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  1. RIP. One of the real ones.
  2. If you knew all of those names word for word off the top of your head that is funny as hell
  3. Honestly i'd feel safer if the other two did have to get a license to operate a toaster.
  4. TRANSCRIPT: Moderator: Should someone have to have a government-issued license to drive a car? Austin Petersen: Hell no! Guy with weird hair: What's next? Requiring a license to make toast in your own damn toaster?! Audience: *cheers* Gary Johnson: A license to drive? Well, you know, I'd like to see some competency exhibited by people before they drive. Audience: *loud boos* @Patine @vcczar
  5. Still the best political debate moment in history.
  6. Literally sittin here in my sports jacket and crocs sipping tea minding my own business and you did not just throw me in this
  7. That tele script is actually very interesting to me idk why
  8. A contested convention would actually be interesting as shit
  9. This isn't necessarily for politicians but for life in general. Both colors are widely regarded as the two most versatile suit colors for almost any event.
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