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  1. jnewt

    What if these politicians were around today?

    I think Lindbergh would be a Libertarian
  2. Which party would these politicians identify with if they were brought back to life and educated on the issues in 2018?
  3. Which party would these Republicans identify with if they were brought back to life and educated on the issues in 2018?
  4. jnewt

    What if these Democrats were around today?

    I think Henry Wallace would be a progressive independent, all the others left unchecked would be Republicans
  5. Which party would these Democrats identify with if they were brought back to life and educated on the issues in 2018?
  6. I was playing @vcczar's 1908 scenario as Robert La Follette and it made me wonder: What if La Follette and Theodore Roosevelt were allies and not bitter rivals? I think La Follette would have been the likely nominee in 1908, and that may mean Roosevelt doesn't run in 1912, which in turn means we never get President Wilson (or at least not in 1912). I'd also imagine that the U.S. would be a slightly less imperialist country (at least in those years).
  7. jnewt

    Detailed map of 2016 Presidential Election

    Despite my state always voting Democrat, my town almost always votes Republican. Trump won by 10%, and I'm guessing a generic Republican would have won by significantly more.
  8. jnewt

    Top Three

    Unfortunately though, the Bushes are New England boys, and I don't say that proudly.
  9. jnewt

    Top Three

    Yup. It'd be a shame if Democrats adopted her as their savior, when they could have had Bernie. I'm already hoping Andrew Gillum has the same kind of support come in for him if he wins the Governor's race.
  10. jnewt

    Top Three

    Massachusetts Governor's race (Baker's obviously going to win, but it'd be nice to see Bob Massie win the Democratic nomination) Massachusetts Secretary of State race (It's about time we replace Bill Galvin, Josh Zakim would be a great progressive choice) Texas Senate race (I doubt O'Rourke will win, but I'd like to see how close he can make it)
  11. jnewt

    2020 Scenario Senators

    Arizona 1: Who will Doug Ducey (R) select to replace McCain? Cindy McCain, Meghan McCain, Former Sen. Jon Kyl, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sarah Palin, Doug Ducey, someone else? Arizona 2: Martha McSalley (R) or Kyrsten Sinema (D) TOSSUP (Trump approval 52%) California: Dianne Feinstein (D-incumbent) or Kevin de Leon SAFE Feinstein Connecticut: Chris Murphey (D-incumbent) or Matthew Corey SAFE D Delaware: Unknown D or Unknown R LIKELY D (Trump approval 41%) Florida: Bill Nelson (D-incumbent) or Rick Scott (R) TOSSUP (Trump approval 50%) Hawaii: Mazie Hirono (D-incumbent) or Ron Curtis (R) SAFE D Indiana: Joe Donnelly (D-incumbent) or Mike Braun (R) TOSSUP (Trump approval 53%) Maine: Angus King (I-incumbent) or Zak Ringelstein (D) or Eric Brakey (R) SAFE I (Trump approval 50%) Maryland: Ben Cardin (D-incumbent) or Tony Campbell (R) SAFE D Massachusetts: Elizabeth Warren (D-incumbent) or unknown Republican (R) LIKELY D (Trump 41% approval) Michigan: Debbie Stabenow (D-incumbent) or John James (R) LIKELY D (Trump approval 47%) Minnesota 1: Amy Klobuchar (D-incumbent) or Jim Newberger (R) LIKELY D (Trump approval 46%) Minnesota 2: Tina Smith (D-incumbent) or Karin Housley (R) LIKELY D (Trump approval 46%) Mississippi 1: Roger Wicker (R-incumbent) or David Baria (D) LIKELY R (Trump approval 58%) Mississippi 2: Unknown (R) or Unknown (D) LIKELY R (Trump approval 58%) Missouri: Claire McCaskill (D-incumbent) or Josh Hawley (R) TOSSUP (Trump approval 54%) Montana: Jon Tester (D-incumbent) or Matt Rosendale (R) LEAN D (Trump approval 64%) Kansas: Deb Fischer (R-incumbent) or Jane Raybould (D) LIKELY R Nevada: Dean Heller (R-incumbent) or Jacky Rosen (D) TOSSUP (Trump approval 50%) New Jersey: Bob Menendez (D-incumbent) or Bob Hugin (R) LEAN D (Trump approval 46%) New Mexico: Martin Heinrich (D-incumbent) or Mick Rich (R) Gary Johnson (Libertarian) SAFE D New York: Kirsten Gillibrand (D-incumbent) or Chele Farley (R) SAFE D North Dakota: Heidi Heitkamp (D-incumbent) or Kevin Cramer (R) TOSSUP (Trump approval 64%) Ohio: Sherrod Brown (D-incumbent) or Jim Renacci (R) LIKELY D (Trump approval 52%) Pennsylvania: Bob Casey (D-incumbent) or Lou Barletta (R) LIKELY D (Trump approval 51%) Rhode Island: Unknown D or Unknown R SAFE D Tennessee: Marsha Blackburn (R) or Phil Bredesen (D) LEAN R (Trump approval 61%) Texas: Ted Cruz (R-incumbent) or Beto O'Rourke (D) LEAN R (Trump approval 53%) Utah: Mitt Romney (R) or Jenny Wilson (D) SAFE R Vermont: Bernie Sanders (I-incumbent) or Unknown (R) SAFE I Virginia: Tim Kaine (D-incumbent) or Corey Stewart (R) LIKELY D (Trump approval 49%) Washington: Maria Cantwell (D-incumbent) or Susan Hutchinson (R) SAFE D West Virginia: Joe Manchin (D-incumbent) or Patrick Morrisey (R) LEAN D (Trump approval 71%) Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin (D-incumbent) or Leah Lukmir (R) LIKELY D (Trump approval 47%) Wyoming: John Barrasso (R-incumbent) or Gary Traune (D) SAFE R
  12. jnewt

