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  1. 1. Popular vote so I can do a congressional scenario (I know this is on the way).

    2. Ranked-Choice-Voting, which could be done similarly to a 2-round system.

    3. Ability to have someone drop out and run as an independent after losing primary.

    4. A political spectrum that isn't "left-right", and instead something like the Nolan spectrum, which has the libertarian-authoritarian spectrum as well.  That way libertarians aren't listed as moderates, since we're not.

    (Love the game already)

  2. I've created a scenario with 4 parties (GOP, Dems, Lib, and Greens).  Custom map and a lot of other stuff.  If I start with the GOP or Dem candidate, I can go one turn, but it crashes with no message after that one turn.  If I start with the Libertarian candidate, I get the overlay that would show up if you double clicked on one state, with no map or anything.  Then it says "ConstituencyForm (no space in between) already exists".  Any idea what the problem is?

  3. Every time I make a map, it doesn't recognize the region boundaries, even if I make the black lines very thick.  I don't get what the problem is.  Here's the picture for example.  I worked on it through paint.net, which is the better version of the program that the game says to use.  What do I need to do to fix this?


  4. 1804 results.

    I decided to use Jefferson instead of Burr out of personal interest. As I said before, Burr would likely have been a corrupt president, so he faced many challengers. Hamilton also was not killed by Burr, and this made the Federalist ticket very interesting.

    I as Jefferson managed to win the South and Central areas to earn the Dem-Rep ticket, and Burr suffered even with his still strong support as Clinton beat him in many areas. I chose Clinton as my VP

    The Federalist ticket was split all over the place as Marshall, Pinkney, Hamilton, and Jay fought. No one got a majority and Hamilton ended up winning. It's weird, when people are removed one by one during the convention no one gained any additional delegates, likely a bug.

    Hamilton's huge popularity in the North broke the hold that Jefferson had on the election. I managed to win with toss up states being NC, RI, and NJ. I won North Carolina and Rhode Island by only 1% and lost NJ by 2%.

    Jefferson: 105

    Hamilton: 71

    I'm going to continue with Jefferson for a potential second term with Madison, Monroe and others as potential undecideds or not running candidates. The Federalists also will likely be stronger due to not being destroyed in this election, but I'm going to make Burr run as a 3rd party candidate since he hasn't killed Hamilton and would likely be upset with his party.

    May not be completely accurate, but hey I'm going for an alternative history.

  5. My campaign as Burr in 1800:

    Background: Burr was Adam's VP after the 1796 election, so he received a slight popularity boost, seemingly becoming more legitimate. This allowed me to actually challenge Jefferson for President (while still not editing which ballot each person was on). I managed to win despite constant scandals (I increased Burr's corruption and decreased his integrity to make it in my mind realistic). Hamilton, hating Burr, also ran as an attempt to take down his arch-nemesis, but he failed badly.

    1st: Burr: 26.4% 125 electoral (President after house of reps)

    2nd: Jefferson: 19.6% 89 electoral (VP)

    3rd: Adams: 15.1% 49 electoral

    4th: Pinckney: 13.4% 10 electoral

    5th: John Jay: 13.2% 3 electoral

    6th: Hamilton: 12.3% 0 electoral

    My guess is that a Burr presidency would be riddled with scandals and problems, but I also guess that he'd be much less likely to kill Hamilton in this situation. In 1804 I'll have plenty of primary challengers for him off the assumption of his unpopular presidency. This also makes it more likely the Federalists would not be beaten as badly, as Jefferson was more popular of a president than Burr. I'll let you guys know how that one goes soon.

  6. I just found this, but I was doing something similar with my own ideas and tweaks.

    1788: I used George Clinton

    George Washington won, Adams finished in second, Rutledge finished 3rd, and I finished 4th.

    1792: I used Clinton again

    Washington and Adams finished 1st and second again. Jefferson beat me in 3rd, and I finished 4th again.

    1796: I used Aaron Burr (Started tracking elector votes)

    Washington chose to run for reelection, but absolutely got his butt kicked (I didn't change any percentages for dynamic ideas because results had been pretty historically accurate up to this point)

    1st: Adams: 23.1% 87 Electoral

    2nd: Burr: 10.3% 54 Electoral

    3rd: Jefferson: 12.8% 52 Electoral

    4th: Pinckney: 8.6% 47 Electoral

    (The other default candidates all received less than 20 electoral votes and I didn't track them)
    Last: Washington: 15.8% NO ELECTORAL VOTES

    A few huge scandals hit Washington in the last few weeks and he went from dominating to last. There were so many tossups going into election day that I had no clue what would happen. I actually expected Jefferson to win and was happily surprised to see I upset him, which would have been really interesting historically.

    I'm running as Burr again in 1800 with a nice bonus for his term as VP increasing his popularity, but Jefferson is still popular of course, so it should be interesting. I'll let you all know how it turns out.

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