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  1. ThePotatoWalrus

    Fun Primary Game

    Is oriental really an outdated term?
  2. ThePotatoWalrus

    Don't Count Out Gillibrand

    But yeah, I knew Gillibrand would declare. Don't think she will win though. Looking at her voting record it is clear that she has no idealogue of her own besides, "im against everything Trump is for"
  3. ThePotatoWalrus

    Don't Count Out Gillibrand

    Called it. Now we just need Booker and I will still have taste buds. This is gonna be an exciting race for the Dems. They certainly got some good candidates (besides Warren), I haven't been following too closely, but aren't the current candidates Warren, Gillibrand, Castro, and Gabbard now right?
  4. ThePotatoWalrus

    Fun Primary Game

    I love beards. I can grow one, but it just takes me a long time to grow an un-degenerate looking one since it grows so unevenly. (My chin, upper lip, and sideburns grow faster than my cheeks)
  5. ThePotatoWalrus

    Fun Primary Game

    Love Ted's new beard.
  6. ThePotatoWalrus

    Don't fall for Tulsi Gabbard

    they still get to live tho
  7. ThePotatoWalrus

    Don't fall for Tulsi Gabbard

    but what about people denying me a job with my left-handed pansgender college degreee!!!! >:((((((((
  8. ThePotatoWalrus

    Your News Sources

    I've seen BBC before but not the news source
  9. ThePotatoWalrus

    Your News Sources

    In order CNN (main source so i can see what the idiots are up to. keep your enemies closer.) Google News (creates a feed on my phone based on certain interests) BEN SHAPIRO'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL WATCHING HIM ROAST LIBTARDS (epic style) NASDAQ (investments) ESPN (sport) Reddit (memes) My conspiracy theorist uncle (mostly rants about Catholics) Foxy News (rarely. just don't like the color) Infowars (i ironically watch it unironically) EDIT: Added the man the myth the legend
  10. ThePotatoWalrus

    Don't fall for Tulsi Gabbard

    If he actually said that i'm ded cause of death: death
  11. ThePotatoWalrus

    Don't fall for Tulsi Gabbard

    lmaooooooooo same
  12. ThePotatoWalrus

    How to play PI until it's fixed

    How do you pronounce your username anyways? I've always thought it was "Puh-TEEN"
  13. ThePotatoWalrus

    Don't fall for Tulsi Gabbard

    Tulsi's better than Hillary tho. At least in attractiveness
  14. ThePotatoWalrus

    Interesting Data for 2019/2020

    Doesn't the 6% go away on election day if they dont have ballot access?
  15. ThePotatoWalrus

    Unlikely Hypothetical 36-candidate Democratic Primary

    Now that I think about it it's pretty funny that Beto pretended to be Hispanic for the longest time and Ted Cruz pretends to be white lmao