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  1. Sweet. Anyway, not all Focus Senate nominations are in yet. I really need to head off to work, but if they're not in when I get off I'll have to calculate without them, we just can't wait more than a working day on it.
  2. I'd ping each of these players so that people know at a glance who is in the cabinet 😛
  3. I totally forgot about Inaugural goals. Thanks for the writeup @Actinguy. It turns out I'm rusty at GMing after taking a week off. Whoops! 😛 You can do your military appointments early if you want as no one can really stop you from doing so. Additionally, you can post your cabinet now to be voted on later if you want, we just can't vote on it just yet.
  4. If something happens to our dear President, you can choose Marshall! I just wanted to note that the power now rests with you.
  5. You've got Joseph B. Varnum and a "James M. Varnum" in your main tab marked as Senators. However, I'm having difficulty finding the latter on the statesmen tab. I also changed William Paterson from "Rep" to "Sen". I set Ray Greene as a Senator. Should be a-okay now!
  6. Here's some legislation that I believe the IRL Peale would have been interested in: 1. Ban exportation of slaves (Avid abolitionist and bought and freed several slaves. However, had his own slave and trained him in the arts. Also voted to abolish slavery in the PA House) 2. National University (Big proponent of education, obviously) 3. Lighthouse Act/Federally Fund Internal Improvements (Very active Whig later on in life and crusader for federally funded programs) 4. Tenure of Office Act (An intellectual, he could have seen the benefit of a restrained executive and the ability for his party to reign in the opposing party if he were to lose reelection) 5 and 6: Assume state debts and create a national mint (Active Whig policies) 7. Direct Tax on Slaves 8. Abolish Debtors Prisons (If we haven't already done that)
  7. Here is the plan of action. 1. @Reagan04 needs to choose his Senate picks. 2. Everyone has until tomorrow at noon to put in Focus Senator and Representative nominations. 3. For the first time ever, @Conservative Elector 2 will be able to choose the Federalist Party Leader when the next vacancy occurs, as he has more voting power. If the Federalists are to lose control of the House, he will be able to choose a new Speaker. Likewise, if something happens to Majority Leader Rufus King, he can choose the replacement. 4. @Reagan04 and @Actinguy will need to fill out the empty committee spots. The rest of the list is stuff I'll do once the first four are done. 5. Act on any scripted events. 6. Act on any general events. 7. @SilentLiberty will need to appoint his cabinet picks. Only @Reagan04 will need to approve them, assuming that he approves his own picks with the Senate Majority Leader King. 8. @SilentLiberty will need to appoint any vacant military spots (There are 4!) At this point, we can move into the legislative phase!
  8. The Election of 1796 The election of 1976 followed four years of Jeffersonian Republican rule in the United States. President Adams proved to be an effective president, passing several pieces of legislation through the split Congress during the first half of his presidency and even more during the latter half when his party made gains in the midterm election. However, historians would note that despite his accomplishments, he still broke many promises to the American people. Samuel Adams, in 1972, had promised the American people two things: That he would bring the economy out of it's stagnation with the establishment of several much needed economic reforms, and that he would come down hard on the Barbary Pirates and end their piracy of American vessels. While he was somewhat successful in the first endeavor, he was unable to work with Congress to establish a National Mint and he failed to end the war overseas. When he declared his intention to seek a second term, it surprised none. After all, Samuel Adams is a man who gets things done and leads the American people. Thomas Jefferson was named his "running mate" (the term coined to describe the intended VP pick of each party) and the Jeffersonian Republican Party seemed to have a strong bid for reelection despite some failures during his time in office. The Federalists, seeing an opportunity in Adams' weakness, fielded four major candidates. The two of most note being Vice President James Iredell, who represented the more moderate to conservative faction of the party, and Represetative Peale, an intellectual representing the Northeastern elite and the very liberal faction of the party. John Rutledge and Fisher Ames received token votes in the South and Northeast as well, but generally were viewed as far less likely to win the Presidency. When the ballots are casted and all votes accounted for, Representative Peale is declared the winner with 75 Electoral Votes to President Adams 64. The President had become the Vice President, and with big gains in the House and the Senate, the Federalists have a strong mandate to enact Federalist policy at the hands of the soldier, artist, inventor, scientist, and finally representative Charles Wilson Peale.
  9. If you'd like to I'd appreciate it but there's no pressure to do so! I appreciate it - I fully intend to take my laptop with me on vacation and actually somewhat roleplay out this next term when possible.
  10. Great! I'm still working on getting my computer back tonight. I had a few drinks and played some old Mario Party games two nights ago and it's been there since. I'll update the spreadsheet accordingly then, or @Actinguy can do so if he's free.
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