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  1. I agree with everything you said except that I think Hillary had more appeal and likability than Warren did. If I remember she was regularly voted the most looked-up-to woman in the US for like 8 years in a row or something, and had name recognition beyond niche political circles that Warren didn't enjoy (I'd say most Americans know who Elizabeth Warren is, but I'd say just about every American knows who Hillary is)
  2. Those are good comparisons. Meant no disrespect, I genuinely had no idea who the fella was
  3. Ohio loves Trump and hates Kasich now. We liked him back in '16 but we're not fans of him now. DeWine is def a huge conservative that will never come out against Trump but he's starting to lose popularity now too. Husted will probably be our next governor as I see Ohio as a moderate GOP stronghold (as long as the GOP has a populist candidate) but Husted is definitely a rising star.
  4. Thought you hated the duopoly system? Aren't more candidates running on their own merits an improvement?
  5. Imagine being so thin-skinned and unironically taking 'Bernie Bro' as an insult lmfao. People. We actually live in a society.
  6. How many of you have honestly been swayed by the endorsement of someone who wasn't a primary candidate?
  7. Only you would rant against a school's political system
  8. I was elected student body president back to back until they banned me from running again
  9. How Buchanan and especially Johnson's peak ranges are as high as they are is proof we live in a clown world 🤡🤡
  10. 1. Just Trump (the only unique candidate) and Buttigieg (who could seriously bridge division and partisanship more than anyone else) 2. 32nd or worse
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