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  1. ThePotatoWalrus

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    Not a member of either party but I almost guarantee its gonna be Pelosi, but at the same time would actually not be surprised if it wasn't.
  2. ThePotatoWalrus

    My Initial Midterm Reactions

    I thought I recalled a really stripped down part of it being passed a while after that. I haven't really been following politics as intensely following last election so I'm probably wrong. Also wish Issue 1 passed
  3. ThePotatoWalrus

    My Initial Midterm Reactions

    Having the Senate is definitely a YUGE win for Trump. The two oldest Supreme Court members are in their mid to late 80s and are left-wing. The House has absolutely no power when it comes to appointments, and Trump already got his healthcare and tax bills passed so he has less use for the house at the moment. Definitely agree that this is better for the GOP in the long run. Wish Cordray would have won Ohio though. Mike DeWine is a dumbass.
  4. ThePotatoWalrus

    Texas Race

    Lol Cruz is up 2% now nevermind guys
  5. ThePotatoWalrus

    Texas Race

    I'm 90% sure that Texas has a Libertarian and Green party.
  6. ThePotatoWalrus

    Texas Race

    ummm, Cruz is down about half a percent with 72% of the vote in lmao. Good to see him go, but idk about O'Rouke lmao In Ohio the race is like 1.5% in favor of Sherrod Brown, of course it is. F Also looks like Scott will win Florida and WV will stay with Manchin. Interesting election. Looks like the Senate will be split 50-50 if these stay the same.
  7. ThePotatoWalrus

    What’s Wrong With Politics Poll

    Cowboys fan in Philadelphia of all places lmao, bet you get a lot of hate for that.
  8. ThePotatoWalrus

    Trump's Leadership, Charisma, Integrity

    yep yep
  9. ThePotatoWalrus

    Trump's Leadership, Charisma, Integrity

    To the people who put him as one in integrity? Why? To me it makes absolutely no sense at all to put him that low, just because "orange man bad say mean things"
  10. ThePotatoWalrus

    Trump's Leadership, Charisma, Integrity

    1. 7 2. 7 3. 4 orange man bad
  11. ThePotatoWalrus

    Incivility in politics

    This is not something new. Literally everything in politics has been seen before. Divisiveness? This country once broke into two separate parts and shot at each other for years. Nothing new.
  12. ThePotatoWalrus

    Your Senate 2018 predictions (Relates to CI :) )

    Same with the other two of them. None of these look particularly realistic in my opinion.
  13. ThePotatoWalrus

    Americanism Test

    Also, at the end, we ended up having to write our opinion on illegal immigration in a two-three paragraph essay. The American Legion leans slightly right so I had to make myself slightly more right-wing than I would be normally (center-left on immigration IRL) to try to perhaps increase my chances of selection. I did talk about amnesty, but I focused more on my support of border surveillance or a barrier instead.
  14. ThePotatoWalrus

    Americanism Test

    This thread will only really apply to the younger members of the forum like @NYrepublican and @Reagan04. So recently in my school, we took this thing that was sponsored by the American Legion called an 'Americanism' test or something, it mainly dealt with the state, federal, local, city, and school government, and questions about the flag and stuff. Apparently, the top 5 or 15 people will go on an expense-paid trip to Gettysburg. I got most of the questions correct, especially the federal ones. I'll provide some examples of questions but I was wondering if the above-tagged people or anyone else has taken it in their school. True or False: Martha Washington designed the flag of the United States (obvious false lmao) Who is the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (John Roberts, was multiple choice and one of the other options was Trump, lmao) How many counties are in the state of Ohio? (Another multiple choice, I guessed on this one, but ended up getting it right with 88 after checking later) Who was the only President to serve more than two terms? (Obvious FDR, amazes me how most of my classmates didn't know this shit) What is the minimum age to serve on a school board? (I guessed 18 and got it right, almost put 21 second-guessing myself) Who is the current Secretary of State? (Obvious Mike Pompeo, but i'm sure most of my classmates chose Rex Tillerson, who was also an option) How many members are there in the House of Representatives? (We literally went over the HoR yesterday, so i'm sure most of us got this) True or False: The shape of the Ohio flag is a pennant. (Had no idea what a pennant was but I guessed true and apparently it is one) How many members are on the Ohio Supreme Court? (Guessed 7, got it right. Have no idea how I guessed so many right.) Apparently, I can only remember the ones that I didn't get wrong but has anyone else taken this in school yet? Don't know if it's just a local area thing, or an Ohio thing or what.
  15. ThePotatoWalrus

    Political Parties

    I personally believe that only ID'd taxpayers should be allowed to vote, but I assume that is an unpopular opinion on this forum.