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  1. Hi, sorry for the late response. Sierra 10.12.5. It's actually that when I press to add a new advert in a constituency it lags for 5-10 minutes and I can't touch anything else till it loads. It's the lag in having the advert tab come up that's causing the issue.
  2. I'm trying to play the latest version of PMI UK on OSX on one of the new Macbook Pros, and sometimes when I open a window in the game pressing the x does nothing and there's no way of getting out so I have to force quit. Is there a fix for this?
  3. Will there be a mechanism for preference deals? The "How to Vote" cards tend to be followed by about 70-80% of voters. There was a big controversy around whether the Liberals would preference the Greens in 2016, but they wound up preferencing Labor in exchange for Labor preferences in some Lib vs Nat seats. That cost the Greens 2 seats. The process of trying to get those preferences was a live thing throughout the start of the 2016 campaign. Maybe it could work like endorsements? Also, it might be getting a bit too detailed, but footsoldiers could play a role in whether HTVs are distributed on election day. (That's pretty important for the micro-parties, because they don't tend to have the manpower to get them out, but when they do their preferences can be decisive.)
  4. Whatever happened to the Australian Prime Minister Forever game? It hasn't been updated to include a 2016 scenario? I saw they added an Australian 2016 scenario to the Canadian one, but there's no preferential voting, so it's a bit silly. A contest like Melbourne Ports (for example) is pretty silly without preferential voting, with it being a three-way contest with the Labor/Green vote fairly evenly split but together bigger than the Liberal vote. Is the Australian one still being updated, or is it just going to be done through the Canadian/British games, and will they eventually include preferential voting?
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