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  1. Religious Protection Laws/ LGBT anti-discrimination Laws

    @vcczar What if a Muslim baker that makes graphic cakes is asked to make a cake with Muhammed on it. Or a Muslim poster or custom shirt maker is asked to make a Muhammed shirt or poster?
  2. 1988 Roleplay

    It's possible he unendorsed you after you shot yourself in the foot,
  3. 1988 Roleplay

    He endorsed me February 27th
  4. 1988 Roleplay

    Sorry @RP Overlord , but you know why Robertson and Gov. Martin barnstorm in Durham, North Carolina on Tax Cuts Robertson and Jerry Falwell talk about Culture and Values in Raleigh, North Carolina Phyllis Schlafly and Pat Robertson barnstorm Lexington, Kentucky on Abortion Gov. Louie Nunn and Pat Robertson rally on coal in Louisville, Kentucky Robertson campaign airs ad in the South focusing on values (Free Events before Super Tuesday) Howard Baker endorses Pat Robertson in Nasville, Tennessee Bill Brock endorses Pat Robertson in Memphis, Tennessee Pat Swindal endorses Pat Robertson in Atlanta, Georgia Howard Coble endorses Pat Robertson in Fayetteville, North Carolina Kit Bond endorses Pat Robertson in St. Louis, Missouri Tom Lewis endorses Pat Robertson in Jacksonville, Florida E. Claw Shaw Jr. endorses Pat Robertson in St. Petersburg, Florida Bill McCollum endorses Pat Robertson in Miami, Florida Robertson campaign runs ad attacking Stassen in Southern Super Tuesday States Clip of Stassen saying we need to accept Gay Marriage Clip of Stassen saying he will go third party Clip of Stassen saying abortion isn't all bad Clip of Stassen claiming to be an anti-establishment outsider Harry Stassen claims to be a man of the people. A defender of the people, or even the Republican base. But Harry Stassen is none of those things. Harry Stassen is a progressive fraud who seeks to destabilize the Republican Party. Gov. James Martin (R-NC): Stassen doesn't defend Life like Pat Dr. James Dobson (R-LA): Stassen doesn't protect Marriage Like Pat Gov. Carroll Campbell (R-SC): Stassen doesn't stand for the South, he stands for himself Rep. Trent Lott (R-MS): Harry is what we in Mississippi call, a bamboozler, he doesn't care who he hurts, he wants power Chuck Norris (R-TX): Most importantly (Mel Gibson (R-CA) and Ted Nugent (R-MI) enter and the trio in unison say:) Stassen is the establishment! Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX): Harry won't cut taxes like Pat, he'll raise'm Rep. Tom Coleman (R-MO): Southen Farmers have no worse enemy than Harry Sen. Bill Brock (R-TN): Harry stands against guns, Pat is the biggest proponent of the race. Rush Limbaugh (R-FL): Harry is the Establishment Progressive movement exemplified in a man, Pat is the Conservative Grassroots Dr. Bernard Nathanson (R-NY) and Rev. Mike Huckabee (R-AR): And New Yorker and Arkansan can agree he is wrong for America Rep. Tom Lewis (R-FL) and Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO): And so can a Floridian and a Missourian Gov. John Connally (R-TX): And then Stassen has the gall to get his minions to lie about not having done any of it Rep. Pat Swindall (R-GA): But see, the South doesn't like a Northern trying to come down and trick its people. Sen. Paul Trible (R-VA): That isn't the mark of a Southern Leader Rep. Jim Bunning (R-KY): It is the mark of a carpetbagger Sen. Howard Baker (R-TN): Even more it is the more of an unabated establishment liar Rep. E. Claw Shaw Jr (R-FL): And one of a downright deceptor of Southern Values Gov. H. Guy Hunt (R-AL): The South Don't take too kindly to that kind of nonsense either Gov. George Wallace (R-AL): The South has a way of routing out those that only wish to deceive it for power. Rev. Billy Graham (R-NC): And all the alarms are going off for a corrupt man like Stassen Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC): And we need to bring to light all the dastardly deeds committed by Mr. Stassen Gov. Carroll Campbell (R-SC): A man who had mocked Southern faith live on national Television Rep. Bill McCollum (R-FL): A man who is soft on everything threatening our youth from promiscuity to Drugs Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-AZ): A man who downright disregards the Constitution, he doesn't care about State's Rights when he enforces Big Federal Government Gov. Louie Nunn (R-KY): So I ask my Southern brothers Sen. Paula Hawkins (R-FL): And sisters Phyllis Schlafly (R-MO): Vote your conscience Jerry Falwell (R-VA): Vote for the best choice for the South All: Vote Pat! Pat: I am Pat Robertson and I approve this message. Endorsed by Americans for Tax Reform, National Right to Life, Focus on the Family, Southern Baptist Convention, the John Birch Society, and the National Review
  5. 1988 Roleplay

