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  1. Reagan04

    What is your political affiliation?

    SCOTUS upholding this would HIGHLY surprise me. You've automatically got the RBG, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan block. Then all you need is any of the other 5 Justices, of whom I can see all 5 voting to strike it down. I see the most likely out come to be a 9-0 ruling that it's unconstitutional.
  2. Reagan04

    What is your political affiliation?

    It will NOT be upheld by the Supreme Court. However, it would not surprise me if he ignores the Supreme Court like several of the examples listed have. A la Jackson and Lincoln.
  3. Reagan04

    What is your political affiliation?

    That is to what I was alluding to above. This is most likely going to be the straw the breaks the back of the proverbial camel as this will go down as one of the most unconstitutional and anti-republican things done by an American President in history. This is up there with Lincoln and Habeas Corpus, FDR and Japanese Internment, and yes, Bush's Patriot Act. What this essentially does is usurp the power of the purse unto the executive, declawing Congress entirely in the process such that the power of the sword and purse lay entirely with the executive. What the precedent does is destroy separation of powers and ergo destroy checks and balances as an indirect effect.
  4. Reagan04

    What is your political affiliation?

    How patronizing, yes, of course I have. And yes I know it to be one of the worst affronts to the 4th amendment but you do know that the Constitution has other sections and parts too right?
  5. Reagan04

    "Swing" States

  6. Reagan04

    What is your political affiliation?

    He has been far worse for the Constitution than Bush. Most recently see his unilateral usurpation of the power of the purse from the legislative branch to the executive branch.
  7. Reagan04

    Better Party Support Poll

    All 3 Presidents mentioned are inordinately constitutionally errant. I was forced to pick the shiniest of 3 turds. But of them all, I do not ascribe the same evil to President Bush as you and never will, so it's best we not have this conversation as I don't view him as a war criminal or anything of the sort.
  8. Reagan04

    Better Party Support Poll

    That last one is a real dogfight between some stinkers. But I'd say Bush barely edges out Obama with Trump taking far behind those two.
  9. Reagan04

    Let's talk about Super Delegates

    Just going to leave this here my friend 😛 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxSPO4V7FYI
  10. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    This is hotly debated at the Joint Session of the Conservative Legislative Caucus with many Moderate leaders coming out in favor of the bill. However, the Moderates soon realize that 1970 was not a good year for them as many of their ranks were primaried out by more Conservative members. Namely those of the Christian faction that immediately oppose the bill on its face value merits and ultimately the Constitutionalists who view this as a state and local issue, many taking the stand that if local school districts want to uphold the values that they always have, then they should have the right to do so. In a stunning defeat for the Moderates, the bill is voted against to the tune of 70% of present members of the Legislative Policy Commitee and it becomes clear that the activist base has taken over. Leaders such as House Minority Leader Phyllis Slater and newly minted California Senator Beverley LaHaye celebrate the strong stand taken against the bill and conservatives are sure to fight its passage and Southern, Western, and Midwestern activists are already on the ground attacking the bill. Soon Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern suburban Conservatives are signing their party's tune as well.
  11. Reagan04

    Should Ilhan Omar have apologized?

    She as every right to make an ass and a disgrace of herself, but as a politician I would hope that she apologizes for doing so. Of course public servants can say whatever they wish (As long as it isn't classified of course), but that doesn't forgive them of the higher standard to which they should be held.
  12. Reagan04

    A Principled Republican Congressman Passes Away

    I've been watching him for some time, he actually passed on his birthday, he lived to be exactly 76. He also sustained many a primary challenge in his career. North Carolina doesn't have a run off rule in primary elections, but if they did he likely would have lost his primary. He got only 43% of the vote while two Tea Party challengers got 29% and 28% respectively. Its quite likely that he would have lost the runoff to either of these activists.
  13. Reagan04

    Why aren’t Democrats hoping Schultz runs?

    They're not flipping anybody in Florida. I suppose Mario Diaz-Balart (R, FL-25) might flip, but I view that as highly unlikely that we do see this House elect a Democrat.
  14. Reagan04

    2020 Board Game Idea

    The Mechanical thing that caused the landslide was probably the debates. Winning the two debates and having the third one tie gave Cruz OP momentum and I would consider nerfing the effects of debates. Also, Cruz had a stronger starting ticket (See: Biden's anemic performance among Progressives that was exacerbated by not having strong Progressive surrogates). Ultimately though, the 2nd and VP Debates killed Biden. Biden really carried the day among Blacks and Liberals, but after the two debates, his 5s among Libera;s dropped down to 3s and that was goodnight for a landslide. The support was never there among Progressives and the Debates made Hispanic and Millennial turnout collapse. Again, biggest take away is that a nationwide drop of 1 point in 3 groups across a span of 4 debates can be devastating and really the rolls of only a few dice (In the 2nd and VP debates) are what determined that this would be a landslide. Cruz also had better surrogates for his problem spots and better base support among groups that particularly mattered.
  15. Reagan04

    2020 Board Game Idea

    Election Night!! Nevada Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 6 Electoral Votes Cruz 9 2 11 52.38% Biden 6 4 10 47.62% Colorado Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 9 Electoral Votes Cruz 10 1 11 65.71% Biden 5 1 6 34.29% Virginia Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 13 Electoral Votes Cruz 10 6 16 53.33% Biden 10 4 14 46.67% Maine Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 2 Electoral Votes Cruz 5 5 10 52.63% Biden 5 4 9 47.37% Georgia Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 16 Electoral Cruz 13 2 15 51.73% Biden 8 6 14 48.27% Ohio Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 18 Electoral Votes Cruz 15 6 21 75.00% Biden 6 1 7 25.00% ME-2 Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 1 Electoral Vote Cruz 11 3 14 82.35% Biden 2 1 3 17.65% North Carolina Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 15 Electoral Votes Cruz 15 4 19 59.37% Biden 8 5 13 40.63% Michigan Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 16 Electoral Votes Cruz 10 2 12 60.00% Biden 4 4 8 40.00% Florida Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 29 Electoral Votes Cruz 10 5 15 51.72% Biden 9 5 14 48.28% Minnesota Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 10 Electoral Votes Cruz 9 6 15 57.69% Biden 6 5 11 42.31% New Hampshire Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 4 Electoral Votes Biden 6 6 12 54.54% Cruz 8 2 10 45.46% Arizona Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 11 Electoral Votes Cruz 13 2 15 66.67% Biden 5 4 9 33.33% Texas Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 38 Electoral Votes Cruz 15 1 16 53.33% Biden 8 6 14 46.67% Iowa Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 6 Electoral Votes Cruz 15 6 21 80.77% Biden 4 1 5 19.23% NE-2 Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 1 Electoral Vote Cruz 14 1 15 65.22% Biden 4 4 8 34.78% Pennsylvania Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 20 Electoral Votes Cruz 9 5 14 66.67% Biden 4 3 7 33.33% Wisconsin Campaign Points Dice Roll Total 10 Electoral Votes Cruz 10 3 13 65.00% Biden 5 2 7 35.00% Sen. TED CRUZ (R-TX) ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 346-192