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    “Walk toward the fire. Don’t worry about what they call you. All those things are said against you because they want to stop you in your tracks. But if you keep going, you’re sending a message to people who are rooting for you, who are agreeing with you. The message is that they can do it, too.” ― Andrew Breitbart
  1. Videos

    One thing that's been brought up here is the idea of tutorials. There are so many little statistics and intricacies in the game that I have no idea how they work. I know that @ThePotatoWalrus made a few a while back, but I wonder @admin_270 if we could have some sort of user manual / tutorial on the finer points of campaign running.
  2. Which K4E Scenario Would You Like To See

    How about Germany 1932?
  3. Trump Predictions from 538.com Chat

    Dude relax it's just an alternative view, take a xanax
  4. Trump Predictions from 538.com Chat

    It's not a joke. It gained traction after Charlottesville after we realize that the White Supremacists and Antifa aren't that different. They are both anti-liberty authoritarian, just one hates minorities and the other hates everybody. On the other side of the circle you have libertarian/anarchy.

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      How can I be duped by capitalists, I am one. Please go away before I block you.

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      Deceitful recruitment

    4. EndOfCapitalism


      Like what cults engage in

  6. Trump Predictions from 538.com Chat

    Yes I forgot about @Reagan04. With so few of us, you'd think I could remember us all :). What is good about this group is that at least people are informed and while I may disagree with the tone at times, we don't have "leftists" here; we keep things civil.
  7. Trump Predictions from 538.com Chat

    Well I do appreciate you listing your things Trump has done well. I was basing my post mainly on your poll where even the non-negative things I sensed some cynicism with. To be fair, I will list some things I think Trump has NOT done well.. 1. Has not really addressed the deficit, other than the improved economy. That's not enough, we need growth combined with lower spending. 2. I'm absolutely against any infrastructure package. Roads, bridges, airports, those are state concerns. At a time when we are funding our national budget one month at a time because we can't agree on debt ceilings or cut spending, the last thing we need is another $1 trillion for something that should be state/local/privately controlled. 3. Though I agree with the outcome of buying insurance across state lines, I didn't like it when Obama ruled by executive order, and I have to be fair here too. 4. He's made a few questionable personnel decisions in the Executive Branch. Gary Cohn, Javanka, McMaster, Tillerson... they don't seem to be on the same page. Trump is getting some very bad advice from left-wingers in his own inner circle. I'm also very disappointed in Jeff Sessions. I like what he's done with sanctuary cities and MS-13, but he's been alarmingly absent on anything to do with Clinton corruption, his recusal was inexcusable, he refuses to take charge of the Mueller investigation in light of the revelation that members of that very investigation were on the inside of the Uranium One deal. He seems more interested in the "war on drugs" and asset forfeiture than he is on the Obama administration selling 20% of our uranium to Russia. Before he left Congress, Jason Chaffetz was told point blank by Sessions that he has no intent of prosecuting the email server. Trump has got to clean house and whip Sessions into shape or replace him. 5. The swamp is getting deeper. 6. I like the Tweeting but he has to pick his battles better. The media has been very unfair to him and he's right to call them out, something that GW Bush and Romney should have done, but going out of his way to pick fights with CNN is distracting from his positive message. In terms of his "bully pulpit" mentality, I think it's important to realize that I and I suspect many others, voted for Trump specifically BECAUSE, not in spite of it.
  8. Updated New Jersey 2017

    I think that we need better error handling in general. @admin_270 it can get frustrating trying to figure out these crash messages. It would be nice to put error handling in to get more user-friendly messages.
  9. Updated New Jersey 2017

    Ok I'm just going to set it back to the way it was.
  10. Updated New Jersey 2017

    Ach! Now I'm getting the "NAN is not a valid currency value" when starting a campaign. I have no idea how this happened.
  11. Why do my ads keep getting canceled?

    @admin_270 do you have any suggestions?
  12. Updated New Jersey 2017

    Ok so here's the dilemma I had with polls. The last few elections Republicans have done uncharacteristically well. Christie had a Reagan-esque performance in 2013 so just setting the region percentages equal to the last election won't work. So I tried averaging the percentages from the last 3 elections. That's what you see now. I tried polls to match the current 50-35 Democrat advantage. Unfortunately that set ALL counties to those percentages, so the entire map was blue which was also unrealistic. I haven't had the time to make a separate general election poll for each country. I've made some suggestions to @admin270 to make poll creation more streamlined. This is the dilemma we face, where a particular candidate from a party will significantly overperform or underperform relative to other candidates, so we need something on top of party region percentages, but the polls seem to be too powerful. I will experiment with general election polls for a few red counties, but I'm not sure that will make things better.
  13. Updated New Jersey 2017

    Okay I've done the other two things, I'm going to test it with the seats as they are, setting the populations will take a little longer.