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  1. France Presidential 2017 (Map done and several regions, although they are too many) Mexico Presidential 2018 Chile Presidential 2017 Italian General Election ---- Can someone do a Florida Governors Race?
  2. Yes please
  3. Which Trump appointees do you dislike most?
  4. @admin_270 In President Infinity I have diagnosed a bug that doesn't show the ESTIMATED national popular vote for the primary in the main screen, for example: Normally would look like Estimated Nationally Primary: (ALL STATES COMBINED) Trump: 10,992,192 Fiorina: 9,189,081 *FICTION Instead, it shows something like Trump: 215,991 Fiorina 213,001 (Why?) I have the same problem in all the other scenarios I have when I use the primaries. Note: This only happens if the turnout is SET in the editor, if is NOT-SET(blank) then it shows the estimated national popular vote for the primary. On a second note, there is another window, where the actual results come in from the primaries, and that window shows accurately the results so far. But the one on the main screen shows something odd of 200,000 votes(nationally) or a very low turnout for the primaries. I think it has a conflict with a particular state, and that 215,000 vs 213,000 might be a state that the game is taking as the national-popular vote estimate. Please fix it Anthony
  5. Can you provide a screenshot?
  6. Randomly in any campaign
  7. I would recommend that the photos of the candidates be more presidential. They're too casual, like Rubio's that has a CNN photo.
  8. So, I'm very curious about what do you think, as of today, will be the outcome or the scenario, of the 2020 presidential election? Do you think Trump has a chance to be re-elected as president? Will he win the popular vote? Do you see an specific Democrat taking the Oval Office? Will Pence be the president in 2019/2020 and be the GOP nominee for 2020? What do you think of the impeachment, is that coming? How do you see the relations between Trump presidency and the rest of the countries? What can save Trump? Will some in the Trump campaign and administration be imprisoned? How really demoralized is the Trump-base in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, that handed him the Oval Office. Can Trump win again Pennsylvania, Michigan and/or Wisconsin? Can the Democrats re-take easily Pennsylvania, Michigan and/or Wisconsin? GOP leaning Georgia and Arizona were close in 2016, will they be toss-ups again? Do you really see a Republican challenge to Trump in the primaries? Who? Can Republicans with or without Trump as the nominee, make inroads with Latinos or African Americans by 2020? How energized is the Democratic Party? What do you think will happen to Bernie Sanders, polls show he is the most popular politician, but he trails in the Democratic nomination. And who knows how he can perform in a General Election. Polls show he(and Biden) wins by double digits, do you believe that margin? Will Biden or Sanders age matter if Trump (who is also in that age) runs? Some of us are millennials, what do you think of the politicians age, like Biden, Sanders, Trump (and Clinton). Will Hillary Clinton run again? Do you see her running? Will the Democrats have a crowded primary in 2020, like the GOP 2016 primary? Americans miss Obama? Is the GOP Healthcare unfavorable view, affect the 2020 race? Which Democrats might be able to come close to the Oval in 2020(have a good chance to win), and who is too vulnerable to run?
  9. It is crucial for the world to understand the complexity and the injustice of having and affording Kim Jong Un. For decades the North Korean dynasty has been manipulating their people like never has been done before with any civilization. The Kim dynasty has put forward an awful and disgusting social and political experiment that has made their nation, a miserable place on earth for humans. North Korea is inhuman. The level of manipulation is beyond belief. Here in the "West" we know we have a certain degree of manipulation from the media, the financial and political world, but not on the scale of the Kim dynasty experiment in North Korea, that even tells their people how to dress or cut their hair, or face a punishment on a concentration camp. Oppose the disastrous regime and face a concentration camp were you will starve to death or be forced to eat other humans or rats. Millions of people have been literally killed by that political system in concentration camps. For decades the international community has not addressed accordingly the North Korea problem, and it's about time to deal with it. If everyone agrees that defeating the Nazi Germany was something good for humanity, then why we will not try to influence, in any way, a better outcome for the millions of people that are affected by a fraudulent political system that prefers to starve their people, than cut their nuclear ambitions. A political system that also kills their own people in concentration camps if if they don't follow the most ridiculous rules like having certain hair cut or following the regime. A political system that tells their people, that the person that leads them, is perfect and a "God". While, in the United States presidents face impeachments, resign and in European countries, Prime Ministers resign for the smallest things like loosing the Brexit. This dictator Kim, will never step aside and the international community must try to make justice for his numerous violations to humanity. Let's not be indifferent to our core values, we all have our political opinions, we have our party affiliations, and why will anyone on this earth face a concentration camp, be forced to die of starvation or eat another human to live, only for opposing (with the right reason) a brutal disastrous dynasty regime like the Kim's. North Korea has the most fraudulent political system in humanity, that tells people that the Kim's are not just like a King, or an Emperor, but rather a God that has the right to starve you to death. That's disgusting. It's shocking the level of manipulation, and not any kind of manipulation that tried to charge you a Tax, or a hidden-bill, but rather an inhuman manipulation, that regime has put in place to control the people of North Korea. Instead of trying to educate and explore their people's potential and talent, their only purpose is isolate them for manipulation to stay forever in power. Think for a second, will you live in a country that is isolated from the rest of the world? CNN, NBC, NYT are not perfect or completely accurate, but at least we have a notion of what's going on in the world and in our countries. The North Koreans have no clue what's going in other countries, or even in their own, their media tells them North Korea is the most perfect place on earth, the best country in the world, with the best health, with the best food and the best everything, disgusting again. Everyone, no matter their race, their ethnicity or their language, deserve at least, a certain degree of liberty and prosperity. Not everyone will have a perfect and fulfilling life, but the North Korea social and political society experiment has failed and failed miserably. Is beyond disgusting and a shame for humanity. I'm not even mentioning the poverty or the famine, the core responsibility lies in their political system by that disastrous dynasty. North Korean people has teached us humans how easy we can be manipulated by anything. This is beyond sad, it's not only the poverty, the famine, the lack of energy, the lack of good conditions for their people, the warmongering, but the level-of-manipulating millions and millions of people that don't know any other way of living or thinking. I'm not a war person, I didn't support Trump, I highly disapprove him, but on this, something has to be made.
  10. President Infinity Version 2.5.8
  11. It is not working for me. Such a shame. I love DC, I would like more like a neighborhood map.
  12. After pressing Enter/Space bar, or simply clicking "Done Turn", the game crashes and the window dissapears. It goes back to the desktop. I have this bug since the introduction of "7 Days Per Turn". Anyone with this problem?
  13. I have France map done, but I don't have enough time to fill each department/state with flags, population and elegible voters. I offer my map to anyone who wants to do the French escenario. France.bmp
  14. Yes. There is already a game, or an app, in which you play as a Congressman, and you have to campaign to Congress in order to have something passed. You have to fundraise, and put ads on the media, in order to have your bill gain momentum. I have that app in my iPad but I don't recall the name. It's pretty limited, they are like 10 bills you can support.
  15. Spain had a General Election in December 2015, and another General Election in 2016, in both elections the result led to the collapse of the bipartidist system. This scenario is still in the working, but the votes are accurate, and I would like to think the map is also accurate. The rest needs to be improved. Someone interested? SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Spain.zip