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  1. I'm definitely interested. I love campaigns with strong third parties.
  2. That came out rather aggressive, sorry
  3. I played 3 and 4 and in my opinion they are garbage. The developers clearly spent most of their time on these cheap-looking and unnecessary cutscenes that add nothing to the gameplay. I wrote a rather lengthy review of the third one and another for the fourth one. These are games priced like triple A titles but are full of bugs and unnecessary DLC. Not to mention they all seem to run on the same engine probably made in 1998.
  4. Voted. Virginia please
  5. Got several more regions done, on vacation currently.
  6. Well this thread got hijacked...
  7. OOC: I'm on vacation and can only contribute occasionally.
  8. Powell on Another Debate "I'm completely open to another debate, I hope Mr. Perot accepts as well. I accept Mr. Trump's apology and hopefully he will be a civil competitor on the debate stage."
  9. I would never want to live in DC under any circumstances, but I picked it because I'd rather keep living in the D.C. area where I currently am.
  10. I didn't notice that MS voted for social security and reluctantly selected ObamaCare instead. Oops.
  11. I had never heard of her before you started talking about her to be honest.
  12. These are my exact same preferences.
  13. Because of how wel Giordano did in 2002, I'm inclined to support NY Gov because I'd want to play that as a third party. And I like Pataki too.
  14. Yeah pretty much, working on lots of things right now including Virginia gubernatorial 2017.