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  1. Sunnymentoaddict

    Trump and Obama by the Numbers

    Barack Obama inherited the recession that began late into W's presidency and wouldn't be until 2011-ish till the economy recovered. That said, looking at the these bullet points, one would think Trump would have atleast 50% approval rating; if it weren't for his divisive comments, and pushing for deeply unpopular policies.
  2. Sunnymentoaddict

    Who Is America: Sacha Baron Cohen

    Im not so sure if they understand the differences between Sunni/Shia/Wahabbisim. That said, we can't deny that Cohen is essentially trolling them by picking the Saudi royal family and the Clinton foundation as the main contributors for the mosque; which makes their reaction/situation hilarious. That said, this is his best ever bit(from his Da Ali G show)
  3. Sunnymentoaddict

    Who Is America: Sacha Baron Cohen

    This has to be his best character in terms of continuously making me laugh.
  4. Sunnymentoaddict

    If i were President

    @Rodja I know this is late but still, Form: South Carolina Party: Democratic Party Domestic Issues: Healthcare: Medicare for all. Allow any American to freely buy into Medicare regardless of income- while allowing private healthcare providers to coexist. Education: A nationwide daycare service will be the first phase of my education proposal to insure that a child -regardless of class- will began its mental development as early as possible. Increase funding(for new resources: books, computers, teachers) to historically underperforming school districts: the black belt in the American South; Appalachia; Native American Reservations. Here I will work closely with state governments to shift the funding of public schools to block grants as opposed to the current model of being based on property tax. As for college/trade school, the current model has been failing the nation to the point student loan debt has eclipsed all other forms of private debt. If we want to stay competitive in the future, we must allow college to be affordable regardless of class. Immigration: Immediate naturalization of all non-violent illegal immigrants within the US. End the 10 year waiting period to reenter the US, and reform the requirements to receive refugee status to into account unique stateless actions such as the cartel wars in Central America. Taxes: Raise the top income tax bracket to 44%(and capitol gains tax), and impose a nationwide sales tax that will help pay for the proposed social programs. Jobs: Work with Congress to pass a law that will insure regardless of the state, that one's right to Freely Associate and Assemble with a union will not be infringed upon. Environment: Create tax breaks, and other economic incentives to businesses that adopt clean energy measures( solar panels). Ban future expansion of offshore drilling. Military: Create a new branch that is dedicated towards cyberwarfare/defense. Abortion: It is settled law. A woman has a right to privacy between her and her doctor. SCOTUS: Appoint justices that A) will rein in the excesses of authoritarian precedents from previous presidents; B ) and will insure the fundamental right to privacy, to assemble are protected. Foreign Issues: Russia: Impose tougher sanctions on not just those connected to Putin, but on the entire nation. The current government of Russia has not changed their actions of being a menace to the world. And they should have no part within the largest economic market in the world until Putin steps down and serious socio-politico reforms are enacted. ISIS: China: We need to be cautious on continuously funding indirectly an increasingly authoritarian regime that has been dumping goods within the US, and begin imposing tariffs on key industries that are suspect of dumping. Use the funds incurred from the tariffs to help pay for job training of formerly displaced workers in that related industry, and to also subsidize industries in noneconomically diverse states. EU: The EU is the single greatest success story of how cooperation between nations can exist. It is damn shame the Brits want to leave, but the US should continue working the second largest market in the world to continue the stability within the west. Ideally use the EU model of a transnational government for NAFTA . NATO/Allies: Expand the NATO presence in Poland and in the Baltics to signal to Russia that their days of aggression are over. North Korea: Continue the sanctions with no relief until two criterias are met: full destruction of the nuclear capabilities, and adoption of free multi-party system. Iran: Continue the Iran Deal and began talks on trying to encourage the progress of human rights in regards to religious minorities and women. UN: Easily one of the greatest organizations used to maintain the relative peace we have enjoyed for the past 70 years. Israel: Do little to support the current government until the recognize Palestine as a legitimate nation. Trade Deals: To counter balance China's rapid growth within the world, the US must pursue a nationwide tradedeal within the continent of Africa to insure that an entire continent does not fall under an authoritarian's sphere of influence.
  5. Sunnymentoaddict

    Forum Amendments for Article 4

    While I agree with you rarely, I have to agree with this question. The word insidious is such a strong negative word that it can be only be applied to extreme circumstances, or clear malicious intent. Also, how would we define a minority group? I know it sounds simple(the smallest group) but take my state of SC. Majority of the law makers are male, despite women being 50% of the population; can an argument be made that women are a political minority.
  6. Sunnymentoaddict

    Argument about Geocentrism

    I've wondered how many of the respondents were trolls. Not saying I don't doubt there are idiots out there- hell one of the more famous hip hop beefs in the last few years involved Neil deGrasse Tyson arguing the Earth is round! But 1/4 is too high of a number.
  7. Sunnymentoaddict

    Argument about Geocentrism

    Do you have a time machine and traveled to the 1500's? Because if so, that would be the only scenario in where it would be ok for someone to hold that view.
  8. Sunnymentoaddict

    Libertarian Purity Test

    @vcczar My isidewith results.