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  1. Alabama Special Election.

    It's a combination of the following: Roy Moore is a very extreme, even weak candidate. At the same time, Doug Jones is a strong, easily palatable candidate. So, I'm not surprised. I'm inclined to believe that Jones would have a shot if this were a gubernatorial race rather than a senate election.
  2. Youngest Forum Users

    May I just say, my first focus would be to undo redlining. It's really time that we stop arbitrarily deciding what the "good" and "bad" neighborhoods are by race. I think the economic opportunities would really help some of the issues in this country. Not to mention a federal program preventing LGBT discrimination in housing, as there currently isn't one.
  3. Youngest Forum Users

    HUD is actually quite the fit, as I'm currently going through a career change to enter real estate. Not to mention my pet issue of housing laws dealing with discrimination. Definitely a post I'd enjoy.
  4. Youngest Forum Users

    @vcczar I'm curious as well. Though, I tend to not post as often on here, so I could see how it would be difficult to narrow down.
  5. Youngest Forum Users

    I would say this cabinet would be both eclectic and probably efficient, as everyone in it can presently exist in an Internet forum together, which is not always the breeding ground for any sort of polite disagreement. I would personally add the ERA as a serious contender, especially given how energized women have been in response to Trump. But, I would agree that I'd like to ride out this wave of populism before even entertaining a constitutional convention.
  6. 2020 Election update

    Which endorsers got updated?
  7. Help!

    You have to unzip the downloaded files into the scenario folder in the appropriate game's folder.
  8. Trump Forum Approval Poll (October 2017)

    I missed backing out of conflict over China being a currency manipulator and backing out of his promise to "lock her up." I also just don't truly believe in giving credit for not choosing the worst possible choice in a given situation, which he tends to get credit for.
  9. 2020 Candidate abilities poll

    I also am in favor of a 4 for integrity for Sanders. Jane is under FBI investigation and he hasn't had a whole lot of national scrutiny. So, I would probably say a 4, as he is not likely to have a ridiculous number of scandals, but anyone in politics that long isn't free of them. I would move Booker to a 3 for integrity, as there were some scandals from his tenure as mayor of Newark and ties to Wall Street and Pharmaceutical companies. I don't think there's a whole lot of substance there, however, the optics alone can be spun into a story.
  10. FiveThirtyEights proposed Democratic candidates

    I think you make an excellent point here, one that I tend to agree with. I love Michelle Obama, however, I think political experience is important for the highest office in the United States. I enjoyed this early thought experiment that they did. Personally, my picks would be Gillibrand, Harris, Hickenlooper, Bullock, and Franken, in that order.
  11. 2016 Multiplayer Game

    @CalebsParadox I absolutely love this idea. I will happily claim Hillary Clinton, seeing as she is available!

    OOC: any update for the democratic primary results?

    I proudly endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton. Our nation has progressed greatly in the past 8 years, and we can not turn back. Clinton is someone who knows what foreign policy interaction looks like, and will take steps to continue our leadership on the world's stage, while protecting our hard fought rights at home. What I look forward to most is beginning to work with her to improve Obamacare once I am in the Senate, and she in the Oval Office.

    I have a feeling that our characters are going to have some fascinating conversations and interactions. I think that we all have some strong characters here to start with.

    Name: Cynthia Crane Born: September 13, 1974 State: Florida Position: Senator Background: Cynthia Crane was born in New Hampshire to a working class family, which relocated to Tallahassee when Cynthia was in high school. Having built a real estate empire in northern Florida, Crane decided to run for state senate in 2008, with a clear ambition for higher office. In 2014, Crane won a close race for a congressional district against a Republican wave, shocking most observers. In 2015, she announced that she would challenge incumbent Marco Rubio for Florida's Senate seat. Crane won the primary by double digits, focusing her campaign on protecting Florida from climate change, citing flooding and severe storms, while balancing small business protections. In the general, Crane positioned herself as non-partisan, having not voted for Pelosi as speaker in the House, and bucking her party on foreign policy issues, while keeping a socially liberal and environmentally friendly image. In a race that was considered a toss up, Crane won by under two percentage points, again surpassing expectations. Ideology: Crane is a relatively moderate voice in Congress, being hawkish on foreign policy (especially when human rights are violated) and in favor of tax breaks for small business. However, she is an unabashed liberal on fighting climate change (even when it means punishing businesses), and on social issues such as LGBT-rights and abortion. She has developed a reputation for being a workhorse with a penchant for deal making. I sincerely hope this RP overcomes the curse of all the other RPs I've seen here so far, and will take off.