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  1. Civics education sucks

    I don't think we watched the same video.
  2. 1988 Roleplay

    @RP Overlord Do we have a plan for debates?
  3. Political Party BOARD Game

    I think that Caprice's map is the best as it tackles that problem. I don't think that we need to do away with the map, that would be a mistake in my opinion.
  4. 1988 Roleplay

    Robertson and Reagan hit Huntington Beach, California on Small Government You know, Ron Paul is absolutely right when he says we need to shrink the Government. And Al Gore is not the person who has ever been the man for that job. You see, Senator Gore has been trying to shift to the center for this election, but when he does that, he is lying to America about his Ultra-Liberal record, not to mention that of his Vice President. We cannot fall for it, the stakes are too high. Look at the years of Republican Administration versus those of Democratic ones. The Democrats give us the Liberalism of Jimmy Carter and Al Gore, the Republicans of Ronald Reagan and myself. It is time that we take this fight to the Establishment, President Reagan has given the American people the tools it needs to dismantle the Washington Machine, now swing them as hard as you can by electing me President. I am the President for you! The one who will cut taxes and spending, will reign in Government power, and defend our culture. Now is the time for action, action for Americans. God Bless you all and God Bless California! Robertson and Reagan provide a counter-message to Gore in Des Moines, Iowa Sen. Gore is an honorable man, he just broadcast to a lot of Main Street Americans that his Administration will be one of Liberty. But I ask him this, when I stand with the Liberty candidate, with the Liberty President, and on an Anti-Establishment Platform of defending Main Street America from Wall Street and Capitol Hill, and he stands with people like Lenora Fulani, Jimmy Carter, and Mike Dukakis, all of them enemies of Liberty and friends of Big Government, and champions his platform of Tax and Spend Welfare, of Cutting into Businesses with the Regulations that drove us into recession and one of attacking our values, our Culture and our Faith, he is not the candidate for Main Street America. The Democratic Party no longer stands for regular Americans, when it pushes policies that destroy the economic growth that has exploded throughout President Reagan's term. Despite all odds, against a Congress dominated by Establishment Democrats, President Reagan has proven himself a Main Street Warrior, just as I hope to do as well. We cannot play around this election, the American people are breaths away from taking back their government, President Reagan teed it up, now America gets to take the shot, a shot right down the Middle of Politics as usual and the DC establishment. Together we can do this, as a nation we can stand together, and we can defeat Big Government, we can defeat Tyranny, we can defeat the desecration of our culture, and we can defeat the Party which puts all of these things above you, the American people! I stand here as the change agent, but I cannot do it without you. God Bless you all and God Bless Iowa! Robertson heads South with Rev. Jerry Falwell, Phyllis Schlafly, and Dr. James Dobson to address Social Liberalism and Culture in Johnson City, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia I was just as shocked as y'all were when I heard Sen. Gore start talking about desecrating our culture. When he says progressive society and begins talking about Homosexuals and Transsexuals, destroying the bedrock of marriage and letting men who think they are women use the same restrooms as our daughters. Well enough is enough, the immense majority of Americans say absolutely not to Sen. Gore's radical agenda. And that is what it is, Sen. Gore is a radical Social Liberal and we cannot afford to elect him President. I am simply taken aback. Polls show that well over 3/4 of Americans support Traditional Marriage. This flies in the face of all Americans, especially here in the South, here in Tennessee. I call on you to not allow this man to take the office of the Presidency when his views on Marriage, Life, Drugs, Gender and so many other issues of our culture today are so out of whack that even a majority of his party doesn't stand with him. I stand for American Traditions and Culture. And I stand with America, the Church going Americans who wish to see our culture preserved. The Americans who wish to see the will of our Creator honored and not cast aside. We cannot allow these desecration of Marriage, Life, Drugs, Gender, Faith and Creation to continue on. We must stand to end them. And together, we can, when the Establishment comes knocking to take away your Culture, we stand here ready to fight. I stand as your champion in that fight. God Bless You, God Bless Tennessee, and God Save the United States of America! Robertson campaign releases Culture Ad to be played in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, and Missouri A man and woman being married is shown President Reagan: Marriage, a beautiful American Institution. A vast majority of Americans support One Man and One Woman. This is the American Traditional, this is our culture. That man and woman then have a child and bring forth God's beautiful gift of Life. God creates this child so beautifully, and he creates them boy or girl. This is the American Dream. The Family is shown several years later Phyllis Schlafly: But there is a dark danger to the American Family Looming. Cultural Liberalism that seeks to destroy Marriage, Life, and the very concept of Gender now has it's agents in D.C. One of these Establishment actors, Al Gore. Vice President Bush: And it gets worse, not only does Senator Gore's Liberalism attack the American Family, but it rejects Mrs. Reagan's "Just Say No" Drug Policy that has taken Drug use to task. We cannot allow Drugs to flow back into our streets. It is through the lack of Culture that the Drugs so effectively pervade our society. Jerry Falwell: When we turn away from God, we allow these things to take over our Nation. Gay Marriage, Abortion, Transexualism, Drug Use, and many more of these phenomena are becoming all too real for many Americans. President Reagan: But for every American that just wants a better life for his or her family and for the very Culture and Traditions of this nation. There is hope. Pat Robertson is the man for the average American. The man that understands the Family Values that have made this nation great. He will defend the Sanctity of Marriage and Life. While providing a hardline stance on Drugs and the desecration of God's creation. Pat with his family Pat: But I cannot do it alone. I need your support to defeat the Washington elites trying to push this on us. It is time we took a stand for what's right. For what's good. For what's American. I stand with you in this fight. And we won't stop until we've taken our government back for the people. God Bless you. I am Pat Robertson and I approve this message.
  5. Caucus Game announcement

    I've always found Steve Cohen and G.K. Butterfield fascinating.
  6. Are you Democrat or Republican?

    I got 100% Republican no shocker!
  7. Caucus Game announcement

    Ok so like Freedom Blue Dogs Tuesday and Progressive? As well as the two party caucuses?
  8. Political Party BOARD Game

    I might actually have a guy.
  9. Political Party BOARD Game

    @vcczar That's a shame, I really would have preferred it with 1880 and individual House seats, but I understand why a Board game would make that unfeasible. Simply more the reason to make it a PC game!
  10. Political Party BOARD Game

    That would be awesome actually. Tbh I think the best would be starting in either the Conservative or Liberal Reovlution, but it would take a while lol. I am a sucker for long bouts of American History.
  11. Political Party BOARD Game

    Ok Ok, no need for the hate, I'm sure my subconsciousness chose it for a reason but I didn't consciously do it, this is a game we can all enjoy no need to be nasty about it.
  12. Political Party BOARD Game

    Would something like Roe v Wade be on the table? Are court cases cards that can be drawn like in their era, in the Liberal Revolution you would have a plethora of Socially Liberal landmark case, but if in this timeline the Court were conservative, it would change the course of history radically?
  13. Political Party BOARD Game

    @vcczar What might a Judicial card be?
  14. Political Party Board Game Playthrough

    I meant which seats are up in which election. I didn't know that wiki held the Senate and House compositions of older Congresses, good to know!