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  1. @ActinguyI'll be voting against the Compromise Tariff
  2. Not if you support it as you originally promised to do.
  3. My guy, for the third time, we have the Budget Committee bill to propose.
  4. We still have our proposal which passed from Budget.
  5. The Traditionalists can find common ground on this, we shall vote to end America's role as a seller of slaves on the gravest international market.
  6. @Actinguy I make Sen. Issac Tichenor (F-VT) Ranking Member on Judiciary and Sen. John Rutherfurd (F-NJ) Ranking Member on Public Works. The rest remains the same. Also, can we ban the importation of slaves? It'snot yet 1800 and I'm not aware of us banning the export yet which is a prereq.
  7. Correct, you could make a lot of the same similarity statements about Biden and Bernie but they have similar dissimilarities with each other as Warren and hillary do
  8. I very much wonder if he has, I just don't think it's relevant anymore so he hasn't been asked to answer that question.
  9. Why is this the single-issue for you? He's obviously not going to try to abolish it I really find it hard to understand being a single-issue voter on Gay Marriage in 2019.
  10. @Actinguy Commodore Osgood would be honored.
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