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  1. france need to restore the monarchy before this will ever happen.
  2. he was also a democrat once views changes,
  3. tell me how trump is a fascist.
  4. if he win relection by a close margin i say he not running if not then he may run.
  5. but she not the type of person that run for office first lady i do admit she is good at (fashion wise f minus) first lady but not a office. I dont see her running for office she dont want to Obama is s still young can make a run for the governor manison if he wants.
  6. I will like Press Secretary.
  7. Sherrod Brown depends if he win relection to the senate.
  8. ooc:maybe some of us could rp as debate moderaters interviewers and even foreign heads of state for state vist.
  9. jeff boss.
  10. I always saw a romney victory as being close rather then a cake walk.
  11. Look like it being move to march.
  12. Same.
  13. Account like that was a staffer must not realize that he ((or she some girls are into that craps but moving on)) must been on ted cruz account.I am not. considering a scandal as much as someone cursing.
  14. the fact that this is from the city that 9/11 happen in scares me.
  15. I am in a facebook group with Austin Petersen too.