    2020 Scenario Governors

    Governor's Races: Alabama: Kay Ivey (R-incumbent) or Walter Maddox (D) LIKELY R Alaska: Bill Walker (I-incumbent) or Mike Dunleavy (R) or Mark Begich (D) TOSSUP (Trump has 56% approval here) Arizona: Doug Ducey (R-incumbent) or David Garcia LEAN R Arkansas: Asa Hutchinson (R-incumbent) or Jared Henderson (D) SAFE R (Trump has 60% approval here) California: Gavin Newsom (D) or John Cox (R) LIKELY D Colorado: Jared Polis (D) or Walker Stapleton (R) TOSSUP (Trump has 48% approval here) Connecticut: Ned Lamont (D) or Bob Stefanowski (R) TOSSUP (Trump has a 43% approval here) Florida: Ron DeSantis (R) or Andrew Gillum (D) TOSSUP (Trump has 50% approval here) Georgia: Brian Kemp (R) or Stacey Abrams (D) TOSSUP (Trump has 50% approval here) Hawaii: David Ige (D-Incumbent) or Andria Tupola (R) SAFE D Idaho: Brad Little (R) or Paulette Jordan (D) SAFE R (Trump has 65% approval here) Illinois: Bruce Rauner (R-incumbent) or JB Pritzker (D) LEANS D (Trump has a 41% approval here) Iowa: Kim Reynolds (R-incumbent) or Fred Hubbell (D) TOSSUP (Trump has a 51% approval here) Kansas: Kris Kobach (R) or Laura Kelly (D) LEANS R (Trump had 56% approval here) Maine: Shawn Moody (R) or Janet Mills (D) TOSSUP (Trump has a 50% approval here) Maryland: Larry Hogan (R-incumbent) or Ben Jealous (D) LEANS R (Trump has a 38% approval here) Massachusetts: Charlie Baker (R-incumbent) or unknown Democratic nominee (D) SAFE R (Trump has a 41% approval here) Michigan: Bill Schuette (R) or Gretchen Whitmer (D) TOSSUP (Trump has a 47% approval here) Minnesota: Tim Walz (D) or Jeff Johnson (R) LEAN D (Trump has a 46% approval here) Nebraska: Pete Ricketts (R-incumbent) or Bob Krist (D) SAFE R Nevada: Adam Laxalt (R) or Steve Sisolak (D) TOSSUP (Trumps has a 50% approval here) New Hampshire: Unknown Republican (R) vs Unknown Democrat (D) LEAN R (Trump has a 47% approval here) New Mexico: Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) or Steve Pearce (R) LEAN D (Trump has a 44% approval here) New York: Andrew Cuomo (likely) (D-incumbent) or Unknown Republican (R) SAFE D Ohio: Mike DeWine (R) or Richard Cordray (D) TOSSUP (Trump has a 52% approval here) Oklahoma: Kevin Stitt (R) or Drew Edmondson (D) LIKELY R Oregon: Kate Brown (D) or Knute Buehler (R) LEANS D (Trump has a 46% approval here) Pennsylvania: Tom Wolf (D-incumbent) or Scott Wagner (R) LIKELY D (Trump has a 52% approval here) Rhode Island: Unknown Democrat (D) or Unknown Republican (R) LEAN D (Trump has a 45% approval here) South Carolina: Henry McMaster (R-incumbent) or James Smith Jr (D) LIKELY R (Trump has a 52% approval here) South Dakota: Kristi Noam (R) or Billie Sutton (D) LIKELY R Tennessee: Bill Lee (R) or Karl Dean (D) LIKELY R Texas: Greg Abbott (R-incumbent) or Lupe Valdez (R) SAFE R Vermont: Philip Scott (R-incumbent) or Christine Hallquist (D) LIKELY R (Trump has a 44% approval here) Wisconsin: Scott Walker (R-incumbent) or Tony Evers (D) TOSSUP (Trump has a 47% approval here) Wyoming: Mark Gordon (R) or Mary Throne (D) SAFE R
  13. jnewt

    270Soft Forum Hall of Fame of Great Americans

    Yea, La Follette was the last straw for me
  14. jnewt

    270Soft Forum Hall of Fame of Great Americans

    I'm probably not going to vote on any more of these. After seeing some certainly qualified people get dropped from the ballot and ones that are undeserving make it, I've lost interest.
  15. jnewt

    US Senator Poll

    He's loved by his constituents, is the longest serving independent, and has amended countless pieces of legislation.