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  1. SirLagsalott

    President Beto O’Rourke

    GOP frontrunners could be Rubio (though failed to appeal to Trump’s base), Crenshaw (appeals to both Trump base and establishment), Rand Paul/Justin/Mike Lee (appeals to, well, the Rand Paul lane, though Lee has more conservative appeal), Kristi Noem (for a young little known Midwest fiscal conservative), Chris Sununu (for a more moderate appeal, also will lead in a major primary state), Martha McSally (if she survives reelection), Tom Cotton, Todd Young (vaguely moderate ish Republican that also has Midwest appeal), Joni Ernst (ditto), John Kennedy (kinda moderate ish Republican with Southern appeal), Josh Hawley, Mike Pence, Mike Braun (for a Senator Trump basically), Ben Sasse (for a somewhat anti Trump Republican), James Lankford (for a major social conservative in the Huckabee/Santorum lane), Tim Scott (Tea Party revival). Lots of good VPs in this list too.
  2. SirLagsalott

    2020 Ocasio-Cortez vs Crenshaw

    New Mexico doesn’t make sense. Crenshaw could win Midwestern states, including Iowa. Otherwise seems about right, though Georgia should be closer.
  3. SirLagsalott

    Democratic Nominee Preference

    I'd be okay with Mike Gravel solely because he'd be the only Democrat that would advocate any electoral reform that would actually even the playing field for third parties. Every other Democrat is silent on that. I also can't support any candidate that legitimately thinks reparations and court packing is good policy.
  4. SirLagsalott

    Best Chance in the General v. Trump

    Sherrod Brown has the most raw electability. I put Klobuchar second.
  5. SirLagsalott

    Is Trump Reelection in 2020?

    It's probably because most of the expected VP candidates are running for president. My expected outcome for a long time has been a Harris/Castro ticket, and many of the people that I expected would be running mates ended up running too, such as Buttigieg, Gabbard, Klobuchar, and Inslee. A lot of the people who have expressed interest in running (per Wikipedia) were people I had pegged down for ages as probable VPs.
  6. SirLagsalott

    Is Trump Reelection in 2020?

    That's what I had previously always thought, but her position on Assad and Syria might be too extreme even for him.
  7. SirLagsalott

    Forum Historical Election Poll #10

    Kingthero did, he voted 4 minutes after me. Rip.
  8. SirLagsalott

    Prime Minister Tony Benn 1979

    I managed to somehow read this to myself as "Prime Minister Tony Bennett"
  9. SirLagsalott

    Forum Historical Election Poll #10

    Somehow the few times I participate I always manage to be the tiebreaker but here you go.
  10. SirLagsalott

    Beto's Media Problem

    Warren’s recent embrace of reparations and proposal for breaking up tech companies feel like attempts to bring back her campaign if anything. It really felt like she was stagnating - as other more progressive candidates sprouted up, she kind of faded back into the background, at least from what I’ve been seeing and reading.
  11. SirLagsalott

    Strange 2020 Results

    Hickenlooper seemed abnormally overpowered in my scenario as well - I had to nerf him massively so he stopped annihilating IA, NH, and NV. Interesting that it's not just me!
  12. SirLagsalott

    Bush II, Obama, and Trump have all been bad party leaders

    Doesn't mean all those loyal members of his party survived reelection though, which is how this is being measured.
  13. https://twitter.com/justinamash/status/1105547789721878528 This is great. It remains to be seen whether the Democrats’ focus on electoral reform extends to reforms that will actually be at their expense, though. The bill is very specific and only addresses voting for Senate and Congressional elections as well as outlawing straight-ticket voting, practices that all come at the expense of third parties and particularly independents. This may be him laying the foundation to a defection to the Libertarians.
  14. SirLagsalott

    Forum Historical Election Poll #5

    Realized my dumb mistake. I guess I was the faithless elector that put Birney over the top.
  15. SirLagsalott

    Forum Historical Election Poll #5

    My vote re-tied it, oops.