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  1. 1988 Roleplay

    Rep. Vin Weber campaigns with Robertson in Small Towns across Southwest Minnesota (Free Event) Pat is the man for the job, he is the man for the rural voters out here in this part of the state that I have represented for years, that I can tell you! And ya know what another thing is, Pat is the one candidate the only one, fighting for the common man, for the Grassroots. Pat has given his life to service, Pat understand the struggle of the farmer in Modern America. And the reason I lent my support to him and the reason I stand before you today in support of him, is to beg you, please, vote Pat, vote Pat because that is a vote for a safe and strong future for the devout and for the hardworking, the two most important words when I think of my constituents.God Bless you all! Robertson ends on his Full Grassley with Sen. Grassley in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Council Bluffs, Mason City, and Fort Dodge (6 turns, this is probably a lot of exposure in Iowa) Hello Iowa! Great to be with you again and let me tell you what a time I have had with your Senator traveling around this state, meeting all the great people we have. There were two common things I learned, and they both go back to your friendly neighborhood big government in DC, how about that! The biggest complaints were two-fold, a) Government is taxing, spending, and regulating too much, and b ) Government is making a concerted effort to strip our traditions away from us, they take our guns, our rights, our culture. It is time that we as a grassroots unite, unite behind me, unite behind Senator Grassley around all our Christian Grassroots leaders in Iowa, we need to stop this establishment madness and we need to stop in now, there is no later in this battle. DC is waging a war on the middle class, on the lower class, on all Americans, taxes are going up, values are going down and the country is going sideways. It is that which I am running to defeat, a big government that cares not for your, only your vote every 2-6 years. It is time this stops, I am here to fight for you, we need to come together! I can't stop DC on my own, together we can do anything, we can save this nation. God Bless you Iowa! Robertson runs ad on Guns in the Western South (TX, AR, LA, MS) DC has come to a point where the Constitution no longer means what is should The Constitution being tossed aside Your God-Given right to own and bear arms is now under more fire than ever before Guns being confiscated This must come to an end, and it can. You can elect Pat Robertson to restore your right to own and carry a firearm. Pat shooting a handgun Pat Robertson recognizes that no man can ever take away the right endowed by the Creator to bear arms Pat shooting a shotgun So, when it is time to vote, Remember Pat Robertson is the candidate who supports your right to hunt, stay safe, and practice American Traditions. Pat: I am Pat Robertson and I approve this message.
  2. West Wing Style RP

    @jdm06ltd So do I RP as Ryan?
  3. 1988 Roleplay

    (Sorry, VERY busy today, just a simple event, again, many apologies.) Robertson embarks on Full Grassley with Sen. Grassley, visits Davenport, Des Moines, Dubuque, Ankeny, Ames, and Sioux City (6 turns) It is great ti be back in Iowa! How about Michigan! Yeah I understand the frustration some might feel, but way back when I started this campaign I was 10+ points behind in Michigan, just a few weeks before the caucus we were 6 or so points behind, I think what this shows more than anything that the grassroots is getting its power back, the anti-establishment came within a thousand votes of the establishment favorite and is getting the same number of delegates, I think that says something about people power in the US! That says that when we out our mind to something, there is absolutely nothing that we can't accomplish with just a little grit and a whole lotta faith in Christ. That is why I am back in Iowa, to get back on the ground, to embark with my friend Senator Grassley on his patented 99 county tour of the state which we both love. It is time we come together Iowa, we can win this, the people can beat DC, it just takes a lotta work. We don't have the millions of dollars in Wall Street donations, but we have the millions of supporters and volunteers organizing this stunning campaign from the ground up! I am truly thankful for that! Look for a lot more of me here in Iowa, and around in some neighboring farm states, it is about time that the grassroots be unified, I am darn proud to be the one to bring us all together, because together we can do anything! God Bless you! Robertson runs Marriage ad in Alabama and South Carolina In America, the common good Christian folk don't want their marriages to be attacked by the homosexual agenda, but DC isn't run by the good Christian folks of this nation Gay Flag waving superimposed over stormy Capitol Building DC is run by the Godless elites who wish to end all sense of morality and decency left remaining in this nation Lewd gay protesters in streets But, there is one candidate who has made his stance the clearest above all else, Pat Robertson' Picture of Pat, wife and kids Pat stands for a Constitutional Amendment to cement the Traditional American Definition of Marriage Constitution and then a Flag Stand with Pat, stand with Marriage, oppose the Homosexual agenda, and vote for a better future for your kids, vote Pat! Pat: I am Pat Robertson and I approve this message.
  4. 1988 Roleplay

