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  1. tjones324

    Editing Cost of Rallies

    I'm making some pretty solid progress with the scenario I'm working on but I've run into a problem. It's a city council race in a small town so I've effectively reduced the amount of money involved and I've even managed to edit the xml to reduce ad costs and the costs of the activities and targetting, footsoldiers, etc. The problem I've run into is I can't find where to edit the cost of rallies and running a rally bankrupts any campaign. Am I just overlooking this somewhere?
  2. tjones324

    Scaling Money

    Sounds like a plan. Thanks!
  3. tjones324

    Scaling Money

    So I would just edit those values in the xml and then test it until I get something that seems right?
  4. tjones324

    Scaling Money

    Oh I have a good idea from pulling up the campaign finance filings about how much money I want. I'm asking about what I need to edit in the game to reduce the amount of money earned from fundraising and the cost of activities and ads, that sort of thing. Basically I'm asking how to take the research I've done for this scenario and put it into the campaign I'm creating so I don't have million dollar local races.
  5. tjones324

    Scaling Money

    I'm working on a campaign for a local city council race and I was wondering if someone could explain the best way to go about scaling the money down to make it into realistic amounts. Any help is much, much appreciated.