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  1. Sunnymentoaddict

    Why no American politician wear beards

    I can grow a beard, but not a mustache-atleast one I'm proud of. It's kind of ironic, once a wave of men begin leaving the farms for industrialized labor, that beards came into fashion- as a sign to reclaim masculinity. And today it could: a tech based economy replacing the traditional masculine jobs-along with rapidly changing gender norms. Compared to most American politicians, his beard is essentially Karl Marx's.
  2. Sunnymentoaddict

    Why no American politician wear beards

    I guess I fall within that group(20 something male that is sporting a beard, despite my father and grandfather being clean shaven). I'm sort of curious what is driving this recent trend towards having a beard. During the Victorian era, owning a beard was a seen as a form of claiming masculinity in a rapidly industrializing world where the sense of manhood was changing.
  3. Sunnymentoaddict

    Why no American politician wear beards

    My current Congressman, Joe Cunningham, has a beard. I think in the coming generations(post-Gen X) you will start seeing more and more politicians wearing beards- since they are back in style.
  4. Sunnymentoaddict

    Bernie Sanders 2020

    I love Sanders and how he's reigniting the "old-school labor style" politics back into the party. However I'm still unsure if he could win 2020. It's easy to come in second in essentially a 2way race; but now there's a dozen so candidates in the field(many adopting his ideas). Even today I'm still unsure how many voted for Sanders cause they loved his policies, or cause he 'wasnt Clinton'.
  5. Sunnymentoaddict

    "Swing" States

  6. Sunnymentoaddict

    What is your political affiliation?

    I vote in the SC Democratic Primaries, while being more ideologically aligned with Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders. However, I have made compromises with myself and vote for less extreme candidates within the primary if I feel they have a legitimate chance on winning(a local state house race, and my congressional race- SC 1).
  7. Sunnymentoaddict

    Schultz making a lot of sense.

    I mean he's spent more time attacking progressives such as Warren, and said we need to make serious budget cuts to fix our budget(as oppose mainstream Democratic positions of raising taxes on the wealthy). I mean it's blatantly obvious that he only cares about not paying more in taxes, and is willing to do everything but "vote for Trump". As to the nonpartisan part. I'm curious how many are purely right there in the middle, or vote for one party but hate using party labels.
  8. Sunnymentoaddict

    Which Other Democrats Might Run in 2020?

    That's sort of my gripe with the poll in that there is only 3 options, yet no definition for the options. Would Joe Manchin be considered a conservative or moderate? Amy Klobachar might try to brand herself as a midwestern moderate, yet she has a pretty solid Democratic(and in my eyes liberal) voting record. Are people moderate in political views(centrist, or a Schultz fiscal conservative/social liberal)? Or moderate in temperament in how they approach politics?
  9. Sunnymentoaddict

    Which Other Democrats Might Run in 2020?

    Thank you! Those conservative Dems are probably the blue dogs in WV, rural PA, etc. I wonder if they would vote in the Democratic primary; since Trump will be on the ballot for the GoP primary. If they do 'return' to the party, I can see them backing a moderate to stop a true blue liberal like Gillibrand.
  10. Sunnymentoaddict

    Which Other Democrats Might Run in 2020?

    Since Sally Yates has declined to run, Abrams is the strongest Dem to take him on. I believe Schumer is actively trying to recruit her.
  11. Sunnymentoaddict

    Which Other Democrats Might Run in 2020?

    Do you have a link to that poll? I know more and more Democrats identify themselves as 'liberal'. I'm curious to the results if 'socialist' was an option.
  12. Sunnymentoaddict

    A Principled Republican Congressman Passes Away

    Yeah I disagree with him on many issues, but I knew he held a principals. I on occasion would visit his page and his page gives you an insight to his ideology: he cares about the debt. And when you see that his voting records starts to make sense: voting no on both the Trump tax bill, and the Healthcare repeal back in the last session of Congress.
  13. Sunnymentoaddict

    California and Wyoming Imbalance

    Expanding the Senate would require a Constitutional Amendment. Expanding the House would just need a repeal of the 1929 House Appropriations Act. Obviously it'll be easier to expand the House; and then we get into the philosophical question of, "How local should national politics be, in terms of House representation?"
  14. Sunnymentoaddict

    A More Perfect Constitution

    I get the sentiment for term limits, but I'm cautious on that they will produce the effects we want. I feel there should other forms of reforms to insure that corrupt incumbents will not always be elected. I'm thinking reinstating the fairness doctrine for the digital age, better public funding of campaigns so non wealthy individuals can run without having to fundraise.
  15. Sunnymentoaddict

    Fmr. Gov. Bill Weld a primary challenger for Trump?

    Yeah but it is hard to see where ideologically that 1/3 sit within the GoP. Are they the Acela corridor centrist/moderates that want either Schultz or Kasich? Are they libertarians that feel Trump is too authoritarian? Are the arch-conservatives that feel Trump's spending is violating their principles- think Ben Sasse? And if you were to equally divide that 1/3 equally among the 3 groups; it is now much harder for a challenger to unseat Trump.