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  1. What ever do you mean? 😂
  2. Alt-Right Media Internet Economy
  3. Meant to vote for Kushner toi
  4. About halfway done with my 1964 JFK lives scenario with events.
  5. After NC you should do Minnesota
  6. 1. This explains my opinion."liberal"_thinking_can_be_part_of_the_problem 2. Yes, an example would be Robb Ryerse in Arkansas 3. I interpret it as congress doing what the majority of the people want. 4. Our government needs to provide financial security for the poorest of us to assist them through training/help to thrive. 5. Wars today are fought for various war contractors and energy corporations. Although terrorism and extremism is an acception if we have a group of nations willing to do their part. 6. Democrats tend be much better on social issues. Republicans I believe are very charitable and kind people who I just happen to disagree with. 7. Non interventionism, non authoritarianism. 8. Environmentalism and combating corruption. 9. One's wealth shouldn't matter, choose the best person by the issues. 10. Campaign finance reform
  7. I think this may be our most lopsided poll yet
  8. Thoughts?
  9. This sickens me especially with everything happening in Virginia today
  10. Perhaps when you're done with senators are you going to do Governors?
  11. Can't wait to see how this changes the course of history I love Ted Kennedy despite all his flaws.
  12. After Maryland you should do Massachusetts
  13. While this is true he doesn't have near the popularity of Sanders or Kasich in Ohio Trump has a 45% approval in Ohio last I checked, Kasich has a 57% approval and Sanders who doesn't have polling in Ohio I would say has at the very least a 48% approval due to his views on trade and populist appeal.
  14. There we go...