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  1. I've been spending a lot of time working on a new PI scenario, the 2017 Virginia governor's race. As one of only two gubernatorial elections in 2017, the Virginia race is going to be watched heavily by the media and by the nation as a referendum on Donald Trump's first year in office. In this important battleground state, who will prevail? Will the Democrats continue to hold this important seat? Can the Republicans reclaim the seat they almost won in 2013? Can the Libertarians have another breakthrough, or possibly even win? Much remains to be found out. As of 4/16/2017, I am around 35% complete. There are tons more counties and independent cities that need to be added, a few more candidates (and what-if candidates), primaries, popular vote, and other tweaks needed before this is released. Here are a few screenshots from the current build: Of course, the percentages are not accurate yet because not all the regions have been added. When that happens it'll be more realistic. Current candidates: (R) Mr. Ed Gillespie (R) Spvr. Corey Stewart (R) Rep. Rob Wittman (R) Rep. Barbara Comstock (off) (R) Fmr. Att. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli (off) (R) Fmr. Rep. Eric Cantor (off) (D) Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D) Fmr. Rep. Tom Perriello (D) Rep. Gerry Connolly (off) (L) Robert Sarvis (L) Bill Redpath Candidates not yet added but will eventually be added: (R) State Sen. Frank Wagner (D) Fmr. Sec. Anne Holton (D) Att. Gen. Mark Herring This is in an early stage, so please give suggestions for candidates and issues I can add!
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    beating Reagan in 1980 (VCCzar)

    I wouldn't recommend using the Simulation mode, in its current state, to accurately gauge how candidates will perform in elections. It neglects certain factors such as events and ballot access that are important to accurate results. Ultimately you'll find that few campaigns are impossible (at least when playing as one of the top two parties) once you've become better at the game. I recommend you just keep learning mechanics and you'll get it soon.
  3. I return from my random 10-month forum exile to introduce a work in progress scenario based on the upcoming congressional election in my district. It's expected to be one of the most heavily targeted in the nation, and with a crowded field ranging from the incumbent congresswoman, a federal prosecutor who moved into the district just to run for this race, and an admitted pedophile and white supremacist independent that wants to lead an incel rebellion against the evil feminists, this race is sure to be interesting. I don't have screenshots on this computer, but I've finished the regions and I'm working on adding more candidates prior to Tuesday's primary.
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    Virginia's 10th Congressional District Election, 2018

    Sorry, I'm awful at maps and the one I made for this already has several issues such as Manassas and Manassas Park being in the completely wrong locations and I neglected to put one of the weird parts of Fairfax as Prince William. And with the very small and specific scope of NY-14 I doubt I'd know what regions to include.
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    Virginia's 10th Congressional District Election, 2018

    Of course. I'm updating it currently to make it more accurate - Hill normally gets destroyed thanks to Comstock's superior campaign. I'll probably add a "Donald Trump" issue that will give him a significant advantage in the Republican primary, and a disadvantage in the general election.
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    Primaries Discussion thread

    The Virginia Senate primary field wasn't that interesting. A Confederate-lover who will lose, an evangelical who will lose, or a tea partier who will lose by a slightly smaller amount.
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    "bitmap size must equal copy operation"

    Iirc, that issue happens because one of the candidate portraits is not 87x75 as required, or it's in the wrong format.
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    Primaries Discussion thread

    Virginia's 10th congressional district, my own, is having an interesting election this year. The incumbent, establishment Republican, Barbara Comstock, is being challenged from the right by Shak Hill, who criticizes her not-conservative-enough voting record. The Democratic field is large, with State Senator Jennifer Wexton leading the pack, with strong fundraising from a lot of lesser-known candidates that could result in surprising results. (shameless link to my PI campaign about it) Also I accidentally dragged the "insert other media" button into here. I can't remove it for some reason, so enjoy. Insert other media
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    Virginia's 10th Congressional District Election, 2018

    The first release is finished in time for today's primary. 2018 - VA-10.zip I will be updating this over time with new endorsers, events, what-if candidates, and improvements. And eventually post it on the campaigns page.
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    Virginia's 10th Congressional District Election, 2018

    Nice. A lot of Democratic primaries seem to be proxy battles between the establishment and the Bernie Sanders/progressive wing of the party, somewhat similar to the situation in the past few years with Republican primaries that are frequently fought between the establishment and the Tea Party wings. It'll definitely be interesting to see how the factionalism plays out.
  11. SirLagsalott

    Virginia's 10th Congressional District Election, 2018

    First screen. The independent cities (Winchester, Manassas Park, and Manassas) are a bit squished, but it works. I'll be releasing more screens as I continue working. I'm considering splitting up the regions a bit more if possible, because the popular vote AI is still broken and targets counties that aren't favorable to them (because they still think it's winner-take-all), so there are sometimes weird results on the map. I want to flesh out the primaries more before releasing it.
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    Virginia's 10th Congressional District Election, 2018

    I wish there was a better way to express how shitty Nathan Larson is in-game other than just giving him all 1s in attributes.
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    Although it's not ready for full-time release yet (endorsers really need some work), my 2040 scenario is beginning another public test. This time in the form of a play by play. Candidates in bold are based on forum users (with their consent of course.) Candidates in italics are non-fictional characters. REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES: Georgia Governor John Taylor @Reagan04 New York Governor David Smith @republicaninnyc FBI Director John Logs @Kingthero Florida Governor Victor Victor @victor1313 NYC Mayor Legolas Redbard @LegolasRedbard Fmr. Texas Senator Ted Cruz DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES: New York Senator Chelsea Clinton Iowa Governor Steve Almond @SalmonD88 Fmr. Vermont Senator, and oldest politician Bernie Sanders "SIRFISHESALOTT" INDEPENDENT PARTY CANDIDATES: Virginia Senator SirLagsalott (me) Maryland Governor Bruce Fischer @President Garrett Walker (took forever to find you because you changed your name again) Ohio Senator Wolves Wolves @wolves California Governor Kerrwhiel Salvador @HomosexualSocialist LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATES: Kentucky Senator Jvikings1 @jvikings1 Missouri Rep. Austin Petersen Kentucky Rep. Rob Paul TRUMP PARTY CANDIDATES: New York Businesswoman Ivanka Trump
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    What would your ideal 'Be President' Game be?

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    2006 Connecticut Senate Election

    I'm definitely interested. I love campaigns with strong third parties.
  16. That came out rather aggressive, sorry
  17. I played 3 and 4 and in my opinion they are garbage. The developers clearly spent most of their time on these cheap-looking and unnecessary cutscenes that add nothing to the gameplay. I wrote a rather lengthy review of the third one and another for the fourth one. These are games priced like triple A titles but are full of bugs and unnecessary DLC. Not to mention they all seem to run on the same engine probably made in 1998.
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    Greatest Senator Poll: Florida

    Voted. Virginia please
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    20(4?) years of Chafing

    Got several more regions done, on vacation currently.
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    20(4?) years of Chafing

    Well this thread got hijacked...
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    2000 RP

    OOC: I'm on vacation and can only contribute occasionally.
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    2000 RP

    Powell on Another Debate "I'm completely open to another debate, I hope Mr. Perot accepts as well. I accept Mr. Trump's apology and hopefully he will be a civil competitor on the debate stage."
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    Residence Poll

    I would never want to live in DC under any circumstances, but I picked it because I'd rather keep living in the D.C. area where I currently am.
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    Which state is better poll: Mississippi or Massachusetts

    I didn't notice that MS voted for social security and reluctantly selected ObamaCare instead. Oops.