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  1. Sanders Buttigieg Warren Biden Klobuchar
  2. Pointing out that Barron can’t be made a baron is not an insult
  3. You’ve said this before and I corrected it then. It’s still false. Sanders consistently comes in second with blacks at around 12%. Buttigieg consistently polls at or near 0% with blacks. There’s no “mirroring” here.
  4. I think he was referring to Patrice Lumumba, though he's been dead for a half-century. It would have made more sense if he was talking about somebody who died recently, not somebody who died before Sanders even held elected office.
  5. A lot of these (Kelton, Khanna, McKibben, Lumumba, El-Sayed etc) are people I would see serving in a Sanders administration. Unfortunately, I don't see Warren nominating those kinds of people. She already said she would fill her cabinet with people like Deval Patrick (managing Director at Bain Capital).
  6. Most libertarians and moderate Republicans don’t vote in Democratic primary polls
  7. Mike Capuano. He probably wasn't FAR more progressive than Pressley has been in Congress, but he was much more progressive than Pressley before she was in Congress. He was one of the most progressive members of Congress when he was ousted. Pressley's tenure in the Boston City Council was not overly progressive, and she was viewed as part of the establishment in Boston politics.
  8. And still remains far behind Sanders in those states. So again, it makes no sense to say Sanders is out of it and not Buttigieg.
  9. I think some of their supporters (who are now supporting Warren) could have been swayed by this endorsement if it was made months ago, but yea, at this point I don't think it really makes a difference.
  10. No it's not. Buttigieg's support on April 30 was 8.4%. It's now 5.6%. Sanders's numbers have fallen too, but he's always been close to being within striking distance pretty much everywhere. Buttigieg is nowhere close to winning.
  11. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ocasio-cortez-omar-tlaib-reportedly-will-endorse-bernie-sanders Sanders recently received endorsements from the Squad, less Ayanna Pressley (which isn't all that surprising since she's by far the least progressive of the four, replaced a Congressman who was far more progressive than her, and is from the same state as Warren). However, is too late to make any difference? I don't think Sanders will win the nomination at this point, but if these endorsements were made before Warren's ascension, I may feel otherwise.
  12. The idea of keeping Buttigieg in the debates (who has no room to grow with Biden in the race) over someone who is consistently in the top 3 is laughable... I would keep Yang in the race before Buttigieg. Yang is at least a unique voice (like Sanders and unlike Buttigieg).
  13. Not trying to be a dick, but what exactly qualifies you to be a controller/comptroller? They usually have expertise in accounting and/or finance. Are you majoring in one of these? Or do you have some experience in them?
  14. Is a "controller" the same thing as a "comptroller"? I've never heard of a city "controller" before.
  15. I'm assuming he meant William Henry Harrison (not Benjamin) and Garfield because they didn't serve long enough. Same with Truman. Edit: Actually, if it was done in 1948 then Truman had served long enough. They probably just didn't want to include a current President.
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