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  1. Which current a historical politicians do you respect?

    You think there was something wrong with this quote from @LokiLoki22's article : "If he'd let his wife[Hillary Clinton] run business, I think he'd be better off.. ... I just like the way she acts " Lol.
  2. Patine Current Planned Scenario Queue

    I was just thinking of the high number of parties in that election. Granted as an American, anything above 2 is high lol. What game will you be making the 1912 scenario on?
  3. Patine Current Planned Scenario Queue

    That 1912 election will be a pain to make.
  4. Which current a historical politicians do you respect?

    Note that I am ideologically opposed to Goldwater, but many libertarians/conservatives respect Goldwater for his devout belief to his ideology. In an era when the liberal wing of the Republican Party still held considerable power(pro-NATO, comfortable with many New Deal Programs, many advocated social spending such as Gov Rockefeller building public housing in the State of New York, and advocated for the Federal government to push for more liberal social programs-most notable would the Civil RIghts Act. Though in the 1970's, Gov Rockefeller would be a vocal supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment). But Goldwater never changed his stances, despite the calls for the GoP leaders at the time saying he will kill the party. To some, Goldwater kickstarted the modern conservative movement, where it was ok to criticize the New Deal Programs and a belief of strict Constitutional interpretation. A belief that would come into fruition with the election of Ronald Reagan, whom entered the national spotlight at the 1964 RNC delivering the "Time of Choosing" speech.
  5. Online Privacy regulations

    Not just Microsoft, but any tech corporation in general. The fact that the recent leaks regarding Facebook include that they are selling data related to private messages cause me to worry what is "private" online. If I were to buy something on Amazon(or steam), as I do very often, I would accept if Amazon keeps a record of my shopping habits and tailor their recommendations to match my preferred items. However, if they were to sell my private data to third parties, I strongly oppose.
  6. Speaker Paul Ryan is not running for reelection.

    To be honest, I agree with the first part of your comment. The man is in his 40s, and has been in politics since he was 28. Can you imagine the mental stress he has endured since 1998? And since he is the Speaker, every interview will have a question of this variant, "What are your thoughts on what President Trump just did?". That can get old fast.
  7. Cohen Raid

    Sorta yes. The FBI will have an independent sector of the agency review the documents for the Southern District of NY to see what pertains to the investigation the Southern District is conducting. Then they will pass the files to the US Attorney's office, and they will build a case on if Cohen violated federal election laws or not.
  8. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will not be seeking re-election this November. This district was unique in the Cook Political Report, prior to this news had the Wisconsin 1st rated as "Likely Republican", because of the strong challenger from the Democratic party, Randy Bryce. With Ryan out, the current front runner for the Republican primary is a candidate from the far-right, Paul Nehlan. What does Paul Ryan reluctance to seek another term as Speaker mean for the state of the GoP? And who do you think will be the Republican leader in the House going forward?
  9. Cohen Raid

    I think it is one thing to have a lawyer skilled in business(such as Cohen), and another lawyer skilled in Federal Election laws( the Mueller team). I can assume Cohen is an excellent lawyer for Trump, when Trump was a private businessman in Manhattan. But I wonder- if the FBI have to raid his office- if he was capable of a case this large. I have to assume Trump would ditch Cohen, since I doubt any judge would allow a lawyer whose office was raided into the courtroom.
  10. Cohen Raid

    My local media is to blame for the bias towards the Chinese tariffs and lack of reporting on the Stormy Daniels affair and possible campaign finance violations; since I live near a busy Atlantic Ocean port that handles 3millions containers a year. And there is tractor nearby, along with pork farms in the rural areas outside of Savannah. So the tariffs will affect this city negatively, unlike campaign finance violations. I hate that is the reality we live in. Where we are willing to turn a blind eye to violation of laws because "it doesn't play well with voters". But the tariffs, the mood in Savannah/suburban SC, is relatively mixed. People trying to trick themselves into thinking they will not hurt the city, while being careful on not spending too much money right now.
  11. Cohen Raid

    A: Raiding an attorneys office is huge; this is an obvious sign of Michael Cohen not cooperating with the Southern District of New York. There would be no other for Justice department officials appointed by Trump to approve of such as Rod Rosenstein, to approve such a raid if Cohen was cooperating to the fullest. B: What does it mean for the president? Unsure. It is difficult to figure out if this is Cohen's inability to handle a case this large, or Cohen taking actions to deceive the investigators. A legitimate concern among the legal community (according to Preet Bahria's podcast) is that: since the Mueller/Southern District team are well armed with high quality lawyers, and the Trump team isn't, it will create an unfair trial in the favor of the investigators. The news of Cohen's office being raided obviously rattled Trump enough to go on twitter and rant about it for hours. But will it hurt Trump/GoP electorally? I'm unsure. Right now, I want to say no, since majority of the nation is focused on the impending trade war with China, and what it will mean for their local economies. But if Trump does fire Mueller, I could see it tanking GoP numbers evenmore, and make the odds of a Democratic Congress much stronger. C: I don't see it changing anything right now. It just adds to the argument that Mueller's days are numbered, despite this being an FBI raid for the Southern District of New York- not the special counsel. .
  12. 2020 Primary Starting %

    Feels more realistic with these numbers! What are your thoughts on adding organizations such as EMILY's List for endorsers?
  13. US Presidential History RP

    @Conservative Elector 2 , @Patine Thank you guys for the best wishes! You guys are why I constantly view this forum. But he is doing ok as we speak.
  14. US Presidential History RP

    @vcczar Ah thank you. My stepfather is doing well now. Just hard coming from work and going straight to the hospital to check up on him, and then go online to rp history. But thank you nonetheless!
  15. US Presidential History RP

    I apologize. Haven't had the time-and mental energy- this week to post/dedicate time, with a close family member in the hospital.