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  1. Well, technically you do work for the Canadian Government, he never said Federal. Alberta is part of the Canadian Government and therefore so are its workers. Like the Governor of Kansas is a part of the American Government is, if not Federal.
  2. Yeah this was poorly worded, Susan Collins was artificially pumped up.
  3. Hey man, I hate flamewars too
  4. A vote., Also I love the soft reference toward's Graham's bachelor status and their heavy bromance, all couples fight
  5. Oh right! I remember that now. That is golden by the way, Second Lady. And of course since you referenced it, Open the door Get on the floor EVERYBODY WALK THE DINOSAUR! Lol, ok Doc.
  6. @President Garrett Walker Bill died back in the 60s or.something right? How is Hillary's surname Clinton?
  7. Mr. President, I will remind you that we hold a majority that is just 4 votes short of a supermajority, trust me, it ain't a losin battle. I want rid of individual mandates the most, if we can do that, I can see what I can make happen. OOC: What does the effect of the Speaker or Majority Leader opposing something have when it comes to a vote?
  8. @jdm06ltd Mr. President, if I have your word that we will work on Social issues later, I will relent, for now, Senator Logs has my point exactly here, this is all we want to do, you are alienating your congressional leaders. I will, however, insist on cutting Planned Parenthood funding should we moderate the health care bill. And don't even try to threaten my seat, those petty tricks are cheap, I am an entrenched incumbent in Texas and hold the respect of the Republican Majority with the full confidence of the Freedom Caucus, these kinds of childish threats don't work on me and I suggest you drop them.
  9. Mr. President that is preposterous! Partial-Birth abortions have been banned since 2002! I want substantive policy and I don't appreciate the insults! Don't make an enemy out of me. And on the FDA, all I'm proposing is we remove the entrance barriers such that all small businesses can submit a.drug for testing. Currently only big pharma can and it is basically a government imposed monopoly. I get nothing out of this and this bill is such a monstrosity I will make sure it doesn't pass the House. Now let's work on actual changes shall we.
  10. I suppose we can agree on that point.
  11. I believe you reference the Single-Payer systems with wait times stretching on for years.
  12. The Speaker (who also Chairs the Freedom Caucus) has put forward a bill focused on Free Market competition. The Bill in question repeals Obamacare in its entirety and starts over by repealing the FDA restriction on who can produce drugs and who can provide service in the Free Market. This bill's, tentatively called "Findlaycare", purpose to get get government out of healthcare and scrap things like the individual mandate that cause price superinflation. Among other things the bill removes state lines for coverage and allows a full Free Market without any corporate welfare or government bailouts and mandates.
  13. I believe you mean to say that Warren Harding leads the field?
  14. This has to do with their Presidential Primary mostly, but I get that.
  15. wow