    @RP Overlord (You know my situation over the past few days, I can do these two and hopefully some more before Super Tuesday, but they might only be a few sentences in a few states, again so sorry that I dropped off, but you know why) Robertson hits the road with Sen. Paula Hawkins in St. Petersburg, Florida to talk about Drug Laws When I was first elected to the Senate, Ronald Reagan was elected to the White House right alongside me. The reason I hold this honor near and dear today is because of the woman that became First Lady with her husband. She came into the White House and she laid it down, "Just say No!" Well, we need that now more than ever. Our kids are being corrupted by drugs left and right and we as a nation continue to say that drugs are ok. Our Leadership can no longer forfeit their duty in Congress to end this epidemic. That is why I stand with Pat! I stand with Pat because we must stand for our children against evil narcotics and opiates. We must end this Satanic Scourge on the State of Florida and the Union once and for all! Robertson and Rush Limbaugh barnstorm Northern Florida on Marriage Ya see folks, what DC loves to do is just come in and trash our culture. Now they want to redefine Marriage. That is unacceptable to me and I think Florida finds that pretty darn unacceptable too! A vast majority of Americans find it to be just as terrible. That is why we must stand in defense of Traditional One Man One Woman Marriage as Pat has for years. We as a nation cannot let this deviant trend persist in our nation which is why the people of Florida, especially here in Northern Florida, must all rally behind Pat with me and take down this growing menace from the Liberal Elites in DC and in the Northeast. Together we can come together, Florida is a big state to win come just a few days, it is crucial to Pat that we take this state so that we may defend our common American Culture and Values! God Bless you all and May God Bless Florida!
  6. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    Paulson: I disagree with Mr. Payne on a few points, the first is there is no right to luxury, we must remember we are on the Moon, there will be times we must make sacrifices and we cannot let our desires get in front of our work. That being said, we should continue to work with the United States, I am a proud American as we all are and the U.S. is the world's foremost superpower. We should work on agricultural science to help us grow efficient and self-sustainable but when it comes to the items in which to indulge our people, the U.S. is the best option and will remain that way. I think it is irresponsible to break with our founding land, the majority of us feel this way too, we are a pragmatic, rational people, we cannot simply declare independence overnight. America is the greatest nation in the, well, solar system! I think we can stand in unity for this, God Bless you all!
  7. 1988 Roleplay

    OOC: Best line in the history of ever right here
  8. 1988 Roleplay

    Robertson joins Dole, Reagan, and McMillian in New York City, New York on their Anti-Trump campaign Senator Dole hit it on the head when he said a person like Donald Trump does not belong in politics. But I will take it a step further, Mr. Trump does not deserve the support of the grassroots. This is what I have been campaigning for, Middle America, Christian America. Mr. Trump says he is fighting for the worker, the Middle, and Lower class, I do not believe that for a second. We cannot let someone as odious as Donald Trump be elected to the United States Senate.
  9. Jones won

    Eh, lose-lose situation, Doug Jones will get blown out in 2020 for reelection, but the Senate may just get thrown to the Democrats.
  10. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    Paulson: Everything Mr McKnight and Ms. Chandler has said frightens me greatly. That is why we as American who value Liberty must come together to unite. That is why I am today announcing the formation of the Culture and Liberty Party. The CLP stand firmly in favor of a small government, positive relations with America, and a strong commitment to our culture and values. It is about time we come together under stable leadership to further what we are doing here, science for the greater good of mankind. I am proud to take the initiative in this great Frontier. God Bless.
  11. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    OOC: Right, which is the position I took lol
  12. 1988 Roleplay

    @RP Overlord So 3 events a day, 3 for a final push?
  13. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    Paulson: I think that Mr. Payne had his ears closed when he heard me announce. He seems to be echoing my same platform of remaining an American possession and retaining the support of our fatherland. Mr. Payne, however, brings great consternation with his particular diction. I condemn his candidacy and I ask his supporters to join me in my campaign. I think we are forging a moderate position on Trump but a strong position on America. We are a nation, but the President is but one man to be gone in a year or five. We cannot let one man who will be be leaving office in a definite period of time define our governance. OOC: @Kingthero I don't think it's a large portion that would support Wallace lol
  14. 1988 Roleplay

    @RP Overlord I missed yesterday so I hope it's ok for me to sneak in some today, I am so looking forward to all the free writing time due to me in about 8 days.
  15. Moon Emergence Roleplay

    Paulson: I first want to thank all my friends here on Trumpern for giving me such great confidence, but I'm not here to extol any sort of virtue I might have, it is all about service and that means it is all about you. Now, we have a President on Earth who isn't all about that. I will be 100% honest with you, I voted for the President simply because of the circumstances, but I vehemently disagree with the path the nation has gone under. Now, I do not believe we should be declaring war on President Trump, that would be catastrophic as many controls for Trumpern still lie in both Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Houston, Texas. I think we should work for more autonomy from the President. I want what is best for the people and I seems my message of fair and stable government guided by a faith driven yearning for the stars is what unites us. We must be united in the strongest possible way and abruptly severing ties with those who finance our mission and provide us out basic necessities, is not a good strategy for us. God Bless you all!