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  1. I believe that Dubuque County can possibly vote Democratic(if its the right candidate) on the ballot. That said, the swing in the mostly rural counties towards the Republican Party was so dramatic, I doubt itll be undone in 2020- so the GOP will win the state overall.
  2. Sanders did vote on the 1990's Crime bill and has a relative iffy position on guns that can be seen as lackluster; and I think you're underestimating how the attack ads of Sanders vacationing in the Soviet Union(an odd vacation spot lol) are a Republican dream. I love Sanders for reinvigorating the left, but I'm skeptical he's the most electable.
  3. Modi redefining what it means to be an Indian could possibly have long term impacts on the nation. Though, this is a "Western" dominant community(I hate the term western but thats a different rant), so it is understandable for Modi's victories not included. Arguably another major event(s) of the 2010's would be the Operation Carwash scandal, and subsequent election of Bolsonaro in Brazil.
  4. In your opinion what were the top political events of the last decade? Obama's victory in 2012? The Brexit vote?
  5. If you're a liberal billionaire(like Bloomberg), would you rather deal with social-conservatism(that's against your values) in exchange for tax cuts; or social liberalism in exchange for dramatically higher taxes? That might explain why he will run as a 3rd party. Though I will have to check when the filing deadlines are for 3rd party candidates to see how big of an impact it'll make.
  6. You pretty much described Charleston, SC. Excluding the major city aspect(it is 4 hours from Atlanta and Charlotte). But the historic core is filled with theaters, and historic architecture.
  7. They are big in the American south. What are into and any dietary restrictions? Atlanta is super diverse and has communites from across the globe, such as Buford near the Perimeter is essentially "Queens of the South".
  8. My family once took an Amtrak train through WV (an odd way to travel) and I instantly fell in love with the geography of it. The rolling mountains that give way to tiny villages was beyond beautiful. The only part of VA I've truly been in was northern VA, and the natural geography doesn't compare.
  9. USMCA isn't as ground breaking as NAFTA- it just fine tuned some details. Most Americans can't the many trading partnerships the US is in beyond NAFTA. However, given how infrequent impeachment occurs, this will be remembered; regardless of one's opinion on the matter.
  10. I mean, she couldn't cross the relatively low bar(4% polling) to get onto the debate stage. This just sealed her fate of simply fading away.
  11. How dare the DNC enforce the rules to enter the debates they established months in advance!
  12. Civ 4 is the best version. Rhyse and Fall is one of the best scenarios in the game th at hasn't been matched yet; you simulate actual history with civs starting at different turns that is close to their relics start, instead of all starting at 4000BCE.
  13. I love the Tropico series, especially 5.
  14. There was a version for Windows that came with Civ 4, I remember playing years back. The unique feature of it was that it was built an entirely different engin e.
  15. Racism is one part, but not all of it. Attacks on feminism and 'safe-spaces' have little to do with race(as far as I'm aware of), but are part of this broad cultural grievance that I see becoming mainstream within the GoP.
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