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  1. I'm interested in seeing such a tutorial.
  2. Hello all. Since the last update, in all different games i have played, i noticed that all candidates have regular invitation to diverse TV shows (more often than before i would say), but the candidate i control is the exception and never ever get an invitation. Does that WAD?
  3. So, i just bought President Infinity, whoch seems a very deep political game. However, my first results as a player are not that great, so i come here to have some advice about how i could run well my presidential campaign. Let me explain my first game. I choose the 2016 scenario and Scott Walker. I start in June and spend the first few months to fundraise, learn issues and doing debate preparation. Then, by August, i begin to campaign with which i belive was my strong points (leadership, governement spending, tax cuts). I manage to have a good showing in the first debate and a tie at the top for the second. Then, i begin to create and run ads, with the same strong points. I focused on Iowa, South Carolina and the southern states of the SEC primary. I tried also (and succeed) to secure early endorsment, national (Adelson, Romney, Cheney,...) and locals. However, the problem is : none of this seems working. No matter how much brainstorming and rallies i do, no matter which ad i run, my poll number went slowly but surely down, even in my home state of Wisconsin. So what was my mistake? Must I have begin the ads from the first week? Must i run multiple ads in a single state? Must i hold multiples rallies in one day? Does endorsments really matters?
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