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  1. this refer to gomes one family authoritarian dominate state politic for much decades, about meirelles he are center left politican
  2. i analised between 5 and 6 polls and about polls trusty,bias and errors in last elections,i see ones bloggers about this too
  3. lula are most hated/rejected politican he lost in 2round,his have 37%, 6 months ago and drop in numbers after prison
  4. in last poll with lula,Bolsonaro have 5% more voters than him, and probably only ciro voters will vote in lula if his are candidate
  5. of this list, only Bolsonaro and Amoedo Not are corrupt Others candidates, Haddad lost reelection of Mayor of Sao Paulo in First Round,Marina Silva lost evangelical voters because position in Abortion and Drugs,Alckmin are Socialdemocratic candidate very boring and corruption,Ciro are Farleft Supported by Communist Party of China, corrupted and autoritarian from one family know about Coronelism
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    sorry i try correct
  7. victorraiders


    after militars only itamar franco(death) dont in corruption ,dilma try win senate to don't jailed basically if political are sen,gov,etc are much more hard to jailed because are judged only by supreme court
  8. victorraiders


    good moment in brazil here former president lula to jail fireworks in all brazil and dont because world cup
  9. victorraiders

    'Tis the Season :S

    merry christmas and happy new year to all from forum
  10. victorraiders

    Broken campaigns due to 'NAN currency value' error

    i have a lot of scenarios waiting two round try see the percentage details if are in 00 here this error appear
  11. victorraiders

    Historical Scenarios Update (November 2017)

    hi vcczar need adjust 3rd' partys and observer in primaries the game crash in first week
  12. victorraiders

    Flat Earth Poll

    lol this threat remember my of one discuss of far left deputy this year about flat earth,aliens and nasa interference in brazil impechment
  13. victorraiders

    Historical Scenarios Update (November 2017)

    i don't have find ben fernandez colored pic to add