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  1. PoliticalStudent

    Map creation guide (paint.net)

    Do you have any alternative for Mac?
  2. PoliticalStudent

    Candidates won't drop out

    I agree.
  3. PoliticalStudent

    Venezuela Map

    For anyone interested venz.bmp
  4. ¿Trump wins re-election and ends presidency normally(Obama, Bush, Clinton)? ¿Trump looses re-election and ends presidency normally(Obama, Bush, Clinton)? ¿Trump is impeached or resigns? ¿Democrats retake the White House in 2020 and win in 2024 and 2028 because Trump was that* bad(somebody said the Republicans might have a hard time to recover after that presidency)? What about Mike Pence? Will he become president of face disgrace as Trumps VP? What if the Republicans win in 2020 with another Republican? Endless possibilities, what do YOU WANT to happen and what do YOU THINK will happen?
  5. Do you really think Trump will eventually resign or face impeachment?
  6. PoliticalStudent

    Latest PMI Update

    In the most recent update on PMI Anthony introduced COALITIONS for the first time, this is awesome. But Anthony, why can't the parties merge into one?
  7. PoliticalStudent

    Colombia 2.0

    We are getting closer to the 2018 Colombia presidential election. The most consequential election to date, because it's the first time a president will inherit the country with the peace processes with FARC and ELN terrorist and rebel groups finished. ¿Where After-Conflict Colombia head? For the first time Corruption is the main issue and Political Parties are 90% viewed negatively, will that be enough for the Anti Corruption "Coalition Colombia"? Or will the on-going discontent and opposition to the peace process and Santos elect a president aligned with Former President Alvaro Uribe? Will the consultant and juggernaut political machinery of Vicepresident Vargas Lleras win on a populist and change agent election year ? Will Colombia finally elect a far left leader or will Petro perish with the Venezuelan crisis looming? De la Calle is not a change agent and offers steady leadership for after-conflict Colombia as the former chief negotiator of FARC peace deal, but will the change agent year leave him in last place?
  8. PoliticalStudent

    Question for Anthony - Endorsements

    Anthony I've been witnessing something in the game. If I am playing like candidate A in a more than three person race. lets say A started with 1% B with 48% C with 51% after months candidate A grew to A: 45% B: 44% C: 16% candidate C withdraws endorsing nobody new percetange show: A: 45% B: 55% Question: Why A doesn't get anything? * I might be at +50 momentum and still nothing for me(A).
  9. PoliticalStudent

    Forum Political Compass

    We are too close/similar. @Sami
  10. PoliticalStudent

    About the primaries...

    Yes is very normal. I sometimes reach -40 momentum in the first states: Iowa, NH, Nv, SC... this is mainly because all the computer candidates are campaigning against you. Try harder, I learned how to beat that -40.
  11. PoliticalStudent

    Forum Political Compass

  12. PoliticalStudent

    Fluctuate Polls

    I was wondering if polls can fluctuate in the sense that a candidate who is winning in April collapses on its own to the point that on Election Day recieves 2% of the vote in November? I would like to know if this can happen, because on my experience candidates usually recover to the support they usually have. On countries different than the US sometimes candidates that are well behind in the polls months away from election trend to win by Election Day and candidates who were winning months away from ED, collapse and disappear and sometimes withdrawn. Golborne in Chile is an example of a candidate that was expected to win against Bachelet and he didn't even won a Parlamentary seat.
  13. PoliticalStudent

    congress infinity buy

    I recommend it
  14. PoliticalStudent

    Do Platforms Matter in PI?

    and the profile increase affects votes? for example: if I campaign heavily for Environment and from Low reaches Very High, I gained votes?
  15. PoliticalStudent

    Term-limits, and other random questions, poll

    I agree on everything plus abolishing the electoral college.