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  1. Sunnymentoaddict

    2020 Election Poll

    I feel if Mueller does present some form evidence that Trump is connected to the Russian scandal, Avanati will hammer that till the convention- and it will benefit him as being one of the few men that can successfully take Trump to court. That said, will the Democratic party even nominate him?
  2. Sounds interesting! I can see them doing well in the south shore region of Mass(the area just north of Plymouth along the coast).
  3. Bunker Hill Party? is this something similar to the TEA Party?
  4. I'm playing the 1984 scenario as John Anderson, and shortly after the Democratic convention(where Mondale was second in delegates, with Jackson receiving the most before the convention).
  5. Sunnymentoaddict


  6. Sunnymentoaddict

    How do I make the game more difficult?

    Yeah I think that will come with favorability and demographics-when they get implemented. But I feel @westwoodblvd try playing as a bottom tier candidate for one of the major parties and see if you can win the primary.
  7. Sunnymentoaddict

    Who would Gary Johnson caucus with?

    I'm not saying he won't win, I'm cautious on saying he will. I feel if Johnson gets in the high 30's-low 40's, that would be great for 3rd party candidates across the nation to feel they can run a legitimate campaign. That said, I know folks on this thread are suggesting that the NRSC(National Republican Senate Committee) will fund Johnson- which is quite possible; I'm just curious just if the NRSC was funding Rich that well(making Rich, rich lol).
  8. Sunnymentoaddict

    Who would Gary Johnson caucus with?

    Not mandatory, but it is rare for a majority leader to give a non-caucusing Senator a major committee seat- especially if Mitch McConnell stays as the GoP Senate leader, and if they keep their majority. That said, I am very skeptical of Johnson doing well. There were a few polls back in July/August of 2016 that had Johnson in the 10% range, yet he received less than 5% of the vote. I'd like competitive 3rd parties; but I feel if Johnson couldn't even get 10% in his own state in an election with two historically unpopular major party candidates, how can he expect to win?
  9. Sunnymentoaddict

    What if these politicians were around today?

    I think he and Jefferson would occupy the libertarian wing of the Republican party with Mark Sanford, and the Paul family. I'm torn on Washington, cause I'm unsure if he would be a Republican or Democrat. Ideally I want him to be an independent still if he were around today.
  10. Sunnymentoaddict

    What if these Democrats were around today?

    I was torn if Wilson would be a Democrat, or a Bloomberg style centrist(mainly because of Wilson's social views). I feel if Wallace was in the house, or Senate, he would caucus with the Democratic Party- much like Senator Sanders.
  11. Sunnymentoaddict

    What if these Republicans were around today?

    My views on the early Republican presidents. Abe Lincoln: Tough one. Social issues, Lincoln should be a Democrat- as he took liberal positions for his time period. Yet his economic policies placed him a bit to the center/center-right. I can see him either being a liberal northern Republican(In the mold of Charlie Baker) or a centrist Democrat. Grant: Again with Lincoln, he would essentially be a liberal Republican, or a centrist Democrat. Rutherford B Hayes: He would still be a Republican today. I feel his use of federal troops to break up the Railroad Strike of 1877 would translate well into a party that is openly skeptical/hostile towards organized labor. Chester A. Arthur: I feel he would be a center-right Republican. His positions on civil service reform and social issues(rights for black Americans)would put him to the center-left column. However his views on immigration, and the building of new naval ships, and encouraging trade in Latin America would shift him to the center-right/right column.
  12. Sunnymentoaddict

    Detailed map of 2016 Presidential Election

    I agree that the US needs a MMP style system for the Legislative branch, and an Australian style voting system for the President. That said, the reason I said I was surprised for my neighborhood is that it is the typical middle class suburb that should be Republican: a slight white majority, single family homes.
  13. Sunnymentoaddict

    Detailed map of 2016 Presidential Election

    You're from NY where there is still a habit of split-ticket voting(vote for a Republican at the top of the ballot, and Democratic Candidate down the ballot). But my precinct- to no surprise- went for Trump. However, the precinct I grew up in- in suburban Fort Worth- went for Clinton. I'm a bit surprised at that result.