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  1. 1.Bernie 2.Whoever Biden picks as a VP 3.True
  2. We could say Elizabeth Warren will be the nominee with certanity,because when we add Bernie's,Yang's and McAuliffe's delegeates to her own count we get 1,889 which puts her 74 delegates away from a sure win at this very moment. #PresidentWarren2020
  3. Sanders addresses supporters via video message "My friends, I wish i had better news to give you,but no i dont.There is simply no way forward in which our campaign can win enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination,and i have exactly zero interest in running a hopeless campaign.Thats why i am ending our campaign today.Instead of being sad and disappointed that we didnt win,i am proud of what we had accomplished.I am proud that we have the big majority of young people supporting our campaign in almost every state,i am proud most Americans support progressive policies that we fought like Medicare for All,Free College and Green New Deal,i am proud that we gathered millions of people to fight both Republican and Democratic establishment.That struggle continues,and the best person i can see leading it forward is my dear friend Elizabeth Warren.I would like to ask all of you to support Elizabeth,i am proud to stand with her and i am proud to stay in this fight alongside her.Thank you all for everything!"
  4. Bernie Sanders is ending his campaign,will address supporters later today!
  5. I am so close to tears right now.Damn it Bernie,we dont deserve you.
  6. 1.Bernie Sanders barnstorms across Michigan with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Michael Moore focusing on Medicare for All. 2.Bernie Sanders holds rally in Detroit,MI with Rev.Jesse Jackson focusing on Bernies record of focusing and fighting for progressive agenda.Jackson draw parallels between Bernies campaign and his Rainbow Coalition. 3.Bernie holds rally with environmental activists and Native American leaders in Bismarck,ND highlighting his opposition to DAPL
  7. @Edouard Conway,Claire,Donald Blythe,Raymond Tusk,Garret Walker,Peter Russo(if he survived),Mark Usher,the VP guy Frank pushed out,that guy that who got to be SoS instead of Frank,guy who is a speaker or somewhat i think his name is Birch or something
  8. How come Terry gets more delegates when Bernie has more votes?
  9. Rep.Jimmy Gomez endorsed Bernie Sanders at a rally in Los Angeles,the two were also joined by Barbara Lee who introduced Gomez by saying"My dear friend and colleauge Jimmy has a message for you!"Rep.Gomez took the stage and explained why he supports Sen.Sanders quoting his "passion and ambitious agenda to transform America!"
  10. Rep.Lloyd Doggett endorsed Bernie Sanders at a rally in Austin,TX.He praised Bernie's "leadership on key issues" and "being ready to act when people need him!".
  11. Bill Maher revealed he will vote for Bernie Sanders in the California primary last night when Senator appeared on Real Time!The two discussed the number of topics including Medicare for All,Green New Deal and Bernie's concept of political revolution.Maher concluded interview by saying:"Senator,i hope you win California on Tuesday.What i know is that you have my vote!Dear viewers,you have a chance to elect once in a lifetime leader,please just move your asses to the polls and vote for Bernie!"
  12. Bernie Sanders answered the press question about Gov.McAuliffe receiving endorsements by Biden and Clinton after a rally. "Look,i have nothing personal against any of them,Joe Biden is a very good friend of mine,but the establishment's centrism has been losing politics in election after election.That is how we got Donald Trump elected in the first place.We need a nominee who will fight for big progressive change,not incrementalism!".
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