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  1. Sunnymentoaddict

    How to win elections: Charisma, energy, authenticity, message. 

    I want to highlight that the southern primaries' main voting bloc is the black community that have had a long history of viewing the Clinton family in a positive light. In my state, during the 2016 primary, Sanders failed to win a single county because of the strong loyalty from the black community. And the counties that Sanders did well in, in that he got over 30% of the vote( Pickens, Oconee, Lexington, York, Greenville,Charleston, Anderson, and Horry) all have one common thread: young white college students.
  2. Sunnymentoaddict

    New 2020 Dem Primary Poll (Harvard/Harris)

    Yeah I'm curious how much of the Biden support is for him,or because he is the "establishment"; and the same for Sanders in regards to the "progressive-left".
  3. Sunnymentoaddict

    My 2020 Scenario - Now Available For Download

    Also @vcczar, Jon Tester said recently that Gov Steve Bullock is possibly going to run for Senate in 2020.
  4. Sunnymentoaddict

    My 2020 Scenario - Now Available For Download

    I agree. It's one thing to raise money for a Congressional race; but another to raise money while competing against Beto, Harris, and other big Democratic figures.
  5. Sunnymentoaddict

    My 2020 Scenario - Now Available For Download

    Not just that, but the area where Ojeda is from is pretty weird in that they hate the national Democratic Party. I don't want to say that he will lose- but I feel he might since the WV primary is late in the season-; but his region of WV is where Bernie did extremely well. And also this guy in 2012 during the Democratic Primary against Barack Obama. So if Ojeda can keep his head above water and survive Iowa, NH, Nevada, South Carolina, California and Super Tuesday...then sure he could win his home state.
  6. Sunnymentoaddict

    George H. W. Bush has died.

    I really want to disagree, but between: Gingrich, 9/11, two wars, a major recession and so on...its hard to say life after 1996 was great for the US.
  7. Sunnymentoaddict

    Who Will Run for President in 2020?

    A fair enough point, and majority of the field declared by Halloween of 2011- almost exactly one year after their historic 2010 landslide. That said, I still find Trump's coalition way too small (mainly rural whites) that any Democrat on the fence regarding running against shouldn't. But I will concede that if the economy were to take a significant dive- the tariffs begin to seriously slow down local economies. Or Mueller releases a report that provides a highly detailed account for Trump's corruption- granted even then I'm skeptical on if that will even move the needle towards Democrats.
  8. Sunnymentoaddict

    Who Will Run for President in 2020?

    No snark, but exactly how can he be more vulnerable? If there is a Democrat out right now that thinks he/she cannot defeat a man that cannot have a single day with an approval rating average over 50%(according to 538); I doubt they can defeat him in general. Plus just for reference, in the lead up to the 2008 general election, here's a list of major Democrats that declared before Valentine's Day: Senator Joe Biden Senator Hillary Clinton Senator Chris Dodd Senator John Edwards Congressman Dennis Kucinich Senator Barack Obama Governor Bill Richardson Governor Tom Vilsack Former Senator Mike Gravel So roughly any person on the fence, will need to see just how vulnerable Trump will get in a little over two months.
  9. Sunnymentoaddict

    George H. W. Bush has died.

    Yeah, he and I obviously disagree on policy; but I sincerely felt every action he took was for to improve the nation and not just for himself. And his resume! Easily up there with Jefferson's in how strong it is! College World Series Champion. Youngest Naval pilot during WW2. Become the first Republican to represent within the Greater Houston area Ambassador to the UN Chairman of the RNC Envoy to the People's Republic of China Director of the CIA Vice President
  10. Sunnymentoaddict

    House of Cards

    If the fourth season was dedicated towards the fall of Underwood's "empire", I believe it would have been a better season; in my opinion- to literally see his entire house of cards collapse.
  11. Sunnymentoaddict

    2020 Scenario for download here

    I feel Ohio is lean Republican at this point. It has a large white working class population, and Brown did worse than his fellow Midwestern Senate Democrats in the midterms. Florida is weird since there's an ever growing large population of retirees; but also young minorites, and so on. I feel the favorability mechanic will fix this issue.
  12. Sunnymentoaddict

    2020 Scenario for download here

    I can only imagine the anger in the nation if Trump wins the presidency despite someone else receiving well over 50% of the vote.
  13. Inspired by this 538 article , I wonder what does this forum think which route will be the best for the Democratic Party.
  14. Sunnymentoaddict

    2020 Scenario for download here

    The Democratic ticket was Beto/Amy Klobachar. A perfect ticket where Beto can focus on the sunbelt, and Klobachar focus on the midwest. Interesting tidbits: Ohio barely went for the Democratic Party, while Texas easily voted for the former Congressman. Georgia was decided by a couple thousand votes, and the once longtime swingstate- Missouri- went 61% Trump. The Democratic Party's strongest state was California with 74.3%. Trump's best state was Indiana with 69%(West Virginia was 61.8).