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  1. I mean its hard to tell sometimes lol. But she shouldn't(but most likely will) run as a 3rd Party.
  2. I also read Fivethirtyeight, and my local paper (Charleston Post and Currier). Now you didn't mention this news source, but I listen to NPR on most of my morning commutes.
  3. I could accept this argument if she was running in 2016( didn't think it was rigged, but can see where she was coming from). However, the DNC has made it where any person with 3% is considered a viable candidate this election. This stunt comes across as a weak attempt in gaining headlines in a week otherwise focused on the impeachment(that she has taken rather interesting stances on).
  4. Of course they went down that route. Might as well literally charge them real money to air ads.
  5. For the first time since the start of the 2020 electoral cycle, former Vice President Joe Biden is not the front runner. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/us/2020_democratic_presidential_nomination-6730.html
  6. He also just cancelled his ad-buy in the state of Iowa. Hopefully his recovery is safe.
  7. That makes sense, since I doubt there are significant donations to the Castro campaign currently. I will admit I gave him some money after the first debate, but stopped immediately after that one donation. This might sound controversial. At lot has been placed on current polling, but why nothing on current fundraising since it shows grassroots support. I know you dont know, lol
  8. I swear to god, I should have a jar where I place a dollar in it when I see, "This will get him re-elected". Trump's voters already like him and still support him- despite his rather low number of accomplishments in his first term. I doubt they were going to change their minds about Trump this far into his Presidency. I don't mean to be mad, but I feel the phrase "this will get him re-elected" gets overused alot as a way to make up for the polling errors of 2016.
  9. This is a great poll for Warren, but her biggest hurdle will be her support from the black community. Iowa, and New Hampshire are pretty white states(with NH having I believe 36% of the populace being college educated). But South Carolina is slightly below the national average in terms of college education, and the primary voters are overwhelmingly black. I can see her winning possibly Charleston, and a few of the upstate counties; but not the state- yet.
  10. I know Yang has a strong online community, but I'm curious to the explanation for how some candidates have fairly good donation numbers, yet fail to hit the polling threshold. Is this a cumulative total of donations since the candidate announced? I can imagine Julian getting a huge donation boost after the first debate(and spar with Beto).
  11. Even if they aren't the leading narratives, the events should be in because of their dominance in the headlines; which makes it harder for lower tier candidates to break out.
  12. I sorta expected Sam Rayburn to be higher, but I'm curious where Newt Gingrich landed at. Between his stunts in the 80s, and the Speakership of the 90's, he should be on the list.
  13. I would say Tarrif news and Fed lowering interest rates might count. Also the news regarding the yeild curve. Other news, and I hate including this but might have to since its Trump oriented, are his feuds. Think Trump and "The Squad". Also the UAW for GM went on strike, though unemployment is going down(consumer spending is high). These can be economic events also.
  14. @vcczar I agree since Wisconsin two blue cities (Madison and Milwaukee) cannot make up for the suburban WOW counties. MI atleast has Ann Arbor, and Detroit is far bigger than Milwaukee. I'd be shocked if a Democrat besides Biden wins Wisconsin.
  15. I think I can see a universe where Trump wins just WI but lose MI and PA. Wisconsin has always seemed like the most conservative leaning out of the 3 swing states of the midwest.
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