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  1. 1968: Back to Congress

    southerns hated rfk thought.
  2. 1968: Back to Congress

    In real life wouldnt wallace give his ekector to nixon?
  3. hope scotland is still apart of the uk in the eu parliament one because the scot dont want to leave.
  4. Olive Branch Thread

    Sorry for everything i done wrong.
  5. Catalonia Independence Referendum

    it would have been funny if during the referendum they voted no.
  6. Dewey defeats trumen

    played as dewey and won the election trumen never lead in the polls.
  7. Running For President IRL

    wait if you werent registered how the hell did you get 16 votes?
  8. Congress Infinity

    or in 2012 when the pa gop ran a nobody and thought they win.
  9. 2020 Election Scenario: Integrity Question regarding Franken

    they are picture of him trust me they be ads of that picture.
  10. alex jones is a republican i believe at the moment.
  11. Running For President IRL

    What state is the easiest
  12. 2020 Election Scenario: Integrity Question regarding Franken

    Second woman just came out.
  13. Running For President IRL

    I am so doing this under the annex canada party. In 2020.