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  1. Since there's now an apparently radical-independent majority in both houses of Congress, I can push a lot of tougher policy I want. I'll highlight the most important or feasible policy for just 100 days: Constitutional Amendments I'd push for: Ranked choice voting for all federal offices Independent redistricting commissions for Congressional districts An amendment effectively overturning the Citizens United decision by explicitly stating donations can be subject to regulation Adopting the ERA Everything but true statehood for Washington, D.C. - grant voting house and senate members, but keep as a federal district Legislation I'd push for: Lifting the cap on the House of Representatives member size by implementing the Wyoming Rule or something similar Deficit reduction via tax reform to eliminate certain deductions and reallocation of spending priorities away from the military and towards domestic programs Ratify the ICESCR and other worldwide human rights treaties An increase of the federal minimum wage to $11 with automatic annual cost-of-living-adjusted increases Banning tax-exempt organizations other than specifically designated political organizations from direct or indirect political spending Rolling back changes made to grant the Presidency more power, such as the War Powers Act Ban lobbying Rejoin the Paris agreement Work certain past executive orders like DACA into law as part of reducing the power of executive orders while carrying over existing programs Non-legislation/constitutional things I'd push: Affirming the US's support for human rights around the world, cutting ties with genocidal regimes and dictatorships and supporting countries that support human rights in areas where human rights are scarce Reverse the zero-tolerance policy on immigration
  2. In 2016, both Ben Carson and Ted Cruz announced they would boycott the New Hampshire debate because Carly Fiorina wasn't invited, which won them some respect. Both attended anyway. It's the end of the line for Gabbard unless she does the same.
  3. I wasn't part of this conversation and just reading through it now it was pretty clear he was referring to national polls - a large majority of which have Sanders in third place, which is where all the poll aggregators I'm aware of have him as well.
  4. What on earth does "boog time" mean
  5. I wish John B. Anderson was on this list, definitely would be my top pick for this question.
  6. Biden: 52-44 Biden Warren: 54-44 Warren
  7. I think either would win by about 2-4 points.
  8. Sorry about vanishing right after nabbing Washington, I’ll look through all this stuff in the morning and play.
  9. I'm really disappointed that everyone except Weld is just the worst of the anti-Trump Republicans. I'm not super surprised but I wish there were better alternatives. Still voting for Weld if I'm not interested in the Dem primaries by Super Tuesday.
  10. I believed that when I was just taking things I saw off Twitter and making it my opinion but after actually reading a lot further into her I can’t find any of the spooky criticisms of her that were true.
  11. She’s on track to hit the donor requirements, but polling will be an issue. I’ve never heard a candidate ever be so popularly accused of literal murder/manslaughter however as she is frequently on Twitter (the assumption that people died because of her appears to be based on the assumption that she ever offered her services as a replacement for medicine - which is unsupported or refuted by every credible source I’ve read).
  12. Hogan, Crenshaw, Gaetz, Rubio, Paul, Ernst, Massie, maybe Chaffetz. I don’t feel like Pence would run.
  13. Jo Swinson and Layla Moran give a speech in London thanking the voters for bringing the Liberal Democrats a historic showing, and hopes that the electoral reforms instituted by the new coalition government will usher in a new era of democracy and hope for the people of the UK.
  14. The inaccuracy of polls. So no.
  15. I’ll play, but I’m away from my computer for two days.
  16. Jo Swinson holds her final election rally in Northern Ireland. The Lib Dems took a huge gamble in breaking the tradition of major parties not seriously competing there, but it was a necessary step to bring all people of the UK together. Layla Moran visits voters individually throughout London, hoping to inspire a large voter turnout to take their message to Westminster and hopefully win a plurality or majority in the final result. Will Rennie, Christine Jardine, and Alistair Carmichael bring an epic end to their nonstop Scotland tour, holding a massive open-air event in Glasgow open to everyone for free. They emphasize that the Lib Dems have surged in the polls in the last month and it’s time for a strong finish to bring their ideals of equality, cooperation, and integrity to Westminster.
  17. Will Rennie continues his whistlestop tour of Scotland, and clarifies that the Lib Dem pledge to appoint the regional winning party as Secretary of their respective region applies to all countries in the UK, not just Wales and Northern Ireland where they directly made the promises relating to those specific countries. Jo Swinson and Layla Moran hold joint appearances in Leeds, which contained the second lowest turnout constituency in 2017. (Lowest turnout was Glasgow, but the Lib Dems just campaigned there recently.) In a series of events across the city they hoped to energize voters to their cause. Martin Horwood and Caroline Voaden, the two Lib Dem MEPs from South West England, hold joint appearances in several constituencies of South West England. They say that after over 100 years of Conservative-Labour rule of the UK, it's time for new leadership and they call upon voters to make history with a Liberal Democrat government and a further rejection of the duopoly after the EU election results.
  18. I’m very interested but I’d need a refresher on rules and mechanics.
  19. Williamson did great in her CNN Town Hall and her debate performance was very disappointing. I think she'll do better this time, but the hurdle will be if she can win back any people she scared away the first time around.
  20. SirLagsalott

    Senate News

    Dems really need to stop running and defending their weak incumbents over and over at all costs. We saw it in 2018 when Menendez ate up millions of dollars that could have gone to Florida because he’s the only Democrat that could possibly lose his NJ Senate seat to a terrible Republican nominee. I expect this to happen in Michigan in 2020 too. A lot of these incumbents are dead weight for Democrats that are hurting the party as a whole. It’s very problematic that not a single Dem incumbent retired in 2018 and it seems as though only 1 will retire in 2020. It won’t matter in safe Dem states where partisanship matters more than anything, but it’s bound to hurt them in states like Michigan.
  21. I appreciate challenges to Trump. I like Weld, but I don't care much for Sanford and I think he'd be a poor choice of challenger. I was hoping for Hogan but he passed. Kasich is probably the only one with enough of a profile to manage 15% of the vote in the primaries but I prefer Weld over him.
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