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  1. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    I think it follows the rules. The rules said something about civilized political discussion in the comments if it relates to the topics, and I think we've all been rather respectful of each other so far.
  2. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    I don't know about y'all but if I had over $10 Billion dollars in the bank and in assets, I'd consider myself pretty damn successful. He bounced back from his failures to become stronger than ever financially. Most people would have given up by then.
  3. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    I'd say hes more successful than over 99.9% of the population...
  4. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    But at the end of the day Trumps a billionaire and you're not. He has hundreds of business ventures and only a few failed. That's natural.
  5. 1992-2016 What-if candidates

    I try to be completely unbiased when doing this but for a 2000 or earlier Trump it should be: Leadership: 4 Integrity: 3 (This was before all the scandal stuff) Experience: 2 Issue: 2 Stamina: 5 Charisma: 4 (Younger Trump was very charismatic) Debate: 3
  6. Oh Israel, the biggest threat to world peace. Still love Israel though.
  7. 2020 Election Scenario: Integrity Question regarding Franken

    I don't think Bannon would have low integrity but definitely low leadership, experience, and charisma. Being unbiased here.
  8. 2020 Election Scenario: Integrity Question regarding Franken

    Neither. Both are 0% chance of happening, but Bannon is more interesting, so Bannon, I guess.
  9. 'Be President' Decision

    EA is trash. Never again buying their stuff. They make 2K look like a charity.
  10. 2020 Election Scenario: Integrity Question regarding Franken

    Yeah hes definitely not running after this.
  11. 2020 Election Scenario: Integrity Question regarding Franken

    Honestly his integrity and his charisma should be lowered just one. I don't like him but it's my non-biased view. I guarantee you 95% of people will forget about it unless it gets brought up again during the election (maybe make a random event or something like I used to and have like a 50% chance of it happening in the week before election or something and it drops his momentum)
  12. @Patine, if you think I'm lying here it is. Please don't change his name lmaoo. I could see him actually doing this too. We got along really well. https://garrettshane.wixsite.com/crestview/about
  13. BRO OMG. YOU PUT A GUY NAMED MR. GARRETT AS A CONSPIRACY THEORIST AND MY MATH TEACHER LAST YEAR IS A CONSPIRACY THEORIST WITH THE SAME NAME. (He thinks the JFK assassination was a hoax, 9/11 was an inside job, Reptillians exist, and the Earth is flat). This is awesome. I even have his school website so I can prove it too lmaooo.
  14. 'Be President' Decision

    1. Obviously, I was curious if it would be confirmed or denied though. 2. Also obvious, I was just wondering if they were in the process of being added. 3. Nice.