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  1. I was inclined to believe the allegation at first because of her veritable history working for Biden, but she praised him repeatedly on Twitter in the past few years (before her story), and that Larry King thing doesn't make a lot of sense because the quote says she didn't go public "out of respect for the Senator", which is an odd way to regard someone in the aftermath of a sexual assault. This has still damaged Biden and unless she retracts it it'll hurt him down the line. His strategy of not giving it legitimacy is not working now that all media outlets have been reporting on it.
  2. The issue was identical whether I had a national poll in the system or not.
  3. I've reported this bug a ton of times and it's very frustrating because bonuses are super important in-game. For some reason, bonuses are exclusively applied to undecideds - the more undecideds there are, the more the bonus will work. If a candidate has a 5% bonus and there are 10% undecideds it's something like a 0.5% bonus. It makes a lot of scenarios useless and I hope it gets fixed.
  4. I've had trouble setting up my email on my laptop, and I can't message you privately, so here's a Dropbox link to the scenario. https://www.dropbox.com/s/drlr6x01hy5qph7/United States - 2020 SirLagsalott.zip?dl=0
  5. I posted an early version of my 2020 scenario in 2018, and I've been working on it on and off since then. Yesterday I decided to start migrating all the percentages, which I had done in the regions menu, into polling to allow for date-specific changes. This appears to be working fine for the primaries (although the decimal points, which were recently added, don't do anything), but the general election gives drastically different results even though I am using the same numbers for percentages in the regions menu and percentages in the polling menu. Region %s instead of polling: With polling: At first I thought this was because I also put in a national poll, but when I removed that it didn't change anything. I'm not using shifts. All poll dates are on January 1 2017 because I want them to be the same in the primaries for now. In both pictures, fog of war is off. And to prove I'm not doing anything unusual, here's Louisiana, which is solid red without polling and Democratic with polling: LA (region percentages): LA (polling percentages):
  6. VPs are disabled in PMI, but the data for them is still there and it secretly has the default VP options taken from the then-2016 scenario, since PMI is based on that. This can be seen when importing the scenario into PI. All the Infinity games are essentially the same base game with different features enabled and disabled.
  7. Is it just another election simulator but with more included scenarios, or are there gameplay differences?
  8. The correct answer here is northern Virginia.
  9. No, landslides were not "hard-coded" against. Favorability makes huge swings harder to do but they're still very achievable via editing the leaning/committed/undecided numbers or good strategy.
  10. The Political Process looks a lot better than it is. The screenshots basically show the entire game. There are a lot of features but they're all so shallow that it's not fun.
  11. Do music and game history count? I love Chart Wars and GameBiz.
  12. I'd pick any of these over Trump except Gabbard. I'd pick a third party over a lot of them, though.
  13. It wasn't entirely essential, but it was hard for me to think of any good way to combine the counties in a lot of areas - while some coal country counties could probably be merged without sacrificing anything, there are pockets of cities that are very different from the areas surrounding them, so to me it felt unfair to assign those cities coal-country positions just because they're close together. It was stubborn and dumb and led to me being too annoyed to finish the scenario at all, so I'm fine with this substitute. I think using congressional districts for it is a bad idea, though. The game plays weirdly with just 11 regions.
  14. Since there's now an apparently radical-independent majority in both houses of Congress, I can push a lot of tougher policy I want. I'll highlight the most important or feasible policy for just 100 days: Constitutional Amendments I'd push for: Ranked choice voting for all federal offices Independent redistricting commissions for Congressional districts An amendment effectively overturning the Citizens United decision by explicitly stating donations can be subject to regulation Adopting the ERA Everything but true statehood for Washington, D.C. - grant voting house and senate members, but keep as a federal district Legislation I'd push for: Lifting the cap on the House of Representatives member size by implementing the Wyoming Rule or something similar Deficit reduction via tax reform to eliminate certain deductions and reallocation of spending priorities away from the military and towards domestic programs Ratify the ICESCR and other worldwide human rights treaties An increase of the federal minimum wage to $11 with automatic annual cost-of-living-adjusted increases Banning tax-exempt organizations other than specifically designated political organizations from direct or indirect political spending Rolling back changes made to grant the Presidency more power, such as the War Powers Act Ban lobbying Rejoin the Paris agreement Work certain past executive orders like DACA into law as part of reducing the power of executive orders while carrying over existing programs Non-legislation/constitutional things I'd push: Affirming the US's support for human rights around the world, cutting ties with genocidal regimes and dictatorships and supporting countries that support human rights in areas where human rights are scarce Reverse the zero-tolerance policy on immigration
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