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  1. victorraiders

    Forum Historical Election Poll #10

    elected dont make difference maduro are elected for exemplo etc , you dont need support pinochet or allende
  2. victorraiders

    Best Chance in the General v. Trump

    i think first biggest challenge are win democrats nomination with democrats make campaign for elect minoritys over old White
  3. victorraiders

    Forum Historical Election Poll #10

    who are reformistcenterfeft?? allende are farleft socialist not centerleft
  4. victorraiders

    Forum Historical Election Poll #12

    in general i busy because some particularly motives and now computer have problemas
  5. victorraiders

    Forum Historical Election Poll #10

    these chileno guy reminds my a joke in latina América about anticapitalists who live in capitalists countrys
  6. victorraiders

    Forum Historical Election Poll #10

    i agree with you and Williams i thats things but ones diferences example for my sanders are "progressist" , social democrats are more moderate in all things example somes partys and governments until 90' decade, if debs are elect usa will be like anothers americas continent country
  7. victorraiders

    IRL Facebook

    i say because you are angry similar to him about facebook,i don't use my facebook for more than 4/5 years
  8. victorraiders

    IRL Facebook

    lol patine in alex jones mode
  9. victorraiders

    Is political compass Left Biased?

    thats very fun,looks everyone right to lenin in economically are right wing liberal
  10. victorraiders

    Latin American Scenarios

    i have created ones issues, but alright i don't are much creative on that,i will add more and add events too
  11. victorraiders

    Latin American Scenarios

    i think dont have farrigt politicals today,the latinamericans political are very confunsing in general,the great majority people here don't know about political spectrum this explain a little why people in deep interior of northwest of brazil voted for haddad despiste he are pro abortion and pro gay marriage and these people(great part old the majority of voter) who are against abortion and are against gay marriage and voted for them, i think in general people know more of political ideology here in these decade principally from 2014 to now
  12. victorraiders

    Latin American Scenarios

    you talk about pinochet or what
  13. victorraiders

    Latin American Scenarios

    all because this don't make them hard-right example ussr and cuba have great part of these things and these regimes are far-left
  14. victorraiders

    Latin American Scenarios

    i think need more details but in general the politics in latinamerican have much farleft politicalpartys in power or was examples of countrys brazil,venezuela,bolivia,nicaragua the explain of partys and local politics look unrealistic but before this year the only candidate of right spectrum area eneas from prona the party are irrelevant national
  15. victorraiders

    Latin American Scenarios

    well the party have send much public money for dictatorships in general,about islamist regimes i think don't are possible put them in terms of Right/Left political ideology are very different of western politics example