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  1. Final Update: US 1792

    I thought I saved a screenshot. But it seems to have not saved, so I don’t remember the exact number. I could play as Clinton as well, but it will probably be the weekend before I get too much free time.
  2. Final Update: US 1792

    I may have to wait until Sunday for this one, but I did play through 1788 as Adams with no problems. I didn’t come close to beating Washington, to no one’s surprise!
  3. Final Update: US 1788

    I’ll gladly play as Adams.
  4. Final Update: US 1788

    I’ll give this a play tonight or tomorrow!
  5. 2016 House: The Sequeling

  6. US Elections 1992-2020 updates are now available for download!

    I'm currently playing 2020, and I will get to several this week and next. I'll be able to be more helpful with the next round of updates, as work is slower in the first part of the new year.
  7. US 1976 Error

    It's working for me too! Thanks for all of the great scenarios.
  8. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    She actually was, especially in 04 and 08. I would love to see her in a few of these, myself. Plus, the name Landrieu is one of the biggest in Louisiana politics, which carries a bit of weight.
  9. 2020 Candidate poll

    Sasse and Kasich may as well declare already. I think Warren, Biden, Gillibrand, and Booker are near definites, with Harris as a lean yes. I would say 2020 is a lean dem year, but still close due to the electoral college. Though, I think if one of the younger, fresher faces (Gillibrand, Booker, and Harris) wins the nomination, they have a better shot than any of the older crowd.
  10. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    A few what-if suggestions: 1988 Geraldine Ferraro 1996 Mario Cuomo, Ann Richards, Christine Todd Whitman, Bill Weld, Newt Gingrich, John McCain, and Al Gore
  11. Historical Scenario Commission Election Updates!

    That would explain it! I found 88 and downloaded it. It was uploaded under President Forever 08. The issue of AIDS contains the position descriptions for either gov spending/budget deficit. Hopefully I'm not too nit picky, just reporting back anything I see!
  12. Historical Scenario Commission Election Updates!

    It was the most recent version posted on the scenarios page on the site. There aren’t any debates, VP or presidential.
  13. Historical Scenario Commission Election Updates!

    Is 1988 released anywhere? I couldn't find the download on the forums or the site. I've also found that there are no debates scheduled for 84, though I appreciate the updated endorsers!
  14. Olive Branch Thread

    Huge shoutout to @Patine for making this statement. We can all either coexist or not, but refraining from bomb throwing is always much more productive. I love these forums, though I found myself taking a few day sabbatical due to some of the more heated threads on here, I definitely don't want to lose out on participating over something small!
  15. I smell bullshit

    I agree with Mitt on this. Innocent until proven guilty is for the court of law, not running for office. Also, he wasn’t just accused of sexually assaulting a 16 year old, but also a 14 year old, which is younger than the age of consent. It doesn’t matter if it’s a felony, misdemeanor, or anything else, what matters is it’s wrong. If you don’t come from a place of hearing the victim first, then your partisan jerseys are on too tight.