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  1. Brazil - Minas Gerais Gubernatorial 2018 now are more balanced than this pic 40%zema vs 29%, are possible to make competitive
  2. Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul Gubernatorial 2018
  3. Brazil - mato grosso do sul senate 2018
  4. Argentina 2019 the back from kirchenism(just 4 years of centrist gov) have alt leaders Argentina - 2019.zip
  5. i will do but i will create one by country first
  6. paraguay 2013(i work on paraguay 2018 too) Paraguay- 2013.zip
  7. I think a big reason for the Liberals hanging onto a minority is that the Conservative leader Scheer was underwhelming to many Canadians. It seems Scheer's plan was to be as boring as possible. If I were a Conservative party member, I would be looking carefully at who could replace him before the next election. i think at this moment trudeau are hillary and scheer are similiar to mccain/romney boring weak candidate
  8. yukon and anothers are natives territory or what ? ?
  9. you think if bernier have win conservative leadership will have more voters /seats? ? he looks ok comparated with boring scheer despite this if i vote in canada will vote for him
  10. now i read post, not an american and not elegible to vote
  11. have make/work on one's to PI or PMI ? ?
  12. what one's you are in advanced work or ready to release
  13. Argentina - 2015.zip Chile- 2017.zip
  14. Argentina 2015 election( will create 2019)
  15. i say B+ because i analysed anothers thing over these 3 not because just theses ones i put my rating number of government
  16. hehe, i busy from forum but sometimes i enter here for just to vote in polls that interest me or just reading things
  17. Economics: C+ Foreign Policy: B Social Issues: D+ Overall: B+
  18. well i have different vision on this but this are two different things/times, amnesty turned california into bluestate
  19. here in latinamerica are considered conservative positions too depiste guaido are leftwing he are supported by centerright/rightwing leaders example bolsonaro,pinera,duque and left don't support him(probably because are bunch of socialist farleft politics who love castro,maduro,etc) they support because say guaido will restore democracy in venezuela
  20. 1. Gabbard 2. Delaney 3. Yang no any of they get my vote in general (principally against trump)
  21. this or never more one centerright,conservative,etc will win
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