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  1. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    Then yes, that is true. It's known enough that I didn't think it needed to be said to be honest. Her political career is done.
  2. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    Please rephrase that as I'm uncertain what you're trying to say.
  3. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    Eh, her support in New York isn't reflective of her nationwide. Many politicians do well on a national stage and less on the state level. She's also been reelected quite handily and has positioned herself quite well for the national stage. She is my personal pick for the Democrats in 2020. Acceptable by both the establishment and progressives.
  4. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    Yeah, I was reluctant to rate her so highly but the centrist, establishment support has to go somewhere. She's young, a vocal critic of Trump, and being included in polls will help her out greatly as far as being seen as a legitimate successor. She's a more liberal Hillary Clinton who isn't inherently flawed, if she makes a name for herself in the next year she'll be in a great position for the primary. I don't see any chance in hell for Sanders, Warren, or Biden to run.
  5. Kucinich Factor?

    Kucinich and Sanders are two of the same kind. Sanders supporters by and large adore Kucinich. I support him, as does most of my real life friends who supported Sanders as well. Working at Fox News means nothing when their platforms are so similar. He was the pre-Sanders Sanders.
  6. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    1. No. Support for Biden, Warren, Sanders, and Clinton is going to die down dramatically as fresh faces pop into the mix. Democrats are growing tired of the old faces that have come to represent the party, and newcomers who make a new for themselves in the next two years will almost certainly lead the polls. 2. A very, very early projection for the polls cming after the initial declarations: Warren(Not seeking): 21% Gillibrand: 18% Booker: 12% KHarris: 10% Brown 9% McAullife: 4% O'Malley: 2% 3. Trump would still garner over 50% support, likely enough. 4. Trump's support probably won't bottom out under 40 to begin with due to being the incumbent. 5. An electoral landslide, probably 341-197 to start with. 6. Much better in PV but unchanged EV. 7. Same as Biden, with a stronger vote in the Rust Belt. 8. Weaker than the generic ballot, but not by much. 9. MUCH weaker than the generic ballot. Nailbiter to short Trump lead. 10. About the same as the generic Dem. 11. As the Republicans still have Trump's legacy, the Dems should still have a pretty large starting lead, just not the same as when Trump heads the ticket.
  7. Kucinich Factor?

    Working for Fox News is not an inherently career ending thing for someone on the left. There are Fox News journalists admired by Democrats, it's just the organization as a whole is disliked for publicizing witch hunts or very slanted news. Not all of it is without merit.
  8. 1988 Roleplay

    What about it?
  9. Kucinich Factor?

    Is there any reliable polling out about Kucinich's chances within the field? I don't know if I should be expecting him to make a decent showing or not.
  10. Makes me hopeful for 2020.
  11. 1912 Election

    I like it, it's usually very difficult to overcome the Republican-Bull Moose split of 1912 so good job!
  12. 'Tis the Season :S

    That's my own feelings on it as well. There's nothing wrong with Merry Christmas at all though, I use them both fairly often!
  13. US election playthrough

    How did you do it?
  14. 'Tis the Season :S

    Merry Christmas to everyone here. Holidays are exciting and spice up life, thoughts on consumerism be damned
  15. Describe that voter.

    I'll do my best, given that interpreting this is somewhat difficult. I'll give the Muslim Trump voter the name Phil. Phil is a very conservative man who was born and raised in the United States, and he's very active in his local congregation at the Mosque. He has a more traditional view of his family as per a type of reading of the Quran, and is likely employed in a blue collar field somewhere in Dearborn, Michigan. He probably has several pets as most Americans do, and treats them fairly well. He is very concerned about social issues, and is staunchly opposed to gay marriage, trans folk, and free trade. Phil is a pretty decent, middle of the road guy. I'll give the Hillary voter who wanted Brexit the name of Paul. Paul is an elderly, disabled white man. Paul has been a member of the Democratic party since he switched from Independent to vote for Dennis Kucinich in 2004. He is very populist, and is incredibly opposed to free trade and he is very isolationist. His wife passed away in his 30's, but his kids still visit him fairly often as he was well off enough to not go to a retirement home. Paul believes in liberal ideas like raising the minimum wage, universal healthcare, and expanding social security. He believes that Brexit is a clear refusal of free trade and an imposing international organization. Paul is a pretty decent, middle of the road guy.