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  1. Congresswoman Porter deserves to be in the Senate; however she's from a highly competitive district(the 45th); this could cause Gov Newsome to. The closest similar situation would be when Gillibrand was appointed to fill Hillary Clinton's seat. In the 2010, midterms the seat flipped, but would go back to the Democratic Party in 2012.
  2. I'm curious to how certain demographics would vote. Take rural whites that have been trending to the Republican Party, would they revert back with Trump at the top of the ticket? Would Romney be able to court more Hispanics if Trump is on the ballot?
  3. Yeah I'm honestly torn if Trump would primary Romney, or run as a Democrat. I imagine Romney would have shifted to the center socially, which could have created an opening for Trump. Also Romney, is a traditional Republican, so his economic policies are essentially pro-business. That too would have created a possible lane for Trump in the Democratic party
  4. Just to make sure this isn't an oversight, but you think Biden will get both of Maine's CDs but none of Nebraska's? That aside, this is the most realistic map I've seen.
  5. Duckworth Warren Demings Bottoms Bass Harris (I feel her time as DA for San Francisco can be used an attack) Rice (I feel the GoP will gleefully remind the nation of Benghazi the second she is announced).
  6. Good thing he didn't appoint over 200 federal judges(some of whom are not qualified), or has an entire right wing news network where he calls in all the time on. Good thing because, I was honestly worried he was an authoritarian in the making. Common mistake. Trump doesn't need popular support to be a dictator. Hell most dictators couldn't win 50% of the vote, they just need the law on their side to allow them to hold onto that position. And hearing a sitting President toying with that idea shouldn't be dismissed as "ah its nothing." Because, we spent all of 2016 saying, "Ah its nothing" in regards to Trump. Maybe its time to treat his actions seriously.
  7. Odd question. Would Trump run in 2016 against Romney? Either within the party or as a Democrat?
  8. Exactly. The emoluments clause is virtually non-existent. Let his own campaign manager and lawyer admitting to federal crimes they've committed on his behalf. Or his attempt to redirect Congressional appropriated funds to build a wall. The man is a damn joke to conservatism. No damn conservative should look at him and approve what he is doing unless they are as bankrupt as one of Trump's casinos.
  9. The GDP shrunk by 9% last quarter.
  10. What If Trump supporters sincerely thought the election is delayed and failed to vote?
  11. Some people say Trump is an authoritarian for: firing Attorneys that are investigating him or his allies, tried banning travel based on religion, demanding loyalty from his party, using unmarked agents to arrest people in cities, toying with the idea of delaying the election... Those people might be on to something.
  12. Might be just noise. A few polls could cause a slight bump in a day. I think this is why there is some validity to the argument for a weekly post(im open to both daily and weekly). It could be a poll or two that happen to be favorable for Trump to cause the slight shift.
  13. Kids at the border would beg to argue that he is the antichrist. Hell his first term included policies such as an attempted muslim ban, a massive tax-cut to the wealthy, and an attempt to gut the American health care system. For all intents and purposes, a second term will hurt people's lives.
  14. Would Duckworth be a citizen automatically because her father was in the military(and a citizen), regardless if she was born in Thailand? Ted Cruz was born in Canada, and is still an American citizen because his parents were; as with Senator Michael Bennett(whose father was in India working for the State Department).
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