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  1. Historical Scenario Commission Election Updates!

    using my scenarios the 1984 after yours adding events,issues, after this i will verify if missing colored photos of one's candidates ,invite file after uploads to my to upload in campaigns
  2. Arkansas - 2002 (Governor)

    this happen with a lot of scenarios with 3rd partys
  3. Catalonia Independence Referendum

    very good to see this, secession are very bad discussion and irrelevant for to this time
  4. Anthem Protests

    of course i have but i dont have posted because i make one big and boring text and you don't will know many words i verify and appear illogical again. this are you talk about? don't implicy trump are right all time at all,and his discuss are in tennessee about people of state liked jackson,you know about trump ''populism'' one times,. i don't defend jackson at all this are complete time all world like annexing others countrys by force or similiar thing i dont agree with jackson but probable trump i dont agree with vision of jackson about indian and trump not but probable talk about Jackson was excellent on debt, ?suffrage?, & the military, however. “Andrew Jackson was a military hero and genius and a beloved president, but he was also a flawed and imperfect man, the product of his time,” Trump said
  5. 1996 - Giant Sucking Sound Scenario

    i have working on port one's to PI
  6. Anthem Protests

    the guy support castros/guevara not freedom have allowed in cuba
  7. Anthem Protests

    i say for guy with K in name go to cuba
  8. http://www.files.com/set/59bdaca523b00 ready
  9. 1908 need fix in percentages
  10. poll for what working scenarios

  11. poll for what working scenarios

    Testing files i will give credits to original poster san antonio,rio de janeiro and sao paulo are converted scenarios rio de janeiro http://www.files.com/set/59b57fa3a9f3d sao paulo http://www.files.com/set/59b5800fbf7fb argentina presidential election http://www.files.com/set/59bc56b7c9251 brazil presidential first election http://www.files.com/set/59b580ae2cf04 about others of usa i working on countys and search platforms
  12. What would everyone rather see?

  13. What would everyone rather see?

    brazil 2018 are interessating too 3 candidates in disputing with one vantage for conservative the right wing party are created after decades without party and candidate, i will working on argentina and paraguay
  14. What would everyone rather see?

    i created these days rio de janeiro and sao paulo mayoral and first election of brazil are ''done'' i will create more scenarios