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  1. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    It does. Give the order.
  2. Reagan04

    2020 Candidate Charisma

    I think we are defining Charisma differently, Charisma has generally been said to mean the ability to attract fiery supporters through oration and a marked ability to stir those supporters up. Trump undoubtedly has this. This isn't about breadth of support as much as it is depth of support.
  3. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    President Cruz mourns with the nation and eulogizes the President at her funeral He later gets back to fulfilling her agenda by first ordering a Full-scale investigation be conducted by the Federal Law Enforcement Office to see if it was foreign agitators or simply domestic scum. The President weeps with the nation as a great hero has been lost. We'd like our European Allies to provide as much aid as they can in defending the European Ottoman territory. This will be done while we commit large scale deployments across the globe, especially into Europe. Quite frankly, we're going to need everything here. We are going to need to utilize planes and tanks and many other new technological innovations if we hope to win. Compounding on this hope would be the use of trenches and towers that saved us in Japan. Inform the general to order our garrisons to begin to dig in and deploy heavy artillery and other aircraft and groundcraft in preparation for the assault. These lines will line the Russian border as well as fortify our Australian and Japanese allies. This is good news, Trade is a crucial part of making it through this period in time This is greatly worrying and frustrating. Rest assured, this will only make the Japanese and Australian fronts even stronger as our soldiers can now be concentrated into those two jurisdictions. Again, the build up of the pacific front, particularly from a naval perspective, is crucial. We had hoped that squabbles could be put aside. I want to make this message to the alliance very clear, our enemy is not each other, no matter what may have happened decades and centuries ago, we are all now allies in face of the real and present Russo-Chinese tyrannical threat. If we can't work together then we will fall together. The US can only do so much and we are expending every little bit of resources we can to win this war, we are running at max capacity to help Germany and Sweden, but nations like Spain, France, and Britain will have to as well. Good, this is great news in the fortification of the Russian border, continue to embolden this with American forces. Good, we must stop Russia from taking more territory in the Balkan peninsula. Serbia and the Turks have our full backing. We'd also like to springboard this will discussions with nations like Egypt about a Chinese defense pact in order to thwart a Chinese blitz of Northern Africa and a Southern invasion of Europe.
  4. Reagan04

    Game idea

    I got hit with a surprise camping trip this week, you will have the GOP by the end of tomorrow. So sorry for the delay!
  5. Reagan04

    Game idea

    Yeah just let me know who you need and I can fill it in with the template.
  6. Reagan04

