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  1. Historical Scenarios Update (November 2017)

    I have a question. Do you use 2.4.9 or Sneak Peek 2.5.8?
  2. Fictional Senate

    I just found some mistakes I've been making, so I'm gonna call this one quits, work some things out, and start a new one. If someone has an idea for anything please let me know.
  3. Fictional Senate

    By the end of the night Democrats hopes were completely dashed. They lost a total of six seats. The final results along with the closes races:
  4. Fictional Senate

    Early in the night, it became clear that democrats should not expect for a sudden turn around.
  5. Fictional Senate

    Here is the beginning of Class III. Four democratic (AL, GA, AR, OH) incumbents and three republican (NV, ID, KY) are the tossups. Halfway through, and neither side has made any net gains. Several incumbents who thought they wouldn't be running tight races are now at risk; Sen Moberley (R-WA) has gone down five points since June and his opponent is polling just 1.1% behind him. This uncertainty is plaguing both sides of the aisle across the nation. Just under a month before the election, and it appears the Republicans are starting to break away. Democrats across the nation become more and more worried as their opponents surge further ahead of them. The Republicans are looking to safely pick up five seats from the Democrats, and because of dissatisfaction with Incumbent Senator Bartash, they might even pick up a seat in the Democratic stronghold of Colorado. They only pick up Democrats expect to make is in Idaho. The day of the election, Democrats are facing an uphill battle tonight as Republicans are set to unseat as many as 7 democrats. The democrats are just hoping that the damage is small enough to possibly retain a majority or at least a good chance of getting one back in the next election. The biggest states to watch out for Colorado and Kentucky, but Indiana, Arkansas, Idaho, Connecticut, and Wisconsin could surprise us.
  6. Fictional Senate

    So here are the members of the current Senate. The number next to their name is number of terms. I put the new members after the election in bold. This is the party strength in each state P.S. does anyone else like 270ToWin color system as much as I do?
  7. Fictional Senate

    I made a map how strong each party is in each state should I add that?
  8. Fictional Senate

    Yeah I just put all the states into a list randomizer and assigned numbers to each. This is why I don't usually post these on here.
  9. Fictional Senate

  10. Fictional Senate

    So I skipped the Class I elections but here is Class II at the start of the game: Here it is at the night of the election:
  11. Fictional Senate

    I think I'm going to start doing another senate election thing. Right now I have the country pretty balanced between Democrat and Republican. Right now I'm just doing elections and adjusting the poll numbers by fives at the end of the Class III elections. The candidates are just from a big list of surnames that I made. After a few election cycles I think I might start doing leadership and party factions, but that's kind of down the road (if I continue with this). I'm also interested in doing something like setting a number of big legislation that could impact a Senator's poll numbers depending on how they voted, but I'm not exactly sure how to go about doing that. If you have an idea to make this more interesting or more realistic let me know.
  12. Congress Infinity - Poll Closing

    Thank you.
  13. Congress Infinity - Poll Closing

    Every time I try to change the poll closing times in any of he regions it immediately reverts back to 5:50. What should I do?
  14. Peacemaker playthrough

    Yeah I see where you're coming from.
  15. Peacemaker playthrough

    You should go for it