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  1. CalebsParadox


    Here is mine.
  2. What happened to the Multiplayer Campaign Reboot?

  3. CalebsParadox

    New Historical President RP

    OOC: Can the "Party Power" text be a little more specific? Almost every candidate says they campaign vigorously against every other party and downballot, but that's already expected. I feel that that part of the platform should be used to explain a focus the party would take under your administration, or voters that the party would work to make bridges with. For example, the SOC-LAB party might attempt to court disgruntled working class whites, while it seems that the Liberal Party is becoming "the party of women". It would make that part of the platform more unique and have an actual impact.
  4. CalebsParadox

    New Historical President RP

    Interesting definition
  5. CalebsParadox

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    Perfect. Let me know when you've decided which!
  6. CalebsParadox

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    2020 it is. There will be a 24 hour window for changes in character and for new players to announce. ( @Reagan04)
  7. CalebsParadox

    Multiplayer Campaign Reboot Poll

    2020 even distribution is the obvious winner! We will begin the process in PMs shortly.
  8. CalebsParadox

    Multiplayer Campaign Reboot Poll

  9. CalebsParadox

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    I have just tested the 2020 scenario with 9 human candidates and have made in into the actual primaries, which leads me to believe that we can support at least 8 candidates with the much smaller field in the 2020 scenario. If are interested, spots are still open!
  10. CalebsParadox

    Multiplayer Campaign Reboot Poll

    2016 player lineup: Republicans: Trump Kasich Democrats: Sanders(Twice, @Rodja please pick again if these comes up) Biden/Warren 2020 player lineup: Republicans: Kasich Fiorina Democrats: Sanders Warren Gabbard Klobuchar Note: We will discuss turned on candidates after a scenario is chosen.
  11. Choose what you would prefer. All 2016 scenario votes count towards 2016, and all 2020 scenario votes count towards 2020. You do not have to be a player to vote. @Rodja @vcczar @WVProgressive @Sami @MBDemSoc @Kingthero @Reagan04 @NYrepublican@Hestia11 @NYConservative @Conservative Elector 2
  12. CalebsParadox

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    A very strict anti-trump strategy. I like it. And with player candidates, this could prove to be a very powerful strategy in a deadlocked convention, as I will ensure that whoever you choose to endorse at the convention will actually happen.
  13. CalebsParadox

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    Please do select both a 2016 and 2020 candidate. We will hold a poll later on which scenario, but please do remain consistent in which party you play!
  14. CalebsParadox

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    Simply PM me your turn in however specific you want. This was the template used last year, created by @vcczar: Campaign Actions: Campaign enhancing: States to focus on: Days of rest: Endorsers/surrogates: Then it could be filled in as, Campaign Actions: Rally x3, climate speech x1, debate prep x2, issue knowledge x2 Campaign enhancing: Footsoldiers in IA States to focus on: IA and NH Days of rest: 2 Endorsers/surrogates: CP to McCain
  15. CalebsParadox

    Multiplayer 2016 Campaign (Reboot)

    The networked play is likely going to take some time, Spring or Summer of 2019, which could easily end up being a year from now. This is a simple project to hold us over in the meantime.