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  1. Yes, he had just returned from combat when he decided to take a detour to the game.
  2. You know that whole banning the slave trade thing came at possibly the worst time.
  3. I think I'll be alright. Rufus King and Tim Pick would like to exact their trad bonus.
  4. @vcczar I have a question, why does this piece of legislation harm Fed Trads, who are all in New England and are opposed to slavery, as much as this would hurt Southern conservatives.
  5. Who am I harping on. And sure, but replace Obama with Hillary it's the same story, that's just how any Democratic nominee would win. I'm talking about victory in the Democratic Primaries which was very much dependent on the fact that Obama was able to upstage Clinton in the South unexpectedly during Super Tuesday.
  6. You're right, I should have said ideological. I dont disagree with many of the things he said, I just don't like how he imposed those views upon me which he did.
  7. Wow its really amazing how you extrapolated all that from the simple statement that you are much more liberal than I.
  8. uhhh, want a brownie or something? I got like pop-tarts too. Baby carrots? Yeah I think I'll decline since that is the case, we're fine under this illegitimate Government.
  9. @vcczar Black voters really didn't rally around Obama until after he proved his electability in Iowa in 08, that's when they largely began to defect from Clinton. I'd argue that the 2008 Iowa Democratic Caucus is one of the most important iterations of said caucus and likely triggered the scenario which made it possible for Obama to become President.
  10. Yeah but I'm guessing your definition of interpreting the constitution broadly begins where my unconstitutional does.
  11. Well I mean, I have Alexander Hamilton as my New Yorker, Timothy Pickering and J.T. Gilman are both down for some fun. I guess the FGov and FSen represent New England and not sure if I need to get the Mid-Atlantic ones if Hamilton just represents NY since it's only NY that I'd need from the region.
  12. I'd also really like to see Yang in. But beyond that we've got enough.
  13. Oh so we're just gonna be partisan about it, nice
  14. How exactly would this work, what would I have to do.
  15. I just noticed you made a committee mistake, I see the basis of our miscommunication. John Langdon does not get a seat on Budget, you get to appoint the Chairman and we get to appoint the Ranking Member ( @Conservative Elector 2 who said William L Smith) and Corr. Senator, who will be John Vining as I already stated, your Gabriel Duvall would then be Chair.
  16. Yes I'm here now, I've been indisposed the past two days.
  17. I just realized that 13/28 Senators have names beginning with J.
  18. Senate Committee Chairs @Actinguy Foreign Affairs: Sen. Timothy Pickering (F-MA) Judiciary: Sen. Peleg Arnold (F-RI) Armed Services: Sen. James McHenry (F-MD) Public Works: Sen. Uriah Tracy (F-CT) Budget (Corr.): Sen. James Hillhouse (F-CT)
  19. I'll respond and do my committee appointments soon, I've yet to do them.
  20. That wouldn't make sense, an election doesn't reset the cabinet.
  21. Alexander Hamilton is still not your Secretary of the Navy, it is still Samuel Osgood
  22. @Actinguy Either way, I'm fairly certain that Osgood is Secretary of the Navy now.
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