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  1. Rank the prequels OT and sequels. Mine is: prequels > ot > sequels. Sequels were ass.
  2. I haven't been paying much attention. What did Cruz do? Is it because he supports the man who insulted his wife?
  3. This is a really stacked list. Choosing 10 might be impossible (especially considering I picked under 10 in the last one)
  4. Meant to vote for Pasteur and Colt as well. My bad.
  5. Also what does alternative responses to 911 calls mean
  6. @vcczarI'm curious what your argument against body cams is. I feel like it protects both victims, and good cops.
  7. Boog time. Also Prequels > originals > sequels
  8. Jeez @Patine I've never seen you go off like this lmao
  9. Why are you so negative all the time? Every single one of your posts has a "the end is near" vibe
  10. I should be right under (republican) jesus but definitely over that libral cuck tard isaac newton thinking hes so smart with his science n sheit *spits chaw, misses spittoon by six inches*
  11. As much as I love him idk if Reagan should be on here. Marcus Aurelius should though.
  12. Interesting. Especially the last part. Thanks for this.
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