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  1. House 2010?

    Now THIS would be a real doozy. Anyone up to work with me on this?
  2. Pennsylvania and New Hampshire 2016 Senate

    Another one I'd love to see is Jason Kander v Roy Blunt.
  3. 2020 Election (v. 4.0) now up

    She's gotta win in 2018 first, I have no idea why she's planning ahead of that. She's in real danger now lol
  4. I have a friend who ABSOLUTELY despises Charlie Crist (they share a last name), so I'm going to try and make these. Anyone got a map?
  5. Adding PR to CI

    Anyone want to try this? PR or MMP, or something other than FPP. Maybe ranked-choice, since Maine is going to be using that beginning next-cycle.
  6. Stupid question...

    I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this question, but do Congress Forever scenarios work with Congress Infinity?
  7. Decision 2008

    Arthur Meier here from Politically Informed, and what a weird month it's been? First, Fred Thompson drops out, McCain absolutely smashes Giuliani in Pennsylvania 70-30, Obama smashes Clinton in debates and sees no increase in poll numbers... I'd also like to apologize for being inactive the last month or so. Grad school's gotten crazy. That being said, Clinton smashed Obama in Pennsylvania by a smaller margin, 56-44. Here's your poll update. In the Republican field, it grows likelier that Rudy Giuliani will win the nomination eventually, albeit on a subsequent ballot. Our projections have him at 912 at the end of the season, John McCain at 865, Fred Thompson at 276 and Mitt Romney at 235. Those Thompson delegates and Romney delegates are going to be really key to a McCain victory. On the Democratic side, we predict Hillary Clinton will have a slightly larger-than-threshold majority at 2212, while Barack Obama will still have 1506 delegates. Not much to say here. We'll see you next week on Politically Informed. I'm Arthur Meier, thanks for watching.
  8. Decision 2008

    (I didn't plan on a play-by-play until after this happened so we'll start at a different date than what the scenario starts out at.) We'll go 2 weeks per post, updating every Thursday. March 20th, 2008 Arthur Meier here with your weekly political update. Boy, what a week it's been since last Thursday., Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd dropped out of the race, noticably without endorsing anyone and having won no states whatsoever. Meanwhile the writing appears to be on the wall for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama who currently trails New York's Sen. Hillary Clinton in polls of the next few primaries, and even if he wins all 716 remaining delegates, would push the Democrats to a contested convention, something their party knows all too well. Speaking of contested conventions, if polls stay through the season, the Republicans may be having their first since 1976. The remaining three of former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, Arizona Sen. John McCain, and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson are battling it out for the nomination. Currently, Giuliani is at 741 in the lead, McCain at 582, and Thompson a distant third with 276. Polls show Giuliani and McCain within a point of each other, with Thompson far behind at 15. Who's going to be the clear frontrunner at the convention? Nobody knows. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney may also have a shot, being the insiders' favorite. One thing's for sure, however, power brokering is almost certain to happen. Anyways, we're out of time. I'm Arthur Meier, see you all next week on Politically Informed.
  9. Where is Herman Cain in 2012?

    Comment from a while ago by Anthony: "re Chafee [my note: i'm assuming he means everyone else not on there as well], adding is on the to-do list."
  10. Your Senators?

    If Reagan04 or whatever thinks he has clowns, just wait....I have to deal with Boxer and DiFi
  11. Alabama Gubernatorial 2018

    Don Siegelman gets out of prison and I believe he's constitutionally eligible for one more term..given that he's very very VERY desperate and ambitious for power I'd throw him in the mix just for the hell of it.
  12. Election Day Game

    Ditto Caleb's statements.
  13. Election Day Game

    http://electiondaygame.com/ this it?
  14. The 270soft forum debate!

    I'd love to do this. I'd be able to do skype, video or mic, whichever. although frankly I think hangouts on air would be a better platform (just for the easiness of being able to put it on YT right after it's done). as for my political beliefs: i'm a centrist-libertarian ish kinda guy.
  15. YESS! Finally a scenario where the election ISN'T stolen. Thanks a bunch!