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  1. Question for Everyone.

    and counting california being a country for three weeks with a flag that look like it was painted with shit.
  2. Hulk hogan 2018?

    Wasn't your prime minister a actor?
  3. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    Hillary it you mean.
  4. Question for Everyone.

    That last one would not count.
  5. Best/Worst President Since WWII

  6. Hulk hogan 2018?

    we heard about him making a come back to wwe in 2018 but what about entering the senate in stead and maybe running for president in the future? president hulk hogan could happen. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/01/18/former-trump-adviser-trying-to-get-hulk-hogan-to-step-into-political-ring-report.html
  7. The "Casualty of War" Series - 1920

    any update.
  8. Question for Everyone.

    werent there a wyoming governor who was a member of the house of lords?
  9. Question for Everyone.

    Were there any elected officials in the usa who were a elected officials in another country???
  10. predictation for 2018 mid term

    Its going be a the most partisan shit show ever with a more divide country once it over. i will not be surprise if the ca really do split.
  11. Market For Political Simulations

    If you make this game you best have it where we can become a dictator.
  12. Kucinich Factor?

    Your one guy thought. You got lots of talent in that that a state a few good people have enter the race DeWine should withdraw and run for his old seat perhaps.
  13. Kucinich Factor?

    Never saw you stack msnbc or cnn for there bias bbc box s so bias to both sides you can call un bias.
  14. House of Cards 2016 Election

    but they could have use another state virginia perhaps? main hell maybe wisconsin.
  15. Kucinich Factor?

    the question i am asking is he using this as a way to make a run in 2020? i mean i dont see him as the governor type.