klobuchar NH 1.Sanders 2.Buttigieg 3.Warren 4.Biden 5.Yang
  10. Rodja

    Project America

    Can you tell ùs something more about the game?Is it related to be president game Anthony was talking about developing few years ago?
  11. Rodja

    Project America

    Just mentioned this in Game Feedback section of the forum.Can anybody tell me what this is about?Are we going to get a new game?
  12. But GOP controls both the Senate and the House so my Bernie will be pretty impotent President
  13. I finally managed to win a Presidential race in The Political Process!
  14. I believed 3rd question was about our 3rd favorite so i voted for Booker.My last choice would be Gabbard.
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