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  1. Can you draw a Congressional map?

    What's funny is that there are districts that look like the new PA map. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/pennsylvanias-new-map-helps-democrats-but-its-not-a-democratic-gerrymander/
  2. 2nd Political Party Board Game Playthrough

    In a weird way, the initial map encourages both parties to pursue a more conservative platform, since many of the states holding elections would most likely not elect a McCarthy type of liberal. Be interesting to see who would adjust their platform just enough to win the more conservative(and Senate rich) states.
  3. Official Made in America website

    While I agree with the bill in spirit, this is way too flawed, in that it is too short. Two pages without a clear definition of what constitutes as "made in America". Would my car, Chevy Impala, be considered Canadian or American- or even Mexican? All due to how one would define, "made". Is it where it was assembled(Canada), number of parts are designed(US), or where the majority of the parts are from(Mexico)?
  4. Caucus Game announcement

    Would you account for members that are in multiple caucuses? Steve Cohen of TN is a member of the CBC(Congressional Black Caucus) and the House Progressive Caucus.
  5. SDS on Diplomacy

    Any topic specifically, or is it just Diplomacy in general?
  6. Political Party Board Game Playthrough

    @vcczar First I love this! It is similar to how I imagine the game would play out. Having said that, I am confused as to why the disharmony card at the end couldn't have weaken party support during the Presidential election? I feel this would make the game feel less static and more electric. Plus as you advance eventually to the 2016 Election, Hillary Clinton suffered from disharmony from the more leftwing factions of the Democratic party. So employing the card at a time you need to build your strength shouldn't be time limited. But could be given an option of stopping a vote, or momentum. Also, how does the cash mechanic work. I think i got an idea of how it works, but felt it wasn't being explained well enough in this post. And say I'm the Democrat and you're the Republican president. I play a legislation card that would hurt your base-and increase my momentum- would there be a way you could veto it by rolling a die and hitting over a certain number(Like 9 or higher).
  7. Political Party BOARD Game

    What's the range on the scales? Is it like what I suggested: -12 to +12. Or more like the 270soft games? Also, I'm liking how this is turning out.
  8. Political Party Card Game

    @vcczar Not sure if you've heard of this game, but across it on reddit. There are some gameplay elements that are similar to what you are proposing. I'm curious what you think. This might give you some ideas on how the game board should look.
  9. Can you draw a Congressional map?

    My Maryland. 2008/2012-2016 PVI/ Demographics(White,Black,Hispanic, Asian) Blue CD 1: 55.6 D, 43.4 R/ D+ 3.73/ 60, 30, 4, 2 [This would be an interesting election in midterm elections such as 2014] Green CD 2: 84.5 D, 14.8 R/ D+35.2/ 20.7, 59.6, 14.2, 3.1. [A solid Democratic seat that will fulfill the minority-majority obligations]. Purple CD3: 46.9 D, 51.5 R/ R+3.1/ 73.2, 15.2, 6.1, 2.7. [I could easily the Democratic party target this district in 2018 as part of their plan to retake the House. Note, I will admit it is a bit funny looking. And will concede that]. Red CD 4: 44.3 D, 53.9 R/ R+ 5.61/ 78.4, 12, 3.1, 4.2 [Another possible 2018 pickup for Democrats, though still leans right and could swing back in 2020]. Yellow CD 5: 84.3 D, 14.7 R/ D+34.64/ 30.7, 60.6, 3.8, 2.8. [Another m-m district. Also it also prevents Baltimore from cut up in 3 different districts.] Limegreen. CD 6: 65 D, 33.7 R/ D+16.79/ 48.6, 29.6, 8, 10.6. [ This is technically a m-m district in that whites do not have a clear majority, but a plurality. I will note that this was not intentional lol. CD 7 Silver(much like yours): 73.3 D, 25.6 R/ D+26.05/ 50.8, 14.6, 18.3, 13.2. [If the 6th is technically was a m-m district, the 7 will technically not be one. ] CD 8: 47.8 D, 50.7 R/ R+4.67/ 75.5, 10.1, 7.4, 5.5. [Another district that will easily be targeted by the Democratic party in 2018.] While the map is relatively fair in terms of representation- 5D, 3R(close to the state wide results)- the geography of the electorate made it difficult to insure the state will always have 'proportional representation'. If the current polling on a generic ballot holds up on election day(ranges from D+5 to D+10), there could be a possibility that all of the seats could become blue.
  10. Political Party Card Game

    Ah ok. Forgive my post, was operating on a few hours of sleep and remembered a few details wrong.
  11. Political Party Card Game

    I think the points can be a determine the bonus in the state. Take SC for example. On the presidential level, it is D+7. Meaning that If I rolled a 2,as the Democrat(assuming there are no active bonuses), you- the Republican) would have to roll a 9 or higher. That way it reflects the solid south, and the swing states/ slight lean states. An idea that you might shoot down, is campaign managers for the President. You can lay down a card that will increase party support in a few states(the D+7 number from above), but can only be used once for the game. There will be a handful in the overall deck(to prevent it from being to rare from being useful, but also from being too frequent that it'll change the gameplay dramatically.
  12. Political Party Card Game

    I think to be as accurate as possible, that before a "17th Amendment event", the party that controls the governor will pick the senator of the state when there is an election. That way there is both an incentive to either not play the card/or play it; and also increase value to the governors mansions early on. In Twilight Struggle there is the DefCom counter. I doubt there would be one in the game, lol. But I can see a counter that measures where the party is located on a left-right spectrum. That way one player can't play a liberal event in one turn, and then to ofset it by playing a conservative event. Picture the line being a 24 point scale. With -12 being far left(possibly the baseline for the socialist party) and +12 being far right. If you were a center-left party at -4. You would need to roll the dice and produce a number that is 4 or higher(your distance from the center). This will help create big tent coalitions such as the New Deal possible, without making it too easy. Thoughts? I love the point value assigned. Im trying to think of what it can be used for. Either cash in the points for better candidate cards(your presidential deck you made earlier[Ill expand on that if you want]), or swap out a few cards from the other decks. Obviously there should be a relatively high price in order to make such a swap! But maybe even spend points to lock in support for a state. Not sure how that will work right now.
  13. Political Party Card Game

    So what are the basic mechanics of the game you have in mind? Like I can imagine each state can have 3 slots. 1 for governor, 2 for the Senate. Each turn can either be a year, or half year. Say you start in 1880, the GoP will be dominant in the north, but are vulnerable to the progressives and Dems if certain mistakes are made. I feel there could be several "event" decks for each party system in the US. So an event that should be played in the 1890's can't be played in 1950's. Also, I personally feel the events should't outright provide a bonus to a party(ie: Play the "Social Security Act" card, and the bonus is Dems get extra points in each region). But the bonus should be generic enough to apply to any party( Civil Rights Act: +3 in Northern states, -5 in southern states). Thoughts?
  14. Political Party Card Game

    I've been dreaming up a card game/turn based strategy game for a while now. A partial idea that hasn't left the drawing board was trying to create Tammy Hall's empire in NYC. But I can see this working. Even create a smaller handicapped deck for minor parties like the Progressives, Socialists, or Libertarians to see if you can break the duopoly. Sadly, my art talent is limited to stick figures and wobbly circles.
  15. Greatest Political Speeches

    I listen to Pod Save America( A podcast hosted by Obama's former speechwriters) and they commented on how hard it was to write good speech during his presidency; due to the moments that demanded his attention were not positive. Think of the budget shutdown, Sandy Hook Shooting, Charleston, and so on. All terrific speeches, but it is hard to capture the hope and optimism from 2008 when trying to heal a grieving nation.