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  1. New Presidential Ranking

    Lol, didn't read that. Disregard my previous comment then.
  2. New Presidential Ranking

    Seems slightly biased (which isn't an insult to you, biases are natural) but nice list.
  3. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    I guarantee you Trump will run uncontested (by major party members) in the next election (unless there's a huge scandal) Kasich wouldn't get 10% (definitely wouldn't win Ohio in the primaries, he's pretty hated by Republicans here now) Jeff Flake getting 10 is laughable. 5% is unrealistic as well, lmao
  4. Hypothetical Election Poll

    @Reagan04, you'd take Jeb! over Trump? Lol
  5. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    She's definitely not centrist. It's not
  6. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    Not a Dem, but I think that Gillibrand will do well, as she's already establishing her record as the most "Anti-Trump". Brown won't run, and if he does, I guarantee you he will not win Ohio.
  7. Question for Everyone.

    Probably not. Unless it's a ceremonial or honorary position with no actual power. Pretty sure it's illegal.
  8. Market For Political Simulations

    If anybody is interested in seeing me make a prototype (NOT an actual game) let me know and I might do it. Also, Ima say it right now my programming skills are complete trash and compared to @NYrepublican, mine will be extremely casual, and his will likely be more complex due to his knowledge in programming.
  9. Market For Political Simulations

    Yeah, if I made a prototype, I would do a popularity system (not to the decimal though, seems complicated) I've been making some smexy concepts for my prototype, in the event that I do make it. The first one would be a country selector (though if I went full-on, I'd probably make it solely based on the US) The second is a concept of actual gameplay, with three main policies, I plan on including immigration, but I haven't found a good photo yet (as you can see, I reuse the menu screen at the moment, lol, though I spent more time doing the menu) Other policies are a work in progress (there would be a scroll option for more policies, and each policy would have sub-policies, for example, different types of taxes, you can set immigration quotas, etc.) If you're wondering where I get my images, they're stock photos from https://www.pexels.com/ (somehow, they offer free stock photos without attribution) I also have a couple other sources, but mostly pexels.
  10. Market For Political Simulations

    What do you believe your first version will contain? Will it be somewhat playable, or just a small concept?
  11. Market For Political Simulations

    Lol, you're already on better track than GPS4, best of luck to you my good sir.
  12. Market For Political Simulations

    I meant fancy screenshots of programming you've done, or your menu concept, or anything, really.
  13. Market For Political Simulations

    Wow, that's really fast for a basic early version. A few days is about as long as it takes for me to make a simple menu lol. Impressive. I'm not familiar with Python (that's what you're using, correct?) got any fancy screenshots?
  14. Market For Political Simulations

    All this hype is making me think of making a competitor, lol. I got some unused assets I've made in the past, but most of my projects have like a 25% success rate. Hell, I might just make a prototype application in a month or so. (Not playable, just menus and stuff)
  15. Market For Political Simulations

    Hell yeah I am, is it finished already? Lmao