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  1. jnewt

    Democratic Primary Poll (November 2018)

    If you live in a state with open primaries, you can vote in either primary, but never both. If you live in a state with closed primaries, you wouldn't be able to vote in either primary.
  2. jnewt

    Democratic Primary Poll (November 2018)

    There really aren't any actual "anti-Trump" Republicans in Congress. They're all talk. Flake is a prime example. The man has no backbone. How can you portray yourself as anti-Trump when you agree with the man more than 4 out of 5 times?
  3. This poll is based on CNN's monthly Democratic candidate power rankings
  4. jnewt

    2016 scenario

    Thank you!
  5. jnewt

    2016 scenario

    Oh I'm sure it was biased, but I remember the candidates and vice-candidates being very extensive. Could you send me the download link? I'd still like to take a look at the candidates for the 3rd parties to see if they're likely to run in 2020.
  6. jnewt

    2016 scenario

    Does anyone have a copy of JohnnyK's 2016 scenario? It was a very extensive scenario and I was considering making a 2020 scenario based off of it. If anyone has it downloaded let me know.
  7. jnewt

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    I can't believe this is actually (still) on his site...
  8. jnewt

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    Garcetti has also been making moves indicating a run, but he's not even listed here.
  9. jnewt

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    I disagree with a couple of these, but the only one I very strongly disagree with is Bloomberg. He's made some moves that I think strongly indicate that he is running.
  10. jnewt

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    I would definitely like if they didn't support Pelosi, but I can't say I would like Moulton as Speaker either. I would prefer him to Pelosi no doubt, but he's really not that progressive, and I don't think he would have any chance at becoming Speaker anyway. I think Tim Ryan is really the only other candidate who could receive a somewhat significant amount of votes for Speaker.
  11. jnewt

    Rank the 2020 Candidates in primary strength

    I think: Kasich belongs in 2nd tier Bernie belongs in 3rd tier Kamala belongs in 1st tier Beto belongs in 2nd tier Sherrod Brown belongs in 2nd tier Merkley belongs in 4th tier (zero name recognition) Gillibrand belongs in 2nd tier Clinton belongs in 3rd tier
  12. jnewt

    2020: Trump vs. US Reps

    Me too. He'd probably be my number 1 choice, and I think he's one of the only Democrats who could actually win the general election.
  13. jnewt

    2020: Trump vs. US Reps

    Richard Ojeda, who led the West Virginia teachers' strike, has also announced he's running. A former Clinton adviser also guaranteed Hillary would run in 2020, and Sherrod Brown is reportedly reconsidering running, after saying he didn't want to be President.
  14. jnewt

    How'd your state races/local races go (If your involved)

    Yes, most likely he didn't. My state Senator didn't even have a Democratic challenger, let alone a Third Party/Independent one. I had to use the write-in.
  15. jnewt

    How'd your state races/local races go (If your involved)

    Oh I can definitely understand both candidates being horrible in many, if not most, elections in the U.S. But he specifically mentioned this one and not any of the other races he talked about. I'm just curious why this one stood out to him.