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  1. Updated 2020 Election is Here

    Personally I have a much more optimistic outlook on State level politics for the Republicans, but that's just me, and really doesn't matter for the point I'm making relative to just Nevada. I personally don't see a blue wave, more of a Blue Ripple. I think the Democrats are likely to come close to the House, not take it, and it highly unlikely they take the Senate. Republicans stay in command at the State level. In Nevada, I see this, because of how great a candidate Laxalt is and how lackluster the other two are, as a pure toss-up.
  2. Online Privacy regulations

  3. New Historical President RP

    (I'm going to wait for a later election to run)
  4. Online Privacy regulations

    Well yes, I've been saying that all along, if they violate an economic contract, they impede on the Economic Freedom of their consumers. My argument is for nearly pure and total economic freedom, the right to contracts is essential in that, and in order to keep that right untainted, those contracts must be upheld.
  5. Online Privacy regulations

    What?! No, that would be like saying, "She put her bare naked body parts on me" that's the akin to "Giving the information directly onto the site". Now, it's a loose analogy but that's the one you chose to so oppugn my character. All I'm saying is that if the company labels itself a private entity than if you give it your info, it has your info. But, if it labels itself a neutral public forum, that is entirely different. Facebook has yet to classify themselves as either so currently the answer would be no, but that also means they should lose the privileges being a public forum entails. They cannot continue getting it both ways.
  6. Online Privacy regulations

    I believe that if you voluntarily put your information on Facebook's site and AS LONG AS they declare themselves as a private entity exercising Free Speech and NOT a Public Forum. They should have broad authority over their private possessions.
  7. Keys to the Presidency Poll

    I got 5 negatives for Trump
  8. Online Privacy regulations

    The people signed the contract, simple as that. Don't use Facebook because they are slimy, plenty of Free Speech and Privacy Friendly sites to use.
  9. Yes, I'm familiar with that, in his hey day he was a fighter for small government, values, and conservatism. I suppose a screw came loose as he ended his life
  10. Syria

    This is entirely incorrect and Theologically illiterate. The Blood of Christ pays the price for ours sins and it is up to humans to accept that Love and Forgiveness, this is true, but that in no way means that the Holy definitions of kill and murder are changed. It is of course Christian to defend ones life and the lives of others. We are called to do so. Christ recognizes this in Luke 22:36. The blood of Christ is connection to humanity, it is the price paid for our sin, the perfection of forgiveness, but we are still called to defend life in whatever manner that takes, including the seldom killing. Not to be confused with murder.
  11. Syria

    You are actually incorrect there. Killing is not always a sin, in fact when you make the distinction between "kill" and "murder" is important. "Killing" is morally permissible while "Murder" is not. I'm not sure what sect of Christianity you fall but it is not derived from the word of Christ and the truth of the Holy Bible.
  12. Syria

    I'm generally anti-intervention and anti-war as you know. Most Christian churches agree that war is only permissible if it the last option and there is a clear and present danger. I think what he did was morally permissible IF and only IF what the Pentagon said was true: "No civilian casualties and only the 3 large chemical weapons plants were struck"
  13. Syria

  14. I'm a stalwart, what can I say!
  15. New Historical President RP

    Awesome! Sounds fun!