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  1. ThePotatoWalrus

    Preferred 2020 Democratic Candidate

    Trump Biden Clinton Harris Castro Avenatti Booker Sanders Gillibrand Warren Not the most familiar with Harris and especially Castro, but here's my rankings if they were to take the Presidency right now.
  2. ThePotatoWalrus

    2020 Candidate Charisma

    Trump should be at least a 6. Also as much as I love Slick Willie he ain't a 9. Ford should be a 3. Biden should be an 8, Reagan could be a 10, as he had a better sense of humor in my opinion than JFK, and im not sure why FDR is that high up there. I don't think anyone would complain if Sanders was a five. Due to his forcing and aggressive personality Bush I could arguably be lowered to a 4. Not sure about Eisenhower being that high either. Besides having Rubio twice at 6 and 5 can't really complain about anything else, nice list bro. Love how its going to 1-10 now.
  3. ThePotatoWalrus

    2020 Election Poll

    1. Everyone but Biden (at this point I think Booker won't run. Why the shit did he accuse himself of sexual assault lmfao) 2. Only Bloomberg and Oprah 3. Warren, Avenatti, Bloomberg, Oprah
  4. ThePotatoWalrus

    Moving Forward

    I know this isn't the right place for this, but I didn't feel like it warranted a new thread. @Reagan04, bet you're happy with the new Cruz poll? You think its a safe red state now or are you not ready to relax yet?
  5. ThePotatoWalrus

    Game idea

    Best of luck to you my man. Can't wait to see how this all works out!!
  6. ThePotatoWalrus

    Moving Forward

    You've never seen anything and instantly assigned an emotional adjective to it? Get outta here
  7. ThePotatoWalrus

    Moving Forward

    Idk, it just appears to be one of my favorite words in my vocab. Pretty accurate though.
  8. ThePotatoWalrus

    Moving Forward

    I tried vaping once and I felt like such a degenerate after.
  9. ThePotatoWalrus

    First Unofficial 270soft Chess Tournament

    Fair point. I guess whoever challenges @Ido first is the one who gets to stay in.
  10. ThePotatoWalrus

    First Unofficial 270soft Chess Tournament

    I figured that since it is clear that we all share a common love for strategy and tactics, I figured that it might be fun to have a little tournament in the OG strategy game, chess, as a fun community event. Vote in the poll that you wish to be in, and you will get a number. The poll will close on the 7th, and the games will start a little after that. The numbers will be randomly paired with another number and that is who you will play. The tourney will work in brackets, and you will play 3 games with that person. If a draw occurs, the game will not count. The first player to win two games will move on. Once we get to the final two players, they will play first to three wins. The winner of the final game will become the 270soft Grandmaster until the next 270soft Chess tournament, where they will have to defend their title against the next winner of the brackets. I'm looking to get 8 players. The games will be 10-minute games, with an increment of 3 seconds for each move (12 minutes in a 40 move game). The title game will be 15 minutes in length with no increment. (Though, if requested, the times for games can change.) Each player will play white at least once (and at least twice in the title game). I will make brackets, and maybe even a trophy once the event gets underway. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please consider joining!
  11. ThePotatoWalrus


  12. ThePotatoWalrus

    First Unofficial 270soft Chess Tournament

    At this time, @NYrepublican and @Ido will now be facing each other, and the winner of the games will face me. I will give next week and weekend, but I will be lenient on the date.
  13. ThePotatoWalrus

    The Appropriate Attitude of a Modern Leader

    I prefer "bitch be humble, sit down" - Kendrick Lamar
  14. ThePotatoWalrus

    First Unofficial 270soft Chess Tournament

    If no games are completed by the beginning of Friday, @NYrepublican and @Ido will advance to the next round, since the current matchups seem a bit incompatible and these two members have been the most active in their matchups.
  15. ThePotatoWalrus

    How do I make the game more difficult?

    Besides the difficulty, I would say trying to play "realistically" instead of playing "to win" or cheesing the system would make it a better and more difficult experience. The last part of your question is also something longtime member @vcczar brings up often, about realistic margins.
  16. ThePotatoWalrus

    First Unofficial 270soft Chess Tournament

    How'd it go fellas?
  17. ThePotatoWalrus

    the USA should implement a 539th electoral vote.

    You're not making any point here. People would still vote partisan in a direct election too lmao.
  18. ThePotatoWalrus

    the USA should implement a 539th electoral vote.

    When you say "bad candidates" winning it makes it seem more like a partisan bias against it rather than a logical one.
  19. ThePotatoWalrus

    First Unofficial 270soft Chess Tournament

    Any progress on games?
  20. Does anyone have a reliable, all-in-one source for the title subject? I've been trying to study as much as I can on world (human) history (literally starting with the lower paleolithic era and trying to work my way to the present, currently on Neolithic right now) and wanted to see if anyone had any cool links to an all-in-one source for this. Would Wikipedia just be the only option for like everything? That's what I've been using for everything now. I'm not really doing this in a chronological order or anything, but I try to when possible. I was inspired to do this after watching this video for like the billionth time: But I just fr wanna know if y'all got any good sources when I get to British America and the Revolution and stuff.
  21. ThePotatoWalrus

    All In-one Source For American History/Politics/Government

    Which is why I've been using Wikipedia for the moment. I don't really need every single little detail, but I want to be generally well-informed on all eras and stuff (Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Pompeii, British America, Colonial America, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, World Wars, etc.). It's worked out pretty well so far, but I'm not sure how political one could get with Neanderthals.
  22. ThePotatoWalrus

    Top Three

    Damn I agree with like over 90% of this lol.
  23. ThePotatoWalrus

    Top Three

    Other than that though you make good points that I partially agree with. Im just saying you should support all non extreme third parties if you ever want to realistically do away with the binary system
  24. ThePotatoWalrus

    Top Three

    So you only support left wing third parties despite wanting to do away with the binary system?
  25. ThePotatoWalrus

    Top Three

    @Patine, would you support Gary Johnson for Senate?