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  1. Oddly enough, a new poll out of Florida shows Trump at 80%, Walsh at 14%, and Weld at 5%.
  2. Yes I left my tendency for religion governance a while ago. That being said, I still believe Natural Law is a real thing and I am strong in my faith. I just don't believe in integrating any level of organized faith hierarchy with organized civil government. I remain a staunch free trader among other things.
  3. I oppose abortion, death penalty, and interventionism because I view all of them as grave instances of government meddling in rights and situations in which it has no right to meddle. I do not view the right to bear arms as a carte blanche authorization for our citizens to suspend each others rights. Quite to the contrary, I am in favor firmly of keeping murder illegal for all people, including born victims of gun violence, those perpetrator should be brought to justice. I support the right to bear arms because more often than not it is wielded to preserve life, someone we don't hear about often enough. More importantly, it must be wielded to preserve liberty against a government who would seek to rend either life or liberty from its people. This is the purpose of the 2nd amendment, it is the right to self-determination.
  4. I know Mike Lee also favors reducing mandatory minimums, and I certainly agree with him. I am an advocate of criminal justice reform, particularly at the federal level. I don't know how Lee feels about the death penalty but I very much oppose it because I don't believe that the government has the right to separate someone's right to life from them. No man-made government has the power to suspend a person's right to life. I'm really not sure where I'd be out of step with Lee, I'm pretty in sync with his positions on most issues.
  5. When it comes down to Foreign Policy I am pretty non-interventionist. I think Foreign Policy is half diplomacy half economics with a sliver of military wedged in if its ever needed. I am with Mike Lee on the warpath for War Powers reform (see what I did there). I also believe in the federal decriminalization of all drugs, Drug policy is a state issue. I am a believer in re-awakening the dormant commerce clause and in reviving the non-delegation doctrine. I am Pro-Life because I believe any law which excludes the unborn from murder protection violates the 14th amendment. As you can see, much of my policy is coming from the constitution. Do you have any other major areas of my policy you'd like to know about?
  6. I heavily disagree with this but that's an argument for another time and disagreement over that one point would be my Libertarian objection to that argument you raise in the 3rd paragraph, but that's not what I want to ask you.' I describe myself as rather Libertarian, particularly when Trumpism has begun to infect traditional conservatism and turn it something it should never have become. How would you describe my Libertarianism do you think.
  7. AP: "The President has no constitutional authority to regulate drugs. That being said, at the state level I would support some legislation that prevent children from being allowed to purchase drugs and prosecute anyone that would put a child in danger because I do believe that children some protection. Yes, you should not be able to sell heroine to a 5 year old." Audience: Light Clapping drowned in Loud Boos
  8. @ThePotatoWalrus @vcczar This one's even better.
  9. I laughed hysterically watching Steyer get in the middle of that argument. When you go to ask your Dad for something but he's fighting with mom so you just stand there like Steyer.
  10. Ok but how much of that latter data comes from those candidates not making it later in the race and fizzling out? I don't think that New Hampshire has a definite type, other than, as you said, New Englanders tend to do well.
  11. The man who examines the paintdrops and not the painting. This is like asking how Trump was not anti-establishment after donating thousands and thousands to the central Democratic Committee and folks like Schumer and Clinton. It's all about how they ran and the message they erected.
  12. 2016 - Agreed on Both Partisan fronts 2012 - Romney wins, doesn't support your point 2008 - Hillary and McCain, definetly doesn't support your point 2004 - Kerry, nope 2000 - McCain, nada 1996 - Agreed on Buchanan 1992 - Tsongas was definetly the cloest to establishment in that race 1988 - Bush and Dukakis, pretty establishment on both accounts More often than not, establishment candidates do well in NH.
  13. Yeah we all do, this was some metamorphosis big time.
  14. You can't counter the conspiracy!
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