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  1. CalebsParadox

    Caleb's Personal 2020 Prediction

    That's exactly what I said in regards to Biden, actually!
  2. CalebsParadox

    Caleb's Personal 2020 Prediction

    Democrats who run: Warren, Booker, Beto, Biden, and Gillibrand are the major contenders. Warren fizzles out before Super Tuesday but makes strong showings regardless, Biden reluctantly stays out of the race and refuses to endorse a major candidate. Beto wins without a contested convention and takes on Klobuchar as his veep.
  3. CalebsParadox


    Has anyone tried it? I'm still reluctant to purchase the subscription for reasons I've stated previously. @Reagan04 @Patine @vcczar @TheMiddlePolitical @jvikings1
  4. CalebsParadox


    The new update is out. How does everyone feel about the new system? What feedback can we provide for Anthony?
  5. CalebsParadox

    2020 Scenario for download here

    @vcczar Can you release a scenario with the newest polling out that has Beto around 9%?
  6. CalebsParadox

    My Initial Midterm Reactions

    @vcczar Is Beto already in the 2020 scenario?
  7. CalebsParadox

    Your Senate 2018 predictions (Relates to CI :) )

    While I disagree with your affinity towards Blackburn, it's good that you will likely be pleased by the result of the election and I can't fault you for rooting for someone who shares your values. Interestingly, I don't think you would be overly disappointed with Bredesen's election if he were to win in an upset. The greatest appeal to me for Bredesen was that he very obviously refused to run an "anti-Trump" campaign, and tried to focus the race on himself versus his opponent. The Democratic Party is not going to do well in 2020 if they continue to be the party of "anyone but Trump", and Bredesen's election would only go to strengthen the idea of moderation and party identity based on policy.
  8. CalebsParadox

    Your Senate 2018 predictions (Relates to CI :) )

    Yes, I did. Even at the field office I worked at in Lebanon, TN, we viewed the original statement as inauthentic and obvious political pandering. The tapes coming out was no surprise whatsoever, no one actually believed Phil when he said that he would have supported Kavanaugh. It was a political stunt that backfired in the worst possible way. He lost the support of liberals, some national Super PACs, and a very good chunk of his canvassing operation from his statement of support, with almost no gain amongst conservatives. When it came out he didn't even mean it, my mother who typically votes Republican and was considering voting for Phil decided that he was just as inauthentic as every other politician out there and is now casting her vote for Blackburn.
  9. CalebsParadox

    Your Senate 2018 predictions (Relates to CI :) )

    It's very interesting how much Bredesen's campaign has foundered in Tennessee. As an intern for his campaign, the Kavanaugh hearings completely changed the tone of the campaign. Bredesen's support for Kavanaugh caused many Dem field offices to completely drop him from their campaigns, and my office became a Karl Dean office. As soon as the Kavanaugh hearings came to the national spotlight, most of us knew that Bredesen's path became next to impossible. He can win against Blackburn on a regional scale, but when national issues are involved Tennessee is going to vote Republican.
  10. CalebsParadox

    Preferred 2020 Democratic Candidate

    1. Gillibrand 2. Biden 3. Booker 4. Harris 5. Castro 6. Sanders 7. Warren 8. Clinton 9. Avenatti 10. Trump
  11. CalebsParadox

    Game idea

    Is this what the cards look like to everyone else?
  12. CalebsParadox

    New Historical President RP

    This all seems a lot ASB...
  13. CalebsParadox


    Here is mine.
  14. What happened to the Multiplayer Campaign Reboot?

  15. CalebsParadox

    New Historical President RP

    OOC: Can the "Party Power" text be a little more specific? Almost every candidate says they campaign vigorously against every other party and downballot, but that's already expected. I feel that that part of the platform should be used to explain a focus the party would take under your administration, or voters that the party would work to make bridges with. For example, the SOC-LAB party might attempt to court disgruntled working class whites, while it seems that the Liberal Party is becoming "the party of women". It would make that part of the platform more unique and have an actual impact.