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  1. 2020 Starting %'s -- 11 Questions

    Is it fair to call Gillibrand centrist? Maybe when she was in the House, but she is the strongest Trump critic in the Senate; and has been a vocal supporter on stopping sexual harassment- from the military to now with the #metoo movement. In short, she is going to run, unless some major scandal comes out. The biggest "flaw" Gilibrand will have to answer to is this: why did her voting record change after she went to the Senate, and she became more liberal?
  2. Question for Everyone.

    First one that popped in my head would be Sam Houston. He was President of the Republic of Texas, and would later on serve as the governor of the said state. Depending on your definition of what qualifies as a nation, many southern politicians in the later 1800's could qualify due to their involvement with the Confederacy. But since it wasn't formally recognized nation by anyone, I'm ommiting it. I need to double check, but there was a Conservative MP that once served as governor of Hong Kong before the handover to the Chinese.
  3. Market For Political Simulations

    @ThePotatoWalrus, @NYrepublican, @WVProgressive A game that might fill the itch of being the executive is "Crisis in the Kremlin". It's from the early 1990's, and your goal is to keep the Communist Party as the dominant party in Russia/USSR. It's on sale currently on steam.
  4. Hypothetical Election Poll

    You're telling me people would go on the internet and lie! But it is really easy to fake this. Talk to a local theater company, tell them you're doing a sketch, and hand them a few bucks/sandwich. And bam. Youtubers have been caught faking these type of videos for years.
  5. Hypothetical Election Poll

    He has a plan on fixing our water, does Trump have a plan to stop the frogs from becoming gay?
  6. ol' virginny

    Saying the GoP is classically liberal is blantently wrong. There are classical liberals/libertarians within the party(Rand Paul being the most famous), but their influence is relatively small. The GoP is solidly conservative right now. When it comes to cultural issues(the confederate flag, or the kneeling protest) the GoP took the more conservative position. On taxes, the GoP took the more conservative position. Same with role of religion in the government(Trump's big push to repeal the Johnson Amendment). In short, they are nowhere being fully liberal in the classical sense.
  7. ol' virginny

    He's my Senator, and I need help trying to explain him :P. Jest aside, there are outliars in general demographic trends. Jews overwhelmingly vote Democratic, yet Eric Cantor was once one of the highest ranking Republicans in the nation.
  8. Market For Political Simulations

    Democracy 3 released a game- that many treated as a DLC- where you lead an African nation. Democracy 3: Africa. I can see a DLC where you lead in Central America or Africa, and have to keep both the populace and the military. The only western nation to have a coup recent would be Turkey, so the coup mechanic would need a very fine set of parameters for it to be enacted. In the US, impeachment can take place of a coup, when your popularity falls below a certain threshold- and your actions violate the constitution(which we need to figure out how can one be given the option to violate it). But in Commonwealth nation, the Queen-god save her- can dissolve Parliament and order a new election.
  9. Feature You'd Most Like to See

    What is the progress on adding another axis on the issue spectrum? The current build of the games(PI,PMI,CI) have it on a linear x-axis, and can lead to weird instances of a libertarian candidates like Gary Johnson appearing closer in issue position to Hillary Clinton than his fellow GoP brethren. I know you mentioned the possibility earlier in 2017, and was curious how it is panning out.
  10. Funniest Political Moments

    Yeah, no surprise that I rarely find myself agreeing with Ted's voting record, but man can he make an entertaining ad. Also, very rarely do you see an ad successfully take on two targets at the same time.
  11. Funniest Political Moments

    I love how Ron Paul is holding up the number five, and it throws Rick Perry off even more. But my favorite funny ads: First one came from the special election last year in the SC-5th District. I'm not sure if this one was meant to be funny, or it is accidentally funny, but I always find myself re-watching this on youtube. And of course the infamous Hermain Cain ad
  12. Market For Political Simulations

    If you're a baseball fan, I highly recommend "Out of the Park" series. If you are familiar with Football Manager on steam, think of it as the baseball cousin but less intrusive.
  13. Market For Political Simulations

    Its got a 16 bit vibe to it! I could imagine this being a PI port to the SNES or a game for Microsoft DOS.
  14. Market For Political Simulations

    The only way I can see a political style game working is if you combined CK2, Vicky 2, and President Infinity. You are able to start off as a lowly nobody at the bottom of the political hierarchy and have to run for some office- mayoral, the House, or the Senate(and have the starting date be 20-40 years prior to the present). There, if you gain enough prestige, you can run for the presidency. However, this will be a tall order of a game to make. I love Vicky 2, but the main complaint against the game is how broken their economic modifier is, and this game will need one that isnt biased at all(or from a distance it isn't.) Will the tax bill that reduce corporate taxes help or hurt the economy? Or what about increased spending on firsttime home loan subsidies? All of these questions, and more will have to be factored into the making of the game: such as foreign policy, social issues, intraparty party fighting, court nominees, and so on. I would love to see this type of game be made eventually, but I'm not sure if it'll be soon as the market for these type of games is rather small.
  15. Will they ever be a black republican president?

    But still it is far from saying "they own our debt". I know we are really getting off topic, but any Republican- white, black, or hispanic- will be forced with complicated task of balancing the budget without causing too much discomfort to the social programs. That said, I honestly see Tim Scott as a possible strong VP pick for 2024-depending on where the GoP is in that election.