    OOC: Ok great, so what does this mean for momentum and endorsers, do Dole and I get +2 and better luck with endorsers?
  5. 1988 Roleplay

    OOC: Any hope for popular vote or counties
  6. 1988 Roleplay

    We can always do proportional for the suspense purposes, maybe proportional with a threshold of 15%, which is a very popular.method nowadays.
  7. West Wing Style RP

    Good point, 2012?
  8. West Wing Style RP

    I would love to be Vice President. Maybe 2016?
  9. Olive Branch Thread

    Haha! Thank you my friend! I really appreciate it! The same to you!
  10. 1988 Roleplay

    Robertson campaign blitzes Michigan, visits big cities with Statewide endorser Sen. Bob Griffin and smaller cities with Congressional backers Robertson campaigns in Grand Rapids and Detroit with Senator Griffin (2 turns) There is but one way I can frame this race for Michigan. It is that Pat is the man for the people. Pat is the man who is the fighter, the champion of the common folk of this great state which I have had the honor to represent in the Senate and whom I fought for with every ounce of strength in my body and I am sure Pat will do the same. Pat is the man I entrust this state too, that is why I endorsed him, he is the one man I can trust, the one man who has the best interest of Michiganders and all Americans in his heart. If I didn't believe him, I wouldn't have endorsed him for President. This is the man who will serve the people! And so, without further ado, I give you my friend and your next President Pat Robertson! Thank you Bob! I am honored by what you just said, but in my opinion, you focused a bit too much on me, my friend! This campaign isn't about me, it is about the people I am honored to represent, it is the people I vow to fight for, the people I vow to serve with every bone in my body. This election is crucial to our future, this election determines the path our country takes. I intend to take on a path where the people are in charge! That is the vision I see for America! The vision I see is one where the people tell DC what to do, not the other way around! So I now ask you all, because I can't do it alone, it help me, help me win here in Michigan, help me help you. This is the time where we must unite and rise together, rise against the establishment elites. Together we can do this, together we will defeat the oppressors and together we will forge a better America, by the people, for the people, and of the people. God Bless you! Robertson visits Midland and Lansing with Rep. Bill Schuette (2 turns) I stand before you today, not as a candidate, but as a fellow American frustrated with government. Frustrated with a government that disdain Main Streets, taxes them down the river and gives it all to Wall Street. Representative Schuette is one such man that stands with me, stands with you against the DC establishment. I stand here ecstatic that I may claim the mantle of the people. I am exuberant in my love of the people of Michigan, of America. I ask for your vote so that I can turn DC around. I ask for your vote, not to put me in power, but to put you in power. That is what this campaign is about. I stand here as a Minister, a Servant of God, a servant who is now called to serve you, the people! I take that call with great honor and sobriety, now is the time for action against a latent Washington content with sitting on and squeezing the Lower and Middle Class. Enough is enough! They take away your money, your culture, your constitutional rights, and I will not stand for it! It is time we take it back for the grassroots. With your vote, together we can and will take it back! God Bless you all and may God Bless the Great State of Michigan. Robertson campaigns for support in Traverse City and Muskegon with Rep. Guy Vander Jagt (2 turns) You know, when Congressman Vanger Jagt came to endorse me, I was deeply honored, the reason is, he is a man that has served in DC for years, but stayed true to the people who is sworn to fight for. That is something I truly admire in a man! This is a man of the people who has resisted the lobbying and political correctness of DC and said NO! I will not give in, I will not give up my constituents. That is the kind of President I want to be. I want to be able to come out in, let's hope 1997 chuckles and say "I did what was right and I did my darnedest to serve the people". That is why it is important to visit the smaller towns like here, not just stop in the urban areas for a few hours and crossover flyover country. To me, absolutely nothing is flyover country, all of America matters. Rep. Vander Jagt understands that and so to answer that original statement, I am honored to have his support, because he has proven he has the support of the people of Michigan. I hope to gain that support, I hope to stand before you and be your warrior for a better government, of, by, and for the people. God Bless you All! Robertson campaign released final ad in Michigan Michigan, election day has come and the choices you face are serious, the choice lies between more government power or less, traditional values, or a ripping out of the American spirit. There is a dark tide in DC Menacing picture of Capitol, then a piece of paper that has "Foreclosure Notice" written in red There is one man that wants to stop the control that DC has over the American people, that man is Pat Robertson Picture of Pat and Sen. Griffing Pat has been endorsed by nearly all of Michigan's elected representatives, men who fight for you, who hear your voice and say "This is what Pat fights for" Picture of Pat and the Congressional delegation smiling with a crowd of supports Pat stands with Farmers and Factory workers, for Teachers and Preachers Pat with an Upper Peninsula Farmer and Detroit Worker So when election Day roles around, vote for a Responsible DC, a DC of, for, and by, the people Camera switches to Griffin and Robertson Congressional Endorsers flanked by Factory Workers Crowd: Vote Pat! Pat: I am Pat Robertson and I approve this message!
  11. 1988 Roleplay

