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  1. SirLagsalott

    Momentum is OP

    That’s because momentum is capped. Not to mention that the theoretical candidate getting this endorsement can only win over undecideds with positive momentum and needs to use negative momentum to take support away from other candidates. And if momentum doesn’t make any difference... what do you think does, exactly?
  2. SirLagsalott

    2020: Trump vs. US Reps

    He’s got a good shot at WV, the same voters that Bredesen won over in TN, and from the coal areas of the Appalachians. Maybe even independents/Republicans in open primary states.
  3. SirLagsalott

    2020 Candidate Ratings

    If it’s the usual garbage from Project Veritas and O’Keefe then I’ve heard of it, though I wasn’t aware they had one against Bredesen. Iirc all the interviews that supposedly showed the SECRET EVIL HIDDEN LIBERALISM of the candidates were with random low level staffers in heavily Democratic areas and really didn’t mean anything.
  4. SirLagsalott

    2020 Candidate Ratings

    I completely agree with this assessment of it.
  5. SirLagsalott

    2020 Candidate Ratings

    He went quiet after Kavanaugh, but during the Stormy Daniels stuff over the summer and allegations against Kavanaugh in October and late September he was everywhere on American news networks giving interviews and trying to set himself up as the main legal threat to Trump.
  6. SirLagsalott

    Delaney/Becerra defeats Trump/Pence in 2020

    The computer spends its money quickly and is generally poor at fundraising to bounce back up. For some reason this matchup causes some weird stuff to happen in my scenario too, though I substituted Gov. Gavin Newsom for Becerra. Both candidates annihilated each other in momentum and it ended with some strange margins. I've been focusing specifically on adjusting %s and positions to prevent that sort of stuff from happening but momentum overpowers all. In Arizona, Delaney had something like -30 momentum and Trump only had about -4 with the percentages being even, and Trump won 64-33.
  7. SirLagsalott

    2020 Candidate Ratings

    He adopted the Trump-like strategy of trying to be in the news as often as possible, even when it's for absurd things. His (possibly manufactured) allegations against Kavanaugh probably hurt the anti-Kavanaugh case more than anything.
  8. SirLagsalott

    2020 Candidate Ratings

    Thank god honestly - he always seemed to be a massive scumbag and I was worried he'd actually get support.
  9. SirLagsalott

    2020 Candidate Ratings

    Speaking of Avenatti’s integrity. I’ve got him at a 2 in my version which is still running the old version. I’m probably going to change it to a 1 in the 0-10 system.
  10. SirLagsalott

    Who should be the next Speaker of the House?

    Honestly I was expecting Swalwell to go for it but now that he’s revving up for a presidential campaign it seems he’s decided against it.
  11. SirLagsalott

    My 2020 Scenario

    I gave Stein some extremely low stats - not ideal, realistic ones, but ones that will greatly hurt the Greens in the general - which is exactly what her being nominated would do.
  12. SirLagsalott

    My 2020 Scenario

    Flake is going to get annihilated if he runs but I've been planning to add him at some point. Dawson might not run but I like to include stronger potential candidates for parties that would perform better than the generic nominees. Stein should hopefully lose the convention if she runs again - she has some pretty heavy allegations of collusion against Russia, including a lot of public proof of it such as attending RT events with Michael Flynn and others. I think her time has come with presidential runs. It's probably more likely that Ajamu Baraka will emerge as the Green nominee, though I haven't been following their politics a whole lot.
  13. SirLagsalott

    My 2020 Scenario

    I put Rosario Dawson in as a stronger candidate for the Green Party because she was a notable Stein endorsement in 2016. Hogan is in because I feel he's more likely to run and win more support than others such as Baker and Romney. Romney would be running for the third time, have potential allegations of carpetbagging from Massachusetts to Utah, and won't win over as many independents due to the fact he moved rightward during 2012. Hogan always refused to rule out running and I might be personally biased a bit because I live close enough to Maryland that I get his ads.
  14. SirLagsalott

    My 2020 Scenario

    It'll be public eventually. Currently I'm testing it out and adding new things.
  15. SirLagsalott

    My 2020 Scenario

    Richard Ojeda just declared his candidacy. I had him as a VP option but I’ll bump him up to a presidential option.