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  1. jnewt

    Democratic Victory Flow Chart

    What does any of that have to do with the 2020 candidates? Do you think Hillary is running again?
  2. jnewt

    Obama Vs. Trump Grades

    Public persuasion Obama B- Trump D- Crisis leadership Obama B Trump C Economic management Obama B+ Trump B- Moral authority Obama B+ Trump F International relations Obama F Trump D- Administrative skills Obama B+ Trump D- Relations with Congress Obama C- Trump C- Vision/setting an agenda Obama A- Trump C+ Pursued equal justice for all Obama C- Trump F Performance within context of the times Obama B- Trump D-
  3. jnewt

    Obama Vs. Trump Grades

    Haha not necessarily correct, just what I’m used to
  4. jnewt

    Obama Vs. Trump Grades

    In the United States it’s usually something like this: A+ = 97-100 A = 94-96 A- = 90-93 B+ = 87-89 B = 84-86 B- = 80-83 C+ = 77-79 C = 74-76 C- = 70-73 D+ = 67-69 D = 64-66 D- = 60-63 F = 0-59 There are no E grades here in the United States (at least I haven’t heard of them, so I assume they don’t exist in high school or up)
  5. jnewt

    Where should the Marginal Tax Hike kick in?

    You can’t claim rates were actually lower back then than they are now because of loopholes. There’s no way of actually knowing that. All we know is that rates were much higher back then, and it wasn’t the end of the world. You can argue that there were loopholes and so some didn’t end up paying at the full rates, but do you really think everyone got away with +25% loopholes? Besides, even if they did, you have no way of knowing that they were “much lower than that,” as you seem to be implying rates were actually lower than they are now.
  6. jnewt

    Where should the Marginal Tax Hike kick in?

    Hahaha what?
  7. jnewt

    Where should the Marginal Tax Hike kick in?

    Obviously there’s less loopholes today than back then. It goes with time that those loopholes would be closed at least somewhat, but that doesn’t change the fact that marginal tax rates have been much higher than what’s being suggested. Also by asking this rhetorical question it appears as if you’re suggesting closing loopholes is a bad thing…
  8. jnewt

    Where should the Marginal Tax Hike kick in?

    I’m guessing you’re unsurprisingly unaware of the marginal tax rates under Eisenhower?
  9. I don’t have it in me to go through and rank all the Presidents right now, but I’d say Trump would be somewhere in the 35-40 range.
  10. jnewt

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    This is the part that doesn't make sense. An anti-Trump Republican couldn't care less if they hurt Democrats. Why would they? They don't want a Democrat elected either.
  11. jnewt

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    So you're saying an anti-Trump Republican would rather do nothing than attempt to defeat Trump? Not doing anything would be handing the election to either Trump or worse (for them anyways), a Democrat. It might not make sense for Murkowski specifically, but an anti-Trump would certainly not refuse to join a 3rd party or independent bid, as long as doesn't affect their reelection chances.
  12. jnewt

    2020 Scenario: Bill Weld Update (2/15/2019)

    I was just going to suggest Lieberman. Maybe an anti-Trump Republican, like Lisa Murkowski?
  13. jnewt

    Hypothetical President Brawl

    I think LBJ would be the last man standing. Roosevelt, Ford, and Lincoln are all good picks too though. Trump would be an early KO too. His body is like jello.
  14. jnewt

    Democratic Primary Poll (February 2018)

    Anyone who is actually progressive would never waste their vote on Hillary Clinton. Anybody who claims that a progressive should have just sucked it up and voted for Clinton is not, in fact, a progressive. They're a neoliberal. A true progressive would never aid someone like Hillary Clinton being elected to office. And before you say that not voting for Hillary would help Trump, that's not progressives' fault. They didn't vote for her in the primary and they deserved better options than these two awful candidates.