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  1. While I don't intend to vote for Yang, I think he'd do this in a heartbeat.
  2. The intention for this is simple. Vote for who would want to be president, if you were an American citizen during the election. This means that knowledge of events that may have historically happened should be ignored. For example, "I'm going to vote McGovern, because Nixon committed Watergate" would not be a valid reason to vote for McGovern. I will do a simplified recap of how I think that term would have went, and post the next election with any necessary changes by our changed history. It is 1796. President Washington has made his farewell address, and the country is at odds about the path forward. Vice President John Adams (F-MA) leads the Federalist, pro-government faction of the government that seeks to strengthen the national bank, further ties with the British, and raise high protective tariffs. Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson (JR-VA) leads the Anti-Federalists faction, that generally represents agrarian interests and prefers limited government. Adams has Thomas Pinckney (F-SC) as an unofficial running mate, who represents moderate Federalism and is a slave owner himself. Thomas Jefferson is joined by Senator Aaron Burr, of New York. As the 12th Amendment has not been passed, the highest EV getter is President, and the second highest EV getter is Vice President, so we very well may end up with a divided government at the executive level. Historically, electoral delegates cast their vote John Adams as President and Thomas Jefferson as Vice President. A number of other statesmen got a handful of votes. Who will you cast your ballot for? @vcczar @Reagan04 @TheMiddlePolitical @Actinguy @King of the North @WVProgressive @Rodja @pilight @Hestia11 @ThePotatoWalrus @CentristGuy
  3. What the title says. It's very unlikely that Yang will hit 15% in any county. Will he drop out, or given his February debate inclusion will he ride it out until New Hampshire or even later?
  4. It's probably closer to something you'd prefer. The way it works is that if your candidate does not reach 15% in your county, you are asked to change your support to a different candidate. This is so that your vote in the primary still matters. It's far more representative of the population than the strict vote in every other primary. For example, I can safely go in and vote for, say, Andrew Yang, but if he isn't viable in my county I'll have a chance to switch to Sanders. This is called alignment. This year is the first time they are posting pre-alignment vote totals, so it's really the best of both worlds.
  5. This is what I was thinking. I think she'l hit 15% in some districts and not others.
  6. I'm going to assume real life got in the way, as it does 😛
  7. My final prediction. Pre-alignment: Sanders: 24% Biden: 22% Buttigieg: 19% Warren: 15% Klobuchar: 4% Yang: 2.5% Steyer: 2.5% Post alignment: Biden: 31% Sanders: 26% Buttigieg: 21% Warren: 13%
  8. Gambling can be fun for the right reasons. Treat it like an arcade machine. You put some money in, play until you're out while having a great time with it, and head out before you've sunk too much into it. Blackjack and poker are fun for the entertainment value. What my dad taught me when I was old enough was to go in with a set amount of money and make it last as long as you can. Stuff like lottery tickets, bingo, and slots aren't as fun because they don't require any skill. Even roulette can be fun because you weigh in the odds of a certain outcome happening after another. It's easy to just write it off because you're not interested, but avoid calling everyone who enjoys a particular activity chumps would ya? 😛
  9. Henry Lee III declares his intention to seek the presidency. Henry Lee III most recently served as the Governor of Virginia and previously represented Virginia in the Continental Congress. Lee is propped up by the National Alliance. The National Alliance stands for the agrarian economy, the interests of slaveholders, Western expansion, and generally limited federal government. Additionally, the NA platform includes opposition to tariffs and the dissolving of the National Bank. Henry Lee III, a Virginian, and James Winthrop of Massachusetts are the first ticket of the NA for President. The hope is that with the Federalists and Liberty Party splitting the vote that they can win the Presidency.
  10. @Hestia11 As we have a Federalist Party and a progressive esque party, would you like me to create a Southern right leaning esque party?
  11. Sounds good to me. You got my intent with the party pretty spot on. I'm just hoping more so that someone joins to represent pro-slavery and pro-agrarian views. If not, I'm open to changing parties 😛
  12. If @WVProgressive would prefer to make a Federalist-esque party, I can delete my National Alliance party and make a Jeffersonian-Republican esque party instead.
  13. Benjamin Lincoln declares that he will seek to succeed Washington as President. Lincoln, having been more or less inactive from federal politics since his brief tenure as Secretary of War, has most recently served the larger public as the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, and is known as one of the few men in our nation's history thus far to receive an electoral vote, from an unnamed elector in Georgia. His current post is as the Boston Port Collector, though he has been in talks with men across the nation to form a political coalition to rival the growing opposition to Washington's policies. Lincoln, at 63 years old, is an older man. However, his seeks to form a coalition of voters who favor strong ties with Britain, voters who believe in strong tariffs, and voters who do not have a strong stance one way or another on slavery. Lincoln would seek to build up our nation's budding military to further expansion to the West, and give considerable incentives for settlers to move out West. Generally, Lincoln's faction is pro-war. Lincoln's party is known as the National Alliance. The top four priorities of the National Alliance are: 1. Expand trade with the British 2. Introduce tariffs 3. Expand Western Frontier through military conquest 4. Extend the powers of the National Bank
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