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  1. Washington: Ok guys, I think 2 terms is enough for President Adams: Fair enough, lemme try to win a sec.. Jefferson: Lemme stop you right there Johnny Ads, I have 6 terms to win😎
  2. @Actinguy James Hillhouse in Connecticut and Peleg Arnold in Rhode Island.
  3. Yes, there are of course offshoots and interventionism kinda presents itself as a z axis on the traditional economy-society axes which is popular and I know you despise. However, when we think of what makes someone like Maxime Bernier different from Canadian conservatives and more alike to American conservatives, Conservatarianism comes into play much more so than neoconservatism. Simply because in Europe many conservatives are very much interventionists as well.
  4. No worries, and yeah I'm familiar with demonymisms. So Conservatarianism is similar to Fusionist Conservatism. It takes the right-wing economics of libertarianism and tempers them with the social values of conservatism. Now, I think it's also important to note that Conservatarians generally break from mainstream conservatives on issues like immigration and privacy rights. A Conservatarian is likely to be Pro-Life, but not necessarily for religious reasons. A Conservatarian will invariably take issue to over taxation and suspicion of general taxation. A Conservatarian will break from Neocons when we're sinking trillions of dollars into endless wars. These are just some of the characteristics that define the ideology. I think that Conservatarianism is really a good definition for American conservatism as opposed to European or even Canadian conservatism which are both far less libertarian-leaning than the American Right.
  5. I think you misplace Cruz's focus and leadership. It's not of religious conservatives. It's Conservatarians.
  6. This is actually mine to designate and I shall keep the incumbent Senator John Vining
  7. @Actinguy Sen. James Ross (F-PA) to lead Foreign Affairs then
  8. Hmm I must have missed that restriction in the rules.
  9. @ActinguyI'll be voting against the Compromise Tariff
  10. Not if you support it as you originally promised to do.
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