    OOC: I will respond and catch up accordingly then
  12. 1988 Roleplay

    OOC: This is 6 events, I hast been bamboozled.
  13. Co-DM sign-up

    Republican Yes, I have been an active member of every single RP this forum has ever had, (1970s Senate, 2016, 2000, and 1988) I am active and I have a vast knowledge of historical context useful for judging events, endorsers, and polls. I listen to both sides, judge them according to their reason and context but remind them at the end of the day all this is is a lighthearted historical reenactment. Absolutely! Depending on the circumstances of the next RP I might not join. 100% This is my biggest strength. I am online MUCH more than this, an aggregate of 8 hours a day give or take a few where I can be active.
  14. 1988 Roleplay

    Robertson campaigns in Marquette with Bob Davis, Ann Arbor with Carl Pursell, and Lansing with Bill Schuette (3 turns) Well Michigan, the election is just around the corner, and I hope I have earned your vote, but if I haven't let me get back to basics about what this campaign is about, what it stands for, and what it means. First and Foremost, this campaign is not about me, it is about you, the people who wish to send me to represent their interests in DC! I am honored to be their champion. I am honored to be the man for the lower, middle, and upper class, all who have been ripped off by the top elites in DC! We all are being crushed by taxes, we all are being told our values are wrong and antiquated, we all are being told to just give up and accept that government is your master. Well guess what? Government is NOT your master! That is what I am running for, to make the people the master of government! I am running because we need someone to come at DC with an outsider perspective, someone who isn't a career politician, we need an American who is ready to serve. I take that mantle proudly! I am called to serve the people just as I was called to serve God all those years ago. I am running for you! I am running to protect our values by fighting Homosexuality and Abortion, I am fighting for your pocketbooks by cutting taxes and regulations, and I am fighting for your rights by protecting guns and the right to speak your mind without the politically correct world descending upon you. I run, for you, my friends. Your Congressman and I have worked together and let me tell you, he is another great servant of the people, he has served you as well as any other and I am proud to have his support. God Bless you all! Let's kick the establishment out of DC shall we!? Robertson campaigns in Cedar Rapids with Tom Tauke and Davenport with Jim Leach (2 turns) Great to be back in Iowa folks! Even better to be back with you and your Congressman, all of whom are ready to put the people back in power in DC! I am here to talk about one of the ways we do that, guns. In this nation we have a problem, it isn't that we have too many guns like some would have you believe, it is rather the opposite, the government wants to take away your God Given right to bear arms. Now, as I am sure you know and as your Congressman knows, that is diametrically opposed to the message of the Robertson campaign. Our message is that the people should ALWAYS be put first! And that means preserving their rights, and that means that upon the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. It is about time we get a candidate, a politician who respects the rights of the people who elect him, eh? I think so too! Well if you join me we can make this a reality. That is the great thing about this being a grassroots campaign, the limits are boundless, there are no limits at all, to what we can accomplish when we come together because this campaign is solely driven by the people. So join with me and defend your rights, before you can't. God Bless you Iowa! Robertson runs anti-establishment ad in Michigan; appeals to Middle-to-Lower class A storm has hit Michigan, that storm, is the Federal Government Thick Packet that says, Tax Bill, in red slams on a table This year, more Americans are paying more taxes and more are out of work than ever before. Picture of deserted factory and overworked, exhausted workers There is one man in the race who wants to stop this madness Picture of Pat Robertson with Michigan Congressional Endorsers Pat Robertson! Pat is the man who wants to take back DC from the clutches of Wall Street Sign that says Wall Street Pat wants to put the People in Power, Pat is the candidate, of, for, and by, the people, and he needs your help to get elected Pat in a factory pointing next to longtime wildly popular Congressman Guy Vander Jagt So remember, vote on January 14th, and when you do Camera switches to Pat Robertson flanked by factory workers in a factory Crowd: VOTE PAT! Pat: I am Pat Robertson and I prove this message.