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  1. After a few months of working and tons of testing I'm going to release my 2020 scenario soon. I'm posting to look for more feedback and how some things I'm trying will be received. Realistic Results - I spent a ton of time messing with issues, endorsers, and percentages trying to find the right mix that would cause results to be realistic as frequently as possible. Weird stuff still happens - such is the nature of AIs going ham when targeting states. But you're not going to see Trump winning Delaware or anything, an issue I found really annoying with other scenarios. Endorsers Done Differently - One of the main things I focused on was changing endorsers. Spamming endorsements was always a major overpowered problem in scenarios. I retained state-level momentum & footsoldiers effects for statewide endorsers, but removed momentum from most national endorsers and replaced it with footsoldier bonuses. Surrogates are also far more useful than usual - you're not going to waste 10 CP on a governor that can only barnstorm 5 times. Though I sadly can't change the cost of endorsements, the surrogate points have been modified to follow their propensity for campaigning more closely - Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Sean Hannity are going to be seen a lot more than, say, John Barrasso of Wyoming. Endorsers also include high-profile but losing candidates such as Andrew Gillum and Beto O'Rourke, and they're going to be closely aligned with their faction of the party. I'm trying to avoid situations where Joe Manchin is going to go all-in for Bernie Sanders or Charlie Baker is going to give Trump a boost. Due to game mechanics those situations are still possible but it should be a bit harder to do. Additionally, every presidential candidate will be available as a regular endorser so that if you miss their endorsement when they're considering withdrawal you can still get it later and have them campaign for you. Money! - Money was kind of awkward during testing because the AI likes to blow through money very quickly and go bankrupt after just a few weeks. With fundraising significantly buffed for major parties, ads are no problem when done reasonably. Known fundraisers like the Clintons, Kochs, Sheldon Adelson, and J.B. Pritzker (also IL Governor) provide valuable fundraising as surrogates. Ads Redone - I tweaked ads a lot in pricing and effects. Attack ads are no longer absurdly powerful where you can spam them and get enough negative momentum for your opponent that they can be crushed on election day with little effort - attacks are nerfed significantly, but if you set your theme on a certain issue and make sure to attack in states where the candidate and state don't align on issues, attack ads are effective. Trump's not going to get destroyed for his Energy position in West Virginia. Current Release United States - 2020 SirLagsalott.zip Version History: 12/1/2018: V1 released. To-Do List: More work on percentages in Republican primaries. Flesh out Libertarian primaries. Change delegate counts to convention delegate counts. Make all Green primaries occur on same day similar to Libertarians (simulating a convention) and flesh out percentages. All of the above fleshing out for Better for America. Change "2016" icon on the setup screen to one for 2020. Flesh out issues and change descriptions. More billionaire endorsers.
  2. SirLagsalott

    My 2020 Scenario - Now Available For Download

    Thank god Avenatti declined a 2020 bid. Now I can finally turn him off. Deval Patrick, who I wasn't including because I never expected him to run, also declined.
  3. SirLagsalott

    Is political compass Left Biased?

    I'm no expert on France but that doesn't seem to match anything I've read about Macron.
  4. SirLagsalott

    My 2020 Scenario - Now Available For Download

    I actually avoided downloading your scenario until I got 1.0 of mine out to avoid copying anything you did. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what's going on with general election percentages during the primaries - looks like a significantly larger amount of the electorate is undecided between parties for some reason. Starting in the general election shows a much more decided, partisan, and realistic populace. I'll make a more thorough response to these in a bit but I'll make a lot of the changes you recommended.
  5. SirLagsalott

    2020 Scenario for download here

    I've been messing with it a lot, but it's not fully balanced yet. Primarily, I raised the cost so it's no longer absurdly cheap to do, and I also nerfed its effects a lot so that it's only usable on issues you've focused on extremely well - but even then it won't have a major effect. I might remove the universal ability from them altogether.
  6. SirLagsalott

    2020 Scenario for download here

    200M each from party funds, but I also raised the cost of ads a ton to compensate.
  7. SirLagsalott

