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  1. ThePotatoWalrus

    Moving forums-a farewell

    Good. About time. Just kidding. I know we've never always been on agreeable terms together, but it's been good having your presence on the forum. Congratulations, and I wish you the best of luck on your future political career and college.
  2. ThePotatoWalrus


    I can agree with that. Definitely.
  3. ThePotatoWalrus


    Absolutely disappointing and a missed opportunity. 99% of the people for net neutrality absolutely do not understand it. The very idea of net neutrality is extremely vague and the consumer will end up paying more either way. Net neutrality doesn't even have a clear definition in the US. What everyone is thinking of are the Title II provisions which created the Open Internet Order of 2015. This means that before 2015, there weren't any of these so-called, "net neutrality" regulations. I guarantee 90% of you that support it only do so because of the successful media campaign that pushed out all of these shitty infographics that showed net neutrality as the only way to save the internet. And seriously, you guys will end up paying more either way and probably less without these regulations. Without net neutrality, the ISPs won't charge you more money to use certain services. They will charge companies like Google more for prioritized traffic. The misconception comes that Google could hypothetically begin to charge users money to make up the difference. With net neutrality regulations, there is no clause to say that the ISPs can't charge the consumer directly. You'll end up getting screwed either way, but less so without the net neutrality regulations. Actually try reading what net neutrality is before you decide that it's bad. Seriously. I used to think the same thing before I actually learned what it was. I don't expect any of you guys to change your opinions based on what I said here, so I encourage you all to do your own research on the topic before deciding "ISPs bad" based on some memes that you've seen that say "muh ISP is gonna block my Netflix and charge me to use every website".
  4. ThePotatoWalrus

    2020 Scenario Update

    Still, not many non political people know who Flake is. I feel like you have a subconscious bias towards Republicans that you like. Not trying to disrespect though. Definitely the best scenario creator on the forum but im trying to provide constructive criticism.
  5. ThePotatoWalrus

    2020 Scenario Update

    Ohioans hate Kasich. Also nobody really knows who Flake is that don't follow politics religiously like this forum, so I don't think he'll be relevant at all either.
  6. ThePotatoWalrus

    2020 Scenario Update

    Yeah. And by that logic he'll still be more likely to run than Kasich, who is TERM LIMITED and not running for another office.
  7. ThePotatoWalrus

    2020 Scenario Update

    His corruption used to be a 5? What? Why? Kasich will NOT challenge Trump. I will put money on this. Not sure what the WP says but I can almost guarantee Kennedy will run, and Biden won't.
  8. ThePotatoWalrus

    Political Would you rather?

    That's a great point and I didn't realize that until now.
  9. ThePotatoWalrus

    Political Would you rather?

    1. Unknown Dem challenger. Winning the primaries seems easier than winning in an opposing state when ideologies are becoming more and more extreme every day. 2. Parkland. Seems more sensible for a Democrat to support. 3. Appeal to suburban voters. Appealing to just the base and neglecting everything else is how Hillary lost 2016. Fine points made here.
  10. ThePotatoWalrus

    Trump Forum Approval Poll (April 2018)

    Obviously the term is subjective, but it's backed by the fact that many of those countries are poverty-stricken, starving, in civil wars, have no rights for women or minorities, and have terrible culture. I think the term fits well.
  11. ThePotatoWalrus

    Trump Forum Approval Poll (April 2018)

    No proof, and also those countries are definitely shitholes.
  12. ThePotatoWalrus

    The resistance game

    How so? Since yours is a text game I would not be able to assist in design.
  13. ThePotatoWalrus

    Won my cities Democrat Party council seat

    That's actually really great advice. Congratulations on your appointment.
  14. ThePotatoWalrus

    RIP Barbara Bush

    Not a fan of her husband's Presidency, but I most certainly am a fan of her grace and activism. A very noble woman with many great stories about her kindness. Saddens me to imagine the pain that HW is going through. F https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2018/04/18/president-george-bush-held-wife-barbara-bush-hand/527407002/
  15. ThePotatoWalrus

    Updated 2020 Election is Here

    Four is getting a little out of hand bro, it's almost like you're saying that it's impossible for two parties to represent the interests of the majority of the people or something.