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  1. Unfortunately, Pershing sees no need for costly naval buildup. We just came out of a war of epic proportions, and being the victors of the greatest war in human history guarantees our peace for the next century, if not more! Pershing will have to refuse this issue.
  2. Question: do any election keys get flipped due to this card if the combination is successful? Regardless, down with the president! In fact, Pershing is peeved that Taft stole the nomination from him and will spend 1 personal IP to buy 3 votes.
  3. I see him at a max of 1%. He’s got a very niche platform and an incredibly obscure running mate. I wouldn’t take his campaign seriously and I expect him to drop the bid in the next few weeks or months.
  4. Apparently West has not filed with the FEC at all, lending credence to the idea that this is just a publicity stunt.
  5. Here is my dilemma, my one card I had for this situation does not work due to the VP not being a partisan office. Therefore, I accept defeat and vote a simple nay with my single vote.
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