    2020 Scenario for download here

    No problem. Now give me some!
  8. SirLagsalott

    2020 Scenario for download here

    Just downloaded and spectated for the first time using the default matchups from my scenario. Kokesh and the Greens are far too strong with 3 command and strategic. The Republicans and Democrats also need more funds, they both went bankrupt a few weeks in.
  9. SirLagsalott

    My 2020 Scenario - Now Available For Download

    Version 1 has been released. Looking forward to feedback & comments.
  10. SirLagsalott

    List index out of bounds

    I get this when I run my scenario multiple times without restarting the game. I think there's some sort of election night memory leak because the window from election night also hangs in the background while I continue using the game after.
  11. SirLagsalott

    2020 Scenario for download here

    The thing that usually caused that from my testing was a massive negative momentum hit to the other parties and positive momentum for the Greens. Third party AI will target swing states because the percentages are technically closer to them - 50-49-1 in Ohio for example is 48 points down while 65-34-1 in Vermont is 64 down and will be ignored despite the fact the Greens are much closer to Vermont with their positions than Ohio.
  12. SirLagsalott

    Is there any sort of template scenario?

    I remember wondering the same a couple months ago while making a fictional scenario and having to delete everything in the scenario I copied. I could probably make one at some point after I release the first version of my 2020 scenario.
  13. SirLagsalott

    Question about Polls

    Click the “Polls” tab on the main campaign editor screen and see if polls are set to on. If not, go to the Regions tab on the main screen, change the dropdown at the top to a state instead of the entire US. Then go to the parties tab. Select the party you want to edit primary data for (in your case democratic) and towards the bottom, the candidate you want to change percentages for (Feingold). Keep in mind polling error is on by default and a certain number of support is given to undecideds so the numbers in-game will look different from the ones you input.
  14. SirLagsalott

    Gaffe-prone AND Gaffe-vulnerability

    I was thinking about this while working on my 2020 scenario but I figured it was too specific to have as an attribute. It could definitely work and will help a lot for scenario makers. Definitely a lot better than having it only tied to experience & issue familiarity because even people with a lot of those make gaffes. I don’t need to see more pictures of Joe Biden caressing Stephanie Carter, but his... unusual tendencies never really affected him.
  15. SirLagsalott

    Momentum is OP

    From my experience, momentum is simply overpowered. I've had situations where I can sit out the entire election as, say, Trump, and then play during the last 10 days exclusively campaigning in CA & NY, doing frequent rallies (especially negative ones) and interviews, and take the states and thus the election easily. Momentum definitely needs to be massively nerfed, or the AI needs to get better at handling insurgent campaigns. It's the same issue that causes third parties to randomly win or rack up high showings in states after ignoring them for ages then attacking them days before the election. One thing that might combat this regarding the AI - I noticed the AI frequently makes ads on the same subject in one day. This causes them to easily max out their momentum on an issue, burning money they shouldn't be. The AI also burns through its money too easily in general. Reducing the effects of momentum, as well as modifying the AI to better spread out its money (or work harder on fundraising), should help a lot.
  16. SirLagsalott

    Democratic Primary Poll (November 2018)

    His opposition to Trump's worst policies were limited only to statements at best, and complete silence at worst. He never did anything to stop terrible proposals like the AHCA - McCain sank that by actually doing something. Flake only makes meaningless gestures that appear to be taking a stand but do little more than get him in the news and he'll vote with Trump anyway. It's definitely pretty telling that Flake only votes against Trump's interests when the bill is going to pass/fail regardless of his vote, but when it comes down to his position he'll always just side with his party.
  17. SirLagsalott

    2020 Scenario for download here

    I doubt Klobuchar will lose her home state.
  18. SirLagsalott

    Democratic Primary Poll (November 2018)

    I'm probably going to vote in the Republican primary for Larry Hogan if he runs, since VA has open primaries. I'm willing to look into voting for any important Republican candidate running against Trump as long as it's not Flake or Blankenship.
  19. SirLagsalott

    2016 scenario

    11 26 16.zip
  20. SirLagsalott

    2016 scenario

    Another person had this same question elsewhere, I'll repost my reply: edit: also it was a total mess of random issues and weird biases, and the results had a tendency to be extremely unrealistic even though the starting percentages were tied to the exact result of 2016
  21. SirLagsalott