    Game idea

    I'd be willing to assist!
  7. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    Racial issues are to the left while Social Issues are to the right.
  8. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    We encourage President Ellis to read the law before she speaks on it as she obviously hasn't as no where in the bill does it require all government buildings to do anything. It only requires changes of the Capitol Building. Furthermore, all states are free to do whatever they want, if the Liberals wish to ignore the cultural desires of the people, that is entirely their right to do so. We leave this issue alone as we know that the people support God and America's place as a Christian Nation. The Alliance will be chaired in D.C. with meetings around the world in other capitals. The United States will be the primary leader as the largest power and will lead discussion while the other 7 nations will of course provide their own input on the strategy to combat Russia and China. We propose that an "iron curtain" descend like a defense line along the Euro-Russian barrier. Major support will go to Romania, Austria, and Germany. We want to focus on lining this border with bases and defensive fortifications. We also want to collaborate on military technology which the powers absolutely need to share. Japan, Australia, and Indonesia will do much the same navally for the Chinese. This grand and Global alliance is hereby commissioned and the US is interested in what the delegates want. We obviously want a trade deal, particularly arms deals between our nations perhaps with special conditions for Sweden in order to sweeten the pot. At this point, we have let Russia and China expand for too long, the next move they make is when we must move in. The USA drafts a resolution that should any League of Nations member be attacked by Russia or China, the G8 will respond in kind by declaring war on one of the two powers. It is now or never folks and we have to stand up for our allies or else there will be no one left. Romania was the last straw here, it doesn't look like Russia is stopping, it's time to mobilize and be ready for their next move. The American delegation stresses this to the G8, it's time to make our move.
  9. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    The first thing I do is get on the line with the Governors in these states. We will be holding a Western Leadership summit at the White House to address the issue, Sec. Reynolds will be working with his former Lieutenant in California, the new Governor, Dick Millard to form an attack plan. The first thing we do is use our large conservative majorities in these states to pass sweeping Hate Crime legislation that makes lynching and other hate-based crime perpetrated on basis of race and sex much more serious crime that carry serious jail time and in the case of a hate-based lynching, the death penalty for the leaders of these malicious incidences. The Federal Law Enforcement Office is hereby ordered to issue Law Enforcement grants to states which follow suit and which tighten their grasp on YYY leaders. Federally, our investigators will focus on outing the leaders of the YYY on the West Coast and bringing them to heel to pay for their crimes. We propose that the YYY be labeled a dangerous "radical terrorist organization" and that its activities be closely monitored. If its leaders are found to be moving across state lines to coordinate these meetings then they will swiftly face federal charges for incitement. We will not stand for racism and bigotry in this nation. We are proud that California has appointed the nation's first Asian-American Attorney General in the Conservative Firebrand Jim Ho and we expect General Ho to enforce these laws with great scrutiny. I will make my own personal address and appearance making an concerted appeal to the region and the nation to reject racism and stand for racial equality and call for equality as Children of God. This can mean only one thing, China will be launching attacks into Southeast Asia and Japan. The United States is going to have to step up to the challenge in this part of the world. We are going to need to work with our Japanese, Indonesian, and Australian allies in order to stop the Naval domination of China. Therefore, I will call the aforementioned nation's into an Alliance to be named "The Pacific Four" (depending on how many entries we get, but we want to get at least those 3) which will be associated with the G8 and therefore the League of Nations but will not be an official branch of the aforementioned organizations. Other nation's with Pacific Coasts like Canada and Mexico will be encouraged to join and to lend Naval supplies to the fight against China. This alliance will work with greater trade ties and will patrol the Pacific Ocean for Chinese aggression and other Anti-Freedom and Anti-League forces. This act is the kindling which we need to call into order the creation of the G8. Inviting the nations of Germany, France, Great Britain, Mexico, Austria, Sweden, Spain, with Honorary Membership offered to Canada and Japan, we propose this Global super-alliance in the defense of Freedom and against Chinese and Russian Aggression around the world. We have seen how Russia and China treat other nations as their playthings, the G8 are all officially invited to D.C. to have our first meeting in the White House. We understand Sweden remains undecided, we therefore offer trading ties and hefty language about how Russia would rather see Europe under their own boots then ever even consider allowing another great power to survive and threaten there dominance. With Swedish backing, the G8 will reach extreme heights regarding combating of Russia. We'd even be interested in hosting the Prime Minister of Sweden early in order to schmooze them into staying for the First G8 conference. Once the nation's get here, we ask them for their thoughts on strategic plans, we expect the United Kingdom and Germany to lead the discussion in terms of Russian influence. After that is devised, we shall turn to China. (I assume this event will turn into a big negotiation at this conference, which is why I'm not putting out any detailed strategy yet, because in my roleplay mind, the conference has not started yet, so I will do that then). Now that we have whipped the DoD into shape, we expect this to pick back up again. We would like to double down on this base, we also offer support for Sweden against possible invasion routes in Russian Finland. We want to shore up support along the Austrian and Romanian borders as well with Russia. The G8 needs to function together as a defense collective in order to knock the Russian bear from their position at the top. I will therefore make foreign bases a top priority of mine. We'd also like to invest in some with the Pacific Four (Six?) if that is at all possible in order to knock off China. We are glad to hear of this, the new Secretary of Defense, Lt. Gen. Conrad LeDay (Ret.) is a famed Conservative Bulldog General from World War I back 30 years ago. He demands efficiency and runs an immaculate ship, if tough at times, he sure as hell commands respect and we are proud to have him on the team. Two things we'd like the department to begin working on would be the possible attachment of nuclear bomb warheads to these "rockets" as well as the introduction of Jet plane technology onto American bombers. These seem to be the next major steps in updating our armed forces. We also want large Battleships to be available to us. Perhaps a continuation of the idea of an underwater, stealth ship? This is exactly why we have our new Pacific Alliance, put them to work in conjunction with our Naval, led by Adm. Lester Lemsticks of hunting and destroying these pirates and protecting our Trans-Pacific Trade and keeping the relations between our cross-ocean allies positive and working off of solid trade. We know the Chinese are up to this and it's time to stop playing around and give them the message that we will not be intimidated and our trade will not be accosted in any way. We will reintroduce the Housing Act which I wrote all the way back in 1935 that predicted Housing Crises like these to arise in the future. This act, the Stable and Accessible Housing Act of 1953 (SAHA) was ignored and killed by the Liberals and Socialists who refused to allow Free Market deregulation to save our Housing Market. This bill will bolster the Housing Market by temporarily cutting taxes on its companies, deregulating its resource providers, and providing tax breaks to companies which will be serving those that are homeless. We seek to deregulate the materials needed for housing for a temporary period of time as well as make construction permits easier. We need to focus on the creation of small family homes in order to girder the American Dream for all Americans. The first thing I'd like to do is propose a unifying measure that will boost national morale. The National America Values Act of 1953 (NAVA) is proposed to make the official motto of the United States "In God We Trust" and to add the words "One Nation, Under God" into the Pledge of Alleigance. It will also call for a Congressional Chaplain and support the erection of the 10 Commandments in Courthouses and government buildings across the nation. Our new motto as well as the Commandments are to be etched into the wall behind the Chair of the Speaker in the Joint Session Chamber of Congress. We know the vast majority of Americans support this reform as a reminder that we are fighting evil in this world, an evil which rejects God and subjugates his children, we are the Shining City on a Hill, a City of God, which seeks to combat and destroy that evil from this planet. Right before the bill is voted upon, I wish to address the nation with this message, reminding the American people that we are a people of God and that we will always endure whatever comes our way if we keep in this tradition and name. We must restore national morale, and I think a President communicating with her people on shared values is a perfect way to do it. Now that we have the White House, and that economic Libertarians have a convincing majority in Congress. We for the umpteenth and hopefully final time, propose the Economic Freedom Act of 1954 (EFA), which would once and for all denationalize the shipping industry. We are fighting large government tyrannies across the globe, we cannot allow ourselves to keep in their policies any longer. This new jolt of life into our economy should be a boon for the new trade deals which I wish to cut with all of our new allies as well as a newly emboldened Domestic Economy. This is a major piece of jump-starting our economy into the raging inferno it must be to put us on top. And finally, I would like to push forward a moderately conservative immigration bill named the Immigration Reform Act of 1954 (IRA) which would slightly tighten quotas on immigration and focus on most immigrants coming from our European Allies in order to better ties. We'll be making the test more rigorous to encourage trained workers since untrained American workers struggle to find jobs. There will be no other litmus tests, only a temporary and moderate measure meant to enforce a policy that is proven to work in times of economic lulls. This should expire once the economy is back on its feet and we can afford to begin to take all the immigrants we can back in.
  10. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    Former Vice President Carly Trebuano announces final bid for President in 1952 U.S. Representative 1917-1925, U.S. Senator 1925-1937, U.S. Vice President 1937-1941 60 White Woman Conservative Michigan Sen. Dan Cruz (C-FL) The Conservatives repeated Leadership on many issues that have united the American people and solved conflicts while Liberal Presidents failed to get anything done National Strength: This has become a major issue for the nation and it is now clear that the Liberal ineffectiveness to boost us into status as a superpower cost us greatly in the realm of National Security. We are flanked by Russia and China on this list and we can't afford to be weak. Therefore, I propose the creation of the "Great 8" or G8 if you will, to counter this Axis of Evil in the East. This alliance shall consist of the United States, Germany, France, Great Britain, Mexico, Austria, Sweden, and Spain. Should one of these nations refuse, we will try our damnedest to make sure they do not, then we could begin to invite other allies such as Japan.The G8 would be the governing body that would oversee the Defense wing of League of Nations operations and would greatly increase our efficacy in geopolitics by forming a credible defense and deterrent against an Imperial Alliance spanning nearly all of Asia. It is time we took power and control away from a party without ideas and put strong and stable leadership in charge of this nation in order to better secure our position as a leader in this world. Military Strength: Once again this President and her Party has failed to bring a strong and stable Defense Department! It is now categorically proven that the Conservatives are the best on Foreign Policy for the mere fact of our eminent competence in managing the defense forces of this nation. I will build the bases that the President couldn't and I will make sure that the Defense Department gets back on track, something that Liberal Leaders have been failing to do for over a decade. We must embolden our forces and adopt "Peace Through Strength" as our motto. The G8 should work to rival and surpass the Imperial Axis in order to keep them from any further expansion. Foreign Affairs: This is a major focus this campaign as the people are now worried greatly about Foreign Affairs and the Liberal Party has proven their inability to manage our defense. Our people are scared, and rightly so with the Liberals at the helm. We reiterate our call for the G8, with possible “undercard” nations like Japan and Canada also joining along. It’s important we establish this to make the Great 8 the leaders of the Defense initiative of the Global alliance led by the United States erected to stop the Imperial Axis. My Secretary of State pick, current Governor of California, Ron Reynolds will be working relentlessly to this end. Military: The bases need to be maintained and expanded upon. Building up forces in Japan and Germany has become a necessity at this point and those that wouldn’t do so are playing a dangerous and foolish gambit with American Security. Economy: Is the Shipping Industry really still nationalized? I mean, come on now! Even if you disagree with me in other areas, I urge Liberal Libertarians to vote with me this one election to put me in the White House so we can get this key policy position accomplished on DAY ONE. It’s time we stood up to the Socialism of the, well, Socialists and the Socialism-lite of a Liberal Party which refuses to let a crucial aspect of our economy be run by the Free Market. Liberal obstruction on this issue ends Day 1 if Conservatives and Libertarians unite around a Trebuano/Cruz in ‘52 ticket. Trade: Once we accomplish this denationalization, I propose a “wide-net” trade policy in which the G8 and hopefully the League of Nation in its entirety will open up to each other on the grounds of Free Trade. As well as this, I’d like arms trade deals exclusive to the G8 between us and the other 7 powers involved as a safeguard against the Imperial Axis. We can use Trade as a weapon of defense in more than just one way here folks, it isn’t just about maintaining sanctions, and this is something the Liberal Leadership has sorely missed. Budget: My position remains unchanged, the budget is a non-partisan issue and I support its continued surplus. I will look into corresponding spending cuts and reallocation into military ventures however in order to keep this surplus as we head into High-Defense mode. Social Harmony: I hope to use this unity to get voters behind a candidate for not only Libertarians who want a Free Market and Conservatives who are tired of seeing Washington disregard their values, but also Americans who want to be safe and now see that even though Liberals market themselves as Defense Conservatives, they simply are not, and cannot defend us from the threats we stand to face in the years ahead. Immigration: The radio silence from the Liberals on this issue has been deafening. I am the daughter of an immigrant, and my Dad came from Italy to flee Socialism and work in an American factory to better our Free Market Capitalism. But we have to recognize that we need to be more selective with immigrants in this economy. This is broad consensus and we need better standards for entry. I am not calling for anything radical or glaring, simply mild reform to underpin the road to reigniting economic growth. Mood: We understand the people are scared. And we are prepared to quench their fear. We will do what the Liberals could not and assuage these fears of the people by sending a strong message that real Leadership has come to Washington, there are now experienced Leaders in charge. We must take the use we can of this, people are fearful and through fear we must breed hope. Party: The national ticket will campaign on national issues, Governor Reynolds will maximize gains in the California Congressional delegation of 30 people. We want our local candidates to campaign on more Domestic Issues while Foreign Policy is channeled by Trebuano/Cruz. Our local candidates will constantly implore values to generate socially conservative base turnout as well as tout economics to appeal to Libertarians. Our coalition this election will be built on an energized Socially Conservative base angered by this President’s statements, Libertarians disaffected with Liberal and Socialist Economics, as well as the crossover voters of people who may not be either of these things, they may not be Conservative, but they are scared and they know they need Real Leadership to keep them safe, Vice President Trebuano is that leader for them. Incumbent: We attack her management of Defense as well as statements on Social Issues, beyond that we stick to what Conservatives can offer.
  11. Reagan04

