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  1. Yeah I see where you're coming from.
  2. You should go for it
  3. Is this an offer or are you also requesting one?
  4. @TheMiddlePoliticalHi was wondering if this discord was still in use, and if I could get an invite.
  5. I think a role play where everyone is playing a legislator during a legislative session rather than an election would be really cool.
  6. I thought it would be a good idea to repost this at the actual end.
  7. I made two maps comparing the fictional Senate and the actual Senate in that order. Also a final roster. I might have made errors in these but who knows.
  8. Don't make fun of me . I think I looked up Lieutenant Governor or Secretary of State or Representative or something. Okay I reconfirmed he is the representative for Washington's 9th District.
  9. One correction is that Kendrick Meek in Florida should be Patrick Murphy.
  10. In favor.
  11. Illinois and New Hampshire. I think the incumbent in Oregon wasn't the realistic one, and when the happens I role a die to decide if its close or not and it wasn't. South Dakota actually surprised me because I left it alone. I went in for Illinois and New Hampshire. Also I'm not sure if you got the joke. I said it because you seemed upset about Illinois.
  12. A few elections ago I decided that I would only try to effect one or two seats every election. Can you guess which one I chose?
  13. Hey the next election posted will be the last one here, I was wondering if someone would be interested in me sending them election results and coming up with stories based on them. Send me a message if you're interested. If no one is interested I might do a completely fictitious thread, and if anyone is interested in that just reply in this thread.
  14. This is 2014 I think the last one was actually 2012. I think I messed up somewhere but lets just put that behind us . The two independents will caucus with Republicans so the senate is 53/47.
  15. Yeah I did something wrong my next post is 2014 so I made a mistake somewhere. Also I'm using a single scenario that I just keep updating so there is a lot of room for error. Furthermore, when I can't use a candidate that actually ran I pull some politician from that state.