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  1. 1 Minute School Shooting Speech

    The moment of silence is a good idea, but unfortunately the time constraint of one minute makes that difficult. It's actually somewhat difficult to fit in ANY form of substantive content in a speech that short, so I'm more or less going for the feel good vibe.
  2. 1 Minute School Shooting Speech

    "Gun violence in schools is quickly becoming the new norm, and many of us are desensitized to this. In 2018 alone, a total of 24 students have been killed and 40 have been injured in school shootings. When I first heard the news of the Parkland school shooting, I was hardly shocked. Horrified, yes, but it was not a surprise to me nor likely to anyone else in this room. We have normalized gun violence to such a great extent, and it is appalling that we can hear of another shooting in the news and barely raise an eyebrow. However, this does not mean that we have stood idly by as lives are being lost. Our generation has been organizing protests across the nation, and we have been rallying against these school shootings and showing that our voices are being heard. Our student body has been more engaged this past year than ever before. Many of you attended the March for Our Lives rally in Nashville last month, or the Women’s March earlier this year. By doing this, we have shown that we are ready to push for change and make effort to see our society become a better place. We will not forget Parkland, we will not forget Sandy Hook and Columbine, and we will not forget the countless lives that have been lost in the years between. The torch has been passed to us to fight for an end to gun violence in our schools, and, by doing this, we will make a safer world for the generations to come. Thank you." This is the small speech I have prepared, and if anyone has any suggestions to make I'd love some input! Insert other media
  3. 1 Minute School Shooting Speech

    Today I was very spontaneously asked to speak at a memorial for school shooting victims and victims of gun violence in America at a high school gymnasium, and given very little time to prepare. In fact, I will be giving this speech tomorrow at 8AM, so I have almost no time to actually prepare for this. For this reason, I am asking for some input on the speech for anyone who may be up at the moment. The speech is to honor victims of school shootings, and to urge our student body to make an impact themselves without getting political with the speech. We cannot mention gun control, background checks, voter registration, or rallies. It is also to be one minute. Any input would be much appreciated as it is needed very quickly, and I shall post again under this when I have written out a preliminary speech. Any input and ideas for what to include are much appreciated!
  4. Won my cities Democrat Party council seat

    What city do you live in and is there any way for those of us who are curious to check results of this election online?
  5. 2020 Election Endorsers and Surrogates

    All possible candidates should be available as endorsers. I'm not entirely sure on this, but I am fairly certain that once I played one of your scenarios where after dropping out, candidates opened up for endorsements and if you won them over they would endorse you at the convention.
  6. US Presidential History RP

    In many ways, it is very fortunate that Governor James Dayton was selected as an elector for the state of New Jersey. His views are not overwhelmingly popular within the state, but his status as a hero and radical revolutionary has kept his popularity over the top, with his constituents adoring him. For many reasons, it was obvious who it was that Dayton would cast his vote for. He seeks to create a union of the those staunchly opposed to the federal government and to vote for like-minded individuals who are most likely to remain a face in politics for years after his own departure. His opposition to the central government would one day be observed as the first signs of political partisanship in The United States. His first vote would obviously go to himself, Governor John Dayton. He desires to lead the Antifederalists, and his status as a revolutionary hero alongside his fame would make him a natural leader of the Republic were he to win the election, though he knows that he will not. He second vote goes to Reverend John Taylor, who he believes to be a strong counterpart in the South who will be able to rally against the Northern establishment in due time. (I redid my bio and goals, and it may be fairly important. @WVProgressive @Rodja @vcczar@Reagan04@Sami@Kingthero@TheMiddlePolitical @Conservative Elector 2 @Sunnymentoaddict
  7. US Presidential History RP

    (removed and rewritten below)
  8. US Presidential History RP

    Stepping outside your normal self should be fun, I'm going to attempt to do the same. We need more staunch anti federalists.
  9. US Presidential History RP

    Name: James Dayton State: NJ Political Party: Anti-Federalists Age: 64 Current Profession: New Jersey Governor Short term goal: To become Secretary of the Treasury. Long term goal: To weaken the influence of the central government of the United States of America, particularly in regards to weakening federal control over fiscal policy and states rights issues including tariffs and slaves. Background: Mr. James Dayton is an aristocratic and incredibly wealthy man, and he has often been viewed as efficient and ruthless, and even somewhat radical within regards to his vision for the budding republic. He is an incredibly strong supporter of individual liberties and a free market, and believes that the government should have the most minimal role in the daily lives of her citizens as possible. He was viewed as one of the leading radicals of the Revolutionary War, and was additionally one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Dayton signed into law the Articles of Confederation for the state of New Jersey, and had a very prominent role in ensuring the weakness of the federal government within the constitutional document. However, with the Articles of Confederation proving to be inefficient and a stronger central government emerging, Dayton was forced to adapt. His staunch opposition to monarchical authority made him perhaps the most prominent Anti-Federalist within the United States of America, and he seeks to coalesce a coalition of like minded revolutionaries to keep the government weak, small, and as unimportant as possible while fulfilling the basic functions of a government. I just wanted clarification that these short term goals and long term goals are realistic enough.
  10. 1988 Roleplay

    I appreciate this far more than I should.
  11. Which of these states will elect a Republican senator in 2018?

    I'm very surprised to see someone else who shares the same views. Blackburn is a stain on our state's reputation.
  12. 1812 US Election Final Update is now up!

    I have experienced the issue in the 1824, 1860-68, and 1992-2008 scenarios. I will test it out on earlier scenarios. Also, can you free up your PMs a slight bit? I had something I wanted to ask you privately.
  13. 1812 US Election Final Update is now up!

    Note: I modified the starting cash for the simulator party because I enjoy affecting the rise and fall of particular candidates, and that is a change I recommend that you make in all scenarios.
  14. 1812 US Election Final Update is now up!

    I'll admit, I have been encountering a gamebreaking bug in each scenario I have tried to simulate that I have not mentioned as I did not know if it was just on my end, but it might be worth mentioning regardless. In any scenario, when the simulation party is selected, the game invariably is stricken with an error. Without the simulation it is fine, strangely.