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  1. Reagan04

    270Soft Forum Hall of Fame of Great Americans

    Im on mobile and bolding one name took 5 minutes so instead I just wrote Yes next to them. Sorry for the inconvenience but I wanted to vote promptly!
  2. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    Yeah, I get the feeling Conservatives are far too socially conservative for a Libertarian platform so this should be interesting. I only say that because the nation is already markedly more socially conservative than in our timeline so the Right-Wing Party would be even MORE socially conservative compared to OTL Libertarianism.
  3. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    @Kingthero I'm pretty sure Conservatives have the House plurality with 47%. The Liberals have 42% and Socialists 11%.So there is a Left Wing Majority but Conservative plurality.
  4. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    I find it slightly tickling 😛
  5. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    Not in America my friend. Nothing Center-Left about you and Left is being generous.
  6. Reagan04

    Trump and Obama by the Numbers

  7. Reagan04

    I am legitimate

    This also applied to me.
  8. Reagan04

    Most popular nominee by State: Another Look

    I would contend that he was a Progressive given his Large Government and a very hands-on approach to solving the Depression.
  9. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    OOC: You could even try the Far-Right as we have already seen the Far-left rise and Fall. I'm not fond of either but it might be interesting to give it a go. Senate Majority Leader Trebuano whips the Conservative Delegation in favor of Puerto Rican and Cuban statehood. @Kingthero Gov. Dave Franklin has been elected to the Senate from Kentucky and has been installed as Senate Majority Whip.
  10. Reagan04

    National Debt

    Let's just do both
  11. Reagan04

    National Debt

    Lol, just as a curiosity, why is that?