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    Politics, of course! Also very into music, especially the 80s and 90s. I do a lot of online DJing...if you're interested in hearing some great stuff, tune into my stream when it's on. Check out my online radio station at https://www.facebook.com/Radio-Free-Connecticut-680518518760296/ . :)

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  1. Now upgraded to "Political Monster".  Woohoo!! :D

  2. 1988 Election: Poll

    My feelings on Russia (if I was a Congressman back then, LOL):
  3. 1968 Election: Poll

    I see we're getting into some of the more modern elections now. Sweet!
  4. 1908 Election: Poll

    Just wondering, was this the race where Teddy Roosevelt ran as a "bull moose" ?
  5. 1908 Election: Poll

    Tough choice....although I disagree with Taft's position on high tariffs, I hold my nose, and vote for him.
  6. Poll: Voting preferences 2016

    I will be voting for Gary Johnson....IMHO, both Clinton AND Trump suck.
  7. 1800 Election: Poll

    Interesting stuff. Can't wait for the next one....1804, I presume?
  8. Whew! It's been a busy week.  Going to resume work on a couple scenarios in a few.  :)

  9. Drumpf Drop Out!!!!????

    Why the hell would Trump drop out at this stage? Doesn't make sense....but then again, Trump winning the GOP nomination doesn't make much sense either. :-/
  10. 2016 general election v5 Trump vs Clinton post RNC and DNC

    :: shrugs ::
  11. 2016 general election v5 Trump vs Clinton post RNC and DNC

    He doesn't. Sorry GOP, but that's the way it is.
  12. 2016 general election v5 Trump vs Clinton post RNC and DNC

    Random thought....that reminds me of this guy. Seriously, these ads used to be legends in the NYC area, circa the 1980s. "Crazy Eddie....his prices are INSANE!!!"
  13. My General Election Prediction

    Well, for her sake, Hillary better win Minnesota. No Democrat has EVER won the presidency without picking up that state. Little known facts FTW, LOL.
  14. Part 2 of the MTV Tribute Show is streaming right now on Radio Free Connecticut. Tune in! http://us1.internet-radio.com:8006/listen.pls or https://control.internet-radio.com:2199/start/fairbol

  15. Presidential Election History Poll

    "I don't give people advice, but if the kids haven't gone to sleep, get them in the room....because people are going to be talking about this presidential race for a long time to come" -- Dan Rather, CBS How right he was. Democrats are STILL complaining about it, SIXTEEN YEARS LATER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ9Sn-LrurU