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  1. Not quite, I approve of the large majority of these. Just not Trump at all. I really appreciated giving the non delegation doctrine its teeth back and boning up the Commerce Clause.
  2. I've been thinking about this a great deal. Allow me to expand on to @Actinguy's platform. 1) Strength Abroad absolutely, but like Reagan not like Trump. Diplomacy and working with the Western World is a must. Mattis also isn't a great example either, we need to speak more softly. 2) Pro-Business Policies are natural to the GOP and I don't see them going away any time soon. This means returning to Free Trade Economics 3) We need to radically change our position on immigration. Stop villifying illegal immigrants and go back to Bush's Compassionate Conservative rhetoric on immigration. 4) Likewise, we need to start running toward criminal justice reform and voting rights, we need to stop hemorraghing among non-white voters. 5) Gay Marriage isn't really a huge political issue anymore, it's a moot point and we need to get with the times. 6) Denounce Trump as racist and incompetent It is the middle of the night so I'm sure I'm missing things but I shall expand as I see necessary. But we need the biggest 180s on issues that effect people of color.
  3. If you're gonna do it this is probably the way. Polk was a ruthlessly efficient President. He won basically the entire Southwestern United States and, satisfied with having done exactly what he said he wanted to in 1844, he did not see a need to run again in 1848. No distractions, just results. While obviously not the greatest President for a number of reasons, I respect his game.
  4. Personally I feel fine. Then again I am an "Anti-Trump" Conservative Libertarian so that may take some heat off of me.
  5. A Multi-Party system in the country where the mainstream thought is contained within the ideologies I selected: The Conservative Party (25%): These are your Neocons and your One-Nation conservatives. They tend to be moderate to conservative on immigration and are by far the most hawkish on defense. They are Pro-Life pretty uniformly and have a smattering of beliefs on other social issues. They are very economically conservative but fiscally moderate. They are drug hawks. (Think Margaret Thatcher, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Francois Fillon, Mitt Romney, Stephen Harper) The Liberty Party (45%): These are Right-Libertarians, Conservatarians, the USLP. They are anti-war, radically pro-liberty, and the large majority are also pro-life. They break with the Conservatives on issues like defense, immigration, and drugs. They are also a lot more fiscally conservatives, the budget hawks reside here. They are even more economically right wing than the Conservatives however. (Think Justin Amash, Rand Paul, Maxime Bernier, Ted Cruz when he was cool, Mike Lee, Leslyn Lewis) The Moderate Party (20%): The Moderate Party is a Center-Right to Center Party that is in favor of economic liberalism but is also socially liberal. They are similar to other market-based European Conservative parties. Think Angela Merkel's CDU here. They are a capitalism with restriction kind of crowd and largely embody classical liberalism though are not as socially libertarian as the Liberty Party. Most Left-Libertarians are either here or in the next party. (Angela Merkel, Susan Collins, the Clintons [Pre-Bernie days], Larry Hogan, Erin O'Toole, Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May) The Liberal Green Party (10%): The LGP is not truly leftist by any global definition. It is more liberal than the Moderates and less classically so. It is the farthest left party among the major 4. It is largely in favor of Social Democracy but, as the name suggests, largely also exists to pull the national conversation towards environmentalism, resulted in greener politics from the 3 other parties (The Conservatives often being the hold out). They largely exist as opposition in Parliament to debate from a "Devil's Advocate" point of view the bills debated by the Conservatives, Libertarians, and Moderates. (Barack Obama, Ed Milliband, Mark Warner, Joe Biden [Present Day], Pete Buttigieg)
  6. To be clear, the Trump camp did expect to lose. Trump was in disbelief when he won.
  7. There are quite a few articles circulating over the past week as well as an undercurrent on political analyst twitter. To give some context, I'm not saying this "will" happen. But it's being repeated enough to the point where someone has to be peddling this narrative. I would be shocked if it did happen, so take that for what you will. I just think the fact that his heart isn't in the race after his failed rally is a good discussion point. Also Biden is clearly more fit to be President than Trump. Mentally and Physically. This is so silly. Not only is Trump a terrible debater and a present-day racist with authoritarian tendencies skewed against the black community, Biden is going to tear through him. Those who think Trump is the picture of mental capability clearly aren't reading the room and even though Biden certainly stutters, produces Bidenisms, and can be overly folksy, I trust him to understand logic and reality a lot more than Trump who has sad some of the most batshit stuff ever uttered by a President.
  8. Well he has actually admitted he is losing. That's the genesis of this post. Lots of GOP strategisrs are really concerned about his state of mind and willingness to carry on. I've taken to calling him Depression Donnie for this.
  9. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/27/lincoln-project-trolling-trump-sway-voters-341928
  10. We know that Trump's fragile ego and pysche have been badly battered to the point of him admitting that he is losing. But now some Republican strategists are saying his heart is so removed from the race he may not even want to continue. I would be shocked if it happened but it's getting a certain amount of traction in political spheres that someone has to be peddling the narrative. Especially after his meltdown last night and after his failed Tulsa rally. What are your thoughts on the President's state of mind as he trails Biden by an incredible 10 points nationally.
  11. @vcczar We did it! Bunker baby went on a full on rampage temper tantrum about the Lincoln Project last night on twitter shortly after an LP ad played on, you guessed it, Fox News. Trump literally fell right into the trap of the LP founder whose goal was to target them on Fox News at night so Trump would see them (particularly about how his weakness is making America weaker) and start crying on his favorite platform. Almost too easy.
  12. Because you see Big Business like we see Big Government.
  13. Yeah it would take giving like all of fairfax county to DC to make Virginia red again. Sometimes my party never ceases to disappoint me. That is more and more common these days. I do support reunification as I've said though.
  14. I definetly think it requires a constitutional Amendment. The most prudent thing to do here is what I suggested in the other thread and shrink the distrinct to just include the seat of the 3 federal branches. The rest can exist in Maryland.
  15. @vcczar As a fan of Reagan this one got me and this was just masterful
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