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    “Walk toward the fire. Don’t worry about what they call you. All those things are said against you because they want to stop you in your tracks. But if you keep going, you’re sending a message to people who are rooting for you, who are agreeing with you. The message is that they can do it, too.” ― Andrew Breitbart
  1. Crash going in to election night

    UPDATE: I just installed 2.7.0 and the problem seems to be fixed. Maybe it was the "too big game save" problem I don't think the .sav file I used right now was much smaller, but I do notice unlike the 2.6.9 it has only one .sav file per game which is much nicer anyway. Looking forward to the next full version!
  2. Crash going in to election night

    To be specific, the bug occurred in 2.6.9. Is the save-load you just redid in 2.7.0? I'm going to try that first, and if not, revert back to 2.5.8 for now. Thanks! Btw where can we find a version history?
  3. Proposal: rename integrity

    We still have "Corruption" so that would cover the honesty part of it. I like "Trustworthiness", maybe something like strength of personality or strength of character.
  4. Proposal: rename integrity

    I like it. Are you proposing just a rename? I think corruption would handle what you were talking about lying & scandals. Maybe a "personality strength" would work.
  5. Feature You'd Most Like to See

    I'm still testing that. A little worse now than before so part of it could be my computer. Sometimes the buttons have not been 100% responsive, I don't know if it's something new to this version. Like I'll click on "Move" and then on the state but it only goes to the strategy menu so I have to do it all over again. Once I'm done with my current game I'll reboot and start a new game and let you know...
  6. Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Not so much a feature, but my computer is really laggy today which gives me an idea for the "schedule" screen. Moving to states to barnstorm, etc. requires a lot of mouse clicks. "Move" then click a state, then click an activity... perhaps you could "move" to a state by right-clicking on the map?
  7. Crash going in to election night

    Cool, thanks!
  8. Crash going in to election night

    I actually tested the same scenario in version 2.4.9 and the problem wasn't there, so it's something that broke in the newest version.
  9. Crash going in to election night

    @admin_270 One insight I've just gotten - this happened again, but when I went through the campaign straight to election night there was no problem. But when re-loading the autosaved file and going back into the election night, same error. So my theory is that this happens after loading a sav file and then going into election night, having something to do with loading a save game.
  10. Is there an adult in the room?

    I was referring to deals past administrations made with Korea https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2017/08/09/history-lesson-why-did-bill-clintons-north-korea-deal-fail/?utm_term=.b14f4dbf6099. When I referred to "laughing at the USA" yes I was referring to the regimes, obviously the people of NK don't benefit./ Finally, obviously we want to avoid war, as that can't end well thanks to the corner we're painted in at this point. But if Kim continues this threat, ultimately there may be no choice. Again I'm referring back to the criticism of Trump's anti-Kim tweets. That's the only language people like Kim speak, and I thought that was the ONE thing we could be united on. P.S. And then we have the pundits who among all this seem more alarmed about Trump's sanity than Kim's. It's hard to take them too seriously.
  11. Is there an adult in the room?

    No Trump doesn't have foreign policy experience but I think he (mostly) has surrounded himself with very capable people. I believe Trump DOES think they will have real consequences and we want consequences - i.e. North Korea realizing they can't win, and backing down. POTUS after POTUS from both parties tried the "nice guy" "Presidential" route, and what has it gotten us? All they've done is gotten bolder because they were laughing at us, thinking we were weak, accepting our aid packages and then stiffing us by continuing to build up anyway. Here's the cold fact: If we continue to play nice-nice with them then they WILL very shortly end up with an ICBM capable of reaching the United States. Then it will be too late, and at the very least, the Korean Peninsula and China will de-stabalize and we'll have another Iran on our hands. We can't afford that any longer, so I muse what any of Trump's critics would have us do. Would Kim Jung Un be talking with South Korea at the Olympics if not for Trump's actions? No one can say. But we've tried it the "Presidential" way and it hasn't worked. Let's think this through a moment... if Kim tries to hit us with a nuke based on a tweet from our President, there would be nothing we can do to prevent that. I like having a tough talker in the White House and I think all the fears about Trump taking us to World War III have been completely unfounded so far. I'm old enough to remember Reagan getting heat for talking tough with the USSR. And I was one of the ones criticizing him for it. But the results of that speak for themselves.
  12. Is there an adult in the room?

    For the previous few decades we have had Presidents who tried to deal with North Korea. Republican and Democrat. It hasn't worked. When will people realize that we elected the leader of the free world, not a BFF. What you call a "tantrum" is talking tough with our enemies. They have had a family of insane dictators in NK for the past 68 years. Meanwhile the past four Presidents have tried ass-kissing, placating, deal-making, "pretty-pleasing", "strategic patience" and bribing... so how has THAT gone? Sorry hippies, you tried it your way. So I'm proud we have a President finally who realizes he's not the President of the World, it's not his job to "get along" with other countries at the expense of our own interests, and who is going to stare down the eyes of those thugs, stop apologizing for America and bowing to our adversaries, and finally put them in their place. Maybe if Clinton, or Bush, or Obama would have sent a stern message like that, then Trump wouldn't be in the position he's in now. The truth is, for the first time in almost 30 years, we DO have an adult in the room. What the hippie, tree-hugging left has to understand is that there are evil people in this world who want us dead, who can not be placated or bought off, and who only understand one language. So we have TWO CHOICES: We can take them out, or sit and wait for them to take us out. That's no decision at all. And for those who will say, "I thought you were a non-interventionist..." No of course I don't want to unilaterally attack anyone who doesn't oppose an imminent threat, but if we let NK go for too much longer, that threat will be there and we have to be willing to stand up to that possibility.
  13. Is there an adult in the room?

    This must be why the Founding Fathers inserted "misuse of Twitter" next to the "high crimes and misdemeanors" Geez do these people have LIVES??
  14. Is there an adult in the room?

    First, I object to the characterization that I blindly support Trump. This may come as a surprise, but I'm one of those old fashioned independents who likes to make decisions on a policy-by-policy basis using logic, as opposed to the Democrats in the Senate who won't go to the bathroom without asking Chuck Shumer's permission first. I am not inside Trump's head nor in Sessions' and I despise it when people assume that just because I, or anyone else supports someone we have to agree with everything they do, as if it's up to me to explain it. I probably agree with about 90% of what Trump does. This is part of that 10%. I don't like his kid-glove treatment of the DACA issue, I heavily criticized him for signing the latest spending bill, and I am vehemently against $1T in infrastructure spending. Jeff Sessions has been in my opinion a colossal disappointment as an AG. He has been absolutely feckless regarding the Clinton investigation and not putting his foot down on the Mueller witch-hunt recused himself for no reason at all, and yet is all too eager to put people in jail for possessing a plant. I will say that Trump (unfortunately) never put himself up as a states-rights champion except for a few specific issues.
  15. Crash going in to election night

    Well I kind of figured that. I was hoping @admin_270 might be able to enlighten WHY my campaign has that issue.