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  1. Rodja

    Trump-Putin meeting poll

    -No.He abandoned everything we stand for by kissing ass to authoritharian that kills opponents on vstreets. -I wouldnt say he was verbally attacking.Too strong term. -Our Intelligence of course.
  2. Rodja

    Ranking the Potential Democratic Candidates

    @thr33thanks for informing me. @NYrepublican seems like we both fell for a scam.
  3. Rodja

    Your News Sources

    -CNN -MSNBC -Huffington -Hill -Guardian -RT
  4. They are quite different,actually have quite few similar letters
  5. I dont know Ukrainan and Russian Cyrilic,just Serbian.Sorry.
  6. I know Serbian Cyrilic because my brother is married to Serbian guy.
  7. Rodja

    Who is a Better World Leader Poll?

    Effective:-Merkel -Trudeau -Putin -Pope -Netanyahu Would like to see as POTUS:-Merkell - Trudeau -Macron -Pope Obama vs Trump:-Obama by far.
  8. Rodja

    Who Should Democrats Run in 2020?

    Governor Jerry Brown of California,not Senator Brown of Ohio.
  9. Rodja

    New Historical President RP

    @vcczar than make him Republican.I am sorry.
  10. Rodja

    New Historical President RP

    Name:Doug Stamper State:South Carolina Office:US Senator Party:Democratic Platform: National Strenght:Our nation used to be much stronger than it is today!I plead to you to lead it back into golden era! Foreign Affairs:Leave alliance!Go back to our pre-dictatorship foreign policy! Military:Reinforce troops at the border by adding more of them! Economy:Strenghten economy through taxes and tarrifs! Immigration:Do all we can to prevent Southerners emigration! Incumbent:Brooke is a dictator,narcissistic tyrant. Party:Be ready to form anti-Brooke bloc if others are ready to join it
  11. -1.Charisma 2.Sense of Humor 3.Progressive 4.Integrity 5.Calm and Presidential -Platform -No.
  12. Rodja

    I am Your President

    Ahahah.Me neither but would make that sacrifice if the game quality is good.
  13. Rodja

    New Historical President RP

    Name:Douglas Gregory Party:American Progress Party Position:Senator from Ohio Platform: Military Strenght:Keep military and navy as it is. Foreign Affairs:Do not commit to alliance too much.Get ready to leave if war breaks out. Economy:Raise tarrifs and wages. Trade:Trade with everybody,with tarrifs. Budger:Spend more on infrastracture and the needs of the people(schools,hospitals) Incumbent:These elections are about overthrowing the king!Americans know how to do that!