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  1. jnewt

    Forum Amendments for Article 2

    Most of these "Why?"s are pretty self explanatory. Not sure how you wouldn't be able to understand the reasoning behind them, regardless of whether or not you agree, but I'll try to explain them. Abolish the office of Vice President because the office has almost no power and the person elected to the office is almost always selected simply because they "balance" the ticket. Create a new line of succession to remove people who were elected by a small portion of Americans (President pro tempore and House Speaker) in place of people selected by a person the entire country elected. Trigger a special election when a non-nationwide elected official ascends to the Presidency for the same reason as above. The President should always be somebody who was actually elected. Eliminate "natural born citizen" to clarify who is eligible for the Presidency. This could also be solved by changing the entire clause too "person born in the US", but this proposal would have the opposite effect, albeit still clarifying the wording. The only one that I think doesn't have a fairly obvious reason behind proposing is the eliminating the word "misdemeanors" proposal, though I suppose this is also for clarification. If I were to make a proposal regarding that clause, I would have proposed something that specifies exactly what crimes would justify impeachment.
  2. Ok I see what you're saying now. But now that I look into it further, I see this issue is actually covered in Article 2, along with vacancies in the executive branch. I therefore withdraw this proposal.
  3. But 90 days is a fairly long time, if the Senate can't reject an unqualified candidate in 3 months then we have other problems
  4. voting for article 2 is still up and will remain up, but feel free to make your proposals on Article 3 now, here are mine: Fix the number of Supreme Court justices to 9, allowing for no reduction or increase in this number The president must fill all open vacancies in the judicial branch in which he or she can make an appointment. The president has 90 days to make a nomination, and Congress has 90 days to hear and confirm/deny or the position is automatically confirmed.
  5. jnewt

    Forum Amendments for Article 2

    After compromising on that proposal, I left out an important part. There needs to be a majority of states (so, right now, 26) with petitions signed by an amount equal to a majority of the previous elections voters. So, at least 26 states would need to support a recall. If the proposal gets adopted I'll be sure to fix the wording.
  6. jnewt

    Forum Amendments for Article 2

    proposed changes/additions for Article 2 @NYrepublican @ThePotatoWalrus @Patine @TheLiberalKitten @vcczar @pilight @Sunnymentoaddict @WVProgressive @Thunder @Reagan04 @Ido @Caprice @Hestia11
  7. Are the first two any different from my proposals? I didn't include "replace with general citizen clause" but I just proposed to remove the words "natural born" from Section 1 Clause 5. Can you reword your third proposal? I think I understand it but just want to make sure (I believe I proposed something somewhat similar but I think it's basically the opposite). How exactly should the language of "high crimes and misdemeanors" be updated? I think we should specify exactly what crimes but we could leave it relatively unclear to allow for interpretation, too.
  8. @NYrepublican @ThePotatoWalrus @Patine @TheLiberalKitten @vcczar @pilight @Sunnymentoaddict @WVProgressive @Thunder @Reagan04 @Ido @Caprice @Hestia11 Any other proposals for Article 2?
  9. I'd like to add ranked-choice voting as a proposal for Article 2 (the proposal for Article 1 only pertains to congressional elections)
  10. jnewt

    Forum Amendments to Article 1

    So as the poll is now closed, the following changes will be made to our constitution: Unicameral legislature with MMP voting system elected every 4 years during midterms Universal adult suffrage (guaranteed suffrage for adult citizens) Remove age requirements (for serving in Congress), slavery related things Voter initiative to call referendums to challenge congressional laws Give President a line item veto Have districts drawn by an independent commission Ranked choice voting in all congressional elections Forbid Governors from making temporary appointments to Congress; instead, require an automatic special election to be held within 6 months of a seat becoming vacant (unless an election is already scheduled to take place within 6 months) Define copyright as 50 years MAX.
  11. Basically just to change things around. I think one 6 year term would be better than two 4 year terms; you wouldn't have Presidents campaigning and worrying about how they can reelected while they're still in office.
  12. jnewt

    Forum Amendments to Article 1

    Sure thing
  13. jnewt

    Forum Amendments to Article 1

    Were there really even formal votes at the original Constitutional Convention? Let's drop it to a simple majority since we are essentially rewriting the Constitution and not just adding amendments. That means the following proposals would pass if voting ended right now:
  14. jnewt

    Forum Amendments to Article 1

    I originally said we needed 2/3 to make any changes, but since we're essentially rewriting our own Constitution, I'm okay with dropping the required percentage of votes to a simple majority, but only if that's what other people want.
  15. Not sure which proposal you're referring to This would probably belong in Article 1 (which we've already started voting on), but if others agree that it belongs in Article 2 we can include it as a proposal