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  1. QuickHead555

    How'd your state races/local races go (If your involved)

    State Senate: TEXAS-17 (R) Huffman 52% (D) Lucido 47% ---------------------------------------------- State House: TEXAS-25 (R) Dennis Bonnen 100% --------------------------------------------- US HOUSE: US-14 (R) Randy Weber: 59.3% (D) Adrienne Bell: 39.2% (L) Don Conley: 1.4% ---------------------------------------- US SENATE: TEXAS (R) Ted Cruz: 50.9% (D) Beto O'Rourke: 48.3% (L) Neal Dikeman 0.8%
  2. QuickHead555

    Texas Race

    This race was far closer than I imagined it could've been. For a couple of hours that night, I legitimately thought Beto O'Rourke was going to win. Not only this, looking at the results map, Beto O'Rourke had even flipped some conservative leaning counties, such as Tarrant County. This year, the Democrats ran up the vote in the urban areas much more than they did in 2012. Cruz won Harris County in 2012 by a 20,000 vote margin, and lost it in 2018 by over 200,000 votes. Many other urban areas within Texas have been purple, however this election they voted solidly blue. Could this be a warning sign to republicans that the state's demographics are changing, and that they must fix their message? 2018 Race Results: 2012 Results:
  3. QuickHead555

    Moving forums-a farewell

    Alright, farewell man... Nice having you on these forums the past few years.
  4. QuickHead555

    PoliSim Help

    Personally, I think it would be more Trump: 37% approval Clinton: 43% approval Johnson: 41%
  5. QuickHead555

    Which states have you visited?

    Alright, here we go. haha. Arkansas: Drove thru moving to Texas Florida: Born there, lived for 5 years. Kentucky: Visited family there for Christmas Louisiana: Evacuated Florida because of Hurricane, wound up in Louisiana. Ohio: Lived there for 3 years Tennessee: Drove thru, heading to Texas Texas: Living here since 09'
  6. QuickHead555

    2020 Democratic and Republican Primary (Jan 2018 edition)

    I'd vote for John Kasich in the Republican Primary.
  7. QuickHead555

    Market For Political Simulations

    I'm using Unity.
  8. QuickHead555

    Market For Political Simulations

    It's a semi-working prototype. Immigration doesn't currently work, and all funding does is mess with approval rating, and debt. Right now, working on an impeachment part of the game, in which you go to the Senate, and convince them to not impeach you.
  9. QuickHead555

    Market For Political Simulations

    It's just a placeholder image right now, haha. Just looked up a photo of a politician and that's what came up.
  10. QuickHead555

    Market For Political Simulations

    Well, it's been awhile, but here is a proto-type I've created so far.
  11. QuickHead555

    Catalonia Independence Referendum

    It was 761, according to The Associated Press, BBC, and other sources.
  12. QuickHead555

    Catalonia Independence Referendum

    Quite upsetting how at least 761 people were injured today because of them exercising their democratic right.
  13. QuickHead555

    Online Class on Political Parties

    Seems interesting, I'd join the class.
  14. QuickHead555

    Trump's Reponse to Hurricane Harvey

    I heard, and I see that it has a possibility of going into the Gulf of Mexico. I'm terrified of that possibility as we were hit pretty bad by Harvey less than week ago.
  15. QuickHead555

    Trump's Reponse to Hurricane Harvey

    Please vote on the poll about your opinion on President Donald J. Trump's response to the disaster in Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey.