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  1. Disgusting Manipulation

  2. Disgusting Manipulation

    Ok that made me laugh a lot harder than it should've
  3. Disgusting Manipulation

    https://lawandcrime.com/exclusive/apparent-hillary-clinton-supporters-are-plotting-to-falsely-accuse-bernie-sanders-of-sexual-assault/ Thoughts? @Patine @Reagan04 @jvikings1 @Conservative Elector 2 @Kingthero @Lyly @thr33 @Wiw @WVProgressive @TheLiberalKitten @Sunnymentoaddict @SeanFKennedy @Presidentinsertname @CalebsParadox @Sandy @lok1999 @LokiLoki22 @SirLagsalott @NYrepublican @ThePotatoWalrus @pilight @jnewt @LegolasRedbard @avatarmushi @victorraiders @Bruce Fischer @vcczar @michaelsdiamonds @European Qoheleth (SANC) @MysteryKnight @TheMiddlePolitical @quakercane
  4. 1988 Roleplay

    Ted Kennedy campaigns in Portland, Maine talks youth vote for Al Gore "Al Gore gives me hope in a lot of ways, he gives me hope that one day when my time here has passed we will have a while younger generation of people who are ready to step up to the plate. Al Gore has been able to connect with young people like no other candidate. I hope the people of Maine choose Al Gore as their candidate!" Ted Kennedy campaigns in Cheyenne, Wyoming for Al Gore " You know Al Gore has inspired me and various of the candidates in the We the People movement to show that young people's interests are being represented. All of our candidates in the We the People movement are running on small donations from you everyday people. With Al Gore is our president and a democratic house and a Democratic Senate imagine how forward we can go as a nation. I want you all who have supported me and my campaign to come out and vote for Al Gore in the great state of Wyoming!"
  5. 1988 Roleplay

    Ted Kennedy campaigns in Charlotte, North Carolina for Gore talks environment " You know the Carolinas have some of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen, The Aquatic Life and the amount of jobs fisherman have because of our oceans is vast. Senator Al Gore has been a champion for the environment since he began his career in politics. That's why I'm supporting this man and that's why I hope to have a President Gore next year! " Ted Kennedy campaigns for Gore in St. Louis, Missouri talks Healthcare "Al Gore was the first person in the Senate to cosponsor my Healthcare bill, while he is a Southern and more moderate Democrat he has proven that he is willing to work hand-in-hand with the progressive wing of the party."
  6. 1988 Roleplay

    OOC: @RP Overlord is the event for me once a day in game or once every RL day?
  7. Al Franken Resigns

    By the way is that Paula Jean Swearengin as your profile picture. I learned about her from the Jimmy Dore Show
  8. Al Franken Resigns

    It really would, he would completely destroy Josh Mandel's chances of winning though which I couldn't be happier about if that would happen. In that scenario sure I would be slightly disappointed if we lost Sherrod Brown but I at least know that Kasich has integrity unlike Rob Portman
  9. Al Franken Resigns

    I honestly can see Kasich leaving the Republican party before that happens. Especially if Roy Moore wins in Alabama.
  10. Al Franken Resigns

    Where did you hear this?
  11. Al Franken Resigns

    He does have a pretty good of humor, not to Franken's level but he could humiliate Trump easily.
  12. Al Franken Resigns

    I think Sherrod Brown is the best option for the Democratic Party now, he can take back Ohio from Trump.
  13. 1988 Roleplay

    Ted Kennedy campaigns in Seattle, Washington for Gore talks Spending "Over the past 8 years we've seen the deficit under Reagan explode! Al has a plan to balance out budget without cutting programs like Medicare and Social Security, but expansion of programs that help out citizens in hard times" Ted Kennedy holds rally in Baltimore, Maryland for Gore talks Civil Rights "Al Gore is something the GOP should fear, he's able to appeal to both northern and southern voters across this country. That's because Al has to have a strong Civil Rights Supporter as Attorney General. I hope the people of Maryland join me in supporting Senator Al Gore! "
  14. 1988 Roleplay

    Ted Kennedy campaigns in Bangor, Maine for Al Gore talks about Healthcare Reform "I've worked for my entire career to move out country forward on Health Care reform. I am glad my good friend Al Gore has convinced Governor Bill Clinton to end discrimination by healthcare companies to people with pre-existing conditions. Al Gore stood by me when I passed this bill in the Senate and sent it to the White House. I am fully confident that one year from now when the Senate passes a broadly similar bill we will have a Democratic president that will move our country forward in regards to healthcare as we begin to join the rest of the industrialized world and guaranteeing Healthcare as a right!" Ted Kennedy campaigns for Al Gore in Boston, Massachusetts talks youth vote " Now is a more important I'm than ever that we encourage our young people to join the political process not just by voting, but in some cases running for office themselves we have a bright future for our country if we give people the opportunity. Senator Gore is able to connect with young people like no other, he even was able to keep the attention of an entire senior class at a high school we were campaigning in."
  15. 2018 Ohio Gubernatorial (update)

    Any other suggestions?