    Quebec 2018

    @Sami No doubt due to his loss in Rosemont as well as the PQ's fall to only 9 seats meaning they are no longer considered a major party in Quebec. In other news, Solidarity clinched 10 making them a major party.
  12. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    Former President Theodore "Ted" Hillsbury found dead in his Indianapolis home July 23rd, 1954 at age 90.
  13. Reagan04

    New Historical President RP

    The Conservatives are united with the Liberals as we have often been on the topics of Foreign Policy and will support all these goals. The President's concerns are noble but we had wishes for a larger commitment and more forceful action from the White House. We are delighted to see more investment in the military The Conservatives once again extend the olive branch to the Libertarians as it is now clear that the Liberal party is no home for them and the Conservatives are a much better place to pursue their policy goals, particularly on the economy. Conservative leaders, especially the devout Former Vice President as well as Florida Senator, excoriate the Presidents stance saying that it is out of touch with real Americans and that that positions is only found in high academia and not the halls of Middle America. The Conservatives reinforce their Creationist position and continue to use their state parties to back that and remind voters vigorously of where each party stands on the issue. While this is not a Federal issue, the Conservative Governor of California, Merle Dorren, has been contacted by Conservative Leadership and told that that the official party position is to crack down on education discrimination in the way of zoning. He has officially made a statement supporting legislation to do so.
  14. Reagan04

    Moving Forward

    If I had a dime....
  15. Reagan04

    What Would be Your Platform If You Ran for President

    Well, uh, no, hence the trolling aspect.