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    Thank you gun control lobby.

    http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/380406-former-supreme-court-justice-repeal-the-second-amendment Thank you for pushing me to my limits i will now look into buying guns and joining the nra. Cant wait for the coming civil war!!!
  2. Presidentinsertname

    Mississippi Get first female senator.

  3. Presidentinsertname

    Thank you gun control lobby.

    you really think the growing progressive factor in the democrats are going to elect people like conor lamb (ossof was more left) they arent the blue dog democrats will die bare in mind lamb didnt have to go thought a primary if he did he would have lost.
  4. Presidentinsertname

    Thank you gun control lobby.

    I use to be against the nra for reasoning of lobbying but after the march last weekend I am now considering joining.
  5. Presidentinsertname

    Thank you gun control lobby.

    Dont matter what party he apart of.
  6. Presidentinsertname


    http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/03/20/bombs-threats-against-400-schools-traced-to-minecraft-server-drama/ What if is with the uk and crime lately?
  7. Presidentinsertname

    Is America electing the coolest guy as President?

    he was 16 years too late for the reform party they would have gotten a million votes in 2000 with him. pat just didnt belong in reform party.
  8. Presidentinsertname

    Mueller Support Poll

    Most of this investigation have look into shit that had nothing to do with this election or trump. also http://www.newsweek.com/russia-china-presidents-win-big-challenging-us-military-rise-around-world-851801
  9. Presidentinsertname

    Special election exit poll.

    Jeb! is projected to win 100%
  10. Presidentinsertname

    Special election exit poll.

    i wasnt shock that it was close lambs ran a campagin base on policy that the district like so did saccore but again no one won this seat yet a recount could still happen again like i said blue dog democrat are what the democrat need but the primarys are the problem the democrat want anti trump resistance Partisanship is what been a key factor in the results considering both candidates of the major party ran on very similar platforms.
  11. Presidentinsertname

    Special election exit poll.

    you knew this was coming.
  12. Presidentinsertname

    North Korea war

    oh please Mad dog have be waiting his entire life for the order to got to war with north Korea.
  13. Presidentinsertname

    Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    said the guy that just said he wanted guns takens away.
  14. Presidentinsertname

    Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    explain to me how such a law can be enforce with out the government being overthrown.
  15. Presidentinsertname

    Is there an adult in the room?

  16. Presidentinsertname

    North Korea war

    calling it now kim jong un is going to offer trump something to drink or eat and it will be posion we be at war with north korea for 20 minutes untill mattis is done nuking them in to the stone age.
  17. Presidentinsertname

    Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    i remember another thing that had laws put on around this area too *cough* war on drugs* cough* I am sure a war on guns will end up the same way.
  18. Presidentinsertname

    Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    He not going to do it it like the amnesty watch he is just seeing what would happen the only thing i agree with is increase in background checks that all. And there need to be a firing of the Christopher A. Wray.
  19. Presidentinsertname

    Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    "A tired old document' right I am sick and fucking tired of brits calling us one on the second amendment YOUR ANCESTORS ARE THE REASON FOR IT EXISTING it is ment to be a fail safe to prevent 1984 from becoming a reality I like to remind you that in the uk right now the leader of a movement is being arrested for his views you can also be arrested for making jokes about your dogs and nazis so if anything you guys are the one that need a second amendment did i also mention the mps trying to overture a referendum because they don't like the results?
  20. Presidentinsertname

    Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    and fbi failure.
  21. Presidentinsertname

    Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    not giving up my rights because of the failure of the fbi and david hagg is a asshole for defending the coward pussy officer THAT DIDNT DO HIS JOB.
  22. Presidentinsertname

    A Dark Centennial

    fun fact the spanish flu didnt start in spain.
  23. Presidentinsertname


    will the up coming special elections in pa use the new or old district?
  24. Presidentinsertname

    What party/political designation are you registered with?

    dont really see alot of democrats going against the democrats that much you can make a case for joe machin but he will at the end the day fall in line in reality. but we do got problems for example look at Collins who is a republican she vote against her party 95% of time and she dont show any signs of defecting to the democrats you can be a moderate and want to work with the other side if you want but you cant be doing 95% of the time and stay in your party.