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  1. Maybe if the Democrats would stop being a horrible political party and actually didn't spit in the face of their base then they wouldn't have to worry about the Green Party. You can use the same logic to go after the Libertarian party for stealing votes from the Republicans. But it's kind of funny that you assumed that all those people that voted green would vote Democrat automatically, majority of them probably wouldn't have voted if it would have only been a race between Clinton and Trump.
  2. this is why I think Neil liberalism is a mental disorder. Please provide your evidence that any of them are pro-Putin. You do realize she also met with Assad's opposition and modi's opposition. These are facts that you don't acknowledge because they don't fit your narrative. Trump has literally broke the brains of a lot of people and it drives me up the wall.
  3. This would help Trump in West Virginia I would think.
  4. That and DeWine has no spine whatsoever. Kasich many times fought against the far right of his party here in Ohio. I'd take Kasich back over DeWine any day of the week
  5. I doubt it, unless Kasich primaries him in 2022. I think Kasich would easily win.
  6. Thank you! I also hate the assumption that I get (not on this forum) that just because I'm against the Democratic National Committee and neoliberal Democrats that therefore I like Trump. No I simply recognized that the corruption of the DNC and neoliberalism since Bill Clinton is what gave us Trump. And having this mindset is only repeating the same mistakes in 2016. Trump is not the problem he is merely a symptom of the problem of frankly both parties establishments ignoring the people. Trump is obviously a fake populist who didn't mean half of the stuff he campaigned on. I severely doubt that Tulsi would run third-party.
  7. Well maybe the DNC should stop putting its thumb on the scale with their buddies in the media. Then the danger of a third-party run won't happen, the DNC and the media needs to stop forcing candidates like Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg on us. Not very smart to say you'd "punch her in the face". It makes you look bad and I know you (hopefully) don't really mean that. Also why should we care what Hillary Clinton has to say? She is almost as much as a habitual liar as Trump.
  8. And there you go again. Arrogant, I'm not really interested in somebody who has the moral ideas that George W Bush was great, wow he led us into an illegal War and dismantled our economy, but that Donald Trump is the worst thing ever when really he's very similar to George W Bush he's just not able to hide his horribleness. It's Trump derangement syndrome, and I agree Pete Buttigieg is a horrible candidate.
  9. It's not that fact it's the arrogant way you casually decided to throw in the Bernie bro line. I would agree that at least 75% of AOC fans were probably already supporting Bernie, what I have a problem with is you parroting the same smear that Bernie Sanders following is only from white males, when he has a diverse fanbase.
  10. Really parroting the Bernie bro myth again even though time and again it's been disproven? You know what isn't a myth is Mayor Pete's horrible record in general.
  11. You're really betting on Warren winning aren't you?
  12. Well I don't watch him to be informed, more just for comedy.
  13. Secular Talk and Jimmy Dore are my go to for anything political news. Also Info Wars for comedy because Alex Jones is hilarious when you goes on rants.
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