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  1. I picture the midwest being lean R to likely R(with MN being the swing state in the region now). And NJ a swing state now. But I see the Sunbelt( GA, AZ,NC, VA) being tossup to likely D.
  2. Congress Infinity

    Yeah, on second thought. Just make a nationwide event saying, "Candidate says something out of touch regarding rape". Wasn't that the year also, in Deleware that the GoP candidate said she is not a witch?
  3. I'm curious as to the ideological make up of the candidates and their base support( college educated whites, rural workers, etc). Also what is the Senate makeup? I love this so far!
  4. I love history, Bible prophecy and studying conspiracy fact. Just one fact? Would have assumed there would be more.
  5. Congress Infinity

    Without trying to come off as pestering, and I'm sure you've recieved many suggestions already, but will CI include events that only apply to a region? I think back to the 2012 Senate elections, and how Todd Akin said, "legitimate rape comment, Martha Coakely's controversial 9-11/Wall Street ad, or the 96 Senate race in South Carolina where Close was constantly portrayed as being out of touch by driving luxury cars.
  6. 'Be President' Decision

    1) That would obviously need a new engine. And build the game ground up. I'm sure he has much of the core details outlined out, but probably hasn't reached a stage in the development to release a beta yet. Granted, this is a small operation, so I'm not expecting them to pull an EA and instantly update their games overnight. 2) I think voting blocks will be implemented after favorbility is introduced and is fully fleshed out. Makes sense, if a certain segment of the electorate will vote for you, they obviously favor you over the others. I'm curious how this will play in the primaries when the electorate is hyperfocused. Think: southern evangelicals, suburban business owners, college students, urban minorities, etc. 3) Yeah, he's working on the France 2017, which will have a two round system. I'm sure he's trying to get it to work properly, in between updating CI(in time for the 2018 midterms), and PI.
  7. 'Be President' Decision

    Millie Vanillie. What do I win?
  8. 2020 Election Scenario: Integrity Question regarding Franken

    It depends on how this scandal turns out. If it is just one woman, and a situation misinterpeted through a tasteless joke, then Al is relatively unharmed. But if more come out, then I'll be surprised if he even considers running for reelection in 2020. Now why are many liberals/Dems like Franken? 1) Smart. Graduated with honors from Harvard. 2) A strong critic of the Trump administration. 3) Funny. That's where his charisma comes from. 4)Also he is a midwesterner(white) and knows how to connect with blue collar whites. Reason why he's on many 'potential list". Now, @vcczar, I think 2 is a fair number. There will be a dedicated number of liberals whom will probably still trust him by 2020, despite this scandal. A question, Franken has built a reputation of being a vocal critic of the Trump administration. Do you think he will begin slowly stepping back from the spotlight? To avoid drawing negative attention to the Democratic caucus. Also, if so, should his polling numbers decrease then? Because, if he isn't as publicly active, why would voters initially chose him at the start of the game.
  9. Olive Branch Thread

    I'm torn. Since, I spend alot of time either lurking on this forum, or posting; and cause of so, y'all are essentially my virtual friends. I am able to share and enjoy my love of politics/campaigns with folks that equally love it. Yet, they may not share the same political ideology that I have. And while it might be fun to play monday morning quarterback, and play what ifs regarding a certain policy/bill being voted on in Congress, or can 'x candidate' win an election; our personal views will come out- even when we try to remain nonpartisan. Despite wanting to debate politics, I'd hate to see this forum lose someone(s) over a disagreement, when we all share the same hobby.
  10. Olive Branch Thread

    @Presidentinsertname @NYrepublican I apologize for rather my aggressive attitude towards y'alls views during the past couple days.
  11. I smell bullshit

    His action were: refusing to take down the Ten Commandments after being instructed by the District Courts; and issuing an order, after the Obergefell decision, for Alabama to not issue same-sex marriage licences. Two clear violations of federal law, and yet some how he can be the next Senator from Alabama.
  12. I smell bullshit

    Defying the courts should be celebrated? What if I believe that- as a judge, or any elected official- the 17th amendment is unconstitutional and demand the State legislators to appoint the senator. Or I believe that the 19th is not the founders original intent, can I stop women from voting? This is not meant to attack Moore on his stances regarding taxes, healthcare, etc. But his disregard for separation of powers.
  13. Sessions is finally doing his job.

    http://video.foxnews.com/v/5646426075001/?#sp=show-clips Can't believe I'm linking to Fox News, but Shep does a good job breaking down the Uranium One 'scandal'.
  14. I smell bullshit

    @Presidentinsertname, Roy Moore has been accused by 5 individuals of inappropriate sexual activities. A was once banned from a mall in Alabama. As with the different handwriting. I can write my 7's in two different styles in one paper, just because. I'm sure everyone here in this forum lacks the ability to consistently keep their penmanship the same. Even, like you, assume these allegations are false, it is worrying that Alabama is nominating a man that has openly defied the US District Courts is being nominated to a position whose job includes confirming men to the very said courts he defied.
  15. Sessions is finally doing his job.

    https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/nov/14/jeff-sessions-special-counsel-hillary-clinton?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Jeff Sessions just made this announcement at a House Judiciary hearing. So, I think it really was them trying to smash windmills.