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  1. Is it just me, or have we had a tournament like this before and had the exact same final?
  2. That's too bad. Markey's not perfect, but he's better than Kennedy. Kennedy wouldn't be where he is if it weren't for his last name.
  3. Do you have a link for this poll? Last I heard, Markey was leading by several points, but now the only poll I can find has Kennedy leading by one point.
  4. Regardless of whether he has the most delegates, a large portion of his supporters won’t vote for Bloomberg. I know I wouldn’t. If Bloomberg is the nominee, Democrats have no chance.
  5. Biden Sanders Steyer Warren Buttigieg
  6. Not sure about Vermont, but in Massachusetts the Governor appoints someone to the seat until a special election is held. It isn’t vacant.
  7. Only until a special election can be held
  8. jnewt

    Satellite caucuses

    But they’re still Iowan voters. I don’t see what them living part time in swing states has to do with anything when they’re voting as if they’re in Iowa.
  9. jnewt

    Satellite caucuses

    If what you’re saying is correct, he received single digit % votes from Iowans in Arizona and Florida, not from Arizonans and Floridians. That has nothing to do with those two states being swing states. All the voters are from Iowa…
  10. Sanders Buttigieg Warren Biden Klobuchar
  11. Pointing out that Barron can’t be made a baron is not an insult
  12. You’ve said this before and I corrected it then. It’s still false. Sanders consistently comes in second with blacks at around 12%. Buttigieg consistently polls at or near 0% with blacks. There’s no “mirroring” here.
  13. I think he was referring to Patrice Lumumba, though he's been dead for a half-century. It would have made more sense if he was talking about somebody who died recently, not somebody who died before Sanders even held elected office.
  14. A lot of these (Kelton, Khanna, McKibben, Lumumba, El-Sayed etc) are people I would see serving in a Sanders administration. Unfortunately, I don't see Warren nominating those kinds of people. She already said she would fill her cabinet with people like Deval Patrick (managing Director at Bain Capital).
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