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  1. lok1999

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    Bustos should, but Pelosi will, unfortunately.
  2. lok1999

    Out of Memory error

    I have like 20 GB of memory in my PC, it shouldn't happen haha :P
  3. lok1999

    Out of Memory error

    I'm confused, I've never had this error before.
  4. lok1999

    Deluxe Midterm Edition

    The spreadsheet is a bit glitchy for me, it keeps adding zeros to some numbers and ignoring some decimals. Say I want to type in 53.7%, it'll put in 5370.0% instead
  5. lok1999

    Victoria, Australia - 2018

    You are right. I don't expect them to poll well at all in any seats in inner Melbourne.
  6. lok1999

    Victoria, Australia - 2018

    They didn't have any candidates in Inner Melbourne in 2014, and I don't expect that to change this year.
  7. lok1999

    Victoria, Australia - 2018

    We won't know the full party list until early November, when nominations close, but I will be including all major parties and probably a few of the bigger minors, as well as the major independent candidates as separate.
  8. lok1999

    Victoria, Australia - 2018

    Being a Victorian myself, and the feeling that there is a lack of Australian scenarios (Thanks lack of Preferential voting...Please hurry up with that), I thought that I'd make up a scenario for the upcoming State election, being held on November 24th. So far, all I've got done is the map and the usability of the regions on the map. I am currently working on the population and voter data of the districts themselves, and the images for each of the parties, their leaders, and independent candidates. This will be a work in progress over the entirety of the year, as we are so far out, we know very little of who is running, except in my own district, which currently already has 3 candidates (incumbent Independent, the Liberal party, and the National Party).
  9. lok1999

    Australian state maps

    So I finally learned how to make maps that actually work for the 270 soft games, so I decided to make up maps for Australia. This'll be added on to as they're made. Victoria.bmp
  10. lok1999

    Daily news bug

  11. lok1999

    Daily news bug

    What's going on here?
  12. lok1999

    Can you draw a Congressional map?

    I'll certainly give it a crack. EDIT: I've made a much cleaner, and fairer Maryland map. There are 2 republican, and 6 democrats. I will try and make an even fairer map, as a completely fair map would give Republicans 3 seats, and I will post it when it is made. 1: 41.4-57 McCain, R+11.8 2: 81.7-17.2 Obama, D+31.3 3: 42.7-55.7 McCain, R+10.4 4: 58.3-40.1 Obama, D+10.9 5: 64.9-34.2 Obama, D+13.9 6: 56.3-42.2 Obama, D+8.3 7: 70.8-28.1 Obama, D+23.8 8: 88-11.3 Obama, D+39
  13. lok1999


    I think he means which party is the incumbent party.
  14. lok1999

    Primary problem

    Never mind, they do, it just takes months before they start to... (the first dropped on March 9)
  15. lok1999

    Primary problem

    No one is dropping out, everyone is staying in until the conventions, and it is really confusing me.