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  1. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    Lol Dennis Prager Only like @Reagan04's for Ron Paul.
  2. Lunar Assembly 2045

    LPF all the way
  3. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    If the US military is so overpowered, why did it take decades to push back ISIS, who are literally bearded, religious hillbillies that have rifles and Toyotas? Just saying. Won't be much different if they wanted to do the same thing to their own citizens.
  4. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    I know slippery slope arguments are pretty useless, but putting restrictions on freedom to bear arms, speech, and religion definitely is a slippery slope to restrictions on more basic human rights. Also you sound like you're saying the Mad Max hellscape is a bad thing, lol.
  5. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    Lmao. When has this system ever been tested? Unlike Communism and Socialism, an unregulated libertarian society has never been tested. Prove me wrong.
  6. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    Apparently locking doors is strictly prison routine.
  7. Is nobody going to bring up gun control?

    Lol, boi. Trump literally said he was going to ban bump stocks, raise the age to buy firearms, and increase background checks to buy firearms. If anything a totalitarian would take away people's guns, but that ain't none of my business.
  8. PoliSim Help

    I will most likely be releasing whatever I have completed by then, so yes.
  9. PoliSim Help

    I know I said I probably wouldn't update for the rest of the month but I wanted to make an announcement here. The project is not dead. Im still working on sub-menus, and will show more screens at the beginning of March. I also wanted to announce that @vcczars project seems to be coming along pretty well and I might contribute some dev time to that next month as well (but this will still remain the main project) Unfortunately I've had a lot of assignments the past two days and haven't had too much time for an update right now.
  10. What party/political designation are you registered with?

    Only for the primaries cuh. Certain state parties allow independents to vote in their party primaries
  11. What party/political designation are you registered with?

    That's a no from me dawg
  12. What party/political designation are you registered with?

    Independent because I am apathetic to both sides but would also like to vote in both primaries. Left-Wing Libertarian if I had to identify with a party. Future Democratic POTUS50
  13. 2nd Political Party Board Game Playthrough

    Agreed, and I'm not saying this just because I don't want competition, I think that having the House and Senate (along with Governorships and the SCOTUS) change realistically as well, with you having to micromanage each aspect is a better idea.