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  1. I agree that he'll run for President, but I really don't think it'll be in 2020 (unless Dems win the House and make him Speaker...). I think he'll wait until he's a Senator to run for President.
  2. I wouldn't say that's true at all, only 3 out of the last 18 people to deliver the official response to the State of the Union have gone on to run for President
  3. Another anti mitt romney post.

    The whole point of a forum is for discussion...
  4. Andrew Yang 2020

    And Ted Kaczynski can be his VP...
  5. I voted for Gillibrand, but if there is a legitimate Republican challenger who I would prefer to Trump I would likely vote in the Republican primary.
  6. Kucinich Factor?

    I have no idea what this means or even how MSNBC and CNN have anything to do with what I said.
  7. Kucinich Factor?

    I'm a Bernie supporter and I would vote for Kucinich if I lived in Ohio so this is an awful generalization
  8. Trumps advisor Kushner

    Joe Manchin is absolutely not left-wing; he's a centrist/center-left Democrat. Just because he's left of center doesn't mean he's left-wing, that'd be like saying Jon Huntsman is a Tea Partier. Most Democrats aren't even left-wing, they're mostly center-left.
  9. Trumps advisor Kushner

    That's completely fair, but he doesn't need to be "Senior Advisor" to the President to support him; Patine's point still stands
  10. Trumps advisor Kushner

    This is literally exactly what a therapist is for, not a Presidential advisor...
  11. Alabama Senate Special Election 2017

    Any more progress? If not, you could send it to me and I could see if I could figure out what's going on or help in some other way; I'm looking forward to this scenario.
  12. Alabama Senate Special Election 2017

    How's this coming along?
  13. I just searched his name and came across some response on ask.fm that said he got expelled from his high school...
  14. Alabama Senate Special Election 2017

    Jeff Sessions should definitely be a what-if, and a 3rd party Nick Saban might be fun, though I have absolutely no idea where he stands politically.