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  1. Reagan04

    Ranking the Potential Democratic Candidates

    hmm, that doesn't look exactly... real
  2. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    Conservative Party Vote The Conservatives oppose raising Tariffs as we are the Party of Free Trade and Laissex-Faire government to inspire economic growth, Tariffs will only plunge our economy into depression, this is the way of this Big Government and failed administration. We must return to the time when President Carpenter steered us to recovery, not the stale promises of government by the Liberal Party ruling and dictating the economy and the people. We do officially support the gold standard and we will continue to oppose bimetallism, however, the Speaker being a sympathetic Texan, convinces Conservative orthodoxy to support forbearances, though this forbearance starting next election day is not lost on the Conservative Party as a political ploy being pulled by the Liberals and they do call out that blatant scheming. Again, we stress that this depressive economic state cannot be solved by more government control, only through the Free Market can we achieve economic hegemony.
  3. Reagan04

    1900 to - Playthrough

    >Southern Strategy >Wallace would beat Goldwater Oh my child, there is much to learn
  4. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    President Carpenter retires from politics and as De Facto Party Leader; widely seen as replaced by U.S. Speaker John Rodger of Texas; soft on Gold and malliable to Western issues but still takes a rather hardline on Business and Fiscal issues regarding government control and overreach.
  5. Reagan04

    AI changes (and it being a little too good)

    To be fair, I'm pretty sure Nelson has -5,000 health IRL
  6. Reagan04

    Trump is Hitler.

    It's almost as if you are implying President Trump personally ordered bureaucratic injustice like he made the actions of terrible people at the bottom, the policy of the top. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but abuses like these have been going on far longer than the President took office, he certainly isn't a dictator, and he has done more than any President thus far to combat such instances.
  7. Yes, I think a Senate Majority Leader could use this to circumvent moderate members of their own party. This goes for a Far-Left or Far-Right President/Senate Majority Leader combo
  8. Reagan04

    Forum Amendments for Article 2

    Get off your damn high horse, that was pompous as hell, even for you who has a penchant for such grandiose pronouncements.
  9. I feel as thought automatic confirmation could be used nefariously
  10. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    Former President Frederick Carpenter (C-NY) I have decided, that, after many of my friends and supporters wrote to my home and I was moved to see such support for myself and the effects of my policies, I will seek another term as President. National Strength: Sinking below Russia is intolerable. We need a continuation of the Conservative policies that got us out of the Depression and will continue to lead us out of the recession. We support strong industrial growth through economic deregulatory measures. Military Strength: This is a solid amount for now, I support our actions in Cuba and Hawaii but would limit them there. We need a strong military ready to take on both of these challenged and we cannot spread ourselves too thin. Foreign Affairs: We need to set up our Trade conferences and increase our influence over the 3rd world and over the Western Hemisphere. It is Great to continue the support of Britain. Military: Continue supporting Britain as I had set us on the path to do so. Otherwise focus on Cuba and Hawaii presently. Economy: I am proud to have laid the groundwork to get us out of the depression, but we must do more. By continually deregulating and denationalizing as this Party has always done, our economy will boom. The economically weak state of Europe gives us a prime opportunity to become a global economic superpower. Trade: We will work with Britain, France, Mexico, and the 3rd world exclusively and work to shore up their economies while providing much greater economic benefits for ours. Budget: Keep the budget small though I recognize the need for emergency war funding. Social Harmony: I am proud to run on my record of Law and Order and I will continue to do this as I champion a defeat of crime in the nation as a point for a second term. Immigration: We need to put quotas on these refugees and be extremely selective with these Chinese immigrants if we allow them at all. Mood of the People: I offer the people the chance to vote for the policies that began to kickstart the economy, we cannot allow this progress to be lost and for the nation to fall back into a depression. Popularity: We thank the President for his work on Foreign Affairs and run a positive campaign talking about my Economic and Law and Order Credentials for this election. Party Power: In order to accomplish the scaling back of nationalization and to put more money in the pockets of the people, the people will need to not only elect me to the White House, but elect a Conservative Congress. I run on my strong record and reiterate many of the same policies that I enacted in my first term that have greatly benefited the people. Senator John Rodgers (C-TX)
  11. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    @vcczar We will support the loaning of 6 battleships to Britain, a chance to show good will. We will support only invading Cuba and Hawaii at this time. We do not believe that the President asked us to accept French refugees, but rather to welcome their leaders, which will be supported.
  12. Reagan04

    A Nightmare Scenario

    No No No No, they are actual fascists. And I'm probably the most conservative user on the forum so I know what a real fascist and what a fake fascist is, these guys are REALLY pushing the envelope.
  13. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    @vcczar I'm confused how a bill to nationalize that many industries passed as both the APP and Conservatives steadfastly opposed nationalization of ANY more industries, let alone a glut of them.
  14. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    No, that's not what we said. We said instead of trying to push a Conservative agenda, we will work with you in exchange for having our influence heard on this one particular key area, this is actually a good deal for you. We agree with the Liberals on Foreign Policy so we have no qualms there and we will absolutely vote for an invasion of Cuba, we also support sending diplomats to France Britain and Mexico as President Carpenter had begun to do the same thing. Obviously the baby of President Carpenter in regards to trade, the American Conferences, have our support, however we begin to disagree on Economic, Environmental, and Domestic Affairs, we also preferred a more aggressive stance on Hawaii. As such,we are willing to vote for some of the measures you are pushing for Labor concerns like a ban on child labor in all but Farming in exchange for the denationalization of the shipping industry and no more nationalization. We will also support Environmental law for denationalizing Education. That's really what we are saying. OOC: Sorry if it was confusing, I was tired when I wrote that and I was on my phone, might not have come out right.
  15. Reagan04

    Odd results

    Well, I have to say, it's also always annoying when you are leading by 15 in Iowa, then win by 1 the next week and then proceed to lose NH, SC, and NV coming in 5th or 4th despite having been leading there, support just absolutely plummets, it's unrealistic.