    2020 Scenario for download here

    I haven't played your scenario since early 2018, but in my scenario to prevent unrealistic third party surges I gave partisan boosts to the Republican and Democratic candidates in October and November which helps mitigate absurd negative momentum that causes randomly strong performances by third parties. The electorate is more undecided and partisan, and the money gap between the major parties and minor parties is significantly more exaggerated than usual. Doing that should help a lot.
  22. SirLagsalott

    My 2020 Scenario

    Having some weird forum issue where I literally can't remove this outdated picture of the Republican primaries that I recently replaced with a new one. It's enormous and glued to the bottom of the post and I can't remove it.
  23. SirLagsalott

    My 2020 Scenario

    I've been chipping away at a 2020 scenario for the past few months. I'll outline what I've got so far: Candidates Republican Pres. Donald Trump (on) Gov. Larry Hogan (on) Mr. Don Blankenship (on - added 11/14/2018) Fmr. Sen. Jeff Flake (on - added 11/16/2018) Sen. Mitt Romney (off) Sen. Rand Paul (off) Fmr. Gov. John Kasich (off) Gov. Charlie Baker (off) Amb. John Huntsman (off) Fmr. Amb. Nikki Haley (off) (Trump usually dispatches Hogan fairly easily due to superior campaign strength. I gave Hogan a boost in open-primary states, but he's far behind in Republican-only contests. Several endorsers are already close to backing him such as Mitt Romney, Charlie Baker, and Phil Scott.) Democratic (note: it was really hard to keep updating the number of candidates as new ones emerged while still being able to play the primaries without waiting half a minute for each day) Sen. Bernie Sanders (on) Sen. Joe Biden (on) Sen. Elizabeth Warren (on) Sen. Kamala Harris (on) Sen. Sherrod Brown (on) Sen. Cory Booker (on) Sen. Tim Kaine (on) Rep. Eric Swalwell (on) Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (on) Sen. Amy Klobuchar (on) Gov. Steve Bullock (on) Fmr. Myr. Michael Bloomberg (on) Fmr. Rep. John Delaney (on) Mr. Michael Avenatti (on) Mr. Tom Steyer (on) State Sen. Richard Ojeda (on - added 11/14/2018) Sen. Chris Murphy (off) Fmr. Sec. Julian Castro (off) Gov. John Bel Edwards (off) Fmr. Gov. Terry McAuliffe (off) Gov. Andrew Cuomo (off) Mrs. Oprah Winfrey (off - added 11/14/2018) Fmr. Rep. Beto O'Rourke (off - added 11/19/2018) (I made all the percentages in early September and I've been updating them only for new candidates - I need to do a total rework of what I have.) Libertarian Mr. Adam Kokesh (on) Fmr. Gov. Bill Weld (on) Mr. Austin Petersen (off) Fmr. Rep. Tom Campbell (off) Green Mr. Ajamu Baraka (on) Ms. Rosario Dawson (off) Dr. Jill Stein (off) Better For America Mr. Evan McMullin (off) Mr. Mark Cuban (off) Mr. Mark Zuckerberg (off) I've added all the newly elected Senators and Governors as endorsers, and boosted surrogates significantly. National momentum effects from most endorsers have been removed and I instead made their surrogates more critical. Newspapers can be used for favorable spin and editorials, party chairs will fundraise for their nominee, and high-profile but failed candidates such as Beto O'Rourke and Andrew Gillum can provide some help in their respective states. I'll update primary dates when they're finally decided, because many states have yet to declare their dates. I already moved up California to Super Tuesday. EDIT: ignore the below image - for some reason i'm not allowed to remove it
  24. SirLagsalott

    2020 Candidates (Who is running)

    Bloomberg should be on in my opinion. Probably have O’Rourke and Castro off. I think McAuliffe will run as part of the Clinton faction.
  25. SirLagsalott

    Request for scenario

    I have his 2016 scenario last updated 11/26/2016, but I can safely say it’s really bad. Trump has some absurdly powerful stats and it’s basically designed for him to annihilate anyone. There is a wealth of much better 2016 scenarios out there.