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  1. Idk what's up with Sherrod Brown. I know you like him and all but I doubt hes gonna run just because of him not being a bigger figure in the party. And as an Ohioan, I can guarantee you hes getting the boot in 2018. Hard to run if you don't hold a politica-- nevermind.
  2. Who's that one Democrat who admitted to being a Communist? I think he had something to do with New York. He should run. I'd vote for him.
  3. Lol. A lot of people get crack and cocaine mixed up all the time. Crack is that shit that you buy on the streets that can kill you. Cocaine is extracted from plants like marijuana and when used in small, regulated doses, pose minimal threats.
  4. Cool story except im not a Republican. If anything I lean more left than right with my extreme social views (legal weed, cocaine, prostitution etc.) and somewhat right wing economic views. (Increased taxes on the rich, reduced spending)
  5. Background: Recently Ted Cruz has come under fire for his Twitter profile liking a video of NSFW content. How does this affect the future of public figures using Twitter?
  6. Didn't even realize the pun until you said it lmao. Get out the jumper cables.
  7. What's shocking? Even if I disagree with him over 50% of the time I still love the man <3
  8. No. Free event. He spoke at a college
  9. I still haven't washed it
  10. I don't have a picture of it but I got to shake Mike Pence's hand back before the election. ..
  11. I don't remember typing that...
  12. I'd do it.
  13. I'd do it if @Reagan04 did it so my answer would be the same as his
  14. Hed be vice president lmao Lmao maybe he got hacked. Doesn't sound like something hed say.
  15. Not voting because somehow I agree with every single election lmao.